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									Ballet Dance Classes for All Ages

For those who are interested in dan
ce classes, ballet lessons in parti
cular, there are many options from
which to choose. In most areas you
will find ballet lessons that are a
vailable to students of all ages as
 well as a wide range of experience
 levels. Beginning adults are not u
ncommon today as more and more peop
le discover the fitness benefits of
 incorporating dance, such as balle
t into their fitness routine.

For children, ballet dance lessons
often begin quite early sometimes a
s early as the age of three. There
are no upward limits on ballet less
ons at this point in time to the be
st of my knowledge. As long as the
students are physically able to do
the moves and have a sincere desire
 to do so, I honestly cannot see th
em being turned away from a studio
that is truly dedicated to sharing
the passion of dance.

Ballet dance lessons can teach impo
rtant lessons to people of all ages
 that go well beyond your typical d
ance moves. In fact, one of the gre
atest lessons that ballet dance cla
sses teach students is the lesson o
f discipline. Discipline is require
d in order to achieve greatness whe
n it comes to ballet or any other t
ype of dance or sport. The earlier
we learn this lesson the better off
 we will be. I recommend getting yo
ur children involved in some sort o
f creative movement dance or gymnas
tics course as close to the age of
3 as the dance schools in your area
 allows in order to instill the pri
nciples of practice as early as pos

Ballet dance classes for little one
s is also an important tool for hel
ping them learn important socializa
tion skills such as sharing attenti
on, taking turns, and working as pa
rt of a group. Your child will look
 forward to the experience each and
 every week and it will burn off a
little bit of his or her excess ene
rgy. As a parent I cannot possibly
stress the importance of this on oc
casion as it might provide the rare
 evening where there are no argumen
ts when bedtime rolls around.
As your child ages and progresses i
n his or her ballet education you w
ill find that your child is learnin
g more and more about the importanc
e of participation within a group,
the value of discipline, and perhap
s most importantly good self esteem
. These lessons are not to be taken
 lightly. Another great thing about
 ballet dance classes for children
and teens is that it keeps them up
and active every lesson they take a
nd every minute that they spend pra
cticing is a moment that they aren'
t sitting around mindlessly watchin
g television and playing video game
s or stuffing junk food into their

For adults, the value of ballet dan
ce lessons or any other form of dan
ce for that matter is much like the
 value it has for children and teen
s. Discipline is an important skill
 to learn and foster at any age. Ev
en those with some degree of discip
line already can often use another
reinforcement method and dance will
 definitely reinforce positive disc
ipline in a person. Another huge be
nefit is to ballet dance lessons fo
r adults is the fact that it is als
o keeping you active and on your feet.

Ballet dance is a form of exercise
that happens to work many major mus
cle groups at once. Ballet is a ver
y inviting form of exercise for man
y who would otherwise avoid exercis
e all together. The graceful flow a
nd form of ballet are also moves th
at force the dancer to bend and str
etch while maintaining excellent po
sture. The workout may be lower in
impact than many other workouts how
ever it is still burning calories a
t a much greater rate than sitting
around the house watching televisio
n. Ballet dance classes are a great
 activity to pursue at almost any a
ge provided you are in proper healt
h to handle the rigors of ballet dance.



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