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A complete, professional and reliable e-commerce solution for businesses
to maximise their online trading success.

      What is eStore?                                     What does eStore offer?
      eStore enables you to sell your products online        A choice of packages to suit your business
      using our e-commerce hosting facility. Simply          requirements, all of which include hosting
      build your own shop using easy-to-follow
                                                             Easy to administer advanced shop
      templates – you don’t need any HTML or
                                                             management facilities
      technical knowledge, eStore provides everything
      you need to run your eBusiness.                        Customisable shop styles and design

      Who is it for?                                         Secure debit and credit card transactions
                                                            – integrated with eBay, Google Checkout and
         Small businesses wanting to get up and
         running quickly with an online shop that looks
         great and is easy to administer and maintain        A low-cost quick route to selling your products
         Businesses who are looking for a complete
         and cost-effective solution                         Confidence that you’ll be using tools that are
                                                             already in use by 30,000 businesses

      With eStore you can:
         Gain a competitive edge over other
                                                          Where can I view a live eStore
         businesses                                       example?
         Increase your customer base without having       The KC Shop has been created using eStore, visit
         to open a new shop                     

         Get up and running with no upfront costs

         Benefit from low overheads – no rent or
         employees are required to keep the shop

         Be open for business 24 hours a day

         Conduct secure sales online via encrypted
         SSL connections
 Free 30-day trial                                      The next steps
 eStore comes with a free 30-day trial so you can         Sign up for a free trial by visiting:
 try before you buy.                            

                                                          Build your test site

                                                          Upload your product images and add

                                                          Confirm the payment processes you wish to

                                                          Make your site live – it’s as easy as that!

                                What options are available?
Product                               eStore 200                eStore 1000                      eStore 5000
Price                              £17.50* per month       £27.50* per month                 £49.50* per month
                                   (includes hosting)      (includes hosting)                (includes hosting)
No. of Products                        Up to 200                Up to 1000                         Up to 5000
Languages/currencies                 English and £       English and German, £               English, German,
                                                                and Euro                  French, Italian, Spanish.
                                                                                           Choice of currencies
SSL encryption
Customer groups
Data import/export
Search options                      Standard search        Advanced search                    Advanced search
Shop statistics
Image sizing                               X
UPS Worldship integration                  X
Attachments (PDF)                          X
Promotion box                              X
Product slide show                         X
Advanced back office                       X
eBay integration                           X
Newsletter and vouchers                    X
Cross selling                              X                      Manual                           Advanced
Product bundles                            X
Product comparisons                        X
Direct order form                          X
Online payments accepted            Debit card only
(including PayPal and Google
                                                                                                              *excluding VAT

           To find out morefind out more about eStore,
                           To about Business Communications Manager,
                              please call 0800
        please call 0800 915 5511, email us915 5777
           or visitvisit
               or our website

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                                                                                                                     Version 1.0 April 2008

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