A Bibliography by gabyion


									This bibliography has been collated for those who may have an interest in
contemporary Pacific art and artists. For ease of use it has been divided in to
sections but clearly, many entries can cross the various sub-divisions.


            Contemporary Pacific artists, exhibitions, catalogues
            These works focus on specific contemporary artists and their
            work, for example, Kate Gallagher’s thesis on Fatu Feu’u. Also
            included are exhibition reviews and catalogues.

            Contemporary Pacific Art
            The books listed here relate to the wider context of contemporary
            Pacific art and to artists as a group rather than individuals.

            General Pacific Art
            These tend to have an overview of Pacific art and are quite wide
            ranging.   These include works that capture the essence of what
            has been called ‘traditional art’ such as Brian Brake’s Art of the
            Pacific. More academic discourse can also be found here, such as
            Nicholas Thomas’s Oceanic Art.

            Pacific material culture
            This section includes a small range of publications that exhibit
            some of the material culture traditionally associated with the
            Pacific. They are included as they display patterns and designs
            which may have influenced todays contemporary artists.

            Maori contemporary artists and artistic heritage
            Maori contemporary artists are included because it is
            acknowledged that their experience in breaking new artistic
            ground has been influential in assisting the development of Pacific
            Island contemporary art and artists.



            Associated organisations

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Contemporary Pacific artists, exhibitions, catalogues

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