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       Ladder Safety Systems
       Laddertag®                                                                            Ladder Safety
       • Three Stage Information System -                                                    Management System
         Do Not Use, Fit To Use And Warning
                                                                                             THE YELLOW BOOK collects together all
       • Weatherproof, UV Protected And Durable, Able To Withstand
                                                                                             the elements you need to manage ladders
         The Toughest Industrial Environments
                                                                                             in one, easy reference loose leaf binder.
       • Highly Visible
                                                                                             Yellow Book Contents:
                                           The Laddertag® from Seton is a                    • At a glance data sheets: for ladder
                                           complete ladder safety management                   classification, duty, uses and loadings.
                                           system. Regulations in Australia                  • Details of the Laddertag® system wrap
                                           require ladders to be checked for                   components
                                           damage, faults and wear before use                • Health and safety guidance and information.
                                           by an authorised user. This easy to               • Risk assessment: a guide to the key steps involved.
                                           use system is suitable for companies
                                                                                             • Ladder register: to view details of all your ladders.
                                           working to ISO9000 standards.
                                           Each Laddertag® Starter Kit includes              • Inspection reports: conforming to legislation. Each
                                                                                               time an inspection is undertaken simply complete the user
                                           10 holders, 10 standard inserts and
                                                                                               friendly checklist.
                                           one permanent
                                                                                             • Fault forms: If a fault becomes apparent at any time,
                                           marking pen.
                                                                                               remove the Laddertag® insert putting the ladder in
                                                                                               prohibition. Complete the notification of fault form.

                                                                                            TO ORDER: Specify Style No. and Quantity.
                                                                                            PRICE (EX GST): Each.
                                                                                             Style No.   Description                                Price
                                                                                             A27422      Laddertag Starter Kit                     $87.50
                                                                                             A27423      Laddertag Holders - Pack of 10             79.90
                                                                                             A27424      Laddertag Standard Inserts - Pack of 50    97.50
                                                 A27424                                      A27425      Ladder Yellow Book                        105.00
                                                                  A27423                     A27061      Permanent Marking Pen                       6.90

       Ladder Wall Bracket                                                           Ladder Chocks
       • Measures 280x220mm, Suitable For All Ladder Styles                         • Heavy Duty, Load Bearing Metal Grips Keep Ladder In Place
       • Keeps Ladders Secure, Can Be Locked Using A                                • Will Hold Ladder Safely And
         Standard Padlock                                                             Securely On Potentially
                                                                                      Hazardous Surfaces
                                                                                    • Choose From Industrial Or
                                                                                      Professional Styles


                                                                                     TO ORDER: Specify Style No. and Quantity.
                                                            A20521                   PRICE (EX GST): Each.
                                                                                     Style No. Description              Price
       TO ORDER: Specify Style No. A20521 and Quantity.                              A21557 Ladder Chock - Industrial  $229.00
       PRICE (EX GST): $72.50 Each.                                                  A21559 Ladder Chock - Professional 229.00

       Little Giant Multi Pro Ladder & Safety Steps
       • Ladder Complies To AS/NZS 1892.1:1996
       • Step Ladder Complies To ANSI A14-2000                                                                                                     Multi Pro
       • Transforms Into Different Pieces Of Equipment                                                                                             Ladder
       • Smooth Action For Quick And Easy Use                                                      Step Ladder
       The Little Giant Multi Pro Ladder has been manufactured for your safety and
       convenience as it can transform into different types of equipment.
       Made from heavy-wall alloy aluminium with a load capacity of 180kg. Extend
       height from 2.74 to 4.57 metres and can be folded in a number of ways to suit
       use on stairs or as a trestle. The unique hinge design ensures that your workers
       are totally safe from ladder collapse during use. Additional safety features
       include flared legs and skid resistant feet. The step ladder has three steps and
       a safety bar for additional security at heights. The slip resistant treads and
       locking mechanism make this an exceptionally safe alternative to conventional step ladders.

        Style No. Description                 Weight     Price    TO ORDER: Specify Style No. and Quantity.
                                                                  PRICE (EX GST): Each.
        A13178    Multi-Pro Ladder            15.88kg $1,200.00
        A13179    Safety Step with safety bar 9.07kg     699.00

       GB542                                   TO ORDER, USE FREE CALL ON 1 800 65 1173

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