Magarey Shield SASI Scholarship holder Tamsin Petzer was presented

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					          NETBALL HIGHLIGHTS FOR THE WEEK ENDING 19 December 2008

Magarey Shield

SASI Scholarship holder Tamsin Petzer was
presented with the Magarey Shield at the end of
year ceremonies held at her school Blackwood
High recently. This award is presented by a
member of the Magarey family and is awarded to
the Year 10 Student with the strongest
achievements in academic excellence, citizenship,
service and sport.


New SASI Squad

The following athletes have been successful in gaining a SASI Netball Scholarship for
2009. All bar three girls are returning athletes from 2008.

Melissa Rowland          Thunderbirds / Contax
Kimberley Walker         SASI - harlequins
Brooke Jeffs             SASI - Jaguars
Rachel Horstmann         SASI - Woods
Stephanie Ventrice       SASI - Oakdale
Lenise McIntyre          SASI - Contax
Lyndall Creighton        SASI - Oakdale
Ashton Hurn              SASI
Kate Shimmin             SASI - Contax
Nicola Yeeles            SASI- Cougars
Tamsin Petzer            SASI - Matrics
Michelle Gifford         SASI - Woods

The first official team meeting for players and officials will be Friday November 14th where
the program details and commitments and expectations will be outlined and training for
the 2009 season will commence on December 1st.


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SASI Clean up at the Institute Challenge

The SASI Netball Team traveled to Melbourne last weekend to compete in the Interstate
Institute/Academy challenge. The weekend proved to be extremely beneficial and
successful for the team as they went through the competition undefeated.
The first game against Tasmania saw SASI just gain the win by 2 goals, during this game
all SASI players were given the opportunity of taking the court. Chloe Drogemuller had
her first test in competition after having 2 knee reconstructions over the past 2 seasons
and she came through with flying colours, which will assist her in her return to her State
League Club next season. Scores SASI 24, Tas 22. The second game for the day was
against NSWIS SASI put out a solid performance winning 36 - 21. This was a great team
effort particularly the performances of Luka Thompson and Kate Shimmin in defense.
Saturday we played our first game against NTIS and won 60 - 11. Young goalie, Kaylene
Hill shot 26 from 27 for the first three quarters. In the afternoon we played Vic
Development Team and once again proved too strong for our opposition winning 37 - 27.
Sundays final round game was against the second Victorian Development Team and SASI
won 40 - 25 - the whole defense of the team was super. In the afternoon we played the
final against NSWIS. At half time we were 2 in front in a very rugged and tough match.
The second half we pulled away and eventually won 45 - 33. It was the first time for
many of our players to defeat a NSW or Victorian team and not once but twice!! Overall
we witnessed some best performances by some of our players and hopefully this will stand
them in good stead for the future. Outstanding player for SASI was young Nicola Yeeles
at Wing Defense who was a stumbling block for all her opponents. The competition will
go around again next year and will possibly be held in NSW will all Institutes and
Academies involved.


SASI has a win in the Clive Armour Cup

The SASI Netball team had a very convincing win over Matrics in the final round of
the Clive Armour Cup last Friday at ETSA Park. The squad members are now putting all
their focus into the Institute Challenge which be held in Melbourne from the 19th – 21st of
September and involves all the State Institute netball teams coming together for a
weekend of competition.

SASI Scholarship Holder Kate Shimmin has established her presence in the South
Australian Team in the Australian Netball League (ANL). Kate playing at Goal Keeper
played most of the games in the tournament and will now come back to SASI for the
Institute Challenge. South Australia did not finish in the top four of the ANL competition
so will not be competing in the final series this weekend in Sydney.


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Kate Shimmin’s performance in the South Australian team playing in the Australian
national League has proved she is more than capable of competing at this level. Kate has
been a member of the SASI Netball Squad for 2008 and she will be offered a further
scholarship for 2009. In the Australian Netball league she has played all games to date for
South Australia and according to all reports she has performed extremely well. This
weekend S.A. take on W.A at 5pm on Friday night, Queensland at 7pm on Saturday night
and N.T. at 12.30pm on Sunday, all games will be played at ETSA Park.

In the Clive Armour Cup the SASI Squad had a good win over Tango but struggled against
Harlequins last week. This competition had 2 more weeks and then finals will be played
between the top two teams of each division.


SASI Netball Team’s great win.

The SASI netball Team had a great win over Garville on Saturday 45 - 43.
Preparation leading up to the game was concentrated, with players focusing on their
individual performances and that of the team. Intense feedback sessions for all sections of
the court were also held and players proceeded to work on what needed attention.
SASI’s best players’ were Luke Thompson with an impressive display at Wing Defence,
followed by Brooke Jeffs with a great shooting performance of 23/26 at Goal Attack.
 All players did a lot of homework and played to the best of their ability.

Elite Coaching Course a hit.

An elite Coaching Course was conducted by Netball Australia recently with most SASI
players participating. Netball Coach Marg Angove conducted the Specialist Defence
session for seven Level Two Coaches whilst Netball Assistant Coach Judy Greenwood
conducted a Level One Development course. The Elite course was aimed for High
Performance Coaches who coach at State League Level and have a Level Two
qualification. The Development Course is the old Level One Accreditation Course and a
pre-requisite for the next level.

From June 24 to 28 two interstate coaches will be working with Marg Angove at SASI and
also with the Thunderbirds as part of the National Coaches Development Pathway
instigated by Netball Australia.
The Coaches names are Kate Worden from Northern Territory and Deb Daniels from

SASI play the top of the table team Oakdale in their next game this Friday night, June 20.


International Schoolgirl Netball Challenge

School Sport Australia finished in third place in the International Schoolgirl Challenge, with
both New Zealand teams

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Both New Zealand teams played off in the Finals and School Sport Australia finished in
third place at the International Schoolgirl Netball Challenge.

SASI Scholarship Holder Nicola Yeeles was awarded the Australian player of the series
SASI Associate Scholarship Holder Chloe Joyce had limited court time and was sick on
the last couple of days, which was most unfortunate for her.

At the beginning of the week, three players from Henley High School were selected to play
in the Singapore team, as all of their players did not arrive until the following day. SASI
Scholarship holder Stephanie Ventrice played wing attack and did very well in both

The event was very well conducted and Marg Angove is sure we will see some of the
Australian players continue their development in State Teams.


SASI Netball Team had a win over Harlequins in the State League last Saturday. The final
score was 56 - 46.
Luka Thompson has been added to the National TID Squad and will travel to the AIS with
other identified SASI Scholarship Holders Kate Shimmin, Ashton, Hurn and Kim Walker for
intensive training from July 8 to 11.
SASI Apprentice Netball Coach, Kirsten Dodd SASI has been awarded a Wendy Ey
Scholarship and we congratulate her on this achievement.
The International Schoolgirls Challenge will be held in Adelaide from May 26 to 30.
Nicola Yeeles from SASI and Chloe Joyce a Country Associate Scholarship holder are
member of the Australian Team.
Teams from New Zealand, Sri Lanka, Singapore, Aotearoa, Indigenous School sport,
Australia and South Australia will be competing in the Challenge


Injury burdens premier state league team

The SASI netball team has won two of their five games in the State League Subway Cup
to date.
Unfortunately, injuries have plagued Ashton Hurn and Kate Shimmin and as a result have
depleted the teams stocks.

Ashton is unable to return to training for a month with stress fractures. But it’s not all doom
and gloom with Kate back on track in two weeks.

The team has been scheduled six State League games in May, making it difficult for
players to gain constant coaching and immediate feedback, which is not possible in the
game situation until the quarter time breaks.
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State Schoolgirl Team selection

SASI is pleased to announce that two of our Associate Scholarship holders, Amehila
Schmidt and Nicole Bruce-Gordon, have been selected in the U15 State Schoolgirls Team.


National Championships, Perth

At the recent national Championships in Perth, South Australia finished 4th in all three age
groups. The 17 and Under team which included 7 current SASI Scholarship holders were
very unlucky not to finish higher as they we defeated by Victoria in the semi-final by one
goal and Vic went on to win the final. Kate Shimmin, Ashton Hurn, Lyndall
Creighton, Abbey Holmes and Laura Packard have been selected in the 17 and
Under Australian Talent Squad.

The 19 and Under Team finished in 4th place and did extremely well. Both Victoria and
NSW appeared to be a great deal stronger than the SA team and with better depth,
however we did have 2 players that were eligible for the 17,s in the team and they will
provide more experience next year. Laura Packard - SASI Associate Scholarship holder
from Port Augusta was one of the younger players that were selected in the 17 and Under
National Squad. Kim Walker another current SASI Scholarship holder was selected in the
squad also after playing in the 21/Under Competition.
Georgia BeatonSASI 2007 was also named in the national 19 and Under Squad.
Sheree Wingard SASI 2007 was selected in the Australian 21 and Under Squad
of 17 that will be vying for World Youth Cup selection early next year.
SASI has commenced the Subway State league season with a one goal win over Tango
and a 19 goal loss to Woods.


Pre Season Tournament

The SASI Netball Team participated in a Mini Pre-Season Tournament at ETSA Park on
Sunday 9th March. All players had an opportunity to take the court and the results were
very pleasing. The Tournament gave the SASI Netball Squad a taste of what the
upcoming season was going to be like, as many players had not played against State
League Teams previously.
The State League commences on the 28th March and coincides with the new Australian
Championships. As well as looking forward to the start of the season, all SASI scholarship
holders are involved in either the Under 17’s, 19’s or 21’s Australian Championship Teams
with Scholarship holders Ashton Hurn and Alice Murt being named captains of the Under
17’s and Under 19’s respectively.

 Former SASI Scholarship holders Sheree Wingard and Georgia Beaton have been
included in the Thunderbirds Team of 12 to participate in the National League Pre-Season
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Cup in Sydney next weekend. Kristen Hughes, Natalie Medhurst, Emily Beaton,
Natalie von Bertouch, Bianca Reddy and Alex Hodge - all previous SASI
Scholarship Holders along with Moonia Gerrard (Sydney Swifts), Kate Keveridge (Perth
Orioles), Melissa Rowlands (Melbourne Phoenix Squad) will represent the Thunderbirds in
this competition against the other Australian Teams and all 5 New Zealand Teams.

National Championship teams selected

On the week end the 17, 19 and 21 national Championship teams were selected.
Respective squads have been training since the end of November conducted by SASI
coach Marg Angove on Sunday mornings. All current SASI Scholarship holders have been
selected in one of the 3 State teams, which is the first time this has occurred.

Kimberley Walker and Luka Thompson were selected in the SA 21 and under team.
Brooke Jess, Rachel Horstmann and Alice Murt were selected in the SA 19 and
under team.
Kaylene Hill, Ashton Hurn, Lenise McIntyre, Tamsin Petzer, Kate Shimmin,
Stephanie Ventrice and Nicola Yeeles were all selected for the SA 17 and under
team. Yeeles has also been selected in the Australian Schoolgirls Team.

All SASI Scholarship holders will be participating in a Camp at Port Elliot this weekend.

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