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					Extra Care Housing Scheme

What is Extra Care Housing?              1

Extra Care Housing Scheme in Barnet      2

Who can apply for Extra Care Housing     3

How much does Extra Care Housing cost?   4-5

Can I afford Extra Care Housing          6

Where to go for more information         6-7

Tell us what you think                   8
This leaflet aims to help you decide if Extra Care Housing would be
a good choice for you. It also tells you about the Extra Care
Schemes in Barnet, and where to go for more information.

What is Extra Care Housing?
Extra Care Housing offers a new way of supporting you to live
independently for as long as you can. It gives you the security
and privacy of a home of your own, a range of facilities on the
premises, with 24 hour care and support services on hand.
You may be thinking of moving, or having to leave your old home
because of life changes or health problems which mean it is
difficult to remain where you are. If you value your independence
and privacy and want control and choice in your life, think about
Extra Care Housing.

  Extra Care Housing is different because:
  • You are living at home - not in a care home
  • You have your own front door - you decide who comes in
  • Couples can stay together
  • There is a mix of able and less able people
  • 24 hour care services are available
  • You get support to keep your independence
  • You can join in social activities when you want
  • You have control over your finances
  • You have security - ‘a home for life’ for most people

    Extra Care Housing Scheme in Barnet
    Barnet Council, working closely with NHS Barnet, commissioned
    two Extra Care Housing schemes in partnership with Sanctuary
    Housing Association and Catalyst Communities Housing
    There are a total of 102 flats, mainly for rent but also a small
    number for sale. The flats for rent are targeted principally at older
    people on low or moderate incomes. The leasehold flats for sale
    are for those who wish to use the value of their home to secure the
    care they need in older age, whilst ensuring some equity is
    handed down to their children.
    •   Wood Court is in Burnt Oak, it comprises 39, 2-person 1
        bedroom flats for rent.
    •   Goodwin Court is in East Barnet, it comprises 48,
        2-person 1 bedroom and four 2 bedroom flats for rent, plus
        five 2 bedroom and one 1 bedroom flat for sale.
    Each flat has its own front door, bedroom(s), lounge, kitchen,
    shower room with level access shower, wash basin and toilet.
    All properties are wheelchair adapted.
    The communal facilities available include lounge, dining area, kitchen
    facilities, laundry, assisted bathrooms, hairdressing/treatment room,
    staff offices etc.
    Residents will be able to purchase freshly prepared meals from a
    café style facility, or may prefer to prepare meals in their own flats.
    All dietary needs will be catered for.

Who can apply for Extra Care Housing?
The Extra Care Schemes for rent are suitable if you:
•    Are aged 60 or over
•    Are disabled with assessed care needs and a lifestyle suited
     to living in a community of older people – all applicants must
     be prepared to share common areas and facilities with people
     who may have a variety of needs including some people who
     may experience a mental health problem, such as dementia.
•    Need a minimum of 7 hours personal care, with support needs
     as assessed by Adult Social Services.
•    Are currently a resident in the area.

    If you are interested in the apartments for sale on a leasehold
    basis at Goodwin Court, the above criteria do not apply and
    you should contact the selling agent direct at The Property
    Studio on

    Tel      020 8441 3030

    How much does Extra Care Housing cost?
    There are a range of costs that apply to Extra Care Housing.
    The amount someone pays depends on their individual situation
    and income.
    You may have to pay all the costs or you may be entitled to
    benefits to meet all or some costs.
    Below is a very brief guide to the costs associated with living in
    Extra Care Housing.
    •   Renting – an ‘affordable rent’ under a tenancy agreement with
        a housing association. You will be informed of the rent by the
        housing provider and the arrangements for making payment.
    •   There are service charges associated with the home for items
        such as any communal facilities and lift maintenance. If you
        already live in a flat you will be familiar with such charges.
    •   Help can be given with the rent and service charge through
        the housing benefit system. However, the cost of heating,
        lighting and water in an individual flat, plus the council tax will
        always be paid by the tenant.

•   The housing related (Supporting People) support costs (for
    example, assistance with managing the home, advice on
    benefits, form filling).
    This service is provided free of charge to people who receive
    housing benefit. If you do not qualify for housing benefit, you
    can apply for an assessment which may lead to a reduction
    under the Fairer Charging Policy (please ask your social
    worker or support worker for more information).
•   Personal care (including help to get up in the morning,
    washing, dressing etc). Some tenants will pay for all of their
    care, while others may make a contribution or may not be
    charged at all. You will have a full care assessment from your
    social worker and the services that you need will be shown in
    your care plan.
    The Extra Care Scheme makes sure there are care staff
    available 24 hours a day and 7 days per week. Because of
    this the charges are based on a fixed weekly charge, plus a
    charge for the care you need which is shown in your care
    plan. The actual contribution you make towards the cost will
    be worked out by the Financial Assessment and Income team,
    who will give you a separate leaflet on the financial
    assessment and how we work out your contribution. Please
    note that you will need to provide details of your personal
    finances in order for the assessment to be done.
•   We want to ensure that everyone moving into Extra Care
    Housing has appropriate advice and assistance so that they
    can maximise their income, and receive all entitlements, such
    as attendance allowance or Pension Credit. Please speak to
    your social worker or support worker for further advice.

    Can I afford Extra Care Housing?
    You can pay rent under a tenancy agreement or you may be in a
    position to buy one of the leasehold flats at Goodwin Court.
    Depending on your income, you may qualify for housing benefit for
    your rent. If you get housing benefit or income support you may
    also be entitled to free care and support services. You may qualify
    for benefits to meet all or part of your costs. If you wish to pursue an
    application for Extra Care Housing then your social worker, support
    worker or staff from the schemes will be able to advise you.

    Where to go for more information
    You can find out more by viewing information on the Barnet
    Council website:
    Or you can contact Adult Social Services:

    Tel         020 8359 5000
    Write to    POST ROOM
                Adult Social Services
                London Borough of Barnet
                North London Business Park
                Oakleigh Road South
                London N11 1NP

For Wood Court

Shanna Debrauwer
Care Team Manager
Tel        020 8952 3357
Write to   Care Team Manager
           Wood Court
           1 South Road
           Burnt Oak
           HA8 0BF

For Goodwin Court

Angela Strevens
Scheme Manager
Tel        020 8447 5300
Write to   Scheme Manager
           Goodwin Court
           52 Church Hill Road
           East Barnet
           EN4 8SY

    Tell us what you think
    It is important for us to know what we are doing well and what we
    need to improve. If you would like to give us your views about the
    service you have received, please contact us:

    Tel        020 8359 4299
    Fax        0870 889 5476
    Alternatively please write to:
               The Complaints and Representations Manager
               Adult Social Services
               London Borough of Barnet
               FREEPOST NAT 8011
               London N11 1BR

    Access to Records
    Under the Data Protection Act 1998 you are entitled to know
    what personal information Adult Social Services holds about
    you, what the information is used for, and who this information
    is shared. If you would like to access your personal records,
    please ask your social worker or care manager.

This booklet is available on audio tape, CD,
large print, Braille or alternative language.

To request your preferred format,
please contact the Information Officer for
Adult Social Services on 020 8359 4579 or
Information about the complaints procedure
can also be found on the Barnet Council
website –