I am surprised and disappointed that a programme of the reputation by lindash


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									I am surprised and disappointed that a programme of the reputation and longevity of the ABC’s
‘Australian Story’ should choose to produce 3 episodes involving a case that is subject to appeal,
and one that is so undiscriminating and biased in its use of the evidence. On two occasions, at
two separate trials, juries have found no reason to acquit these men.

The "Australian Story" has allowed themselves to be an advocate to three men convicted of the
murder of Phillip Walsham. In recounting an unbalanced perspective, these episodes have
obscured and distorted evidence provided to the jury. I believe that the Australian Story has fed
into the sensationalist tendencies of current affair programs that generally are not associated with
the credibility of the ABC.


Up until now, I have let my evidence speak for itself. However, in light of what was presented by
the Australian Story, I have felt obligated to redress the lack of perspective in relation to my
evidence. I came forward out of a strong sense of social justice and integrity.

I am indeed amazed how my evidence and recorded statements have been taken out of context,
strategically manipulated or significant parts omitted. Collectively the information presented
has been misleading, and unrecognisable as the evidence I gave under oath.

Points of clarification that I believe were misrepresented include:
1. Attended my sister's 21st Party at my aunt and uncle's home
2. No vodka cocktails were served at the party let alone consumed by me. It was a small party
with an equal mix of family and friends on a Friday evening. I was assigned the task of taking
photos and serving food.
3. I was in a sober state, after cleaning up and headed home with my mother and sister
4. As the front passenger in the family car that was stationary at red lights, I was positioned
directly in front of the Stirling Station footbridge with clear vision.
5. Sitting at the red traffic lights waiting for them to change I can clearly recall what I witnessed.
These memories remain crystal clear to this day and include:
- Witnessing a group of figures ascend the stairs on the Stirling Station footbridge.
- Figures on the footbridge were in close proximity to each other, and then suddenly one of the
     figures of the group propelled backwards in a very athletic motion over footbridge. I followed
     the body and witnessed the body bounce a significant distance off the bitumen to my horror. I
     become fixated on the body to see whether there were any signs of life.
- The body was positioned on the south side of the footbridge.
- The only thing to break my line of vision away from the body on the road was a car that
     slowed down and then proceeded to drive around the body. This vehicle clearly saw the body
     on the road and deliberately missed the body before continuing down the road heading in a
     southerly direction. We did not have a mobile to call for assistance, so immediately left the
     scene to head home which was a short distance away, to ring 000 for assistance.

I have never sought an opportunity to comment in the public domain. However, in light of recent
publicity and what I believed was a misrepresentation of my evidence I feel I had a right to
respond as I presume that my credibility and reputation has been maligned as a result.


Clare Pigliardo

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