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                                         Financial Champions Project Brief
Learning Objectives                                             Ideas for Speech Topics
  • Discover the differences between needs and                     • How to plan for financial success by setting
     wants                                                           goals
  • Learn about money personalities and values                     • Differences between wants and needs
  • Practice setting goals                                         • Use of money – saving, sharing, spending
  • Learn ways to use and save money                               • Trends of credit card use
  • Understand the benefits and drawbacks of                       • Where to keep money (savings, certificate of
     credit                                                          deposit, savings bonds, etc.)
  • Learn about consumer decision-making                           • Money, personality and psychology
  • Explore the influences of advertising
  • Learn how to select financial services                      Critical Thinking
                                                                  • Describe ways to use and save money
Fair Projects                                                     • Does your budget plan help you meet your
  • Spending plan - chart/poster                                      financial goals? Explain.
  • Collage or pictures of items that represent                   • Does your savings plan help you meet your
      wants and needs                                                 financial goals? Explain.
  • Report of income and expenses for one week                    • Describe how to calculate interest.
      - chart                                                     • Describe consumer decision-making practices
  • Money around the world - poster                               • Describe the effects of advertising on
  • Money personalities - poster                                      spending
  • Comparison shopping for a product/service -
      chart or report                                           Community Service
                                                                  • Donate to and/or volunteer at a thrift shop or
Demonstration Ideas                                                 food pantry
  • How to write a check                                          • Read money-related stories to children at the
  • How to calculate interest (simple, compound,                    library
    semi-annual, etc.)                                            • Raise money as a group and donate to a local
  • Prepare a budget                                                non-profit organization
  • Record keeping                                                • Teach other youth how to comparison shop or
  • Use the web to access product and service                       calculate benefits/costs of a savings account
    information                                                   • Interview people from different generations
  • On-line shopping                                                about money topics and share findings with
  • How advertisers get you to buy                                  others

Field Trips                                                     Science & Technology
   • Local bank, insurance, investment office                   How have you used science and technology in this
   • Local business – how they handle money                     project area?
   • Marketing, research and development in                     Examples:
      advertising                                                  • Acquire product and evaluation information
   • Financial planner                                                about goods
   • ATM – behind the scenes                                       • Analyze financial calculations related to
                                                                      spending, saving and sharing
   • Thrift shop scavenger hunt
                                                                   • Explore the influences of advertising on
   • Visit county treasurer’s and/or auditor’s office
                                                                      purchasing decisions
   • Business/accounting school
                                                                   • Compare similar products and services for
                                                                      quality and cost
Source: Financial Champions – Personal Finance Helper’s Guide      • Analyze the benefits and drawbacks of credit

Missouri 4-H                                                                Rev 7/08 AC
Show Me Character
Trustworthiness - includes honesty, promise                     Citizenship - includes making the home
keeping and loyalty.                                            community and county a better place to live for
  • Follow rules for family and school internet use             themselves and others.
  • Be honest about what you are spending your                     • Be proactive; if you see wrongdoing in your
     money on                                                         community take action
                                                                   • Compare costs in your area and share
Respect – includes courtesy and proper treatment                      information about goods/services in your
of people and things.                                                 community
   • Appreciate the money you receive as an                        • Learn about appropriate internet use and find
     allowance                                                        appropriate sites for young people
   • Learn about different cultures and their
     currency                                                   Show Me Standards
                                                                Missouri 4-H members will acquire the knowledge
Responsibility - includes the pursuit of excellence,            and skills to gather, analyze and apply information
accountability and perseverance.                                and ideas, communicate effectively, recognize and
  • Learn about budgeting so you can create a                   solve problems, make decisions and act as
     budget for your family                                     responsible members of society.
  • Earn extra money through chores- don’t
     expect your parents to give you money                      4-H members will acquire a solid foundation which
  • Learn about ways to save money                              includes knowledge of:
                                                                   • Mathematics – addition, subtraction,
Fairness – involves consistently applying rules and                   multiplication, and division; other number
standards appropriately for different age groups                      sense, including numeration and estimation;
and ability levels.                                                   and the application of these operations and
   • Compare prices to get the best deal                              concepts in the workplace and other
   • Judge products based on their merit, not on                      situations.
     brand names or price                                          • Social Studies – economic concepts and
   • Be open-minded                                                   principles
                                                                   • Communication Arts – writing formally and
Caring - promoting the well being of people and                       informally.
things in a young person's world. It denotes action
and not just feelings.
   • Remember that people have different
      attitudes about money
   • Be empathetic about the social and
      economical status of others

421 Financial Champions Unit 1                               Ideas for judging classes use LG307 Family Consumer
Y620    4-H Project Record                                   Science Judging Guide & LG730 Judging: A 4-H Teaching
Y4210 Money FUNdamentals                                     Technique
LG4200 Financial Champions Helper’s Activity Guide
                                                             Check out the website
422 Financial Champions Unit 2                      for
Y620    4-H Project Record                                   supplemental project material.
Y4220 Money Matters
LG4200 Financial Champions Helper’s Activity Guide

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