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► Please read all questions carefully before answering them.

► Please fill out the application form below by answering the questions in the
appropriate area, and checking the boxes of your choice.

► Subsequently print, sign and return this form, together with the documents listed
below to:
       Graduate Programme in Logic
       ILLC Office/Tanja Kassenaar
       Plantage Muidergracht 24
       1018 TV Amsterdam
       The Netherlands

► Applications must be made by regular mail, and are not accepted through e-mail.

► Application deadline: International students (non-EU/EEA) are advised to apply
before February 1st of the year of application. The advised deadline for applicants from
the countries of the EU/EEA is April the 1st. For Huygens (Nuffic) applicants, please
send in your application timely, well before Nuffic application deadlines.

► A complete application consists of the following:
1. A complete application form
2. Two academic letters of reference, written by 2 qualified persons, preferably faculty
members familiar with your work. These may be sent separately or enclosed to this
application in a sealed envelope
3. Certified copies of all academic diplomas (all copies must have the seal of the school
and the signature of the head or registrar)
4. Transcripts and grades of all university courses/examinations taken
5. Your TOEFL or IELTS scores. Test scores can be sent separately by the test institute,
as soon as they become available, but please enclose a copy of the test results to this
application as well
6. A copy of your passport (identity page)
7. Two passport photos (please write your name on the back)
I apply

   for the PhD Programme (four years) starting dd/mm/yyyy
   for the Master of Science Programme (two years) starting dd/mm/yyyy
   for the MSc Logic Fast Track or Semi-Fast Track Programme (two or three
semesters) starting dd/mm/yyyy
   for the Logic Year Programme (one year) starting dd/mm/yyyy

I am interested in the

   Logic and Mathematics specialization
   Logic and Language specialization
   Logic and Philosophy specialization
   Logic and Computation specialization

1. Personal Data

Family name

First name(s)

Date of birth (day/month/year)      dd/mm/yyyy

Place of birth

Permanent address

Present address
                         valid until dd/mm/yyyy
Telephone number

Alternative telephone number

Fax number

E-mail address

How did you first learn about the

Profession, if any

Marital status

For UvA students
Student ID number

2. Education

Secondary Education:
From       To              Type of School                     Name/City of

Final Examination
Official Name of Exam (do not translate):
Date of Exam:

University Education:
From      To        University              Major Subjects         Minor
                                                                   Subject(s), if

Degree(s), including degrees expected before coming to Amsterdam:
Official    Interna- (Expected) Subject              Grade     Institution
Name of tional        Date of
Degree      Equiva- Degree
(do not     lent*
* E.g., B.A., B.Sc., M.A., M.Sc., Ph.D. etc.

Did any of your degrees include writing a thesis?


If yes, list titles, supervisors and (if applicable) grades for the thesis work:

Degree         Title (original and English translation         Supervisor(s)       Grade for

3. Knowledge of English (for non-native speakers only).
(Dutch students are required to have taken English at VWO level)

To be listed as: Excellent

Score:         TOEFL/TSE:

(Projected) test date: dd/mm/yyyy

4. Prizes and Grants

List all prizes, distinctions and grants you received so far (also include scholarly and
scientific publications):
5. How are you going to finance your stay in Amsterdam?

6. Do you want to make use of the housing facilities of the Universiteit van
Amsterdam? (Dutch students are not eligible for University housing)

7. Do you want to register for a Dutch Language Course?
    Yes, in the first semester
    Yes, in the second semester

As a
   Absolute beginner

8. Please include a written statement (approximately one page) of your motivation in
your application material.
For instance: why are you applying for the programme, why Logic, why Amsterdam?

9. Please indicate which of the following requirements you have studied. Include a
reference to a course or to a published text book.

 Introduction to logic up to the completeness/compactness theorem of first-order
predicate logic (requirement for the programme as a whole)
Reference to course or text book:

 Basic algebra: elementary group theory, notion of ring and field (requirement for
Mathematical Logic & Foundations courses);
Reference to course or text book:

 Basic analysis: introduction to real numbers, continuity, uniform continuity, differentia-
tion (Riemann), integration (requirement for Mathematical Logic & Foundations
Reference to course or text book:

 Basic set theory: ZF-axiomatization, important equivalents of axiom of choice, basic
theory of ordinals (requirement for Mathematical Logic & Foundations courses).
Reference to course or text book:

 Basic knowledge of philosophy of language, or theoretical or computational linguistics
(requirement for Language & Cognition courses)
Reference to course or text book:

 Basic knowledge of automata, formal languages and complexity theory (requirement
for Information & Computation courses)
Reference to course or text book:

10. Transfer Credits/Fast Track

Some students are accepted for the fast track. They have taken advanced (graduate level)
courses at other universities that are accepted as "transfer credits" in the MSc Logic.
Transfer credits will only be accepted for students that are academically excellent and
perfectly prepared for our programme. Only courses relevant for the MSc Logic can be
accepted as transfer credits, and a maximum of 40 ECTS in courses can be accepted.
Students in the fast track can finish the MSc Logic in three ("semi-fast track") or two

I wish to be considered for the fast track:

Date: dd/mm/yyyy                              Place:


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