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									S.C. MOLDO C.C.T.P. S.A.                 1                       Locuinte pentru Tineret
  BOTOSANI / Romania                                                   Cartier BUNESTI                                     mun. Cimpulung Moldovenesc / jud Suceava

                                                                  FEASABILITY STUDY

                          APARTMENTS FOR YOUTH
                            Neighborhood BUNESTI
                   Town Campulung Moldovenesc –District Suceava

                               1. General Technical Memo

   1.1 Name of the object:Residences for youth ,neighborhood Bunesti,town
        Campulung Moldovenesc district Suceava
   1.2 Project elaborated by:S.C. MOLDO C.C.T.P. S.A. Botosani town Botosani

        streat Pacea no 86 Botosani district Botosani
   1.3 Ordonator principal de credite :

   1.4 Investor : S.C. MOLDO C.C.T.P. S.A. Botoşani and the Municipal Council

        Campulung Moldovenesc

   The general placement of residences is situated in the N-E part of the town in the
   neighborhood Bunesti ,the area beeing delimitated at the N by the skirts of the
   forest and at the S by Moldova’s river bed .The acces is secured by the main road
   ,Calea Bucovinei,on the streets Dobrogeanu Gherea ,over the railroad and the
   bridge over the river Moldova.

   1.6 The necesity and oportunity of the investment:

   The investment is necesary due to the acute lack of houses in Romania. Through
   this investment are purshued the following:
       o Coverage of the necesary nomber of houses
       o Improvement of the living conditions and the groowth of the degree of
           confort and civilisation in the living area
S.C. MOLDO C.C.T.P. S.A.                 2                     Locuinte pentru Tineret
  BOTOSANI / Romania                                                 Cartier BUNESTI                                   mun. Cimpulung Moldovenesc / jud Suceava
       o Rezolve of some social problems concerning both the active                     young
           population and the segment of population with low income through the
           growth of the general locativ
       o To ensure the factors wich are influencing the growth of the degree of
           confort and living conditions,in establishing the general placement was
           followed achieving the next parameters of performance :
               - ensurance of the degree of natural ilumination and sunlit, natural
                  ventilation ,auto and pedestrian acces , the degree of terain ocupation
                  ,the posibility of arranging green spaces and acces to all the utilityes
                  of the objectives

   1.7 Functional describtion of the living areas :
   The dwellings proposed to be constructed will be placed am the terain ofered by th
   municipal council of Campulung Moldovenesc
   Construcţia locuinţelor se va face în două variante :
               The common dwelling space– under the form of three block of flats of
               the type P+3E+M , each section having 9 apartments with 2 rooms and 1
               apartment with 1 room .In total the common dwelling space will contain
               a nomber of 40 apartaments, from wich 36 apartaments with 2 rooms
               and 4 apartaments with 1 room.
               Individual dwelling space –under the form of individual houses of the
               type P+E. It is taken in consideration the building of a nomber of 100
               houses in the first phase of the investment . The functional and structural
               options af these houses are presented in the architectural project, and the
               final option will be chosen by the beneficiary. All the constructive
               options have the same constructed
   These 2 locative options are motivated from the following reasons :
• Common dwelling spaces still present a great appeal especially due to scpecific
   costs wich are very low compared to individual houses ,especially if the functional
S.C. MOLDO C.C.T.P. S.A.                  3                     Locuinte pentru Tineret
  BOTOSANI / Romania                                                  Cartier BUNESTI                                    mun. Cimpulung Moldovenesc / jud Suceava
   options have a judicios compartimentation, withe generous spaces, modern
   touches of high quality, and real posibilityes of personalisation
• The individual dwelling spaces represent a very important option for a majoritary
   segment of dwelling solicitants ,especially as an alternative to the old types of
   dwellings from the past.
       Also the individual dwelling represents o new horison of waiting offered to the
ocupants of flats ,and also to youth ,wich in their first step of their lives don’t have
the posibility of purchasing an individual house.
       The growth of the modern homes ofert can become an impotant component in
the social actions of stabilisation of the active population ,especially the youth. This
becomes a factor with a positive influence in the program of social actions helping
the disatvantaged segments of the population from the area.
       The total dwelling fund realised in this first part of the investment is:
       - 40 apartaments from wich 27 with 2 rooms and 3 apartments with 1 room
       - 100 houses of type P+E
       As constructed area will result:
At the block of flats: apartaments with 1 room : 71,11m2 constructed surface from
                                       41 m2    usefull area
           apartaments with 2 rooms: 92,83 m2 built surface fom wich
                                       53,56 m2 usefull surface

At houses: 258,89 m2 built surface frim wich
           152,81 m2 ground floor
             97,08 m2 first floor
The total of the built area will be:
At block of flats : 1180 x 4 = 4720 m2 Built surface
At houses: 25 890 m2 Built surface
    S.C. MOLDO C.C.T.P. S.A.                     4                        Locuinte pentru Tineret
      BOTOSANI / Romania                                                        Cartier BUNESTI                                          mun. Cimpulung Moldovenesc / jud Suceava

Objective   Surface    E./mp   Objective value     Nr. Of     Construction    E/mp for     Total value for sale
                                                 objectives      value          sale
 House        260       150        39.000           100        3.900.000        430             11.180.000
 Block       1.180      250       295.000            4         1.180.000        520             2.454.400
                                                               5.080.000                        13.634.400

                          2. TECHNICAL DATA OF THE INVESTMENT
         2.1. Terain surface calculated for the general placement for the construction of the
         4 sections of block of flats is 2176 m2. For individual houses, considering 500 m2
         for each ,result a surface of 50 000 m2.
         2.2. The geophysical characteristics of the terain :
                  From a geomorpholoical point of view the general placement is situated
         on the river bed on the left border of the river Moldova.Upstream there is the
         river Tiliasa , main tributary of the river Moldova from this area.
                  To the S-V, the placement is delimitated by the abrupt river border, of
         aproximativly 2…2,5 m , and at the N-E is the hill Gicovanul, belonging to
         Obcina Feredeului.
                  In the area of the placement were efectuated a nomber of 5 geotechnical
         , under the form of ditches, led to 2,5 m in depth. These have revealed the
         The litographic collumn is uniform and is presented aas shown :
         - at the superior part appears a thin package of vegetal soil sandy and brown, with
         fine gravel. The thickness varies between 0,3…0,7m
         - then it follows the alluvionary depozits. These are represented by boulders and
         gravel with the spaces between them filled with sand.
S.C. MOLDO C.C.T.P. S.A.                 5                       Locuinte pentru Tineret
  BOTOSANI / Romania                                                   Cartier BUNESTI                                     mun. Cimpulung Moldovenesc / jud Suceava
   The subterain wather in found in brutish deposits . The hidrstatic level mearused
   by the wells in the area was found to be between 2,0 …2,7m deep from the

                           Conclusions and ewcomandations
                  Towards the things presented before, and taking into account the
   datas colected in the previous geotechnical research it is recomanded:
   1. The foundation parquet, in all the cases will be considered boulders and gravel
       with the spaces between filled with sand.
   2. The minimal depth of the foundation will be Hf.min.= 1,10 m from the surface of

       the natural terain.The condition is thet the sole of the foundation is to be fixed
       at least 30 cm in all it’s surface in the foundation parquet.

   3. The maximum freezing depth will be considered Hmax.îngheţ= 1,10 m as STAS

   4. In this way it can be relied on a conventional pressure for the calculus at the
basis of the foundation equal to Pconv.calc.cil baza= 350 kPa. This pressure will be corected
as STAS 300/2-85 varying with the geometrical elements of the foundation.
   5. The calculus values af the founding terain are :
              Ф = 36º -the angle of internal frction
              C = 0 KpA – cohesion
              γv = 18,5 Kn/mc – natural density
              E = 50 000 KPa – the liniar modulus of deformation
              K = 10 cm/sec – the permeability coeficient
              μ = 0,5 the friction coeficient with the foundation’s toe
   6. Geomacahanicly the terain is stabil
   7. The hidrastatic lvl measured in the well from the area is 2…2,7 m from the
quote of the natural terain. The variation of this level is directly influenced by the
level of the quote of the wather in the river. The reduced distance from the river
S.C. MOLDO C.C.T.P. S.A.                  6                      Locuinte pentru Tineret
  BOTOSANI / Romania                                                   Cartier BUNESTI                                     mun. Cimpulung Moldovenesc / jud Suceava
makes that in the rainy periods the quotes of the water to grow significantly.For
protecting the area against floods it is imposed the building of a protection dam.
   8. According to the Ts Normativeas an excavation the terain is categorised as
             vegetal soil - ,, middle terain,, - manual digging
                             - cat.II –mechamied digging
             bolovăniş şi pietriş ,, teren foarte tare,, - săpătură manuală
                                    - cat.IV – săpătură mecanizată
   9. According to the normative P 100/92 the placement is found in the seismic area
of calculus E, having the coeficient Ks = 0,12 and the period of vibration at the
corner Ts = 0,7 sec
   10. In the process of execution of the foundations there will be respected the
Work’s Normes of Protection and PSI and also those from the specific regulations
for work protection and hygene in constructions, approved by MLPAT with the order
9N / 15.03.1993.This stippulation is not limited this beeing completed with the local
measures and according the laws and stipulations wich appeared later.

             2.3.Constructiv structure:
       The resistance structure will be:
       1. For the block of flats:
             Foundations and elevations r.c. and with belts from r.c. at the superior
             Frames of resistance from r.c. : pilings 35 x 35 cm , with beams 35x40
            cm monolitised ,and bridginigs of 15 cm from r.c.
             Exterior closings from celular concrete of 35 cm thickness
             Interior compartimentations from celular concrete of 25cm and 12,5 cm
             Roof truss from wood from resionus wood on the chairs
S.C. MOLDO C.C.T.P. S.A.                7                     Locuinte pentru Tineret
  BOTOSANI / Romania                                                Cartier BUNESTI                                  mun. Cimpulung Moldovenesc / jud Suceava
             The living spaces from under the roof truss will be isolated with bazaltic
           wool of 15 cm and anticondens wrapping and a layer of air of 2 cm
           between the isolation and rigips
       2. For individual homes:
            The continous foundations built with ant plate of r.c. at quote ± 0,00 m
            Thje structure of resistance from the walls of type wooden honeycomb,
          with isolations from bazalric wool of 15 cm
            Inner compartimentations from walls type honeycomb of 10 cm with
          isolations of basaltic wool of 10 cm with anticondens wrapping,layer of air
          and plates of rigips

             The ARCHITECTURE:
             Apartmentes from the block of flats will be fitted aut with interior
finishings of high quality moderns, as follows:

            At the walls and ceilings paintings with washable lime over the glet? and
          ipsos , in rooms and on the hallways; in bathrooms will be put on faience an
          a hight of 1,5 m , with the same hight and color ,and in the kitchen, - 1.5 mp;
            The floors will be from laminated parquet in the rooms, on the blind
          flooring and gritstone in the bathrooms, halls and kitchens; in the spaces of
          vertical traffic and common spaces – marble and mosaic
            The interior carpentry will be executed by resinous wood treated with
          alchidic lac,incolor.
            Theexterior carpentry will be from PVC with termopan window .
As exterior touches will be used mortar and washable lime DUFAS.The tile cover
will be of type MARSILIA , painted.

       Houses for living beeing houses with a high degree of comfortthese will have
special finishing touches .
S.C. MOLDO C.C.T.P. S.A.                 8                      Locuinte pentru Tineret
  BOTOSANI / Romania                                                  Cartier BUNESTI                                    mun. Cimpulung Moldovenesc / jud Suceava
                 The finishing touches for the walls and ceilings will be executed with
                 decorative paintings of marble tiles imitations, silk wallpaper
                 imitations, or travertine imitations. These special finishing touches are
                 made after the beneficiary’s consultation, beeing applied on glet of
                 ipsos applied over RIGIPS. Along with the exterior aspect of these
                 touches will have a resistance and cromatic stability in time and for
                 mechanical stress.
                 Exterior touches will be realised aut of decorative mortar waterproof
                 applied on a suport of extruded polistiren armed with glass fiber
                 special network. These mortars will be pelicularised with exterior
                 paintings, with a high resistance to exterior factors. The models and
                 colors palette will be selected by the beneficiary
                 The interior circulation spaces and the exterior terrace vill be plated
                 optionly with marble with the color and model selected by the
                 The acces roads will be paved with prefabricated elements laquered
                 with sintetic reasins with the color and shape chosen by the beneficiary
      The bathroom kitchen and sanitary place auxiliary will be plated with marble of
      the same color with the sanitary garnitures and the bath tubes from composite
      materials. Optionaly the main bath tube can be arranged with hidromasage, and
      in the same way the shower cabin. The surfaces of preparation of food from the
      kitchen will be plated with marble also.

                 The floors will bw plated with laminated. Optionaly these surfaces can
                 be covered totaly or partialy by moquette of the color and model
                 selecter by the beneficiary.

                 The hole carpentry will be out        of PVC profiles with termopan
                 windows. The garage door will be aut of aluminium profiles,
S.C. MOLDO C.C.T.P. S.A.                9                      Locuinte pentru Tineret
  BOTOSANI / Romania                                                 Cartier BUNESTI                                   mun. Cimpulung Moldovenesc / jud Suceava
                 optionalywith a remote comand closing system . Optionaly cand be
                 added vertical vents manual or remote controlled

                 The ventilation-heating system will be with air conditioned and
                 heating network through the floor. This sistem assures the reduction of
                 he maintenance costs on the duration of the building exploitation with
                 over 60% above the clasic heating system.

                 The electrical iluminating systems, optionaly with senson lightening
                 opţional with halogen lamps . All the rooms will have complex plugs
                 with electric energy ,telephone and tv cable and internet
                 The bedrooms will have dressing spaces included, just like the hall
                 from the entrance,these beeing standard features .

                 The roof is realised by wavy plates from composite materials on the
                 truss abd thermoisoled with bazaltic wool 5 cm thick and anticondens
                 The pool ,outside barbecue abd also the terain for sports have otional

       2.5.1. – electrical instalations – interiors realised for each apartment from the
general distribution panel ; each apartment will have an individual meter with a
distribution panel for iluminating and plugs .The interphone instalation with open-
close function

       2.5.2 -     thelephones     - all the apartments will have interior thelephon
S.C. MOLDO C.C.T.P. S.A.                       10                           Locuinte pentru Tineret
  BOTOSANI / Romania                                                             Cartier BUNESTI                                               mun. Cimpulung Moldovenesc / jud Suceava
        2.5.3 – cold wather and residual disposal – the sections of the block of flats
with the apartments realised will be conected to the wather system of the city and
sewerage system, with distribution inside to the wet areas bathrooms and kitchens.
The wather consumption will be measured.
        2.5.4 – hot wather and thermical instalation – interior thermic instalations;
each section of the block will have own thermal plant and smokes . the equipements
will be deposited at the basement. In this way it will be asured the hot wather
necesary and thermic debit for heating the spaces.As materials will be used the black
pipe and the zincated pipe
        2.5.5 – Apartamentele se vor branşa la reţeaua de gaze naturale a cartierului
respective a oraşului.

        Studiul de fezabilitate conţine si estimarea reţelelor de utilitatea si vor face
obiectul alte documentaţii , susţinuta financiar de PRIMARIA MUNICIPIULUI
                           3.DURATA DE RALIZARE A INVESTITIEI
        Durata de realizare a investiţiei este de 12 luni pentru blocuri
                                                         3 luni pentru fiecare casă


        Evaluare , consturi investitie / tronson bloc locuinte:

Bloc nr 1 = 906,58 mp Ad
- rezistenta infra si supra structura.         -32,6 %            =2.672.672,0 mii lei
- arhitectura                                  -45,4%             =3.722.065,0 mii lei
- Instalatii electrice int+RTV+tel.            - 4,8%             = 393.522,0 mii lei
- Instalatii sanitare                          - 6,6%             = 549.291,0 mii lei
-Instalatii termice                            - 6,8%             = 557. 490,0 mii lei
- Instalatii gaza                              -3, 7%             = 303.341, 0 mii lei
                                               100%                8.198.381,0 mii lei

TOTAL C+I – LOCUINTE                                              24.595.114,0 mii lei
TOTAL C+I – UTILITATI                                              3.478.552,0 mii lei
ORGANIZARE DE SANTIER                                                460.239,0 mii lei
S.C. MOLDO C.C.T.P. S.A.                     11                          Locuinte pentru Tineret
  BOTOSANI / Romania                                                          Cartier BUNESTI                                            mun. Cimpulung Moldovenesc / jud Suceava
TOTAL C+M                                                     28.533.935.,0 mii lei
UTILAJE IN C+T                                                 2.176.336,0 mii lei
ALTE CHELTUIELE                                                3.574.786,0 mii lei
TOTAL DEVIZ GENERAL                                           34.285.057,0 mii lei

               SEF PROIECT                                                    INTOCMIT

                                                                                          SE APROBA

                                        DEVIZ GENERAL

            Privind cheltuielile de capital necesare realizarii obiectivului de investitie:
                                 LOCUINTE PENTRU TINERET
                                      JUDETUL SUCEAVA

                                                                            1 EURO = 37.370 LEI
Nr                                              SURSE DE FINANT
Crt    DENUMIREA CAPITOLELOR                   BUGET     MOLDO
           DE CHELTUIELI                        CONS       CCTP                TOTAL          EURO
1.1 Obtinerea terenului                            -               -               -             -
1.2. Amenajarea terenului                          -               -               -             -
1.3 Amenajari pt prot. med.inclusiv                -               -               -             -
     refacerea cadrului natural dupa
     terminarea lucrarilor
     TOTAL CAP . 1
2.1 Obiect 01- amenajari exterioare+           127.632,0           -            127.632,0       3.415
     Spatii verzi
2.2 Obiect 02 – alei carosabile, platf si      698.052,0           -            698.052,0     18.679
S.C. MOLDO C.C.T.P. S.A.                  12                       Locuinte pentru Tineret
  BOTOSANI / Romania                                                    Cartier BUNESTI                                      mun. Cimpulung Moldovenesc / jud Suceava
       Sistematizare verticala
2.3    Obiect 03 – record telefonic             220.159,0      -          220.159,0   5.891
2.4    Oiect 04 – record apa                    776.993,0      -          776.993,0 20.792
2.5    Obiect 05 - canalizare                   884.692,0      -          884.692,0 23.674
2.6    Obiect 06 – alimentare energie           421.971,0      -          421.971,0 11.293
2.7    Obiect 07 – record gaze +termic          349.053,0      -          349.053,0   9.340
       TOTAL CAP 2                            3.478.552,0      -        3.478.552,0 93.084
       CAPITOLUL 3
3.1.   Studii de teren geo-topo                  34.785,0      -            34.7850     931
3.2    Obtinere avize, acorduri, autorizatii     11.543,0      -           11.543,0     309
3.3    Cheltueli proiectare0                    139.142,0    288.980,0    728.122,0 19.484
3.4    Organizarea       procedurilor      de    20.723,0     53.550,0     74.273,0   1.988
3.5    Consultanta                                3.479,0     20.668,0     24.147,0     646
3.6    Asistenta tehnica                         23.274,0     93.095,0    116.369,0   3.114
       TOTAL CAP. 3                             232.946,0    756.293,0    989.239,0 26.472
       CAPITOLUL 4
       DE BAZA
4.1    Constructii si instalatii aferente          -      24.595.144,0 24.595.144,0 458.152
       Constructiilor BLOC 1,2,3
4.2    Montaj utilaj tehnologic                    -           -             -         -
4.3    Utilaje , echiamente tehnologice            -       2.176.336,0   2.17.336,0 58.238
       Si functionale cu montaj + CT
4.4    Dotari                                      -           -             -         -
       TOTL CAP. 4                                 -      26.771.480,0 26.771.480,0 716.390
       CAPITOUL 5
5.1                    Organizare de santier     91.312,0    368.927,0    460.239,0 12.316
                5.1.1. Lucrari de constructie
5.2          Comisioane , taxe , cote legale     16.128,0    635.159,0    651.287,0 17.428
                5.2.1. Taxa aferenta Insp. Pt
            Controlul Calit.Mater de consr.      28.559,0    174.748,0    203.307,0   5.440
               5.2.2 Comision casa sociala
                             aconstructorilor    17.849,0    124.821,0    142.670,0   3.818
5.3    Cheltueli divere si neprevazute 5%       182.798,0 1.405.485,0 1.588.283,0 42.502
                            TOTAL CAP 5         336.646,0 2.709.140.0 3.045.686.0 81.504
            TOTAL GENERAL CU TVA 4.048.144,0 30.236.913,0 917.450

                           STRUCTURA DEVIZ GENERAL( MII LEI)

                            TOTAL                      34.285.057,0
                            Din care :
S.C. MOLDO C.C.T.P. S.A.                    13                       Locuinte pentru Tineret
  BOTOSANI / Romania                                                      Cartier BUNESTI                                        mun. Cimpulung Moldovenesc / jud Suceava
                            -C + M                       28.533.935,0
                            -Utilaje si echip CT          2.176.336,0
                           -Alte cheltueli                3. 574. 786,0

                           INVESTITII MOLDO CCTP ( MII LEI)

                                                    CU TVA                        FARA TVA

     TOTAL                                         30.236.913,0                 25.409.171,0
     Din care:
     -C+M                                          24.964.071,0                 20.918.211,0
     -Utilaje functionale cu montaj                 2.176.336,0                  1.828.854,0
     -Alte cheltueli                                3.096.506.0                  2.602.106,0

SEF PROIECT                                                        DIRECTOR GENERAL

Dr.Ing. W. WEISS                                                  ing. NECULAE BÂLBÂ
S.C. MOLDO C.C.T.P. S.A.                      14                         Locuinte pentru Tineret
  BOTOSANI / Romania                                                          Cartier BUNESTI                                            mun. Cimpulung Moldovenesc / jud Suceava


                             CONSTRUCTII SI INSTALATII
                             LOCUINTE PENTRU TINERET

        Evaluarea s-a facut cu respectarea normativelor in vigoare, H.G. 1179/2002, privind
cheltuielile de capital necesare, in vederea realizarii obiectivelor de investitii privind constructia de

   1. Suprafata desfasurata tronson
      268,9 x 3 x 1                            = 806,70 mp Ad
      mansarda                                 = 74,48 mp Ad
      subsol CT                                = 25,40 mp Ad
      TOTAL                                    = 906,58 mp Ad / bloc

       3 blocuri x 906,58 mp Ad                = 2.719,74 mp Ad

       TOTAL ARIE DESFASURATA                  = 2.719,74 mp Ad

       Mp Ad 2.719,74 x 250 EURO / mp Ad x 37.370 lei / EURO =

       = 25.409.171,0 mii lei                         = 679.935 EURO

                                                                           SEF PROIECT
S.C. MOLDO C.C.T.P. S.A.                      15                        Locuinte pentru Tineret
  BOTOSANI / Romania                                                         Cartier BUNESTI                                           mun. Cimpulung Moldovenesc / jud Suceava
                                                                      Dr.Ing. W. WEISS

                                          DEVIZE FINANCIARE

       Cap. 3.4. – Cheltuielile privind organizarea licitatiei pentru executia lucrarilor :

       -   conceperea documentatiei de licitatie, multiplicarea
           primelor exemplare                                             = 5.400,0 mii lei
       -   anunturi publicitare                                               = 450,0 mii lei
       -   onorariile participantilor la lucrarile comisiei de
            licitatie 3 zile x 8 ore x 56818 lei / ora x 5 pers               = 6.818,2 mii lei
       -   cheltuieli transport 2 zile x 3 pers. x 760 mii lei                = 4.560,0 mii lei
       -   cazare 2 zile x 3 pers. x 360 mii lei                              = 2.160,0 mii lei
       -   diurna 3 zile x 3 pers. x 120 mii lei                              = 1.080,0 mii lei
       -   corespondenta, telefonie, fax                                      = 254,8 mii lei
                                                        total                 =20.723,0 mii lei

       Cap. 3.5. – Consultanta
              C+I:           3.478.552,0 x 0,1 %                              = 3.479,0 mii lei
              Locuinta     20.668.118,0 x 0,1                                 = 20.668,0 mii lei

       Cap. 3.6. Asistents tehnica, supraveghere tehnica prin dirigintii de specialitate

       - asistenta tehnica din partea proiectantilor                          = 8.000,0 mii lei
       - cheltuieli pt. supraveghere tehnica prin
         dirigintii de specialitate
         1 post x 5.673.000 lei x 12 luni x 1,25                              = 85.095,0 mii lei
                                                       total                  = 93.095,0 mii lei
S.C. MOLDO C.C.T.P. S.A.   16            Locuinte pentru Tineret
  BOTOSANI / Romania                          Cartier BUNESTI            mun. Cimpulung Moldovenesc / jud Suceava

                                              SEF PROIECT
                                              Dr.Ing. W. WEISS

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