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                    Market Insight - Gay and Lesbian Leisure Travellers

The Gay and Lesbian market is recognised throughout the tourism industry as an important
niche segment, representing differences in holiday behaviour, attitudes and yield opportunities
when compared with the Australian population average.

Sexual preference of respondents is asked as part of the extensive consumer profiling
information collected via the Australian Roy Morgan Single Source survey. More specifically,
respondents are asked to agree or disagree with the statement “I consider myself a

In summary, Roy Morgan Single Source finds:
   •   The Gay and Lesbian leisure travel market, an estimated 306,887 Australians,
       represents approximately $2.1 billion estimated yield a year;
   •   The proportion of gays and lesbians who have taken at least one trip for leisure
       purposes in the last 12 months is slightly higher than the general population (72.4%
       vs. 69.4%);
   •   The average length of stay for gay and lesbian travellers (9.6 nights) is more than the
       total travelling population (8.2 nights);
   •   Spend per night is higher for gay and lesbian travellers at $158 per person per night
       (compared to $147 for all travellers); and
   •   Gay and lesbian travellers are 1.4 times more likely to book holidays via through a
       Travel Agent, with 23.9% doing so for their last trip.

Results are based on interviewing conducted in the 12 months ending December 2008 with a
random sample of 20,665 Australians aged 14 years or over. 'Travellers' are defined as those
who have travelled for leisure purposes in the last 12 months.

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                               The Gay and Lesbian Population

According to Roy Morgan Single Source, 2.4% of Australians aged 14 or over, or 424,099
people, consider themselves to be homosexual. The majority of gay and lesbian Australians
live in major cities.

More people who consider themselves to be homosexual reside in Sydney (122,358 people or
28.9%) than in Melbourne (103,382 people or 24.4%). Melbourne and Sydney combined
account for slightly more than half (53.3%) of gay and lesbian Australians. When country
areas are included, Victoria and New South Wales account for approximately two-thirds
(68%) of gay and lesbian Australians.

 Contrary to some thinking, gay and lesbian people do not actually travel significantly
                    more than the overall Australian population.

Of the 2.4% of Australians who consider themselves as homosexual, 72.4% took a leisure trip
of one or more nights in the last 12 months, compared with 69.4% of all Australians. The
average number of leisure trips taken in a 12-month period is very similar for both groups (an
average of 4.1 of total travellers and 4.5 for gay and lesbian travellers).

    Gay Travellers Spend More Per Night, But Don’t Stay As Long As Other Niche

In terms of market potential, how do gay and lesbian travellers compare with other segments
considered ‘niche’ within the tourism sector? The table on the below compares key market
size and spend data of the Gay and Lesbian travel market to the total Australian travel
population and the increasing 60+ travel market.

                                 Segments Spend and Size
                         Total      Average    Cost per
                       Travelled   number of   person                        Estimated Total
                                                              number of
                        last 12      nights   per night                      Segment Yield
                                                             trips in last
                        months      away on     on last                          (000's)
                                                              12 months
                        (000's)     last trip   trip ($)
Total Travellers        12,077         8.2     $146.74            4.1        $59,653,316.65
Gay Travellers           307           9.6        $157.49         4.5         $2,063,964.64
60+ Travellers          2,600          11.6       $138.19         4.1        $17,043,829.48
Source: Roy Morgan Single Source Australia

Despite the small size of the Gay and Lesbian travel market (when compared with other niche
segments), gay and lesbian travellers still present a high yield opportunity if persuaded to stay
longer due to their higher daily spend ($157 per person per night).

                Gay and Lesbian Travellers Favour Interstate Destinations

Gay and lesbian travellers are more likely than the total travelling population to holiday
outside of their state/territory. Amongst gay and lesbian travellers, 38.9% included an
interstate destination on their last trip compared with 32.7% of the total travelling population.
Gay and lesbian travellers are more likely to be intending to travel overseas in the next 12
months (23.1%). They also indicate a greater likelihood of intention to travel interstate.
Greater attraction to cities and overseas destinations is reflected in the difference in holiday
attitudes endorsed by gay and lesbian travellers compared with the total travelling population:
   •   “It only feels like a holiday if I leave Australia” - Gay and lesbian travellers are 2.8
       times more likely than total travellers to agree
   •    “I prefer the bright lights and big cities when I travel” –1.9 times as likely to agree

Along with our cities destinations of interest to gay and lesbian travellers also include
mountainous and coastal regions. Domestic destinations they are likely to be intending to
travel to (when compared to all travellers) include:

   •   Dandenong Ranges, Yarra Valley (5.4%, index 325);
   •   Victorian High Country (6.6%, index 294);
   •   Mornington Peninsula, Portsea, Flinders, etc: (5.7%, index 247);
   •   Surfers Paradise (9.1%, index 174);
   •   Sydney (11.7%, index 161);
   •   Far North Coast, Byron Bay, Tweed Heads, Lismore, Grafton, etc: (6.4%, index 161);
   •   Melbourne (14.6%, index 133); and
   •   Hunter Valley, Newcastle, Lake Macquarie, Gloucester etc (5.2%, index 130).

 Gay and lesbian travellers are more likely to seek an eco-friendly tourism experience.

Almost one third (32.4%) of gay and lesbian travellers agree they would like their next
holiday to be "a total ecotourism experience", compared with only 18.7% of total travellers.

This makes them an important target market for tourism operators and suppliers of specialist
eco friendly tourism products and services.
   •   “I avoid staying at accommodation that does not have genuine environmental
       policies” – 2.0 times as likely to agree
   •   “For my next holiday, I'd really like a total ecotourism experience” – 1.7 times as
       likely to agree

 Gay and lesbian travellers are more likely to organise holidays for themselves and for

71.8% of gay and lesbian travellers agree they “usually book and arrange all my holiday
travel details myself” compared with only 67.7% of the total population. Gay and lesbian
travellers are also 1.4 times more likely to book part of their holiday through a travel agent
(23.9%) compared to total travellers (16.6%).
The challenge for marketers and tour operators is to present an appealing message for what
they offer the holiday maker early in the planning process. This would provide gay and
lesbian travellers with the opportunity to engage with the destination and potentially lengthen
their leisure trip and in turn generate greater yield.

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