wood sign templates by markhardigan


									                                                                                              CUSTOM DESIGN
                                                                                              BY RALPH H. HOUGHTON

                                                                                              Beyond the ordinary
Typical Uses
Custom profiling in plastic with a variety
of sizes, color combinations, and shapes.
                                              •   Use for diamond drag or rotary engraving
                                              •   Alter techniques
                                              •   Use to make rubber stamp molds
                                              •   Topical categories
                                                       Classic Templates
                                                       General Interest
                                                       Local Commercial
                                                                                              Engraving Machine
                                                       National Trademarks
                                                       Religious-Spiritual                    Templates
                                                       School Mascots
Diamond drag engraving in a variety of                 X Rated
metals of different colors and sizes.         •   Much more ...

                                             CUSTOM DESIGN ENGRAVING
                                             BY RALPH H. HOUGHTON

Over 600 templates covering many topics:     (Not a walk-in service—call for appointment to
• School mascots                             discuss your engraving project needs or send
• Classic Templates                          mail to:)
• Sailing ships                              1024 Hall Street
• Commercial trademarks
                                             Phone: (517) 629-2714                            Telephone: (517) 629-2714
• Others                                     Cell: (517) 740-5439
                                             E-mail: rhoughton@albion.edu
  Machine Engraved Templates                                                                                       DESK AND DOOR SIGNS
                                                                                                                   Desk signs may be created is a wide variety of ma-
                                                                                                                   terials including plastic, metals, and wood and a
Typically 5 inches in diameter in a 6 inch blank of      Some templates are engraved larger than 5 inches due      wide variety of sizes using these templates.
Plexiglas—engraver’s brass on special order.             to their complexity.

  CLASSIC TEMPLATES                                      SAILING SHIPS
  Based on the images in the Classic Medallic series
  of trophy and plaque dress-ups. $25 and up.

                                                                                                                   RELIGIOUS TEMPLATES

                                                         SWAPMEET TEMPLATES                                        GENERAL INTEREST TEMPLATES

  All of these templates include an outer ring to                                                                  TECHNICAL NOTES:
  provide for profiling in any size, any plastic mate-
                                                                                                                   Two general styles of templates are available—
  rial as well as normal uses.
                                                                                                                   New Hermes (40°, .025” tracing pin face) and stan-
  NATIONAL TRADEMARK TEMPLATES                           LOCAL COMMERCIAL TEMPLATES                                dard industrial (90°, .010” tracing pin face). Other
                                                                                                                   configurations are available on request.

                                                         LOCAL COMMERCIAL TEMPLATES
                                                                                                                CUSTOM DESIGN ENGRAVING
                                                                                                                BY RALPH H. HOUGHTON
  You must obtain permission from trademark
  holder to use.                                         LOCAL COMMERCIAL TEMPLATES
                                                                                                                (Not a walk-in service—call for appointment to

  SCHOOL MASCOT TEMPLATES                                                                                       discuss your engraving project needs or send mail
                                                                                                                1024 Hall Street
                                                                                                                Albion, MI 49224
                                                         X RATED TEMPLATES             ASK FOR SPECIAL FLYER
                                                                                                                Phone: (517) 629-2714
                                                                                                                Cell: (517) 740-5439
                                                                                                                E-mail: rhoughton@albion.edu

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