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									                                                                     Allahabad Bank
                                                                (A Govt. of India undertaking)
                                                            ZONAL OFFICE: CHINSURAH
                                    Senco Building, 2nd Floor, Bally More, Hooghly (W.B.) PIN - 712103
                                    POSSESSION CUM SALE NOTICE OF BANK’S MORTGAGED
                               IMMOVABLE PROPERTIES UNDER SARFAESI ACT, 2002
The undersigned being the Authorised Officer of the Allahabad Bank under the Securitisation and Reconstruction of the Financial Assets and Enforcement of
Security Interest Act herein after termed as SARFAESI Act 2002 and in exercise of powers conferred under Section 13 (12) read with Rule 9 of the Security Interest
(Enforcement) Rules, 2002 issued demand notices on different dates calling upon the borrowers / mortgagors of the secured interest as mentioned hereinafter to
repay the amount mentioned in the notice within 60 days from the date of receipt of the said notice. The borrower(s) / guarantor(s)/ Mortgagor(s)/ Legal Heir(s)
having failed to repay the amount, the undersigned has taken possession of the property described herein below in exercise of powers conferred under Section 13(4)
of the said Act read with Rule 9 on different dates and OFFERS are invited by the undersigned in sealed cover for purchase of immovable properties on ‘‘AS IS
WHERE IS BASIS’’ and ‘’AS IS WHAT IS BASIS’’ as per brief particulars given here under. The borrower(s) / guarantor(s) / mortgagor(s) in particular and the
public in general are hereby cautioned not to deal with the property and any dealings with the property will be subject to the charge of Allahabad Bank, undernoted
Branches for an amount as mentioned against each account herein below and interest thereon.
Sl     Name of the Account           Name of the        Description of the charged/ mortgaged property (All                     Amount of Debt           Reserve
No     / Branch                      Borrower/          the part and parcel of the property consisting of)                      as on date of            Price
.                                    Mortgagor                                                                                  Demand Notice            (Rs. in
                                                                                                                                & Date of taking         lacs)
1      Das Oil Mill /                Sri Sanjay         Title Deed No. 2440 of 2001, Mouza – Bagdanga, J.L.                     Rs. 6.37 lacs +          Rs. 7.20
       Hindmotor Branch              kr. Das            No. – 30, L.R. Khatian No. – 53, Plot No./Khesra –                      intt from                Lacs
                                                        L.R. 1752 & 337/1887, Area -32 Satak (more or less)                     28.10.2008

2      M/S Appolo                    Smt. Tultul        Title Deed No. – 5979 of 1987, Mouza – Konnagar,                        Rs. 4.65 lacs +          Rs. 4.27
       /Hindmotor Branch             Dutta              J.L. No – 7, Touzi No.- 3989,R.S. Khatian No – 1802,                    intt from                Lacs
                                                        R.S. Plot No – 6363 (P), Holding No. 7/C/1, Roy Para                    01.12.2008
                                                        Lane, Circle C under Konnagar Municipality, P.S.-
                                                        Uttarpara, Dist- Hooghly, Sub Registry Office-
                                                        Serampore, Area of land/building – 3 Cottas 13
                                                        Chattacks 3 sq. ft. (more or less)
3      Sri Balaram Bhaduri/          Sri Mantu          Title Deed No. 2962 of 1984, Mouza – Chatra, JL No.                     Rs. 8.03 lacs +          Rs. 8.03
       Hindmotor Branch              Bhaduri            10, Khatian No- R.S. 4167, Plot No/Khesra – R.S.                        intt from                Lacs
                                                        3790, Sub Registry Office- Serampore, Area of                           28.10.2008
                                                        land/building - 3.50 Cottah (more or less)
4      Sri Viswa Karma               Sona Bharati       Title Deed No. 3848 of 1987, 2 no. Makhla, P.O.                         Rs. 7.60 lacs +          Rs.
       Engineering Works/            Devi               Raghunathpur, Mouza – Makhla, J.L. No – 11, R.S.                        intt from                10.00
       Hindmotor Branch                                 Khatian No – 760, R.S. plot No – 1007 (P), L.R.                         01.12.2008               Lacs
                                                        Khatian No – 1192/1,, L.R. Plot No – 1055, Holding
                                                        No.- 239, T.N. Mukherjee Road, Ward No- 21 under
                                                        Uttarpara Kotrang Municipality, P.S. Uttarpara, Dist-
                                                        Hooghly, Area of land – 2 Cottas 15 Chattacks (more
                                                        or less)
5      Dr. Amit                      Dr. Amit           Title Deed No. – 4575 of 2005, Mouza – Purba                            Rs. 20.32 lacs +         Rs. 9.55
       Chowdhury/                    Chowdhury          Sinthee, J.L. No. – 22, Khatian No.- 6, R.S. Dag No.-                   intt from                Lacs
       Hindmotor Branch                                 284, under Ward No 12 of Municipal Limits at the                        01.10.2006
                                                        South Dum Dum Municipality, Circle-III, Flat No.-3,
                                                        Block-II, unit-II, 4th Floor of Madhubani Apartment,
                                                        258, M.C. Garden Road, Dum Dum, Kolkata – 700 030
                                                        , Area of flat– 868 sqft (more or less)
6      M/S joy Ma Kali Jute          Madhusudan         Title Deed No. 2219 of 2003, R.S. Khatian No. -358,                     Rs. 48.42 lacs +         Rs.
       Bag Industries/               Nandy              L.R. Kh. No. -689/3, Mauza – Gazipur, JL No. 50.                        intt from                34.00
       Hindmotor Branch                                 under Singur Gram Panchyat, P.S. –Singur, Dist.-                        01.10.2009               Lacs
                                                        Hooghly, within Sub-Registry Office at Singur, Area of
                                                        land – 7500 sqft (more or less)
7      Sambhunath                    Smt. Jharna        Title Deed No. 760 of 1992, Mouza – Kanagarh, J.L.                      Rs. 10.74 lacs +         Rs. 8.94
       Chakraborty,                  Chakraborty        No. – 13, L.R. Khatian No. – 49/1, R.S. Dag No. –                       intt from                Lacs
       Nilanjan Chakrabory                              314, L.R. Dag No- 389, R.S. Khatial No- 310 and 311,                    01.01.2009
       & Jharna                                         within kodalia Gram Panchyat, under Police Station
       Chakraborty / Bandel                             Chinsurah, Area – 5 Sataks (more or less)
       Bazar Branch
8      Minati Banerjee &             Smt. Minati        Title Deed No. 3334 of 1983 and 6899 of 1983, Mouza                     Rs. 7.11 lacs +          Rs. 7.11
       Pralay Banerjee/              Bandhyopad         – Amodghata , J.L. No. – 40, C.S. Khatian No- 95 ,                      intt from                Lacs
       Bandel Bazar Branch           hyay               R.S. Khatian No. – 973 , Hal Khata No- 1274, Dag No-                    01.01.2009
                                                        393 , under Mogra 2 No – Gram Panchyat , under P.S.
                                                        Mogra , Dist – Hooghly , State – West Bengal , Area –
                                                        4 sataks (more or less)
9     Manoj Kumar                  Sri Rama           Title Deed No. – 3990 dated of 2004 , Mouza –                       Rs. 4.66 lacs +        Rs. 4.39
      Tripathi & Rama              SankarTripa        Minajpur, J.L.No. – 42, R.S. Khatian No. – 57, R.S.                 intt from              Lacs
      Shankar Tripathi/            thi                Dag No – 99, L.R. Khatian No. – 60/1, L.R. Dag No –                 01.02.2009
      Bandel Bazar Branch                             98, classified with construction thereon under Mogra-II
                                                      Gram Panchyat, P.S. – Mogra, Dist – Hooghly, West
                                                      Bengal, Area– 1 Cotha 6 chataks 10sq.ft. (more or less)
10    Ram Krishna Saha /           Sri Ram            Title Deed No. – 2422 of 1999, Mouza – Chinsurah,                   Rs. 2.75 lacs +        Rs. 0.68
      Bandel Bazar Branch          Krishna            J.L. No – 20, R.S. Khatian No. – 3768, Dag No. – 1316               intt from              Lacs
                                   Saha               /1399, (Bastu), under Hooghly Chinsurah Municipality,               01.12.2008
                                                      P.S. – Chinsurah, Dist – Hooghly , Area – 1 Cottah 1
                                                      Chhataks & 8 Sq.ft., (more or less)
11    Smt. Shilpi                  Smt. Shilpi        Title Deed No. – 256 of 2005, R.S. Dag No – 134, L.R.               Rs. 5.80 lacs +        Rs. 4.56
      Upadhyay & Sri               Upadhyay           Dag No -134, R.S. Khatian No. – 86, L.R. Khatian No                 intt from              Lacs
      Ashesh Upadhyay/                                – 324, within Mouza – Trishbigha, J.L. No – 50, Area                01.12.2008
      Adisaptagram Branch                             – 2 Katha 9 Chatak 15 sq. ft. (more or less)
12    Sri Amit Kumar               Sri Amit Kr.       Title Deed No. – 1052, Holding No. 665/A, Moram                     Rs. 8.74 lacs +        Rs. 7.20
      Manna / Saradapalli          Manna              Road, Ward No 24, under Chandannagore Municipal                     intt from              Lacs
      Branch                                          Corporation, R.S. Dag No. 493 (Part), R.S. Khatian                  19.092008
                                                      No. 333, L.R. Dag No. 643 (Part), L.R. Khatian No.
                                                      665 Akri, within Mouza – Chandannagore, J.L. No. 1,
                                                      P.S. – Chandannagore, Dist- Hooghly, Area – 1 katha 6
                                                      chhatak (more or less)
13    Sri Baijanath Prasad /       Sri                Title Deed No. – 1619 of 2000 , Mauza- Shankha                      Rs. 7.07 lacs +        Rs 3.86
      Adisaptagram Branch          Baijanath          Nagar , J.L. No.-38 , L. R. Kharian No- 671, R.S.                   intt from              lacs
                                   Prasad             Kharian No.-123 , L.R.Plot No.- 57, R.S. Plot No.-57,               01.10.2006
                                                      Area- 3 Katha (more or less) under Saptagram Gram
                                                      Panchyat at ADSRO Chinsurah, P.O.- Bansberia, P.S.
                                                      Mogra, Dist- Hooghly
14    Sree Om Enterprise /         Sri Rajesh         Title Deed No.-1020 & 1021 of 2002, Mouza- Kola,                    Rs. 26.15 lacs +       Rs.
      Pipulpati Branch             Singh &            P.S.- Mogra, Dist- Hooghly, J.L. No.- 20, L.R. Khatian              intt from              25.00
                                   Smt.               No.- 1087 & 1088, L.R. Dag No.- 1461 / 1669, under                  03.06.08               lacs
                                   Mamata             Mogra 2 G.P., Area- 28 satak land/ with
                                   Singh              structure/building (more or less)
                             LAST DATE & PLACE OF RECEIVING OFFERS: 10th December, 2009 UPTO 5.00 P.M.
                                 DATE & PLACE OF OPENING TENDERS: 12rd December, 2009 AT 1.00 P.M.
Terms & Conditions:
1] Interested parties may send/submit their offers for purchase of the said property in sealed cover super scribing as “Offer for Sale of Assets at - (write
the address of the asset) - A/c. (write the name of a/c. & Branch)” along with earnest money deposit equivalent to 10% (ten percent) of Reserve Price
of the property by Banker’s Cheque/Demand Draft favoring the Authorised Officer, Allahabad Bank payable at Kolkata, which is refundable, if the
bid/tender is not accepted. Offer should reach us latest by the 10 December, 2009 at the above mentioned address of Zonal Office Chinsurah. Offers
without earnest money deposit will summarily be rejected.
2] The successful bidder shall deposit 25% (Twenty-five percent) of the bid amount immediately by Banker’s Cheque/Demand Draft favoring the
Authorised Officer, Allahabad Bank payable at Kolkata, on the sale being knocked down in his favour. In case, the successful bidder fails to deposit
25% of the bid amount immediately on the sale being knocked down in his favour the entire deposit made by the bidder towards earnest money shall
be forfeited without any notice and the property/ies shall forthwith be resold.
3] The balance amount of the purchase money shall be paid to the Aut horised Officer, Allahabad Bank on or before the 15 th (fifteenth) day of
confirmation of sale in default of payment within the said period, the entire deposit made by the bidder together with the earnest money shall be
forfeited without any notice and the property/ies shall be resold.
4] The defaulting purchaser shall forfeit all claims to the property or to any part of the sum for which it may be subsequent ly sold.
5] All such payments to be made only in the form of cash or Banker’s Cheques or Demand Draft drawn in favour of the Authorised Officer, Allahabad
6] The successful bidder would bear the charges/fees payable for conveyance such as stamp duty. Registration fees etc. as app licable as per law.
7] The Authorised Officer will not be responsible for any charge, lien, encumbrance, property tax or any other dues to the Govt. or any body in respect
of the property under sale.
8] The Authorised Officer has the absolute right to accept or reject any tender bid or adjourn / postpone the sale/transf er without assigning any reason
9] The sale is subject to confirmation by the Bank.
10] For Inspection of the property, the intending bidders may contact Allahabad Bank, Zonal Office, Chinsurah during office hours, latest by 3rd
December , 2009
This publication is also a notice of possession cum sale under the above Act to borrowers/guarantors/mortgagers/owners of the property as mentioned

Date: 26.10.2009                                                                                          Authorised Officer
Place: Chinsurah, Hooghly                                                                                  Allahabad Bank

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