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                                                                                                  Program, Holiday Inn Brisbane uses fully
                                                                                                  recycled toilet paper in each guest room,
                                                                                                  uses 98 per cent biodegradable pesticides
                                                                                                  and cleaners throughout the property,
                                                                                                  and introduced a range of new bathroom
                                                                                                  amenities with packaging made from corn
                                                                                                  starch that is 100 per cent biodegradable.
                                                                                                  The hotel team is a major contributor to the
                                                                                                  hotel’s green credibility. In 2008, the hotel
                                                                                                  engaged the IHG Green Aware training
                                                                                                  course to teach staff about air, water,
                                                                                                  recycling and energy.
                                                                                                  The hotel also has a Sustainability
                                                                                                  Committee, a team of staff who meet
                                                                                                  monthly to discuss creative and innovative
                                                                                                  strategies to reduce the hotel’s eco-footprint
                                                                                                  and make the property more sustainable.
                                                                                                  The Committee works to raise awareness of
                                                                                                  energy consumption, encouraging others
                                                                                                  to switch off appliances and lights when
                                                                                                  not in use, they have also purchased and
                                                                                                  implemented split recycle waste bins for

                                                                                                  all guest rooms and office spaces. The
                                                                                                  Committee has set printers to double-sided
                                                                                                  printing, recycles wire coat hangers and
                                                                                                  becomes involved in green events, such as
Winning the award for Best Environmental Practice at the 2009 QHA                                 Walk to Work Day and Earth Hour.
Awards for Excellence, the Holiday Inn Brisbane is truly committed to                             One of the biggest changes the Committee
the environment around us as well as the comfort and needs of the                                 has achieved is the switch from bottled water
thousands of guests that stay at the hotel each year.                                             to reusable drink bottles for staff. More than
                                                                                                  26,000 plastic water bottles were being used
                                                                                                  and thrown away annually by staff within the
                                                                                                  hotel. Each team member has received a
The Holiday Inn Brisbane began its days in        sustainability; we see it as important to
                                                                                                  branded water bottle to refill and reuse and
1986 as the iconic Brisbane City Travelodge       running a well balanced business that
                                                                                                  the hotel has stopped supply of bottled water.
and fast became a favourite destination for       considers all stakeholders, owners and
visitors to Queensland’s capital city. Branding   ourselves as managers, our guests, our great    “Being environmentally conscious doesn’t
to Holiday Inn Brisbane in 2001, as part of the   team of people, and the community which we      have to cost anyone a lot of money or time.
InterContinental Hotels Group (IHG), Holiday                                                      It’s those simple measures that make an
                                                  engage our business in. The environmental
Inn has established itself as an excellent                                                        astounding difference in a relatively short
                                                  movement we have engineered over the past
                                                                                                  space of time,” said Raymond.
value, family friendly hotel.                     five years is only a small part of a greater
                                                  commitment to Responsible Business              “We will encourage our hotel team to keep
A 191 room, four star hotel located adjacent
                                                  which also includes safe work methods           thinking green and we will do our bit to help
to the Brisbane Transit Centre, the Holiday Inn
                                                  and protocols, and measuring a culture of       improve our sustainability.” Q
Brisbane has a goal to show commitment to
the environment every day - to take an active     commitment to our neighbours and wider
stance on environment and community issues        community audience.”
in order to drive increased value for the hotel   The Holiday Inn Brisbane is all about action
owners, guests, and its 150 colleagues.           when it comes to environmental practices.
“We are a proud advocate of responsible           The hotel has achieved and maintains a
tourism initiatives. We believe that travel and   Bronze benchmarking status with the EC3
tourism should be operated responsibly and        GreenGlobe Program and is audited regularly.
that the long-term benefits of taking this        Holiday Inn Brisbane is one of only a few
approach not only outweigh the costs, but         Brisbane hotels to boast a GreenGlobe status.
respond to two of our “Winning Ways”, To          More then that, in the 2009 submission,
Do the Right Thing and To Show We Care,”          the hotel was recognised with Above Best
explains Holiday Inn Brisbane General             Practice benchmarks in five out of 11
Manager, Raymond Faulkner.                        benchmarks, including its crucial approach to
“Responsible Business is no longer an             Policy on Environmental Sustainability.
adjunct to better returns and economic            To meet the high standards of the GreenGlobe


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