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									                        Forecasting and
                        planning system with
                        its own database.
                        Powerful, flexible and
                        rapidly implemented.

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Forecasting and planning system
       Procast is an information system in its own right. It has its own
       database, so it can complement any other computer system and lends
       itself to rapid implementation with great flexibility. It has unlimited
       historical and future horizons, storing various data such as forecasts
       and budgets, prices, costs and conversion factors. Procast has the
       infrastructure to manage the complete forecasting process, including
       methods for dealing with product obsolescence and succession. It
       incorporates an Oracle Express™ multidimensional database,
       handling large amounts of data easily and efficiently. The software
       runs on PCs under Windows™ and can be internet enabled.

                                                  • Reports and graphs
                                                  Procast includes powerful reporting
                                                  systems with a wide range of reports,
                                                  graphs and charts. Data can be sliced,
                                                  diced and aggregated over products,
                                                  customers and time, thus providing
                                                  the core of a very flexible information
                                                  system. The definitions of any report
                                                  or graph can be saved for later use –
                                                  and selections of saved reports can be
                                                  run together in batches. In fact sales
                                                  information and analysis is a major
                                                  benefit in most applications.

                                                  • Statistical forecasting
                                                    Seasonal analysis and statistical
                                                    forecasting at more than one level
                                                    of aggregation often leads to
                                                    improvements in forecast accuracy.
                                                    Procast allows forecasting to be
                                                    carried out at any level of detail.
       Selective bottom-up and top-down operation merges the results into a single best
       set of forecasts. Superb graphics and an extensive range of forecasting methods
       make light work of interactive forecasting. Fully automatic facilities handle
       unlimited numbers of products and customers. Commercial knowledge and
       judgement come into play with a range of adjustment tools including overrides
       and promotional profiles.
• Accuracy monitoring
One of the best ways to improve forecast accuracy is to carry out
regular accuracy measurement, explore problems in detail and strive
to improve the forecasting process. Procast supports this methodology
with an extensive range of accuracy reports, including simple
summaries, exception analyses, weighted absolute percentage errors
and error distributions. Accuracy monitoring is an important but
sometimes difficult activity. Cube Software has fully developed this
aspect of the software to make it understandable and easy to use.
Comprehensive forecast archiving enables accuracy to be measured
against realistic product supply lead times. And more than one version
of the forecast can be monitored.

• Strategic planning
Long-term strategic planning places different demands on
software. Distant horizons and larger time buckets are needed, and
Procast has the flexibility to cope. Planning can be carried out in
quarters and years rather than weeks and months. When market data
is available, such as population figures, total market or competitor
data, opportunities open up to forecast in terms of market share or
consumption per capita. Procast’s flexibility means it can deal with this
by treating historical time periods differently from forecast time periods
- for example, calculating historical market shares from actual volumes
but calculating forecast volumes from predicted shares. It offers the
best of both worlds - tailored models without the nightmare of
spreadsheet maintenance.

New product forecasts can employ launch profiles based upon past
experience and their effect on market size and share cannibalism can be
managed properly.

Procast can deal with cost and price inflation issues and turn volume
forecasts into a financial plan. Management judgement can be applied
by intervention at any level in any units, whether it be in cases, tonnes,
value or share.

• Collaborative
A wider group of users working
collaboratively on the forecast
needs different software. Here
the emphasis is on the business
process rather than the
forecasting technique, so Procast
links to easy-to-use software
especially designed for sales
executives, marketing executives
and distributors. They can
amend forecasts, send back the
revised forecasts for consolidation
and run their own reports. They
can work at head office or
remotely, and over the internet if
preferred. Simple intuitive tools             Interface for groups of users such as account and product managers
mean they can apply changes to
the forecast numerically or
graphically and see how the
amended forecast compares with
the previous forecast, actuals and    • Demand planning
budget. Procast's flexibility
means the software can fit in with    Procast supports a range of planning activities. Forecasts can be split into
a company's business process          shorter time buckets and compared with actuals to identify instances of
rather than try to dictate it.        exceptional over- or under-achievement. The forecast may need to be split
                                      down to days. In such a case Procast can use daily despatch data to
                                      determine a day-within-week profile, dramatically enhancing the effectiveness
                                      of exception monitoring. A module provides extensive MPS and inventory
                                      planning capabilities.

                                      • Entering and manipulating forecast data
                                      Data can be so erratic that it defies statistical modelling. Sometimes the best
                                      way is to key in the forecasts, click and drag on a graph, or use other simple
                                      methods such as applying a percentage change or copying the forecast from
                                      another product. Procast offers an excellent interface for this type of work,
                                      allowing the forecasts to be entered at any level of detail. Automatic top-down
                                      processing and units conversion ensures perfect consolidation every time.
• Budgets and sales targets
Procast provides a highly efficient process for setting budgets and sales targets.
It is a simple matter to take a copy of an operational forecast and label it as a
budget or plan. Then the data can be manipulated in any units at any level of
detail to agree with management objectives. The data always undergoes
top-down processing, so it is available immediately at any level and in any
units. Annual sales values, for example, can be entered directly at brand level
and be translated immediately into pack quantities in cases by month. The
inclusion of forecast prices and standard costs leads seamlessly to a revenue
and gross margin plan. Procast can easily deal with a sequence of what-if
scenarios and provides the report tools to compare them.

• Technical support and service standards
Cube Software focuses entirely on advanced solutions for forecasting and
planning, continually developing the software in response to market needs.
Technical support objectives feature the provision of rapid and effective
assistance. Incoming enquiries are directed to the person with greatest
knowledge of the individual customer’s application. This means the
assistance is immediately relevant to the user – a uniquely responsive service.

                                              Cube Software has provided a
                                              specialist service in forecasting
                                              and planning software since 1988
                                              to companies such as:

                                              • Revlon

                                              • Novartis

                                              • British Pepper & Spice

                                              • Pirelli

                                              • Kraft Foods

                                              • William Sinclair Horticulture

                                              • Sun Valley Foods

                                              • Alberto-Culver

                                              • Whitworths

                                              • Janssen-Cilag

                                              • Hozelock
                    Sales forecasting                                                 Information system
                    • work at any level of detail                                     • database with full data
                    • bottom-up and top-down methods                                    management facilities
                    • sophisticated seasonal analysis                                 • unlimited historical and forecast
                    • deals with product obsolescence                                   horizon
                      and succession                                                  • reporting systems included in
                    • seasonality can be used in all                                    standard software
                      models                                                          • standard report templates deal
                    • promotional evaluation                                            with most needs
                    • range of adjustment and override                                • flexible 4-dimensional graphing
                      methods                                                           and charting system
                    • fully automatic forecasting method                              • comprehensive forecast accuracy
                      available                                                         measurement and reporting
                    • unlimited batch submission                                      • report definitions can be saved
                                                                                      • batches of reports can be assembled
                    Strategic planning                                                  and run in a single operation
                    • forecast in quarters or years
                    • extended forecast horizon                                       Collaborative forecasting
                    • total market and market share                                   • choice of simple user interfaces
                      modelling                                                       • ideal for account teams and other
                    • product launch profiles                                           groups of managers
                    • analyse potential cost and price                                • extensive information can be
                      inflation issues                                                  included for review
                    • develop a financial plan                                        • flexible configuration
Industries                                                                            • accountability can be allocated as
Food and drink      Demand planning                                                     required
                                                                                      • guaranteed consolidation into main
Pharmaceuticals     • split the forecast to shorter time
                                                                                        Procast database
Cosmetics                                                                             • network, remote or internet usage
                    • user override on splits
                    • actual daily sales can be used to
Personal care
                      create daily profiles
Consumer durables   • short-term exception monitoring
                      highlights problems
Automotive          • alternative models to adjust
Electrical            short-term forecast
                    • optional module includes stock
Garden                planning

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