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101 cash flow by rabbisendak


									                                                         The Financial Management Association
                                                                     R.I.T. College of Business
                                                                          Activities Committee
                                     Proposal for CASHFLOW 101


CASHFLOW 101 is an education tool created, developed and trademarked under the Rich Dad, Poor Dad Company.
Not only does this company have a book that has been on the New York Times Bestseller List for 258 weeks, it has
also received honors by the Public Broadcasting Station for Excellence in Education. “CASHFLOW 101 is an
education board game that teaches accounting, finance, and investing at the same time—and makes learning fun.”
Included with the game are three CD’s that reveal the lessons of CASHFLOW 101, as well as an 18-minute video
titled “The Secrets of the Rich.”


With the purchase of CASHFLOW 101 F.M.A. will:
     Have an alternative medium for learning about personal finances.
     Create an inviting and engaging social environment for learning.
     Further promote and advertise our club’s name.
     Create a way to unify the other C.O.B. clubs.
     Establish a regular gaming and tutorial secessions accessible to the entire campus.


By the end of the 20051 quarter, we will have:
     Gained consensual approval by F.M.A. members.
     Purchased two CASHFLOW 101 games.
     Taught F.M.A. members how to play the game.
     Played CASHFLOW 101 at least once with F.M.A. members.

By the end of the 20053 quarter we will have:
     Established regular tutorial secessions to teach new players how the game works.
     Established a time for a weekly gaming secession.
     Sponsored at least one C.O.B. wide gaming event.


Sticker price/ value of CASHFLOW 101:                                 $200
Number of games to buy:                                               2 (6-8 people can play/game)

Actual price F.M.A. would pay for two CASHFLOW 101 games:             $247.95 (with discounts)

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