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					Ian Shield
Qualifications and Membership
•   Fellow, Australian Society of Certified Practising Accountants
•   Member, The Institute of Internal Auditors - Australia
•   Member, Institute of Management Consultants, Australia
Ian is a director within Deloitte's specialist Government Services Group in Hobart. He has
consulted widely to the public and private sectors in Australia and overseas. In addition to his
consulting responsibilities, Ian is actively involved with Deloitte’s Enterprise Risk Services
service line which involves all of our internal audit clients in Tasmania. Over the past five
years he has acted as probity adviser (or alternate) for more than sixty State Government
procurement processes.

Examples of probity experience include:
General Infrastructure
Project Name                      Client         Project Outline
Prisons Infrastructure        Department of      PIRP has involved several procurement
Redevelopment Project            Justice         processes including EoI, RoI, RFP and RFT for
(PIRP) - Stage C –                               a variety of services and construction works.
($100M)                                          The engagement has overseen more than ten
                                                 consultancies including all design services,
                                                 corrections, quantity surveying and clerk of
                                                 works as well as the selection and appointment
                                                 of a Managing Contractor. There is a
                                                 continuing brief to monitor sub-contractor
                                                 tendering by the Managing Contractor
Windsor Court                Department of       Probity Adviser overseeing assessment process
Reconstruction ($15M)       Health & Human       and preliminary negotiation with preferred
                                Services         tenderer
ABT Railway                  Department of       Probity Adviser for the Abt Railway Project for
Reconstruction ($20M)          Economic          the Department of State Development. This
                            (formerly State)     involved a number of separate contracts
                              Development        including Project Manager, Design and
                                                 Construction, Operation, and Locomotive

Water supply and sewerage
Project Name                      Client         Project Outline
Business Management           Hobart Water       Project Director for procurement and
Information System                               implementation of software for financial and
                                                 service management
Asset Valuation               Hobart Water       Project manager for complete revaluation of
                                                 infrastructure assets
Waste Management              Department of      Probity Adviser
Tender                         Education
Project Name                   Client         Project Outline
Cradle Mountain Bus        Department of      Probity adviser for RFP for trial and for EOI and
Service                   Tourism, Parks,     RFT for five year contract
                          Heritage and the
Devonport Urban Bus        Department of      Probity adviser for introduction of urban bus
Service                    Infrastructure,    service (EOI and RFP)
                             Energy &
Antarctic Air Service        Australian       Tender for air service to and within Antarctica
Bruny Island Ferry             DIER           Probity adviser for commercial operation of
Service                                       ferry service

Major asset/ business sales
Project Name                   Client         Project Outline
Domain Campus              Department of      Probity Adviser
Expressions of Interest     Economic
Sale of Lands Building    Motor Accidents     Probity Adviser for EOI
                          Insurance Board

Commercial developments
Project Name                   Client         Project Outline
Pump House Point           Department of      Probity Adviser for EOI (four stage process)
                          Tourism, Parks,
                          Heritage and the
Hobart Waterfront          Department of      Probity Adviser
Project                       Primary
                          Industries, Water
                              and the
Hunter Street              Department of      Probity Adviser appointed to oversee the
                            Economic          Business Development Plan process for the
                           Development        Henry Jones/IXL Building development in
                                              Hunter Street.
North West Industrial      Department of      Probity Adviser
Estate                      Economic
Roads and bridges
Project Name                    Client          Project Outline
Sorell Causeway Bridge          DIER            Probity Adviser for the Sorell Causeway
($20M)                                          Bridge EOI and RFT Design and Construct
Hagley – Westbury               DIER            Probity Adviser for the Expression of Interest
Bypass                                          and Request for Tender for the Hagley-
($30M)                                          Westbury Bypass Design Build and Maintain
Red Bridge Restoration          DIER            Review of pre-registration process

Paradise Gorge                  DIER            Probity Adviser for RFT
Roadworks ($1M)

Information technology and communications
Project Name                   Client           Project Outline
Telecommunications         Department of        Probity Adviser
Infrastructure REOI      Treasury & Finance

Web Content                Departments of       Probity Adviser for RFP
Management System           Justice and
Document                   Department of        Probity Adviser for Request for Tender
Management System           Education

LOGONS Project           Local Government       Probity Adviser for EOI and RFT process
                           Association of
Registration and               DIER             Probity Adviser for selection of software
Licensing Reform                                developer

Project Name                    Client          Project Outline
Municipal Valuations        Department of       Probity Adviser for RFT process for valuation
                          Primary Industries,   services for five councils
                            Water and the
Office Requisites           Department of       Probity Adviser for RFT
                           Tourism, Parks,
                          Heritage & the Arts
Road Safety Task Force          DIER            Probity Adviser for RFP process for
                                                advertising and public relations services

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