Total Medicaid Expenditures in New York State directly by sav51692


									                   Smoking Related Medicaid Expenditures in Cortland County, NY

      The local share of Medicaid attributable to smoking is $1.3M direct tax based expenditures
       for Cortland County 1

                     Total Medicaid Eligibles in Cortland County: 7,701
                      (NYSDOH, Medicaid Statistics, March 2003)

                     Total Medicaid Budget, Cortland County DSS, 2002: $45.7M

                     Local share, Cortland County DSS, 2002: $7.8M

               In other words, of the county’s direct share of Medicaid costs, 16% - or $1.3M - is
               attributable to costs incurred from smoking-related diseases. We should point out that this
               is just the cost of smoking to the local share, not the State or Federal shares. Cortland
               County Taxpayers contribute to those shares as well. And these numbers reflect
               smoking’s impact on Medicaid, not any other component of the health care system.

      The Centers for Disease Control estimate that the tobacco attributable direct medical
       expenditures (from all sources of payment) equal $351 per capita2. For Cortland
       County’s population of 48,599, these expenses approach $17.1 million annually for the

      While the American Cancer Society focuses on cancer - the expenditures quoted are based on
       all medical spending that ranges from documented poor birth outcomes to elderly (nursing
       home support) for those incapacitated with diseases of the heart or lung (emphysema, etc.).
 In 1998, about 16% ($4,271,000,000 or $1,389.77 per recipient) of all Medicaid expenditures were spent on smoking-related illnesses and diseases. Smoking-Attributable Medicaid
Expenditures were estimated using published data on the smoking-attributable fraction (SAF) of total Medicaid expenditures in each state as of 1993 and personal health care expenditures paid by
Medicaid in fiscal year 1998 obtained from the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) available at Medicaid expenditures on
personal health care include both state and federal funds. The federal government's share of Medicaid spending in each state varies from 50% to 76%.
 New York spent $351 per capita on smoking-attributable direct medical expenditures. Smoking-Attributable Direct Medical Expenditures, 1998 were derived from published estimates of the
SAF of personal health care expenditures in 1993 and 1998 personal health care expenditure data obtained from CMS. Annual state medical expenditures attributable to cigarette smoking were
estimated using an econometric model of annual individual expenditures for four types of medical services: ambulatory care, hospital care, prescription drugs, and other care (including home
health care, nonprescription drugs, and other nondurable medical products). Expenditures for vision products and dental care were excluded. The econometric models calculate the fractions of
medical costs in each state in 1993 that are attributable to smoking using the 1987 National Medical Expenditure Survey, 1993 data from the Tobacco Use Supplement to the Current Population
Survey (CPS) sponsored by the National Cancer Institute, the March CPS, and the BRFSS. Nursing home SAFs are based on a nursing home model that indicates the probability of admission.
Costs do not take into account differences in life expectancy between smokers and nonsmokers and therefore do not reflect total lifetime medical care costs.

    New York State                                                     New York State
    Smoking-Attributable                                               Smoking-Attributable
    Direct Medical Expenditures, 1998                                  Productivity Costs, 1999
    Ambulatory                        $1,767,000,000                   Annual Total                      $5,303,000,000
    Hospital                          $1,296,000,000                   Annual Per Capita                 $291
    Nursing Home                      $2,230,000,000
    Prescription Drugs                $494,000,000
    Other                             $592,000,000
    Annual Total                      $6,379,000,000
    Annual Per Capita                 $351

Source: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, State Highlights 2002

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