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					      Q UA RT E R LY N E W S U P DA T E                                                            S P R I NG E D IT IO N
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                     22 BISHOP STREET JOLIMONT 6014

                              MARKETPLACE SETTLES                                               LICENSEE: BLAXLAND PTY LTD

Major Sponsorship         2
                              With the median price of       house price for the last       55% since June 2000.
Up Close                  2   homes falling for the first    four years was 2004            Little wonder Real Estate
                              time in four years (by 1%)     (14.4%), 2003 (13.2%).         continues to be attractive
Real Estate Hopes Rise    3   during the June quarter,       2002 (12.1%) and 2001          to investors. The Reserve
                              indications of a more set-     (5.0%)                         Banks’ announcement
Median Price Explained    3   tled market place are be-      It is interesting to note we   that interest rates shall
                              ginning to filter through.     have not experienced the       remain unchanged will be
Spotters Fee Introduced   3
                              The median price for all                                      welcome news to
                                                             boom/bust cycle some
                              homes in Perth is              eastern seaboard locales       homeowners, buyers and
From The Manager          4
                              $240,000. The annual                                          sellers alike and should
                                                             have, and the steady in-
                              growth rate (year to June)     crease in prices has seen      further boost confidence
St Ives Team              4
                              in the Perth median                                           in the marketplace.
                                                             homes rise on average by



WELCOME                              150
                                                                                                     Perth Median Price
Welcome to our spring
edition of the St Ives                50
Realty Newsletter. This
newsletter highlights                  1974 1977 1980 1983 1986 1989 1992 1995 1998 2001 2004
the current trends in
the marketplace,
introduces our team                     MEDIAN PRICE OF ESTABLISHED HOMES IN PERTH
and offers helpful
advice for intending
purchasers or sellers.        VACANCY RATE DECLINE
We trust that you find it
both informative and
interesting. We would         The vacancy rate for Perth     able and property prices       Southward.
                              rental properties fell 1.2%    over the past 12 months,       Christine has been with
like to acknowledge
                              to 3.3% in the past 12         investing in real estate       the company for 8 years
and thank the REIWA           months. 3% is consid-          can be both rewarding          and has a portfolio of
for access and permis-        ered the ideal balance         and interesting. Appoint-      some 110 properties.
sion to reproduce             and                            ing a Property Manager         Christine endeavours to
certain exerts from           results in reasonable          should not cost the earth      keep landlords and ten-
various press releases        letting times being            and in our opinion unless      ants happy by offering
contained on their            achieved with sustainable      you are prepared to pro-       good old fashioned
website.                      rent returns. The average      tect your investment by        service resulting in a
                              rent paid by tenants is        appointing a professional      steady flow of wine and
                              $164 per week, an in-          manager you should
                              crease of 4.4% over the        rethink your strategies.
                              past twelve months.            St Ives Property Manage-
                              As can be seen by the          ment Services is
                              increase in both rent pay-     managed by Christine                   Christine Southward
Page 2                                                                                                 S T I V E S R EA L T Y

                                      MAJOR SPONSORSHIP ANNOUNCED
                                      St Ives Realty               club to step in and spon-    ager North is a member of
                                      announced their              sor the Metro Vs Country     this club and is highly ef-
                                      sponsorship of the Cam-      invitational fours tourna-   fective in promoting St
                                      bridge Recreation and        ment which recently lost     Ives Realty’s various ser-
                                      Bowling Club is to con-      its major sponsor. We are    vices to all members (and
                                      tinue for the next five      pleased to be able to as-    anyone else within
                                      years at least. This spon-   sist the club and have       earshot!).
                                      sorship delivers hard        subsequently sponsored
   RECORD                             needed cash into the club
                                      coffers. Over and above
                                                                   this tournament again.
                                                                   This represents the larg-
     SET                              this sponsorship, St Ives
                                      Realty provides a
                                                                   est individual sponsorship
                                                                   undertaken by St Ives Re-
                                                                                                Clontarf Footy Club
    Our Sales Manager North,          bonus payment to the         alty and is one way we
 Neil Bolton recently set a record.   club each time a property    can put something back
                                      is referred by members       into the community that      St Ives Realty also an-
 Within 30 minutes of uploading
    a home he listed in Sorrento      and sold by us.              has been supporting us       nounced they will con-
  onto our website, a communica-                                   for almost 30 years.         tinue to support the great
  tion was received from the even-                                                              work of the Cambridge
                                      In addition to this spon-                                 Rotary Club by sponsoring
 tual purchaser He wants to beat      sorship, St Ives Realty      Neil Bolton, our
    this record… and not to be                                                                  their annual Charity Golf
                                      was approached by the        Residential Sales Man-       Competition held in
  outdone—Joan Bolton recently
  achieved the second highest sale                                                                October each year. One
   price for a Floreat home when                                                                  of the main beneficiar-
    she negotiated $1.7M for a                                                                    ies of this great day is
      Glengariff Drive home.                                                                      the Clontarf Football
                                                                                                  Academy which is
 How did the purchaser find this                                                                  extremely well run.
   home? From our Website….                                                                       Other beneficiaries of
     perhaps your property can                                                                    this event include the
   benefit from the exposure that                                                                 Salvation Army.
          5 websites deliver!

                                             Group Photo of Competitors in The St Ives Cup

                                      UP CLOSE
       Neil & Joan Bolton                                          and retirement sales and     us and now markets prop-
                                                                   marketing and adminis-       erties in the south west-
                                                                   trative training. Josh has   ern corridor. Gavin has
                                                                   since been promoted to       an easy manner and has
                                                                   the position of Sales Con-   enjoyed great success
                                                                   sultant and has continued    due to his ability to com-
                                                                   to build his knowledge by    municate clearly with sell-
          PERTH’S                                                  attending further courses    ers and buyers alike.
                                      Josh Halpern                 run by REIWA. Josh spe-      Gavin is well traveled and
                                                                   cialises in the Wembley/     is recently engaged.
       AVERAGE                        Josh Halpern joined St       West Leederville area and
                                      Ives Realty 18 months        many of you will have
                                      ago as a cadet salesper-     been witness to his
      TIME FOR A                      son. Josh served time in     thorough professional
        SALE?                         all departments of St Ives   approach to marketing his
                                      Realty and gained valu-      clients’ homes.
                                      able insight into property
          48 DAYS                     management, settlement       Gavin Wain has also com-
                                      procedures, residential      pleted a traineeship with
                                                                                                               Gavin Wain
SPRING EDITION                                                                                                       Page 3

                  HOPES RISE WITH
 It is uncertain whether         level of sales recorded         Over the last five years
 the real estate market is       during winter. However          the supply of properties
 affected directly by            sales during summer and         for sale in Perth rose by
 seasonal weather                early months of autumn          an average of 15% during
 patterns. The common            are significantly higher.       spring, which is equiva-
 perception is that the          February to April was           lent to an additional
 market experiences a            easily the busiest time of      2,500 properties.
 surge of activity with the      the year for real estate
                                                                 It is the big increase in
 onset of spring,                sales.
                                                                 properties available for
 after the quieter winter
                                 So what is the substance        sale that gives the impres-
 months. But like most
                                 to the perception that the      sion that the market is
 perceptions this one has
                                 real estate market comes        busier in spring. And the
 elements of truth and
                                 alive during spring? The        reality is that more prop-
 myth attached to it.
                                 answer is in the supply of      erties for sale means
 One way to test the             properties for sale.            more home opens, more
 perception that the real                                        advertising and more
                                 A month to month com-
 estate market is busier in                                      enquiries to real estate
                                 parison of the supply of
 the warmer months is to                                         agents. However the extra
                                 properties for sale over
 compare the number of                                           sales that occur as a
                                 the last five years shows
 sales in the various                                            result of the increase in
                                 that housing supplies
 seasons. Over the last five                                     supply of housing are
                                 tighten during winter and
 years the number of real                                        more noticeable in the
                                 there is a significant in-
 estate sales during spring                                      new year, particularly
                                 crease in supply from
 was no different to the                                         from February to April.
                                 September to November.
                                                                                                     Ray Fitzgerald
                                                                                                  Principal & Licensee

 Median Price Explained                                                                            “Birthday”

 If we study 21 sold properties in an area, the sale price of the middle home (11th most         Did you know St Ives
 expensive property in this instance) would determine the median price for the suburb.           Realty are turning 30?
 This is not the average price which may be found by dividing the total number of sales
 into the sum of the total value of those sales. Determining your homes position in rela-         Previously known as
 tion to the Median Price for your suburb is a useful tool and a professional agent will        Fitzgerald Realty & a
 extract and utilise this information when representing your home to the market.
                                                                                                landmark in the western
                                                                                               suburbs, the company now
                                                                                                has specialised retirement
 SPOTTERS FEE INTRODUCED                                                                        & residential sales staff
                                                                                                     throughout the
                                                                                                   metropolitan area.
 Did you know that at any one time, 3% of the population is thinking about selling their
 home? We would love to assist as many of these people as possible but have one
 simple problem… we don’t know who they all are!!!
 Now, if you do, please recommend our services to them. If your recommendation
 results in a listing then we promise you two things;

 1. We will offer them Rolls Royce service right throughout and
 2. We will forward a cheque for $500 to you upon settlement

 To take advantage of this offer contact Angus Kukura on 9387 7977.
 Finally, if you belong to a club, P&C or association — why not suggest they refer their
 real estate needs to us as a fund raising strategy?
                           FROM THE MANAGER
                           MARKETING                       101
                           Marketing is the vehicle driven by an agent that delivers an offer acceptable to the
                           seller. Similarities may be drawn between this assessment and the ancient Chinese be-
                           lief that when undertaking a journey, it is not just the destination that is important, but
  We’re on the Web!        the journey itself.

       5 TIMES             Whilst marketing is a means to the end, the application of sound marketing strategies     can shorten the process and introduce prospective purchasers to the advertised prop-
                           erty. Other important factors such as price, presentation and professionalism will need    to be applied in order to finalise the transaction to the seller’s complete satisfaction.         Another old saying that I subscribe to is that there are only two reasons why a house      does not sell...if the agent is not professional, or if the price is too high. A good agent
                           will ensure the property is well marketed and professionally represented. They will also     offer sound advice in the other two areas but ultimately, price and presentation rely on
                           a motivated seller.

                           Thus we see the process of marketing properties is a real partnership between seller
                           and agent. Choose a professional agent, be prepared to adopt their recommended
                           marketing strategy and realistically price your well presented home and be prepared for
                           an offer on the first opening.

                           T H E S T. I V E S T E A M . . . a t y o u r s e r v i c e

A TRUSTED NAME                      Neil Bolton                       Angus Kukura                          Denis Macfarlane
                               Sales Manager North
  FOR 30 YEARS                                                   Manager Marketing & Sales                 Sales Manager South


  FOR ALL YOUR             Christine Southward                                                                    John McKeiver
  REAL ESTATE               Property Manager           Colleen Charnock
                                                                                                              Senior Sales Consultant
 REQUIREMENTS                                        Senior Sales Consultant        Jeff Trudgian                  South & East
                                                        Western Suburbs        Senior Sales Consultant
       9387 7977

       9330 7477              Josh Halpern                                                                          Gavin Wain
       SOUTH                 Sales Consultant            Diane Greatrex                                           Sales Consultant
22 WINDELYA RD. MURDOCH      Western Suburbs         Senior Sales Consultant                                     Southern Suburbs
                                                                                      Joan Bolton
                                                        Western Suburbs          Senior Sales Consultant
    9582 8790                                                                      Northern Suburbs
   MANDURAH                                             Geraldine O’Shaughnessy
   22 CARNEGIE PLACE                                                                        Jill Cooper
       GREENFIELDS                                       Senior Sales Consultant         Sales Consultant
                                                               Mandurah                     Mandurah

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