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Jilalan Rail Yard Upgrade

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									                                       Jilalan Rail Yard Upgrade

The Project                                  The total length of new track is              Client:
Jilalan Rail Yard is a key link in the       approximately 40km, of which                  Queensland Rail
Goonyella coal supply chain, delivering      approximately 22km will be electrified.
export coal to the Hay Point and
Dalrymple Bay coal terminals.                The bulk earthworks component
                                             includes approximately 1.3 million m³         $350 million
The Coal Stream Alliance Jilalan,            of which 450,000m³ or 53% is hard rock
comprises Macmahon, MVM Rail (a              that will require blasting.                   Type of Contract:
subsidiary of Macmahon), Connell Hatch                                                     Coal Stream Alliance (QR,
and Parsons Brinckerhoff (designers) as      The current layout includes 72 turnouts       Macmahon, MVM Rail, Connell
partners with Queensland Rail.               with other major project components           Hatch and Parsons Brinkerhoff)
                                             including 48 new bridge structures.
The aim of the project is to increase
                                                                                           Start Date:
throughput capacity from the current 29      The construction of a 350-person
                                                                                           August 2007
trains per day carrying 92 million tonnes    accommodation village was completed
per annum (Mtpa) to 42 trains per day        in September.
carrying 129 Mtpa.                                                                         Finish Date:
                                             The bulk earthworks have progressed           December 2009
Scope of Work                                to schedule and are targeted for
The project includes the construction of     completion by the end of 2008.
two bypass roads (with provision for a                                                     Fast Facts:
future third) and two new provisioning       The focus of the site works then turns to     Bulk Earthworks
roads both with bi-directional signalling,   the construction the infrastructure that                 3
upgrading the overhead traction system,      will be the face of the upgrade.
remodelling the surrounding public
roads and crossings including nine new       Community                                     48
grade crossings, a new locomotive            Community and stakeholder                     Rail Track
provisioning facility, a new wagon           consultation activities are expected to       47km
maintenance facility and the conversion      gather pace with the implementation
of an existing wagon maintenance shed        of the Alliance Communication and           The project is scheduled for completion
into a new locomotive maintenance            Consultation Management Plan which          in December 2009.

facility.                                    was approved in late 2007.

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