SCV Christmas Cocktail Party was a very happy end by lwl70989


									                                                           NEWS          December ’08

A Big Merry Christmas                         SCV Christmas Cocktail Party was
      to everyone!                              a very happy end to the year!
The Board of Directors would like
to thank all members who have
supported the club this year and
even though June was one of the
worst seasons on record and for the
 rst time we had to implement the
Snow Guarantee the season ended
up very well.
2009 is going to see many
presentation changes to the Club,
from nishing the painting on the
outside to some fresh painting on
the inside. We will see the
introduction of a new CLUB BAR
with photos of our members
surrounding our restaurant walls.
There are a few more extra surprises to
enhance your experience as a Ski Club
of Victoria member but we will wait
untill next year to reveal them.

  Memberships 2009
The response has been incredible this
year regarding renewal of memberships
for 2009. To those members who
have paid their memberships you will
receive in the New Year your SCV
o cial receipt and 2009 sticker/s
which are to be attached to your Entry
Swipe Card.
Those of you who have not
received your 2009 membership
invoice as yet, it is because of
the changes necessary to your
membership’s records. We are now
in the process of dealing with each
member/s changes personally, and
your invoice will posted very soon.

Accommodation 2009
BIG FREEZE! The Board has decided
there will be no tari increases for
2009. Book early and book often and
enjoy your club.


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