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In September 2007 RailCorp took delivery of their


In September 2007 RailCorp took delivery of their

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									                                S p r i n g 2 0 0 7 N ew s l e t te r

                                                      Completion of RailCorp project

                                 Leanne Cooper, Peter Mullen, Richard Doyle, Sue Rudaz, Bruce Weston, Paula Kennedy, Ian Moir, Meggan Michell at the
                                 Old Teachers College, Armidale.

                                  n September 2007 RailCorp took delivery of their              audiovisual learning experience that has been well
                                  much anticipated customised online Course for                 received by participants.
                                  Level 5 Safety Incident Investigations which they
                                had commissioned unE Partnerships to develop.                   Paula Kennedy, from the Safety Environment Group
                                                                                                at RailCorp commented that “For large organisations
                                The course was based on content that was                        it is often difficult to deliver a consistent message
                                previously delivered to participants through                    throughout the training, particularly when it is
                                workshops but RailCorp had a vision to use cutting              delivered by different presenters in a variety of
                                edge technology to better fit their business needs.             situations. For RailCorp, delivery of this course
                                unE Partnerships was able to make this vision a                 through Computer Based Training will ensure a
                                reality.                                                        consistent approach to the quality and delivery of
                                Bruce weston, Acting Manager Assurance and
                                Investigation at RailCorp said “we are extremely                The Level 5 Safety Incident Investigations course
                                impressed by unE Partnerships ability to                        will initially be undertaken by a group of 500
                                understand our needs and continually adapt to the               students but will eventually be undertaken by
                                changing schedule and approval requirements that                thousands of supervisors within RailCorp over the
                                occurred throughout the period of the project.”                 next 2 years. “This course will provide RailCorp
                                                                                                with a far more efficient way of delivering
                                To create a familiar look and feel, RailCorp’s                  essential safety training to our staff throughout
                                network signage was incorporated into the design                the organisation” said Ian Moir, Acting Manager
                                of the course’s theme and navigational tools. The               Investigations for RailCorp “It means that we can
                                familiar images and signage created an immediate                allocate small groups to complete the training
                                impact on the pilot group making them feel more                 within the workplace, rather than bringing them to
                                comfortable with the online delivery mode. This                 a central location. This not only saves time but also
                                imagery was supported by the use of an animated                 reduces opportunity cost of replacing staff during
                                character providing participants with a full                    the training.”

T h E   E d u C A T I o n   &   T R A I n I n G      C o M PA n y         o F    T h E    u n I v E R S I T y      o F    n E w     E n G L A n d

         NE Partnerships attended the Asia Pacific’s International
         Mining Exhibition (AIMEX) from 4 – 7 September at the Sydney
         Showground. This event provided an opportunity to showcase the
  extensive range of qualifications within our scope and also to highlight
  the direct benefits of flexible vocational education within the workplace.

  unE Partnerships currently delivers Frontline Management to the
  Tiwest Joint venture - a fully integrated titanium minerals mining and
  downstream processing company in Western Australia. The flexible
  delivery of unE Partnerships’ courses ensure that all staff, including
  shift workers and machine operators are given the opportunity to
  complete their qualification through assessments. These assessments
  are managed by an assessor who understands the Tiwest business and
  can accommodate individual learning outcomes to facilitate a positive
                                                                               Kathryn Hogan, Fiona Blevins, Myeka Page and Di Robertson-Smith
  outcome for both the business and the participant.
                                                                               unE Partnership’s Managing director, Richard doyle, spoke at the
  Many visitors to the unE Partnerships stand were also quick to see the       ‘Mining 2020” conference which was held in conjunction with AIMEX.
  application and benefit to their own workplace of a web-based training       Richard highlighted the issues of the skills shortage currently being
  program that was showcased for the first time at AIMEX. The program          experienced by the mining sector.
  was developed for RailCorp to facilitate training to a large group of
  investigative staff and highlighted unE Partnerships’ ability to create      we look forward to working more extensively with the mining industry
  innovative training solutions for our clients.                               in the future.

  Developing specialised programs for AGPN

     n 2006, the Australian General Practice network (AGPn) and unE            unE Partnerships, in conjunction with AGPn, has also developed a
     Partnerships designed a specialised Executive Leadership Program          Leadership and development Program for nurses in General Practice.
     for network members to enhance management capability and                  The course provides essential skills for nurses engaged in primary
  strengthen leadership behaviour within the division.                         healthcare services within private and general public practices and for
                                                                               those employed by divisions of General Practice.
  The program targets emerging leaders, CEos and senior management,
  with the aim of developing skills to effectively manage the strategic        unE Partnerships looks forward to working with AGPn in 2008.
  direction of the Division through leadership, financial management
  and comprehensive business operations. Successful completion of the
  program provides candidates with an Advanced diploma of Business
  Management, as well as credit into the MBA program at the university            Professional Practice Manager
  of new England.
                                                                                  Development Program
  vicki Poxon, CEo for Brisbane South division of General Practice, has

  just completed the Executive Leadership Program and was able to use                  or some time now, unE Partnerships’ Professional Practice
  her new skills immediately as CEo. “I restructured everything – human                Manager development Program has been running
  resources, IT/IM, introduced finance and compliance procedures and                   individual module workshops in conjunction with divisions
  systems and revamped governance.” vicki has just completed a new                of the Australian General Practice network.
  business plan, which was a refined version of her final assignment.
                                                                                  This industry-specific program covers all the essential skills
  The practical nature of this program provides a double benefit to both          required to run a modern general or specialist practice. The
  the individual and the division. The assessment items are directly              program can be completed at Certificate III, Certificate IV or
  relevant to the workplace ensuring that new skills can be applied               diploma level.
  immediately. Those who participate in the workshops are provided with
  a great opportunity to network with colleagues, exchange ideas and              practice made perfect
  share experiences.

UNE Partnerships                                                                                                w w w. u n e p a r t n e r s h i p s . e d u . a u
  Cause for Celebration

     n August last year, 20 staff from the Greater Building Society                    For some in the group, this was their first formal study program since
     (The Greater) embarked on a learning journey that proved to be                   leaving high school. Some were apprehensive as to their capabilities
     challenging, rewarding and overwhelmingly satisfying. Twelve                     but the support provided by the unE Partnerships trainers gave them
  months later after graduating from unE Partnerships’ Advanced                       greater confidence in their own abilities
  diploma of Business Management, they had cause to celebrate the
  outstanding success of their progress.                                              The final assessment was achieved through a group project, comprised
                                                                                      of individuals selected by the Greater to ensure a variety of positions
  According to Susan Brooks, Learning and development Manager at                      and personality types. while communication often proved challenging,
  the Greater Building Society, “The Greater have introduced a formal                 it forced individuals from various locations to function as a collective
  management development program, targeting new and existing                          team. Each group developed and presented a proposal to the Greater
  members of the management team across the organisation as part                      Board that was designed to increase profitability, improve efficiency or
  of their ongoing commitment to staff. we selected unE Partnerships                  introduce a new product into the market. The topics were extensively
  as the provider of the Advanced diploma of Business Management                      researched to justify the proposal, and included a business plan with
  because of its practical workplace focus and have been impressed by                 projected outcomes and implementation activities. Management
  the rigorous effort made by our staff in completing this qualification.             were so impressed that they are now giving serious consideration to
  The Greater is delighted with the development of staff as they apply                the implementation of each of the business improvement plans put
  their new skills and knowledge into their daily activities as they build            forward.
  the future of the business.”

  Celebrating their success in completing their Advanced Diploma of Business Management are:
  Back row from left to right: Kevin Buckley; Peter Marquet; hiding in the very back is Sandra Burley; David Tanchevski; David Bryde; Mick Herb,
  Wayne Dean; Steve Goverd
  Middle row: Lynn Mangovski; Tracy Gee; Michelle Cork; Colin Hope; Debra Harwood; Ian Hartley; William Boyd; Kelly Keywood; Jenny Whitby
  Front row: Wes Lassam; Lili Leitch

                            Improving individual performance
                              and organisational capability
UNE Partnerships                                                                                                         w w w. u n e p a r t n e r s h i p s . e d u . a u
Skills shortage                                                           Creating
u                                                                         business
         nE Partnerships’ spring newsletter comes at a time when
         education and training is now at the forefront of the policy
         debate in Australia. one issue dominating the debate is the

skills shortage.
not a day goes past where the term skills shortage is not mentioned
in the media. The term skills shortage has many meanings and there
is no simple measure of the existence of a skill shortage. In this
context a shortage relates to demand for a particular skill, exceeding
the availability of skilled workers.                                      Business Administration
The Australian economy has been in the longest period of economic
growth in history. unemployment has fallen to levels not seen
since the 1970s and some states, such as western Australia and            Business Management
Queensland are now experiencing full employment. This prosperity
is driven by the Chinese and Indian economies where there is a
need for huge amounts of resources to fuel economic growth and            Executive Leadership
development. The downside of the resources and economic boom is
a skill shortage, particularly in a number of sectors of the Australian
economy.                                                                  Facilities Management
In Australia and elsewhere, there appears to be a mismatch between
jobs and skills. Some employers are unable to attract the workers         Frontline Management
they want due to a variance in expectations in pay and working
Another cause of the skills shortage relates to the underinvestment       Government
in skills development by the private sector and weaknesses within
the Australian education and training sector.
The recent 2007 Budget and forthcoming federal election have re-
                                                                          Human Resources
focused attention onto the importance of education with policy shifts
providing new opportunities to individuals within the vocational and
higher education sectors. This gives students undertaking full fee vET
                                                                          Practice Management
diploma and advanced diploma courses with approved credit transfer
arrangements to higher education providers, access to loans for their
studies effective late 2008.
                                                                          Project Management
Skilling and overcoming the skills shortage is a shared responsibility
of individuals, organisations and government. unE Partnerships is         Real Estate
playing its role in addressing the skills shortage by customising its
education and training solutions to improve individual performance
and organisational capability.                                            Training & Assessment

                                                                                  1800 066 128
                                                                              UNE Partnerships Pty Ltd ABN 74 003 099 125
Richard Doyle                                                             PO Box U199, University of New England NSW 2351
Managing director                                                             Ph: (02) 6773 0000 • Fax: (02) 6772 5230


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