debt personal statistics by rabbisendak



-- To prepare for the meeting, ensure you share this agenda with other participants you’d like to
attend the meeting with. Ask them to speak up during key points of the meeting.

-- Find out the percentage of the student body at your campus that carry debt and the average
amount. Also find out what percentage of the student body at your campus receives grant aid and
the average amount:
                 a. go to
                 b. pull up the institutional profiles page
                 c. find your campus and locate the figures that you need.

-- If it is a national legislator, find out how your legislator voted on the Interest Rate Cut (correct
vote: YES). If it is a statewide decision maker, find out how you state fairs on college affordability
by visiting

-- If you can, create a very nice student debt yearbook from the entries at Download the endorsement form and fact sheet at the same website.

-- Ask a student who has loan debt to attend the meeting with you and participate.

-- If your student government has passed a resolution, then bring a copy. .

-- Bring a camera and dress up.

-- Do a role play so that all participants feel prepared.


I. Introduce yourself and your guests and your organization. Thank the legislator for her recent
votes to make college affordable, if applicable.

II. Review the problem. Include the loan debt statistics for the campus. Tell your own personal
story if you have debt. Or, ask a student who you brought along to tell their personal story. Hand
over the student debt yearbook- open it up and show it.

III. Review the solution. “We’d like to make college more affordable by increasing
grant aid and lowering student loan debt. We want to lower the interest rate on
student loans and we want to cap student loan repayment to 15% of a
borrower’s income. And of course we’d like to increase the maximum Pell grant
IV. Ask your target to endorse our platform. “We’d like you to support our campaign and
endorse our goals. That means you’d be willing to sign on to letters and help us
communicate about the need to invest more money in financial aid programs.
Are you able to do that?”

V. Discuss the commitment. Your legislator or president will say YES or MAYBE. If it is a
MAYBE, ask why, get the concrete reasons. Try your best to address them.

VI. If your target is a YES, say thank you. Then ask how you can work together to promote her
support. “What can we do to publicize your support? Since we’re on campus, you
could come and address us or a class or the student government about student
loan debt when you are here next. We could set you up to be interviewed by the
campus newspaper about these issues. We’d like you to get a lot of support! Do
you have any other ideas?”

VII. Ask if you can take a quick photo with her, looking at the student debt yearbook together.

                                                               Interest Rate
 CAMPUS                                 MEMBER     INFO        Cut
 ASU Tempe                              Mitchell   R AZ - 05   Y
 UC Berkeley                            Lee        D CA - 09   Y
 UC San Diego                           Davis      D CA - 53   Y
 UC Santa Cruz                          Farr       D CA - 17   Y
 UC Santa Barbara                       Capps      D CA - 23   Y
 UC Irvine                              Campbell   R CA - 48   N
 UC Riverside                           Calvert    R CA - 44   absent
 UC Davis                               Thompson   D CA - 01   Y
 NS - USC                               Watson     D CA - 33   Y
 Trinity/UCH                            Larson     D CT - 01   Y
 UConn-Storrs                           Courtney   D CT - 02   Y
 Indiana U                              Hill       D IN - 09   Y
 ISU                                    Latham     R IA - 04   Y
 NS - USM                               Allen      D ME - 01   Y
 UM College Park                        Hoyer      D MD - 05   Y
 UM Dartmouth                           Frank      D MA - 04   Y
 Mass Art, Mass Bay, NSCC               Capuano    D MA - 08   Y
 Clark, Worcester SC                    McGovern   D MA - 03   Y
 Salem State                            Tierney    D MA - 06   Y
 BCC, MCLA, GCC, FSC, UMA, AC           Olver      D MA - 01   Y
 UM Boston                              Lynch      D MA - 09   Y
 Meramec                                Carnahan   D MO - 03   Y
 Cook-Douglass                          Pallone    D NJ - 06   Y
 Livingston                             Pallone    D NJ - 06   Y
 Oberlin                                Kaptur     D OH - 09   Y
 PSU                                    Wu         D OR - 01   Y
 Lane CC                                DeFazio    D OR - 04   Y
 SOU, COCC                              Walden     R OR - 02   Y
 U of O                                 DeFazio    D OR - 04   Y
 MW field - U of K                      Moore      D KS - 03   Y
 MSUSA - Metro State University         McCollum   D MN- 04    Y
 MSUSA - St. Cloud State University     Bachmann   R MN- 06    N
 MW field - U of NI                     Loebsack   D IA - 02   Y
 MW field - U of M                      McCotter   R MI- 11    Y
 MSUSA - Mankato                        Walz       D MN- 01    Y
 MSCSA - Normandale Community College   Ramstad    R MN- 03    Y
 NW field - Western Washington U        Larsen     D WA - 02   Y
 NW field - Bellevue CC                 Reichert   R WA - 08   Y
 NW field- Oregon State                 Hooley     D OR - 05   Y
 U of I                                 Loebsack   D IA - 02   Y
NS - UNH                Porter      D   NH - 01   Y
UNM                     Wilson      R   NM - 01   Y
SET- Metro State        DeGette     D   CO - 01   Y
SET - CU Boulder        Udall       D   CO - 02   Y
SET- IU Chicago         Davis       D   IL - 07   Y
SET- IU Springfield     Shimkus     D   IL - 19   Y
SET- Richard Stockton   Lobiondo    R   NJ - 02   Y
UW                      McDermott   D   WA - 07   Y
TESC                    Baird       D   WA - 03   Y
Milwaukee               Moore       D   WI - 04   Y
Madison                 Baldwin     D   WI - 02   Y

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