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The Ladder Building is an old heritage building, constructed in 1851,

adapted to suit different uses over the past 150 years.

The construction works consist of a refurbishment of the basement,
ground and first floor, which will create housing for underprivileged
youth on the first floor, whilst providing employment for the youth on
ground floor through development of commercial tenancies.

The project includes the reconditioning of a large number of heritage
items and features within the building, including stair cases and        Client
walls built as part of the original theatre, and fabric from the 1851    SA Housing Trust
White Horse Cellar Tavern and Hotel.
The new features of the building include the modern entry foyer on       Port Adelaide, SA
Marryatt Street, featuring architectural staircases and steelwork with
a new aged glazed aluminium facade.                                      Value
                                                                         $5 million
Throughout the construction stage and cleanout of the basement and
ceiling spaces, it is expected many heritage items will be uncovered     Consultants
and will be submitted to the Heritage Architect for entry to the         Architect – Greenway Architects
Heritage Museum.                                                         Engineers – Wallbridge & Gilbert
                                                                         Services - SECON

                                                                         Program Timeline
                                                                         40 Weeks

                                                                         Construction Management

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