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									Media kit
To the media:

A product that saves lives and energy – it sounds too good to be true.

Usually when something sounds too good to be true, it is. But Safe-T-
element® , the new product presented in this media kit, is a rarity --
tested and proven, it is being used in thousands of installations to
prevent stovetop fires and save electricity.

It wasn’t our intention to wait two years before introducing Safe-T-
element to the media. Once available in October 2006, its sales success
strongly suggested a distribution network was needed first. That goal has
been met. Now we can reach out to you and your readers/viewers with
every confidence that Safe-T-element is widely available and will do just
what it claims – save lives, prevent fires, and reduce electricity

Your media kit contains:

1) New product press release
2) Background information
3) Cooking up disaster: facts on cooking-related fires
4) Markets & prospects: who uses it and why
5) Company profile

Thanks for reviewing Safe-T-element and its environmental and life
safety benefits. We hope this information may be of use to you for:

Home Safety Month - June
Campus Fire Prevention month – September
Fire Prevention month - October

Should you have questions or wish further information, please contact
Kevin Callahan at 1-800-433-6026 x222, or Pat McDermott at 416-445-
For immediate release                                     Summer 2008

                                             For more information:
                                             Kevin Callahan 800-433-6026 x222
                                             Pat McDermott 416-445-6300x402

                 Safe-T-element® for stoves
                  Stops fires, saves energy

Fire prevention takes a big step up with Safe-T-element® , an affordable
modification to the electric stove that pays for itself in energy savings.

Stovetop fires are the #1 cause of household fires in North America.
Safe-T-element minimizes the risk of fire with round, cast iron plates
that fit over each burner, plus individual controllers to regulate
temperature. Available as a retrofit or pre-installed on new stoves, this
patented cooking system retails for about $170 per stove, a cost repaid
by long-term energy savings of 25-35%.

Unlike other stovetop safety systems, Safe-T-element does not require a
change in habits, interrupt cooking or dispense harsh chemicals, but
actually improves the cooking experience. The cast iron plate distributes
heat evenly. The element cycles on and off to maintain a constant
temperature to a maximum of 662°F/350⁰C – hot enough even for deep
frying, but well below 698°F/370⁰C, the temperature at which fat or oil
ignites. In comparison, an unregulated burner can reach temperatures of
1300°F/700⁰C. At these lower temperatures, cooking takes a few seconds
more, but food, pots and pans don’t burn or scorch, cleanups are easier
and cookware and stoves last longer. Most importantly, it prevents
injuries and saves lives.

Safe-T-element is recognized by leading U.S. and Canadian safety
organizations, and received the Consumer Product Safety Innovation
award from the U. S. Home Safety Council in 2006. It is ideal for stoves in
rental apartments, motels, senior, public, military and campus housing.
Produced by Pioneering Technology, Mississauga, ON, Safe-T-element is
available from vendors across North America. For more information, call
1-800-433-6026 or visit www.safeTelement.com.

                         Background Information

In North America, stovetop cooking is the #1 cause of household fires
resulting in death, injury and property damage. Safe-T-element® is the
only system for preventing fires on electric stoves that allows cooking as
usual – no chemical discharges, no stove shutdowns – and the most

What is it?

   The Safe-T-element system includes round, cast-iron plates that are
    installed over each burner on an electric stove, and individual control
    units inside the stove that regulate heat delivered by the burner. When
    a burner is turned on high, the temperature of the plate will not
    exceed 662 degrees Fahrenheit or 350 degrees Centigrade. In
    comparison, a burner on high on an unregulated electric range can
    reach 1300° F/ 700⁰C.

   The control unit automatically shuts off the burner when the plate
    reaches 662°F/370⁰C, then switches it on again when it falls slightly
    below this temperature. The user of the stove cooks as usual – there is
    no noticeable decrease in efficiency, even when frying.

How it prevents fires, saves energy, improves cooking

   Fat or oil will ignite at temperatures as low as 698°F or 370°C. The
    maximum temperature reached by the plate, 662°F/350⁰C, is safely
    below the level where bubbling oil, grease, unattended food, or paper
    or clothing can catch fire. Safe-T-element thus greatly reduces the
    chances of stovetop fires.

   Because it cycles off and on to maintain a constant cooking
    temperature, Safe-T-element® also saves on average 25 to 35% on
    energy used for stovetop cooking, and up to 75% when the element is
    left on high. It represents the first increase in energy efficiency for the
    electric stove in over 15 years.

   Safe-T-element does not detract from but improves cooking, since
    heat is better controlled and is spread evenly across the solid plate
    affixed to the burner. Burners are easier to clean, and food, pots and
    pans won’t scorch and burn. Cookware, electric elements and stoves
    all last longer.

Testing, accreditation and awards

   Safe-T-element is a UL and CSA-tested and recognized product for
    sale in the U.S. and Canada that has been officially recognized by Fire
    Safety organizations across the U.S. and Canada as an important
    advance in fire prevention. In 2006, the U. S. Home Safety Council awarded
    Safe-T-element its Commendation Award for Product Innovation for
    Consumer Safety.

Why isn’t this technology already on new stoves?

   Safe-T-element is based on patented technology. As its safety and
    energy saving advantages become better known, more appliance
    wholesalers and distributors are offering new stoves pre-equipped
    with Safe-T-element.

Who buys it, and why?

   Safe-T-element is increasingly specified and or mandated for retrofits
    or new installations in public, military, university and senior housing,
    hotels, motels, timeshares, rental apartments and facilities for
    handicapped persons (such as Peel Regional Housing, Toronto
    Community Housing, North Carolina State University, the US Air Force,
    The City of Ann Arbor, Michigan, to name a few,) Beside fire
    prevention and life safety, housing management also cite as reasons
    for purchase their need to comply with new environmental policies
    and the long-term reduction in operating costs Safe-T-element

   The cost of a Safe-T-element retrofit is typically recouped within five
    years or less through savings on energy and insurance. In large
    installations, the savings on energy can be substantial. For example, in
    field tests conducted by Waterloo Hydro for Waterloo Ontario Regional
    Housing, stoves used 26% less energy under normal cooking
    conditions. Insurance premium reductions can be negotiated.

   Safe-T-element also reduces the incidence of fire detector activations
    and fire alarms with their resulting disturbance to residents, impact on
    fire response apathy and added expense for housing management.

   Safe-T-element is also purchased by individuals for family members,
    especially seniors still living independently, or just for peace of mind
    as an added safety feature for the home.

Cost and where to buy

   An existing stove can be equipped with Safe-T-element for about
    $170 plus an electrician’s installation fees, which vary but average
    around $60 – 70. New stoves with Safe-T-element pre-installed adds
    about $170 to the total price. Safe-T-element is distributed across
    North America and is now sold in Australia and New Zealand. Call 1-
    800-433-6026 or email sales@pioneeringtech.com for product orders
    or inquiries.

                         Cooking up Disaster:

                          Facts on household fires

Few North Americans realize just how dangerous their electric range can
be when fully fired up. The National Fire Prevention Association (NFPA)
and the U.S. Fire Administration (USFA) both identify the kitchen stovetop
as the #1 cause of home fires and home fire injuries.

Some facts on cooking-related fires from a new NAFPA report issued
February 2008, "Home Fires Involving Cooking Equipment":

   In 2005, the year of the survey providing us with the most recent data,
    U.S. fire departments responded to 146,400 home structure fires that
    involved cooking equipment. Only 1 in 10 fires are reported. These
    fires caused 480 civilian fire deaths, 4,690 civilian fire injuries and
    $876 million in direct property damage. (and indirect costs in the

   Cooking equipment fires are the leading cause of home structure fires
    and associated civilian injuries. These fires accounted for 40% of all
    reported home structure fires in 2005 and 36% of home civilian
    injuries. In apartments, the percentage of stovetop fires almost
    doubles and with seniors the numbers quadruple as a percentage of
    residential fires.

   Twelve percent of the fires occurred when something that could catch
    fire was too close to the equipment.

   Thanksgiving is the peak day for home cooking fires.

   Three-fifths (59%) of reported home cooking fire injuries occurred
    when victims tried to fight the fire themselves.
   A U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission study also finds that 83%
    of frying fires begin in the first 15 minutes of cooking.

Other NFPA and USFA cooking fire facts:

   A kitchen fire occurs every 8 minutes in the United States
   Unattended cooking is responsible for 70% of these fires
   Over 53% of Americans admit to walking away from the kitchen while
   Seniors are the highest risk group in North America for cooking fires –
    their fire death rate is 2X the national average.
   43% of people who have died in cooking fires were asleep at the time
   Cooking accounts for 42% of all apartment fires
   Cooking is the leading cause of fire on college campuses.

Canadian facts on stovetop use:

   94% of Canadian households use the stovetop at least once a day
   65% use their stovetop twice per day.
   29% use the stovetop three times or more per day.

                     Markets & Prospects

Fire prevention/safety

Following its introduction in the U.S. in October 2006, Safe-T-element®
was quickly identified as a major advance in preventing stovetop fires –
the #1 cause of death and injury to people and damage to property from
fires in the home.

Among many fire safety organizations promoting and endorsing Safe-T-
element are:

   The Washington State Fire Chiefs (WFC)
   U.S. Department of Homeland Security Fire Prevention and Safety
   The U.S. Home Safety Council

This spring, the city of Ann Arbor, Michigan, and Peel Living, which
provides housing for several thousand households in the Greater
Toronto, ON area, mandated the use of Safe-T-element on all future
stove purchases for their affordable housing properties.

Some recent large installations: Kiwanis Seniors Housing, B.C., Southern
Illinois University student housing, Toronto Community Housing, U.S.
Naval Base Saesebo, Japan; and Suffolk Housing Authority

Energy efficiency

Safe-T-element reduces the energy required for cooking by an average
25- 35%, and up to 70% for burners on high heat. This substantial energy
saving makes this purchase eligible for subsidy under a variety of
government and NGO energy conservation programs. Agencies that have
provided grants to organizations installing Safe-T-element include:
   Hydro/Power Authorities and LDCs (local distribution companies), eg.
    Ontario Power Authority
   ESCOs or Energy Service Contract Organizations, for example,
    Ameresco, Pacific Gas & Electric company.

Housing authorities are top-ranked for eligibility for such programs. One

We’ve had great success with the (Safe-T-element) program. I certainly believe
the life safety and energy savings of the Safe-T-elements merit the cost to have
them installed. We installed 249 sets in six buildings in Cambridge (ON), and
almost 100% of the cost for the Safe-T-element was, in fact, aid through an
energy savings initiative by Cambridge Hydro. We paid the remaining product
costs and the labor for the installation. I definitely recommend that ONPHA
members call their local hydro companies and inquire about this type of energy
saving financial incentive. I am now working with my colleagues to ensure we
only purchase stoves with the Safe-T-elements pre-installed when we do future
appliance replacements.

             Kevin O’Hara, Coordinator, Tenant Services, Region of Waterloo, ON

New Markets

The electrical business is taking an interest in Safe-T-element as the first
innovation in energy-saving for the electric stove in over 30 years, and a
new source of revenue for electrical firms working with institutions,
housing authorities and other large landlords.

As well, insurance companies are starting to promote the use of Safe-T-
element based on its fire prevention benefits. As an example, AON, a
leading global insurance provider, recently included the Safe-T-element
as part of its RFP program to Social Housing Services Corporation (a
province-wide administrative authority for social housing in Ontario.)

Other markets in development:
   OEMs – two major appliance manufacturers to add Safe-T-element
    equipped stoves to their lines, late 2008 announcement likely.
   Aboriginal housing
   Health and independent living supplies retail stores.


Safe-T-element is distributed across North America by firms such as
MacGray Corporation, University Electronics, Coast Appliances, Maryland
Fire and Safety, ADL Parsons, Sparkle Solutions (a leading wholesale
appliance dealer) and Appliance Canada. For a comprehensive list, visit

                           Company Profile

The company now known as Pioneering Technology was started a decade
ago by Dr. Reza Shah, a noted International inventor and scientist.
Among his numerous accomplishments, Dr. Shah helped design the
navigation system for Apollo 11 (the first rocket to land on the moon)
and the black box for the airline industry. After a long and distinguished
career working and consulting for a variety of companies, Dr. Shah began
his second career as an entrepreneur. He founded ThermoSmart Inc. in
1998 to develop and market Safe-T-element®, a new electronic system
for safer, more energy-efficient, stovetop cooking after personally
experiencing a cooking fire. On December 13, 2002, Pioneering was
restructured and became Pioneering Technology Inc. Pioneering
Technology has since evolved into a multi-product business-to-business
focused Energy-Smart product innovation company. Other products

   The Battery Eliminator™, a batteryless control system for gas
    fireplaces. It captures excess heat from the standing pilot, to generate
    a controlled amount of voltage that can be used to operate the gas
    valve. The unique patented system converts wasted energy to
    electricity at nearly 4X lower voltage than anything else currently
    available, eliminating the hassle and expense of replacing batteries or
    using electricity in the gas fireplace. The product is currently licensed
    by industry leader Skytech Systems Inc. of Fort Wayne Indiana, and is
    available throughout North America.

   The Powergrill™ pilot-on-demand valve system for gas grills. Current
    grill ignition systems are undependable and often dangerous. This
    patented product was engineered to deliver a safe, dependable
    ignition and grilling experience every time. The system was designed
    to operate both manually and remotely. Pioneering is scheduled to
    introduce the world’s first remotely controlled barbecue in 2008 with
    brand leader Weber of Palatine Illinois.
   The Safe-T-sensor™, an automatic shut-off for microwave ovens. This
    patent pending product was designed to address the second leading
    cause of cooking fires and the number one cause of false alarms in
    University dorm rooms. False alarms due to burning popcorn and
    other foods in student dorms create dangerous situations for students
    resulting in fire department responses, fire response apathy and
    unnecessary costs. This product was designed to shut the microwave
    off at the first sign of smoke, before the alarm is activated.

   Other products currently in development at Pioneering include:the
    Hydro Free Furnace Fan™, a technology being developed to enable
    furnaces to run independent of the electricity grid by converting
    wasted heat from the furnace to electricity resulting in significant
    energy savings and safety during power outages; and the Powerpak™,
    a technology developed to function as a power generator by
    harnessing the heat created by gas appliances and converting that
    wasted energy to electricity to run auxiliary appliances.

First introduced to the U.S. in October 2006, in just two years, Safe-T-
element, Pioneering Technology’s original product, has conclusively
demonstrated its value in preventing stovetop fires and saving energy in
many installations in the U. S. and Canada. With a strong network of
distributors now in place, it is being formally launched to general markets
in North America as a “new” but fully tested and proven product. Safe-T-
element is also sold in Australia and New Zealand.

Pioneering Technology’s main facility is located in Mississauga, Ontario.


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