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                         Social Media Plan

Executive Summary
The InSinkErator Instant Hot Water Dispenser is a tool of convenience that has the ability to
improve the lives if its users. When used properly, social media is a tool that has the capability to
instill confidence and create an experience for the user, therefore improving business.
InSinkErator IHWD would greatly benefit from the powers of social media because it will help
the brand maintain confidence and loyalty among current and future consumers, and it will
increase awareness of the product and product category among the target audience.

When researching the InSinkErator IHWD, Key Advantage discovered that consumers are
already talking about the brand through online reviews and conversations on numerous websites.
Unfortunately, not all of the feedback is positive, which is something that almost all businesses
experience. Social media will give InSinkErator the opportunity to open up a discussion with the
people who are considering buying the product and those who already own it. It can help to
combat any negative stigma that people may have, and it will let InSinkErator directly speak
with them and help to restore their confidence.

Our plan includes the use of a blog, a Facebook fan page, a Twitter account and a YouTube
account, which will help to establish a social media presence and will allow InSinkErator to keep
their audience engaged. We have added suggestions for the current website that will make it
more interactive for the user. Our plan also includes extensive social media monitoring so that
the InSinkErator IHWD is able to have more control as to what is being said in regards to their

Key Advantage acknowledges that InSinkErator is the number one sold brand in the market for
instant hot water dispensers. We would like to take the InSinkErator IHWD to the next level by
making it the number one brand in customer loyalty and satisfaction, and we know that this can
be achieved through our social media plan.

Situation Analysis
In order to fully grasp how to best enter InSinkErator Hot Water Dispenser into the social media
realm, we have thoroughly researched InSinkErator, its current target audience, its market and
social media as a whole.
Overview of the Company:
InSinkErator is the world’s largest distributor of instant hot water dispensers and
disposals. Headquartered in Racine, Wisconsin, this division of Emerson is focused on
delivering quality products with quality service. InSinkErator provides 13 hot water dispensers
that can fit any household because they come in stainless steel for the modern home, chrome for
the traditional kitchen and colors for anyone who desires to be different. The hot water dispenser
releases water at 200 degrees F that uses less energy than a 40-watt light bulb and makes 60 cups
per hour.

Product Attributes:

      Sleek design that will complement any kitchen and home
      Most models have a 5 year warranty
      Dispensers can be used with tab water if no filtration system is purchased
      Can be used in a variety of ways:
           o Loosen jar lids
           o Remove labels from bottles
           o Remove wax residue
           o Polish silver
           o Polish jewelry
           o Faster cooking
           o Warming baby food
           o Quick first aid
           o Keeping food hot
           o Remove baked-on food
           o Freshen the air
           o Melt chocolate
           o Remove shortening
           o Clean cake decorator tips
           o Creaming butter
           o Removing skins
           o Cutting cheese
           o Cleaning cheese graters
           o Scooping ice cream
           o Warming pancake syrup

Prices range from $175 - $500

-Currently do print advertising for both consumer and trade publications
-Participate in national and regional trade shows, including Kitchen Bath International Show

InSinkErator is the premier manufacturer of hot water dispensers that focuses on world-class
service and products.
Needs of the market include:
§   Household products and appliances that work
§   Wants cooking to go quickly
§   Quick installation process
§   Multi-use products
§   Fast and reliable customer service
§   Return on investment
§   Eco-friendly products

The benefits that InSinkErator hot water dispenser has to offer this market are clear. The product
has over 100 uses, from cleaning silver to preparing pasta in less time. With the 5 year warranty,
InSinkErator owners know that if the product does stop working, they will be given a new
product. Even if the cost is a little high, consumers feel that the benefits of InSinkErator’s hot
water dispenser outweigh the cost. The products are eco-friendly, which is a major benefit to the
direct consumer.

Competitive Analysis
§ Hot water dispenser manufacturers are following similar trends.
§ Environmentally-friendly products and manufacturing processes
§ Sleek design
§ Using Twitter as a way to touch base with current and potential consumers. “Tweets” include
tips on home design, where to purchase products or offer customer service ideas
§ None of the InSinkErator's direct competitors are using social media specifically for their
instant hot water dispenser

Top 3 Competitors

1. Everpure
Tested Appliances was a water treatment company founded in 1933 by C.B. Oliver in Chicago,
IL. In 1957, the company changed its name to Everpure, and today, its corporate headquarters
are located in Hanover Park, IL. They claim to be the most recognized brand, and the worldwide
leader in water treatment products for the foodservice industry. They also specify that they care
about their residential consumers’ water the most. They carry many different water appliances,
including a variety of faucets. They have a special Helia series, which is a line of faucets that has
dual temperatures, chilled and nearly boiling from the same spout. These faucets can range
anywhere from around $500 to $1100. Customers can buy the products online. Everpure utilizes
a Twitter account:
2. Mountain Plumbing Mountain Plumbing was founded in 1997 in a partnership was Scotland
based McAlpine and Company Ltd. Today, they offer their customers the finest selection of
quality designer kitchen and bath accessories. Their focus is a combination of quality products
that are aesthetically pleasing, with a strong pride for superb customer service. They carry 38
different models of hot water faucets, and they have a huge color/finish selection. Some of their
faucets also include the hot water heater that the faucet requires. Prices range from $350-$1300.

3. Waterstone Faucets Waterstone Faucets was founded in 1999 by Chris Kuran. They began
with a specialty is drinking water faucets with custom finishes for designer kitchens, but have
now expanded into more items. They have two options for either a hot only faucet or a hot and
cold faucet. Both of these require a hot water tank. They have 30 different finishes available to
choose from. Waterstone offers a lifetime warranty on their products.

Challenges & Barriers to Purchase:
In this current economic climate, there are a few challenges and barriers that InSinkErator
potential consumers may experience. The price of the product itself is a major barrier. Some
homeowners may feel that a hot water dispenser would be nice to have, but aren’t willing to pay
over $500. Some homeowners, on the other hand, do not see the need for the product itself. The
target audience is on Facebook, but it is unclear how active the audience is on the site. The
length of time that it takes for the instant hot water dispenser to be installed is a major
barrier. Many remodeling homeowners are not willing to take the time to have the product
installed, especially since it requires a specific type of sink. If the homeowner does not own the
correct sink, that is an added, unforeseen expense.

SWOT Analysis:
Strengths: Strong current consumer loyalty, environmentally friendly product, sleek design

Weaknesses: Currently use no social media outlets, no brand awareness, long installation
process, negative reviews by consumers on social media sites

Opportunities: Improve the current product, document the process of the improvements on
social media sites in order to raise confidence and brand positioning among the consumers

Threats: Price, Competitors seen as more credible and reliable, current economic situation

Target Market

Primary Audience: Women ages 30-55 living in the United States
Demographics & Psychographics:
•    Married, 1-4 children
•    Four-year college degrees
•    Average household income per family
     $100,000 + per year
•    Active home remodelers
•    Eco-conscious individuals
•    Extra disposable income to spend on
      luxury items

Secondary Audience: Kitchen designers living in the United States
Demographics & Psychographics:
•  Self employed or work in small or large firms
•  Their clients have extra disposable income to spend
•  Interested in products that will satisfy the needs of their clients
   $100,000 + per year
•  Active home remodelers

Consumer Profile:
Meet Amy
Amy is a married mother of two who lives in Pewaukee, Wisconsin. Her husband Mark is a Vice
President at an integrated marketing communications firm located in downtown Milwaukee.
Although Mark is not home nearly as often as Amy, the two work closely together to raise their
children. Their oldest Levi is 5 and their youngest Sarah is 8 months. Her family’s annual
household income is $120,000/year.

Since Amy does not hold a job, she volunteers regularly at the community center and Levi’s
school. Amy enjoys cooking and she loves spending time in her kitchen. She watches local news
channels in the morning before the kids are up and in the evening after they go to sleep. She is
active online, reading various mommy blogs and checking for local news.
Occasionally, she will click on for national news stories.

Amy makes many of the household decisions, including purchase decisions involving household
appliances and tools. She does not spend her money frivolously; however she does like nice
things and enjoys a little luxury from time-to-time. She does not feel guilty about putting money
into home remodeling since she knows her family will be there for a while. She especially enjoys
upgrades to the kitchen that help make life a little easier on her and the kids.

Goal One: Maintain consumer confidence and loyalty for the
InSinkErator Instant Hot Water Dispenser among current users.
Objective: Increase customer satisfaction by 5% among current users of the product by the
end of the 2011 calendar year.

Strategy #1: Establish a social media presence online in an effort to increase brand awareness
and direct people to the InSinkErator IHWD website.

Currently, InSinkErator IHWD does not engage with social media sites such as Twitter and
Facebook. The global nature of social media will allow InSinkErator IHWD to do the following:
• Reach the target audience and engage with them
• Build relationships with existing and potential consumers
• Offer information about features and benefits of InSinkErator IHWD
• Establish stronger brand awareness among the target audience

Tactic #1: Blog
Create a blog and establish industry- and product-related topics which will appeal to the target
audience of women between the ages of 30 – 55 and kitchen designers in the United States.
There will be a very visible link on the InSinkErator website which will lead the visitor to the
blog. The blog will contain links to retailers like and which will
increase sales. The current InSinkErator IHWD website has an area for this information,
however it could be more well-defined.

Posts will appear regularly (at least bi-weekly) to encourage viewers to engage with the blog by
commenting, etc. This will also keep consumers or potential consumers wanting to return to the
blog and thus boost traffic to the InSinkErator website. Blog topics include creative uses for
product, product updates/developments, and the company’s presence at upcoming events such as
building and construction industry shows and conventions. The blog will feature posts from all
areas of the company, from the CEO to an engineer. While the CEO would be responsible for
updating readers on company-related news, an engineer may write about a new design or product
feature. Having a variety of topics will keep readers engaged and it will attract both our primary
target audience as well as our secondary target.

Tactic #2: Facebook
Create a Facebook Fan page in an effort to increase the brand awareness among a large number
of social media users. Facebook page will include links to the InSinkErator IHWD website,
Twitter account, retailers such as and, and more. There are
currently more than 400 million active users of Facebook. The site has the power to reach mass
publics from a single platform. According to 2009 data collected from Google Insights and
Google Analytics, nearly 60 percent of global users are 35 years of age or older. This indicates a
growth in activity among adults and professionals, which fits the demographics of our target

Actively engage with fans to try to generate and maintain as many fans as possible. Respond to
visitors’ wall posts or comments within 24 hours. InSinkErator IHWD must establish a position
within this network if its strategic goal is to build brand awareness on social media channels and
stand up to its competitors online.

Tactic #3: Twitter
Create a Twitter account for the InSinkErator IHWD, having the account be separate from the
rest of the InSinkErator brand which includes garbage disposers. This will adequately address the
needs and wants of the target audiences. Twitter is a valuable application for InSinkErator
IHWD because it provides a sales offer, connects with leads and industry professionals, and
establishes the company as a social media leader within the instant hot water dispenser industry.
Also, Twitter is an outlet that can be used to gather and distribute industry-related information,
which may interest kitchen designers especially.

Twitter will allow InSinkErator IHWD to actively engage with its current and potential
consumers. Following people who are influencers in the industry – well-known kitchen designers
or women in the age demographic – will improve the Twitter experience. Retweeting comments
(positive or negative) and responding to them in a timely (within 24 hours) and an appropriate
manner will enhance the company brand name and position the brand as one that is honest and

The InSinkErator IHWD’s level of engagement with Twitter is critical. Twitter account activity
must be constant; tweeting 12-15 times per week to start, and increasing as needed, is
recommended. This will keep the audience engaged and willing to check back. The average
participation level among Fortune Global 100 companies is 27 tweets per week.

Tactic #4: YouTube
Produce short videos that will be posted on social media sites like YouTube, Twitter and
Facebook, as well as InSinkErator website’s home page in an effort to drive viewers to the

Videos will feature testimonials by current customers who are both satisfied and unsatisfied with
the IHWD. Statements from unsatisfied customers would be featured in the video to connect
with those consumers who may be having technical issues with their IHWD but still have a great
appreciation for the product. These customers would speak about how the product is a great
concept, but it could give them problems and be unreliable at times. These customers would
explain that after the new and improved product was installed in their homes, they noticed a
difference in quality, and as a result they have a renewed sense of trust in the InSinkErator company.
One video will include statements from the CEO or president of the company. The CEO or
president is the most credible source within the company for issuing statements or promising
product performance or results. This video would document the journey of how the product was
improved, featuring footage of engineers in brainstorm meetings, the product being
manufactured with extra care, etc. A popular local celebrity will be featured in one or more of
the videos. The videos will receive a higher amount of attention if they feature someone people
recognize and/or admire.

Strategy #2: Monitor current social media conversations related to the InSinkErator Instant
Hot Water Dispenser product line.

Tactic #1: Ice Rocket / Social Mention

Utilize social monitoring sites, such as Ice Rocket and Social Mention as a way to understand
what is being said about the InSinkErator Instant Hot Water Dispenser online.

Ice Rocket is a great way to measure what is being said on Twitter. Social Mention is a great
way to monitor the mentions on blogs and Twitter. This site puts together keywords for you and
measures the sentiment of the mention, whether that is positive or negative.

Tactic #2: TweetDeck software

Monitor mentions on Twitter by using TweetDeck software. TweetDeck is the best way to easily
monitor Twitter. It is very visual and easily laid out so that the viewer can see the mentions and
direct messages taking place on Twitter. With TweetDeck you can also keep track of certain
hashtags and searches.
Tactic #3: Product reviews

Monitor product reviews written by consumers on web sites where the product is sold, like and By monitoring these reviews, InSinkErator can easily make
adjustments to the product and quickly perform customer service if needed.

Goal Two: Increase awareness of the InSinkErator Instant Hot
Water Dispenser among the target audience.
Objective: Increase visits to the InSinkErator website by 10 percent among
the Target Market by the end of the 2011 calendar year.

Strategy #1: Enhance the InSinkErator website to improve the online user

Presently, InSinkErator IHWD does not use social media avenues such as a company blog,
Twitter, and Facebook. By utilizing these tools to direct current and prospective consumers to
the website, InSinkErator has an opportunity to build a stronger client base. In order to do so,
InSinkErator could make a few minor modifications to their current website.

Tactic #1: Product Generator
Develop an online product generator that allows prospective and current consumers to identify
the correct model for their usage. This tool would be linked to the front page of the InSinkErator
IHWD website for easy access. The user-friendly tool will utilize a drop-down menu to identify
preferences in product usage (hot v. cold or both), daily habits (cook, clean, or nurture) etc, as
well as budgetary factors. By allowing consumers to feel more engaged and confident in their
product selection, InSinkErator not only builds a brand loyalty with the consumer but also proves
its commitment to customer satisfaction.

Kitchen designers will also be able to utilize this tool during client consults. This will empower
the clients as well and as a result build brand loyalty.

Tactic #2: Customer Service Tool
Improve the customer service information availability on the website by creating a visible and
prominent tool. This tool will allow consumers to communicate directly with customer service
representatives via e-mail, phone, twitter and online instant messaging.

InSinkErator already has a prominent tab for Service and Support. It includes information on
how to register your product and avenues for troubleshooting through authorized service
agents. By utilizing an instant messaging tool as well as email, which allow for easy exchange
of information and product questions/problems, InSinkErator will not only be offering immediate
support to consumers but are also proving their dedication to the client. It is imperative to
recognize that many of the Facebook fan posts as well as Tweets may involve customer
dissatisfaction and that by having an avenue on the website for immediate support may be an
easy counter to the negative comments.

Tactic #3: Links
The website will also feature links to the company blog, Twitter account, Facebook Fan page and
YouTube channel. These links will provide easy access for current and future consumers to
become engaged in the InSinkErator brand. InSinkErator should continue linking and using
these channels in all of their social media endeavors until the channels are no longer relevant.

Strategy #2: Develop online communication with current customers to ultimately
bring them to the website for more information.

Tactic #1: Videos
Create a series of short videos that will be posted on the website’s home page and will feature
educational and experiential opportunities for consumers to see the benefits of the IHWD. The
videos will be distributed on social media sites such as YouTube and Twitter in an effort to drive
viewers to the web site by using strategic keywords and tags. The videos will vary from tutorial
videos, customer testimonials, celebrity spokespersons, and easy recipes using the product. They
could also include clips from any product placements made on television shows on channels like
HGTV and Bravo. (We recognize that this may be an expensive avenue, but could bring
countless opportunities to expand the client base). These videos should be updated at least bi-
monthly and then archived for any potential clients to view at a later date.

Tactic #2: E-newsletter
Distribute an e-newsletter via email blast to current consumers. InSinkErator can utilize a current
database to obtain email addresses from those who have purchased the product in order to
establish a mailing-base. The e-newsletter will contain information on product development,
company news, and an address from the CEO of InSinkErator. By including an address from the
CEO of InSinkErator, current customers will feel more connected with the brand. The e-
newsletter will contain links to each of the InSinkErator social media sites (Twitter, Facebook,
and blog) as well as to the videos stored in the website’s archive. This will bring customers to
the website and generate brand loyalty as well as encourage customers to get involved in the
social media conversation.

Final Thoughts
Key Advantage would like to thank InSinkErator Instant Hot Water Dispenser for giving us the
opportunity to create a social media plan for your product.

We have given you insights, ideas and tools to better connect with your consumers and to attract
new ones, as well. If used properly, social media can open up many doors and can establish
InSinkErator as a trusted and reputable brand in the instant hot water dispenser category. We
highly encourage you to take what we have given you and to devote time and consideration to
determine what will be the best for your product and your brand.

We remind you that social media is a two-way conversation, and should only be used if it can be
implemented and maintained 100%. Monitoring social media outlets and acknowledging both
satisfied and unsatisfied consumers is a critical aspect of a social media conversation, and
something that InSinkErator could greatly benefit from.

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