Actus, Fort Hood answer Family housing questions

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C6            February 12, 2009                                                                                                                                                                    

Actus, Fort Hood answer Family housing questions
                                                their Primary Care Facility to have                      is at their lowest population levels of       Refer to Fort Hood Regulation            that a situation may be warranted;
                                                their doctor order the test. Your                        the year. Coyotes are not a threat to      210-48, Installation Housing Com-           leaders, along with appropriate agen-
                                                PCF routes the request through the                       humans. Appropriate precautions            munity Standards, for guidelines            cies or law enforcement, will visit
My house has been vandalized                    Allergy Clinic at DAMC who then                          include keeping all garbage secured        regarding control and supervision of        quarters on or off the Installation to
twice in the last few months.                   alerts us of the request and provides                    in a container with a tight-fitting lid,   children. The regulation states that        ensure the health, welfare and safety
When we called the military                     us with a date their personnel will be                   bringing in pet food at night, and         children must be supervised, either         of those involved is being considered
police they did nothing to                      out to test the house. This may seem                     keeping small pets indoors at night.       at all times, or not to exceed various      and maintained. Such visits are war-
resolve this issue even though                  like it will take a length of time, but it                                                          timeframes, depending on the age            ranted due to reports of neglect or
the girl admitted to it.                        is for the benefit of the resident. Due                  Why is it that on Fort Hood only           of the child. Report unsupervised           criminal activity, or of other situa-
                                                to the various types of mold spores                      Senior Officer housing (Patton             children to your Community Life             tions that do not bring good credit or
   The Provost Marshall Office is               in the air, the hospital would like to                   Village) do not have to pay                NCO, or contact the Military Police,        reflect favorably upon the unit or the
unable to find any records of this              ensure they identify exactly what type                   for fencing, when E-1 through              at 287-2176. If neglect is suspected,       United States Military.
incident with the limited information           of mold spore may be in the house                                                                   residents should contact the Child
                                                                                                         Captain has to pay for fencing in
provided. PMO asks that the caller              that will affect the Family. The Point                                                              Protective Services at 287-1763.            Clearing a house, why do we
contact them at 415-5767, so they               of Contact for information related to                    their respective villages?
                                                                                                                                                                                                have to hire some contract and
can perform a complete investiga-               this is the Department of Preventive                        Currently, many neighborhoods           When can we get better housing              why can’t I clean my house.
tion of the complaint. If you or any            Medicine at 288-1056.                                    other than officer housing have fenc-      for CSMs/SGMs?                              Was charged a fee and that is
resident sees a crime or unresolved                                                                      ing provided. In fact, Actus has spent
issue, we want you to know about                It has become an increasing                              over $1.8 million on new fencing              The newly expanded Wainwright
“Operation Shift Fire.” This allows             problem that I think the                                 for enlisted neighborhoods. There is       development currently under con-              Residents have the option to clean
you to report in an anonymous man-              command needs to look into.                              a strategic plan already in place to       struction near the East Gate will con-      their home, contract with a private
ner to the police, issues such as, child        Soldiers are not paying on the                           address the fence issue. Installation      sist of limited housing for Command         vendor or have Actus clean their
neglect, spouse abuse, uncontrolled/                                                                     is nearing completion in Comanche          Sergeants Major. All other Sergeants        house upon clearing. However, there
                                                last two months of their rent
barking animals and any other viola-                                                                     III. The current plan has permanent        Major will be housed in Comanche II         are cleaning standards that must
tions of FH Regulations. You can                downtown.                                                fences for every home on Fort Hood         depending on availability of housing        be met. Cleaning charges may be
report at 254-618-8477.                           Landlords and property manage-                         to be provided by Actus.                   at the time they arrive.                    assessed if those standards are not
                                                ment companies may contact the                                                                                                                  met if you clean your own house. If
Could we have speed bumps                       Housing Services Office when a Sol-                      Why replace all the fences in              I have an issue with                        you contract or have Actus clean your
placed throughout the                           dier is delinquent in payments. A                        Comanche III when all that                 maintenance and the electric                house, they are responsible for meet-
neighborhood in order to                        Housing Manager will in turn contact                     money could have been put to a             bills when we live in inefficient           ing these standards, not you.
control speeding?                               the Soldier’s unit, or Rear Detach-                      better use; like fixing problems           housing with drafts in the
                                                ment unit, for assistance in contact-                                                                                                           Are we building new day cares
                                                                                                         in the houses.                             windows. I can’t afford to heat
   Speed bumps are not permitted                ing the Soldier or spouse. The unit                                                                                                             in the housing areas?
to be installed, because they inter-            will then contact the Soldier’s 1st                        Fencing was a quality of life issue      or cool my house.
fere with emergency vehicles response           Sgt./Commander where he or she is                        that is raised at many meetings and           Baselines are determined using the         Construction is expected to begin
time, jeopardize the safety and well            deployed, and encourage him or her                       Army Family Action Planning over           Department of Energy II model crite-        on three new child developments
being of residents, and causes damage           to make payment arrangements with                        the years. That said, if there are prob-   ria that includes, but is not limited to,   centers in 2009. The first facility is
to the vehicles the equipment.                  the landlord/property management                         lems in a specific home these should       the following: Age of home, type of         anticipated to open by Spring 2010.
                                                company.                                                 be taken care of by our Maintenance        material used in construction, square
The new fences and paint jobs                                                                            team. Call Maintenance at 532-             footage, number of bedrooms, sea-           Residents living in housing are
are nice and costly as well, but                Is there a way to even the bar                           3133.                                      sonal weather conditions, appliance         not on housing list. Frequent
what about the plumbing leaks,                  as far as the “rent” we pay in                                                                      energy efficiency and capacity, light       unauthorized people staying in
black mold, lack of insulation,                 housing?                                                 Ticketing for turning porch                fixtures, windows, insulation, and          housing.
                                                                                                         lights on prior to dusk hours              over 170 specific structural, mechani-
and foundation problems. We
                                                   In order to maintain homes, pro-                      when personal schedule                     cal, and environmental factors. If you        Residents are strongly encouraged
are told to conserve energy but                 vide amenities and new homes, Actus                                                                 continue to have concerns regarding         to contact their Community Life
that is hard to do with little to                                                                        requires returning home after
                                                is provided the residents’ Basic Allow-                                                             your electric bill, please contact your     NCO if they suspect unauthorized
no insulation in our houses.                                                                             dark. This is a security issue.
                                                ance for Housing (different amounts                                                                 community manager to perform an             guest are residing in housing. If
   Actus is dedicated to providing              depending on pay grade and area).                           This policy is to conserve our natu-    audit on your home.                         the CLNCO does not respond, con-
exceptional service; however, we do                                                                      ral resources for us and our future                                                    tact the Installation Community Life
have challenges in some of the older            On the last redeployment for                             generation.                                What are temp housing options               Officer, 553-3348, or the Housing
housing areas. Specific concerns are            the 4th Inf. Div. the single                                                                        other than KLW hall?                        Operations NCO, 553-3347.
better answered on an individual                Soldiers were allowed to rent                            What are the policies on 4
basis. Anytime a resident does not              an apartment or house and live                           bedroom homes? Some bigger                    On-Post temporary housing is pro-        What is defined as an
feel they received the service they                                                                      homes seem vacant or have                  vided at Keith Ware Hall, the Poxon         emergency maintenance?
                                                off base. Will they have this as
should have received, please contact                                                                     smaller families in them.                  House, and at Buildings 5786, 5788,
your Community Manager immedi-                  an option again?                                                                                    5790, and 5792. There are many                 EMERGENCIES (30-Minute
ately to inform him/her of the issue;              The 4th Infantry Division is                             Our policy is one bedroom per           good motels/hotels which provide off        Response Time)
or you can kindly contact us at www.            returning and then relocating to Fort                    child based on availability. Excep-        post temporary housing. In addition,           1.     Water leak that is flooding where we are always              Carson; the Soldiers who elect and                       tions to this policy are based on the      there are several agencies who rent         the house, i.e., busted pipe (damage
happy to hear from you and will                 are approved to remain at Fort Hood                      needs of the Family. If you suspect        furnished apartment- like housing off       to unit), Small leaks get a 24 hour
respond promptly.                               will be assigned to another unit at                      a home is abandoned, please contact        post on a temporary basis. A list of        response.
                                                Fort Hood. The Barracks Utilization                      your Community Manager and/or              all on and off post available lodg-            2.     A broken faucet where it
I am just curious as to the                     for the Brigade that the Soldier will be                 Community Life NCO as soon as              ing, to include temporary lodging,          will not turn off and running faster
reasoning behind not allowing                   reassigned to will determine whether                     possible.                                  is available at the Housing Services        than the drain can handle and may
housing residents to store a                    they can go off post or remain in the                                                               Office, and listings are also available     overflow. (damage to unit)
boat in their driveways.                        barracks. We will make every effort                      Is the housing near East Gate              on the Fort Hood DPW Web site.                 3.     Loss of power to the entire
                                                to accommodate Soldiers in barracks                      being built for more troops?                                                           unit and /or to refrigerator and there
  The homes and neighborhoods are               who have a short time until PCS.                                                                    What is the regulation for off-             is no way to run an extension cord to
not designed to accommodate boats                                                                           No, these new units will replace        post privately owned housing                the refrigerator.
and RV’s and they often create safety           We live in Chaffee Village,                              existing units scheduled for demoli-       and where can you get a copy                   4.     Failed refrigerator or freezer.
hazards on our roads. The other                 and were told last year that                             tion in the near future.                   of the reg?                                    5.     Gas leak inside/outside
reason is for the preservation of neat          we would not be here very                                                                                                                       quarters.
and orderly villages as directed by the         long because we would be                                 Can we increase MP patrols                    There is not a regulation that gov-         6.     Sparks and/or smoke from
Commanding General. There are                                                                            to catch speeders in the                   erns or states that off-post housing        an electrical fixture or outlet.
                                                moving into new housing that
facilities on post operated by MWR                                                                       village? When are we building              will be inspected. However, Com-               7.     Sewage spill.
that can accommodate these items.               was being built. When will we                                                                       mand Policy 600-200 governs leaders            8.     No Air Conditioning to the
                                                move?                                                    sidewalks?
                                                                                                                                                    in command positions and specifi-           unit when the resident is on the
I would like to know why when                      Improvements and the rebuilding                         Patrols can be temporarily               cally refers to good order and disci-       Medical List.
asked to have my home tested                    of Chaffee Village is one of Lt. Gen.                    increased in specific areas to reduce      pline within their assigned personnel          9.     Carbon monoxide detectors
for mold I am being denied to                   Rick Lynch’s top priorities. The                         speeding. Residents are encouraged         which does not end at the gate or end       going off or not operating.
do so?                                          decision on Chaffee renovation versus                    to take advantage of DES’s new pro-        of the duty day. The Total Army                10. Smoke detector inoperable
                                                reconstruction is under review at the                    gram, “Operation Shift Fire”, by call-     Family Program is also found in this        or going off.
   There are established procedures in          Department of the Army level. Once                       ing 618-8477 to report speeding in         policy and talks about leaders being           11. Loss of heat to home when
place to get a home tested. Indus-              the decision is final, all residents will                your area. At the present time, side-      engaged to make sure the quality            the temperature outside is 40 degrees
trial Hygiene, the Fort Hood agency             be notified. This is, in reality, a long                 walks are only installed during new        of life for Soldiers and their Family       or less.
responsible for conducting testing for          term project that may take a number                      construction or during renovation of       members is maintained at all levels.           12. Clogged commodes, if the
mold inside the home, is part of Dar-           of years.                                                the village.                               Leaders periodically check the resi-        only commode and/or all commodes
nall Army Medical Center. There is                                                                                                                  dence of their Soldiers to ensure they      are clogged (possible yard line) or
a Memorandum of Agreement with                  I live in Comanche III and am                             When will we get post                     are living in substantial dwellings and     only commode does not work.
the hospital to conduct the test for            concerned with the pack of                               transportation?                            not in harm’s way or in less than              13. Clogged sinks, only if all
Actus. Part of the test is evaluat-             coyotes that live in the wooded                                                                     desirable locations or substandard liv-     sinks are clogged at the same time.
ing the Family to see what type of              area behind our house.                                      Fort Hood has a new service offer-      ing conditions. Unit leaders do not            14. Vertebrate pest or snakes
antigens they are allergic to in order                                                                   ing free shuttle service. See complete     inspect anyone’s quarters, but pay          and/or swarming bees/hornets or
for the test to be validated. Once a              Coyotes are highly adaptable pred-                     story on Page B6.                          courtesy visits to validate locations       wasps are inside of unit, contact Pest
resident has requested a mold test be           ators and scavengers. During winter,                                                                (strip maps), phone rosters, meet the       Control Immediately.
done on their house, they are given a           the coyote’s natural prey (rats, mice,                   Small children are running all             Family members, etc. However, on
copy of the memorandum to take to               snakes, rabbits, raccoons, opossums)                     over the place.                            notification of creditable information                            See Town Hall, C7

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