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					                                                                                             March 2007

A few words from our chairman...
'Last Friday, Saturday and Sunday approximately 130 of our Freshie Nippers competed at the NSW State Age
Surf Life Saving Championships at Cronulla, the culmination of our competitive season.
I am pleased to report that we carried our good form from the Branch Championships through to Sate and
Freshie finished 9th overall, only slightly down on our 5th overall last year.
As you would expect we had some ups - some outstanding, and at times unexpected, results - and some downs
but what is clear is that all our Freshie competitors performed to the best of their ability. Behaviour and
sportsmanship were of the the highest order. Freshie can certainly be proud of the performances from our
Nippers and the way they represented the Club. Congratulations to all our competitors.
Of course the opportunity for our Nippers to participate so competitively, and look good at the same time, doesn't
happen by accident. A lot of dedicated people put in considerable effort to make sure things ran as smoothly as
possible and that our competitors were able to perform at their best.
Thank you especially to the Age Managers - you have worked hard all season and the performance of our team
last weekend was, in very considerable measure, due to your commitment and efforts throughout the season.
Also, thanks to Peter Obern and George Vella for ensuring we have a 1st class stock of boards and that they are
in good repair, Peter Obern, Andrew Murphy and their assistants for our Swim and Board training sessions,
Ron Malm and Hugh Zochling for our land traning, Craig Jackson and Michelle Troy for our March Past Team -
10th this year - watch out next year and Michelle Troy and Wayne Freakley for R&R - Freshie is now a real force
to be reckoned with in this disclipline.
Special thanks to Natalie O'Carroll, the State uniforms looked great. I know you put a mountain of work into
organising and distributing those and you did that with a minimum of fuss.
My extra special thanks to David Hurrell and Janine Probst for volunteering, without hesitation, to ensure that
our IRB Water Safety obligations were discharged. Great stuff.
I also wish to thank those that volunteered for 'normal' water safety duties on Saturday morning (our rostered
session) and those that performed as officials. A Club our size cannot compete without supplying water safety
and officials.
Lastly, thanks to all the parents.
I apologise if I haven't mentioned anyone.
It is our last Sunday Nippers this week and our absolute last Nippers for this season will be another LJ Hooker
Twilight Nippers on Saturday 10 March.
John Swan, the President of Freshwater SLSC, has asked me to pass on his particular congratulations to
everyone who competed and participated last weekend.
Again, well done to everyone and thanks for your support and help.
Lindsay Stirton
Freshwater JAG Chairman

     A big thankyou to our sponsors...% Major Training Services % Freshwater Financial Services
           % RSA Security % LJ Hooker, Harbord % Lend Lease Foundation % A1 Print Master

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         Barefoot & Blacktie End-of-Season Cocktail Party
                  It's time to celebrate the end of another bumper season
                  at Freshie with our annual End-of-Season Cocktail Party!
                                   So guys dust off your tux
                              girls dig out that little black dress
                                 but leave your shoes at home
                           and join us on Saturday, 31 March 2007
                         on the balcony overlooking our great beach
                          from 7pm til midnight for the cost of $25
             (includes free cocktail on arrival, food & music) with drinks $1-$4
       For bookings contact Lysa Kiely on 9905 8319 or email

   From the beach ...
   The season is drawing to a close with only two sessions to go - this Sunday at 9.00am and our last session
   is LJ Hooker Harbord Twilight Nippers to be held on Saturday, 10 March. Hope to see you all there!

   Age Manager Reports
   It seems like a long time since we have been at Freshie for Nippers. We are looking forward to some
   good weather this weekend for the final Sunday session of the year. The kids have really learnt a lot
   about the surf and have enjoyed partcipating in all the beach activities. Thank you to all the parents who
   have helped out throughout the year and made Sunday mornings so enjoyable for the kids. We hope to
   see everyone this Sunday and then at the final nippers (twlight) on Saturday 10th March. We look
   forward to seeing all the kids in the under 7's next year.
   Jenny and Nigel Wickham

   Don't forget - Sunday Nippers regular time this weekend and then the LJ Hooker Harbord Twilight Nippers on
   Saturday 10 March at 4.00pm! Cheers, Steve Dixon

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   Hard to believe that I am writing the last Under 9 news article for the season. It certainly doesn't seem that
   long ago that we were gathering at the Warringah Aquatic Centre for our proficiency swims. Even though it
   has only been a couple of weeks since the last newsletter we have managed to cram a lot into a short period
   of time.
   Branch Championships (Water Events)
   Sunday the 18th of February was the (unscheduled) second day of the Branch Championships at North
   Steyne beach. For once the weather was kind to us and we had a nice warm day with moderate surf
   conditions. However there were still a few blue bottles around and unfortunately a few competitors got stung
   during their races.
   Under 9's were successful in earning points (and medals) for the club in the following water events:
   Girls Board Relay: Kelly Singleton, Kate Lee, Annabel Murphy, 1st
   Girls Surf Swim: Kelly Singleton, 3rd
   Girls Board: Kelly Singleton, 4th
   Congratulations to all our competitors over the two days of the branch championships. Everyone competed to
   the best of their ability and provided strong support to their team mates.
   State Titles
   Congratulations to all our Under 9 competitors at the State Championships last weekend. A small team of
   fourteen (8 Girls and 6 Boys) entered their events with great enthusiasm and determination to do the best that
   they could. Friday saw our beach team of Dominica, Sam, and Dylan competing in the flags. Whilst our water
   team of Kelly, Brhi, Annabel, Kate, Bec, Hannah, Owen, Alex and Nick competed in the board relay and the
   surf teams events. A big thank you to Hannah who joined the team late and enabled us to enter two girls
   board relay teams.
   The girl's board relay A team was successful in making the final where they finished in 8th place. The girls
   also made it into the final of the surf teams event were they finished in 6th place. The Under 9 boys (Alex,
   Owen & Nick) combined with an Under 10 swimmer and entered the surf teams in the Under 10 age group.
   Swimming against boys who in some cases were nearly two years older than them our team gave it their best
   effort and should be extremely proud of themselves.
   Saturday our beach team (Dominica, Grace, Dylan & Ty) competed in the sprint and all ran well.
   Unfortunately due to a lack of numbers we were unable to field teams in the beach relay events.
   Brhi, Bec, Kate, Annabel, Kelly, Owen, Sam and Alex competed in the individual board and surf swim events.
   We had several outstanding performances in these events and whilst Kelly was the only one to make the
   finals on Sunday several others only narrowly missed out on progressing to the medal round.
   On Sunday Kelly contested the final of the surf swim. Unfortunately due to some confusion in who had
   completed the course correctly this event had to be run twice. In big surf and strong rips Kelly put in an
   exceptional performance and finished in 12th position.
   So with the carnival season over and with two nippers sessions to go it is time to thank a few people.
   Firstly to our Under 9 nippers, thank you for your enthusiasm and commitment in attending each Sunday
   session and carnival. It has been a pleasure to watch you develop your surf skills over the summer and to
   see your confidence and ability in the water building week after week. I look forward to welcoming you all
   back next season.
   To the Mums, Dads, Aunts, Uncles, Grandmas, Grandads, Brothers and Sisters who have helped out each
   week with water safety and assisted in the running of various beach activities, thank you. Without your
   assistance we would not be able to run our weekly
   activities and your assistance is greatly appreciated.
   And finally, my fellow age managers Ron, David,
   Libby, and Jim thank you for your help and
   guidance during
   the season. It has been great working with you and
   I look forward to doing it all again next season.
   See you on the beach,

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  The girls had a very successful season with a clean sweep of the water events at Branch winning every
  water event individual and teams.
  They then moved on to State with the A board relay of Sarah, Deandra and Jess winning gold and the A swim
  team of Sarah,Deandra,Leanne and Avril coming second..
  We had four girls make the board final three girls the swim final one girl made the ironwomen final.Two of our
  board relay teams made the final and two of board rescue teams made the final
  Special mention to Deandra who made the final in every event she competed in the water being six finals
  great effort.
  Also I would like to congratulate Dakota for competing in her first State and Branch carnival.
  To our sole land competitor Caitlin who held the freshie flag high on the sand. Well done.
  Overall and outstanding result from all of the girls.To those who were disappointed in there results dont be
  as you have worked hard and have done your best and you are true champions and hopefully will come back
  next season stronger again.
  Enjoy the winter see you on the beach.
  Thanks Janet and Kieron

  Well done to the following under 12 boys who competed at State and tried their very best for Freshwater. It
  was wonderful to see such a large contingent at State and competing at the local carnivals all year.
  Seth Dindale, Keiran Harmes, Tom Elliott, Bryce Martiskin, Angus Higgins, Chris Balding, Blaise Bell, Tyler Bell,
  Michael Domjen, Drew Gallagher, Alex Kaye, Alex Obern, Tom Park, Nathan Sheather, Tom Stewart
  State Results
  Special mention goes to the following boys who made State Finals:
  Bryce Martiskin who made the final of the Flags on Friday.
  Tom Stewart who made the Surf Swim Final
  The "A" Surf Swim Team who made the final - Tom Stewart, Alex Obern, Tom Park, and (Michael Domjen/
  Nathan Sheather)
  We also want to mention the following boys who made improvements on last years individual efforts:
  Tyler Bell, who was our only competitor to make it through to the Board Semi Final.
  Tom Park and Nathan Sheather who made the Surf Swim Semi Final.
  The "C" Board Team that put in a very commendable effort, and a big improvement on last year at State.
  Angus Higgins and Tom Elliott who made it through numerous rounds of flags.
  Branch Results
  At branch the week before we had some sensational results especially in the board events with gold in both.
  Alex Kaye won Gold in the individual board
  The "A" Board Team of Drew Gallagher, Alex Obern and Alex Kaye also won Gold.
  In both board events the boys lead from start to finish, and there were no lucky waves. This was a fantastic
  effort and above our expectations. Unfortunately, at State the results were not quite as good, and the boys
  were very disappointed, but there is always next year and the results from branch should be a huge
  confidence boost.
  The "A" Swim Team of Tom Stewart, Alex Obern, Tom Park and Michael Domjen got Bronze.
  Alex Obern was also part of the Gold winning Junior Cameron Relay.
  One of the most pleasing aspects of this season was the renewed interest in the land events among the U12
  boys. We had competitors in all land disciplines at State and at some of the local carnivals we had upto three
  beach realy teams, which has been a huge improvement on previous years where we have failed to enter a
  beach relay team.
  Thanks boys for all your efforts during the year, it has been a pleasure to be your age manager. We want to
  thank all those parents who are at the beach every weekend helping out, we couldn't do it without you. We
  have all had fun and improved our surf skills this year and we look forward to seeing you all back next year.
  John and Roger

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   WOW ! Where did the season go!!! Although it seems to have gone fast, we, as a group , have achieved a
   great deal this season. We have had a very successful first season of competitions and have witnessed
   some real champion efforts. A big congratulations to all those boys and girls who have had a go at competing
   this season. You should all be very proud of yourselves. Special recognition should also be made of those
   kids who were regular competitors at each carnival - especially the two weekends of Branch, followed by
   the 3 days of State Titles. We had a lot of fun at State, with a real team spirit formed between the girls and
   boys. Your commitment and team spirit was definitely tested on the last day of State and you all did
   extremely well considering the horrible weather. Well done to you all.
   As this is our last edition of the newsletter, I would like to especially thank all those supportive Mum's and
   Dad's who get their kids down to the beach early each Sunday morning for regular nippers and also for
   getting them to the extra board and beach training sessions. Also, we can not forget to recognise the efforts
   of those parents who have got up even earlier on many Sunday's to get their kids to the carnivals on time.
   Give yourselves a big pat on the back!
   Lastly, but not least, our group would not run as efficiently and be as much fun for the kids without the
   ongoing support and help of those parents who help out with organising the kids and assisting with the
   activities each Sunday. A big thanks to you all, and especially to our team managers - Siobhan, Jacko,
    Michael, Peter, Alby and of course Juls (your behind the scene work is priceless!!).
   Some all round great results at Branch and State Titles, not only achieved by the medal winners, but by
   the whole team. A special congratulation to those making it through to the following Finals -
   Branch Carnival
   Tristan - 3rd in Flags
   Isabella Wolff and Nat - Wade Final
   Tessa - 3rd in the Beach Sprint
   Isabella Wolff, Grace Cox, Sophie Kevern and Nat Jander - 3rd in the Wade Relay
   Tessa, Isabella McKenzie, Sophie and Olivia Jackson - Final Beach Sprint
   State Titles
   Tristan - Wade Final
   Tessa - Beach Sprint Final
   Claudia - Flags Finals (dashed and dived her way through 18 heats!!!)
   Pat, Lochie, Max and Tristan - Wade Relay Final
   Grace, Sophie, Nat and Isabella - Wade Relay Final
   Prepare now for next season !!
   I strongly encourage all parents to increase your child's swimming proficiency with extra lessons over winter
   in readiness for next seasons surf swimming and board riding component of nippers. Obviously we can not
   have kids out in the water who are not competent swimmers.
   Please remember that the minimum discipline required for children wishing to compete at carnival level next
   season is the Run Swim Run - 50m run/ 50m swim /50m run.
   All children wishing to compete in water events must complete the pool swims in the specific time - 200m
   swim in 6mins.
   I look forward to seeing as many of you as possible for our last 2 nippers sessions back at Freshie. Don't
   forget, our last nippers session is on Saturday afternoon at 4pm, followed by the family BBQ. Remember
   there will be food, drinks, lollies, chips, jumping castle for the kids and some cold beverages for the adults
   Dave, Siobhan, Jacko, Pete, Michael and Alby
   Under 8 Age Managers

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   The Under 11's can now take a deep breath and congratulate themselves on their fine performances over the
   past two months.
   The Branch carnival being held over 2 weeks due to the large seas on 11th February saw our land and water
   competitors split over the weekends. Some took the advantage and entered themselves in extra events and
   competed well. Notable performances include;
   Bronze medal to the boys swim team - Chris Stirton, Sean Murphy, Michael Collins and Matthew Vella,
   Gold Medal to the boys board rescue - Chris Stirton / Matt Vella
   Gold Medal to the girls swim team - Georgia Miller, Lauren Carauna, Nicki Stirton and Ruby Curtis, and
   Gold Medal to the girls board relay team for the third year in a row! - Georgia Miller, Lara Dragasevich and
   Nicki Stirton,
   The State Carnival occurred the week after the Branch water events and without much of a break. The
   Freshwater U11's did the club proud with some spectacular results,
   Georgia Miller winning 3 golds (swim, ironwoman and board rescue), 2 silver (board rescue and swim team)
   and 1 bronze (board),
   Lara Dragasevich and Georgia Miller winning Gold in the Board Rescue,
   The girls board relay team winning Silver - Georgia Miller, Nicki Stirton and Lara Dragasevich,
   The girls swim team winning silver - Georgia Miller, Lauren Carauna, Nicki Stirton and Roby Curtis
   The girls sprint relay team getting through to the finals - Anna Lindfield-Kent, Jessica Edmeads, Grace
   Wheatley and Shae Potter - thanks to Lara and Nicki for stepping in as last minute replacements !
   The Boys swim team getting through to the finals - Chris Stirton, Sean Murphy, Michael Collins and
   Matthew Vella, and Jarvis Zochling getting into the final of the board race.
   Reminder that all boards are to be returned to the club on 4th March and LJ Hooker Twilight Nippers on
   10th March at 4.00pm.
   We now look forward the rugby and netball season, see you in the Under 12's!
   Andrew Murphy

   February is the month for serious competition and saw a good turn up of the U13 boys and girls particularly
   at branch. With the water events cancelled at branch on the 11th many of our competitors had a go at the
   land events. Both the boys and girls relays made strong performances with Lachlan, Joseph, Jarrod and Carl
   grabbing a silver medal. The girls finished 5th and would have done much better without a baton drop. Well
   done Ally, Rachael, Julia and Paris. Excellent effort by Lachlan who finished 4th in the sprint. Who said water
   competitors could not run.
   The rescheduled water meant two of our top competitors were not available. We still had some good
   performances with silver medals in both the boys board relay and swim team events. Also well done to Jack
   and Lachlan for a bronze medal in the board rescue. Special mention to Campbell and Mitchell who came
   along to make up numbers for team events and were rewarded with medals.
    R&R is an area where the U13s have excelled this year. Well done Clare and Ally who followed up a gold
   medal performance at Branch with a bronze medal at state (only 1 point behind the winners). Jarrod and
   Joseph also put in a great effort this year making it through to the semi final at state. Clare also backed up for
   the 5 person to also get a silver medal at state. If you happened to see two freshie girls whizzing up and back
   on the back of a quadrunner at Cronulla Beach it was
   Clare and Ally successfully competing in R&R events
   and water events at the same time.
   State championships were tough as expected. Apart
   from the R&R no medals but some great performances
   any way. Well done to Jack, Jarrod Joseph and Lachlan
   for making it through to the swim team final. Plenty of
   semi finalists and quarter finalists in other events. To all
   the state competitors Clare, Ally, Xenia, Lachlan,
   Mitchell, Jarrod, Joseph and Jack great efforts with all
   competitors doing their in the Freshie colours. To all the
   parents who persevered yet another Nippers state long
   weekend well done.
   Regards Lance

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   What a busy time we have had this month. For those who do not go to carnivals we look forward to a great
   last two Nippers. Hope the weather stays clear for just a couple of hours.
                                                             Below are the results from State.
                                                             Alena - Silver swim team, Silver 5man RNR
                                                             Anna - Silver RNR
                                                             Claire - Silver swim team, Final swim
                                                             Kristy - Silver RNR, 8th Cameron Relay
                                                             Lucy - Silver RNR
                                                             Pat - 6th swim team
                                                             Paul - Silver Board Riding, 5th Board relay, 6th swim
                                                             team, 8th Cameron Relay
                                                             Renee - Silver swim team
                                                             Shaun - 5th Board Relay, 6th swim team, 8th
                                                             Cameron, Final Board, Final Swim
                                                             Tegan - Silver swim team, 8th Cameron Relay, Final
                                                             Ironwoman, Final swim (DNS)
                                                             Thorne - 5th Board Relay, 6th swim team
                                                             Great effort to everyone, congratulations.

   Girls Beach Cricket Trial Program
   Cricket NSW (CNSW), in conjunction with the
   Surf Life Saving NSW is proposing to trial a girl's only
   beach cricket program for females aged 8-14 years old
   at Freshwater Beach.
   It is proposed that the Beach Cricket program is based
   on tabloid activities and not competitive games and
   would take place across 3 Sundays in March, as a
   'season extension' of the current Nippers' season. We
   are proposing to run the Girls Beach Cricket Trial
   between 10am and 12 noon on Sunday 11 March,
   Sunday 18 March and Sunday 25 March.This trial
   program would be free of charge for all participants,
   and would be covered under the current CNSW
   insurance policy with JLT Insurers.
                                                                  Your Near est Beach Crick et...
   The proposed Beach Cricket Trial is summarised below:          Freshwater Beach (SLSC)
                                                                  3 Sunda ys, commencing Sunda y
   * Cricket NSW currently runs girls-only cricket                   h
                                                                  11t Mar ch
   development programs (CricHit), for girls aged 8-14.           10am – 12noon
   There are approximately 30 CricHit centres around
   NSW, which run 6 x 1.5 hour sessions over a 6 week             Crick et NSW & Sur f Lif e Saving NSW pr esent:
   period, teaching the basics of cricket in a fun and safe
                                                                           GIRLS BEA CH CRICKET
   * The sessions would consist of basic skills (bowling                    @ FRESHW ATER SLSC!
   action, sprints in the sand, batting off tees, etc), and       Contact Ste ve Mulally (0425 297 703)
   depending on skill level of the girls, may end in a            for furt her details
   modified beach cricket game. We will stress to you             Trial Pr ogram – NO COST f or 3 w eek pr ogram!!!
   this is not going to be the Beach Cricket as seen on
   Channel 10 over the 2007 summer. This is not competition beach cricket; it is a participation based project.
   * A section of the beach would be marked appropriately to ensure members of the public are well aware the
   program is occurring.
   By providing this opportunity for participation, CNSW & SLSNSW are looking to provide young females with
   an opportunity to participate in physical activity (where they may not have previously participated). Provided
   this trial is successful, CNSW & Surf Life Saving NSW will look at options available for future Beach Cricket
   endeavours for both boys and girls.
   This is a basic run down of the proposed Girls Beach Cricket Trial. Please contact Steve Mulally (9339 0912
   or 0425 297 703 or ) should you have further questions.

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   Over the past 4 weeks, we have experienced a terrific amount of competition and fun, with a number of the
   'tens' putting in excellent performances at Club, Branch and State Championships.
   Club Championships
   The annual Club day saw a great turn out with parents helping encourage their kids to 'step up' and
   adjudicate some good tussles for the medals. We saw high participation in all events including the swim and
   board, with many children surprising themselves at their improved water ability. The land went through to
   the wire for both sprints and flags with determined efforts llfting the standard for all.
   Results were:
   Beach Sprint: Michael Wright 1st
   Swim: Blake Lovely 1st
   Board: Blake Lovely 1st, Daniel Gurr 2nd
   Ironman: Blake Lovely 1st
   Beach Sprint: Stephanie Probst 1st, Ashley Victor 2nd
   Flags: Ashley Victor 1st
   Swim: Brodie Forysth 1st, Allycia Park 2nd, Isabel Sidery 3rd
   Board: Brodie Forsyth 1st, Allycia Park 2nd, Isabel Sidery 3rd
   Ironwoman: Brodie Forsyth 1st
   Branch Titles
   With the carnival split over two weekends, we had a number of new competitors join us for the carnival.
   Rose Nordsvan had her first carnival run and Harry Elliot was justly rewarded with a silver medal for a fine
   job in the boys board relay, replacing an injured Daniel Gurr. Sam Jones performed extremely well and
   achieved a top eight finish in the boys flags.
   Medals at Branch level are a great achievement and we saw our very small band of competitors go on to
   some fine performances.
   Top results were:
   Boys Board Relay (Silver) - Daniel Gurr, Harry Elliot, Josh Sheather
   Allycia Park (Bronze in the Girls swim)
   Stephanie Probst (Gold in the Girls Beach sprint)
   Ashley Victor (Gold in the Girls Flags)
   State Championships
   The State Titles for the 'tens' was punctuated with good performances from a very limited number of
   competitors. Friday morning saw Ashley Victor compete against 211 other girls in the flags and go through
   the quarters, semis and onto the final. She showed a clean set of heals to go on and win gold in the girls
   flags. Great effort.
   The boys board relay (Daniel, Josh and Blake) again performed well in getting through the heats, quarters
   and semis to make the final but had to paddle all the way. The boys swim team of Jason, Blake, Daniel and
   Josh did a great job in getting through to the semis, given the very stiff competition.
   Saturday's events included the individual water events (board and swim), the beach sprints and beach relays.
   A great job from Josh in progressing through to the quarter finals, while Daniel and Blake went onto the semis
   in the boards.
   In the swim events, it was a very determined Allycia Park who led Freshie for the girls and swam fantastically
   to go through the quarters and semis before an outstanding 8th in very hot final. The final showcased
   Allycia's swimming ability in changing conditions by being in the leading bunch right through to the end.
   Well done and continue this and I am sure a medal is in offing next year.
   Blake Lovely showed his body surfing and swim talent to progress through the Boys swim into the semis and
   the final on Sunday.
   Stephanie Probst ran a fine qualifying semi to make, while Ashley got through to the semis.
   In shocking conditions of rain and wind on Sunday, Steph shone out for us, with a top flight run to place
   second (Silver Medal) in the girls sprint final. A great result.
   With the timely addition of Brodie Forsyth, the girls beach relay (Ashley, Caitlin, Brodie and Stephanie) were
   a real surprise packet and ran out of their skins to qualify for the beach relay final on Sunday.
   See you on the beach
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   RnR News
   The club has again been able to field a number of
   enthusiastic junior members in RnR competition this
   season. A number of two person teams as well as a
   5 person team competed in the maroon and whites
   and performed at a high level throughout the season
   at both junior and senior carnivals. While they
   achieved a number of outstanding results, they left
   their best until the last two carnivals - the Branch and
   the State.
   At the Branch titles in the 2 person event, Clare
   Freakley and Ally Lee finished 2nd while the two "Js" -
   Joseph Murphy and Jarrad Freakley finished a highly
   creditable 7th. The 5 person team of Clare Freakley,
   Anna Hoekstra, Lucy New, Alena Stirton and Kristy           The two J's also qualified for the semi finals but one
   Smith managed to win gold.                                  mistake made in the semi meant that they bowed at
   At the recently completed State Championships,              that stage and did not get a chance to compete for
   the same three teams again put in some fantastic             medals in the final. It was nonetheless a magnificent
   performances. With over 20 teams involved at the            effort from the boys and there is no doubt they will be
   State, teams in the 2 person event had to survive            a force to reckoned with the RnR competition if they
    heats and semi finals to qualify for the final. Ally and   choose to have another go next year.
   Clare made it through both heats and semi finals as         A similar story unfolded for the girls 5 person team.
   best qualifier and going into the final, were clearly the   Having qualified first for the final by a significant
   team to beat. They ultimately narrowly failed at the        margin, the team also fell at the last hurdle, missing
   last hurdle, missing out on the gold medal by a mere        out on the gold medal by the barest of margins -
   one point to two teams. Still a bronze medal at this        one point.
   level of competition was a fantastic result.                Wayne Freakley

                                                                    Don't forget to check
                                                                         our website
                                                                        for updates
                                                                   throughout the season.

                                                                Upcoming events
                                                                 Sunday, 4 March
                                                                 Normal Nippers
   March Past
                                                                 Saturday, 10 March
   Our March Past team did us proud at the State
   titles in Cronulla this year coming 10th in the State!
                                                                 LJ Hooker Harbord Twlight Nippers at 4pm
   A big thank you to Michelle Troy and Kate                     End of Season BBQ
   Alexander for their time and commitment to
   training this team, as well as Craig Jackson for              Saturday, 31 March
   stepping in and doinghis best when the girls were             Barefoot & Blacktie Cocktail party!
   unavailable. We look forward to next year and                 come and celebrate a great season!
   encourage any U9-U14 to join us.