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Hay Happenings


Hay Happenings

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									                          Hay Happenings
                                                                                                    Hay Public School
                                                                                                   Phone 02 6993 1270

                                            Email—                          Term 1, Week 5
“Flourish to the end”                      Web Site                     24th February , 2010

                                                                                                Stars of the Week

                                                                                         KS    Savannah Johnston
                                                                                         K/1RH Michael Ferguson-
                                                                                         1/2S     Ethan Deacon
                                                                                         2C       Katie Arandt
                                                                                         3/4B     Samanatha Hutchison
                                                                                         3/4P     Laura Booth
                                                                                         3/4S     Tristan Gee-Harris
                                                                                         5/6HC    Luke Arandt
                                                                                         5/6M     Tyler Clancy
                                                                                         5/6P     Hannah Plant

                                                                                                K-6 Assembly
           Age Champions-Nathanial, Will, Brooke,Chloe-Jane, Katie, Will

Principal’s Report
                                                                                                  Friday 26th
It is wonderful to see how well our         of our students at Hay Public School                   February
students have settled into 2010 and         display exemplary behaviour at all
are on task ready to make this year a       times.
very successful one. Students have                                                           Time:- 12pm
                                            Pictured this week are our individual
willingly taken on board the
responsibilities of doing their best in
                                            champions at our school swimming                  K-2 Shelter
                                            carnival held on the 12th February.
the classrooms, listening to their          Well done to Will Barnes (Junior               K/1RH will present
teachers and making a real effort to        Boy), Chloe-Jane Simpson (Junior
improve and grow both academically          Girl), Nathanial Martin (11 years
                                                                                                an item
and socially.                               Boy), Brooke Arandt (11 years Girl),
At the end of this week, we will have       Will Booth (Senior Boy) and Katie                   ALL WELCOME
our first no-greenslip reward day and       Schipp (Senior Girl). These children
the majority of students are on track       along with 36 others will be
to receive this reward. We are still        representing Hay Public School at the     kitchen for our Kitchen / Garden
trialling the new Fair Discipline Policy    Deniliquin District carnival on Friday.   program. P&C is made up of hard-
which seems to be working quite             I wish them every success and would       working volunteers who actively
well. One of the main changes to the        like to thank Mrs Pearson for all the     raise money for our school to
policy      has     been:     improved      work she is putting into ensuring this    enhance          the      educational
communication to parents about              carnival will be a success.               opportunities for our students. They
children’s behaviour at school;             Finally, I would like to acknowledge
monitoring of behaviour over a                                                        do a fantastic job!
                                            the efforts of our wonderful P&C
period of time to reinforce our rules       who recently donated $38 891 to the       Have a great week!
and core values; and increased              school. $8 891 went towards the
consequences for students who               purchase of new computers for our         Carol Oataway
continually break our school rules.         computer room and $30 000
                                            towards the construction of the           Principal
I would like to emphasise that most
                                    Term 1, Week 5                                                        Page 2

                                                             Stage Three News
                                                             Parliament –Mufti Day
                                                             Tuesday 2nd March
                                                             Hay Public School in conjunction with the
                                                             Women About Hay group are inviting
                                                             children at our school to participate in a
                                                             mufti day to be held on Tuesday 2nd March in support of
                                                             the School of St Jude in Tanzania.
                                                             Gemma Sisia, the founder of the School of St Jude will be in
                                                             Hay next month and will be speaking at the International
                                                             Women’s Day to be held at the Spirit of Anzac Centre on
                                                             Friday, March 12th at 7pm.
                                                             Children are asked to donate a gold coin for this mufti day.
   ‘Stars of the Week’- Katie, Ethan, Savannah and Michael
                                                             Funds raised from this mufti day will be presented to
Stage 1 News                                                 Gemma Sisia.
This week Kindergarten and Stage 1 classes have              Leadership Day
commenced their Accelerated Literacy programs. We are        Next Wednesday our twelve parliamentarians will travel to
all very excited to start our new books and begin learning   Deniliquin to take part in a School Leadership Day – Rising
all about the authors. I am sure the children will enjoy     Generations. Students will participate in workshops that
reading their books and learning how to become a great       will promote leadership skills and values. They will then
writer. These are the books that we are reading for the      undertake to develop a school project that will reflect
next few weeks:                                              these skills and values throughout the year.
KS: Big Rain Coming by Katrina Germein                       Please note : departure time from school has
                                                             changed from 7.00am to 7.30am
K/1 RH: Alexander’s Outing by Pamela Allen                   Please ensure students provide their own recess,
1/2 S: Pig in the Pond by: Martin Waddell                    lunch and drinks for the day.

2C: There’s a Sea in My Bedroom by: Margaret Wild
                                                             FRIENDLY REMINDER!
HPS Rules:                                                   YEARS 3-6 MAGAZINE FOLDERS AND
                                                             KITCHEN GARDEN JOURNALS
At Hay Public School we have 4 main rules.
                                                             DUE BACK TO SCHOOL COVERED IN
These are:       I can do my best                            CONTACT BY THIS FRIDAY
                                                             THANK YOU!
                 I can be in the right place
                                                             MRS SEAMAN
                 I can respect all people

                 I can respect all property                  No Greenslip Reward
                                                             This Friday we will have our NO GREENSLIP REWARD
Students are reminded of these rules each day however        for all the children who have not received a greenslip this
some do not understand the rule about respecting all         term. The reward will be a games afternoon and a spider
people. At Hay Public School we like to see children         drink. Congratulations to all the children who have not
keeping their hands to themselves. Boys and girls are not to
                                                             received a greenslip!
tackle, push, pull, hit, kick or jump on any other student. If
they choose to hurt another child then the consequence is
a green slip. Please help by encouraging your child to Principal’s Special Award
respect all people and follow our school rules.                This Friday, two children from each class will receive a
Kindergarten:                                                  special award from Mrs Oataway for receiving the most
Kindergarten children are looking forward to making yellow awards in their class. This award will be presented
special hats in Library next week after reading The Kinder at Friday’s assembly. We will not be having a Principal’s
Hat by Morag Loh but they need an ice-cream container. If lunch at the end of the term. Instead, we will reward
you could help us out with any spare ice cream containers another two students at the end of the term for receiving
it would be very much appreciated. Thank you! Containers the most yellow awards.
can be taken to the Kindergarten room.
                                        Term 1, Week 5                                                        Page 3

Accelerated Literacy – Parent Information Evening               Permission notes have been issued and should be returned
As part of our National Partnerships program, Accelerated       to Mrs Pearson by Thursday.
Literacy is being implemented into every classroom at Hay       Our team will be supervised by Mrs Pearson, Mr Ayres and
Public School in an attempt to improve the literacy             Miss Peake.
standards of all students.                                      A list of qualifying children was published in last weeks Hay
Clare Crawford, a regional Accelerated Literacy consultant,     Happenings and the list is available on the school website,
will be running a parent information evening as to what         Any parents or community members who can assist (or
Accelerated Literacy is and how this will help your child       relieve) with time-keeping etc are asked to contact Mrs
with raising their literacy standards.                          Pearson asap.
Details are as follows:                                         Riverina Carnival
         Date:                              th
                            Wednesday, 10 March 2010            The Riverina Carnival will be held at Albury on Thursday 4th
                                                                March. Swimmers at the District Carnival will need to
         Time:              7pm                                 meet/beat qualifying times (and place first, second only) to
         Venue:             5M classroom (near Library)         participate in this carnival.
Please make an effort to come along.                            The NSWPSSA Championships will be held at Homebush
Kitchen Garden Volunteers                                       on 31st March/1st April (Week 10)
If you would like to help with the Kitchen Garden lessons 2 Hay FM Sports Report
this term, please complete the attached form.             Thanks to Will Booth and Liam Headon for presenting our
                                                          school sport’s report so well last Friday afternoon on 2
Kitchen Garden Volunteer                                  Hay FM. We hit the airways at approx 1.25pm each Friday.
                                                          ‘Sport’s Stars’ of the week were Katie Schipp and Chloe-
Name: _________________________________________________   Jane Simpson for their performance in the pool at our
                                                          carnival. Both were age champions and sliced a huge
Child’s Class: __________________                         amount of time from their entry times in many events.
Please circle the days you would like to help in the Kitchen    Cricket- District Trials (Boys)
                                                                Luke Arandt, Liam Headon and Jacob Headon-Doidge have
      TUESDAY             WEDNESDAY
                          WEDNESDAY              THURSDAY
                                                 THURSDAY       been selected to participate in the Deniliquin District
                                                                cricket trials on Monday 1st March (10.00am-12.00) The
      9th March
      9th March            10th March
                           10th March            11th March
                                                 11th March     venue is the Memorial Park cricket nets. Boys should wear
         3/4P                3/4B
                              3/4B                 3/4S
                                                    3/4S        cricket whites, hat, runners, sunscreen and have their own
      16 March
      16 March
                           17 March
                           17 March
                                                 18 March
                                                 18 March       drink bottle and cricket gear. Chris Hogan (Deni North)
          5/6P                5/6H
                               5/6H                 5/6M
                                                     5/6M       will supervise the trials.
      23rd March
      23 March             24th March
                           24th March            25th March
                                                 25th March     Ten players will be selected to advance to the Riverina
          3/4P                3/4B
                               3/4B                 3/4S
                                                     3/4S       Trials on Monday 8th March (Deni).
      30th March
      30 March             31st March
                           31st March             1st April
                                                  1st April     Stage 3 Sport
         5/6P                5/6H
                             5/6H           Easter Hat Parade
                                            Easter Hat Parade   Children wishing to try out for the school tennis team (and
                                                                not attending the swimming carnival) should bring in $2.00
Please return to Mrs Seaman or the yellow box.                  to Mrs Cullenward on Friday, as well as a hat and a water
Sports News                                                     Sports Dates
Deniliquin District Carnival
42 children have qualified for the District Carnival to be      26th Feb         District Swimming Carnival-Hay
held in Hay this Friday 26th February. Children should           st
                                                                1 March          District Cricket Trials (Boys)-Deniliquin
attend school as normal for roll marking. Miss Peake will
walk our team to the pool. All competitors need to be well      4 March          Riverina Swimming-Albury
protected from the sun –SLIP! SLOP! SLAP! When not               th
                                                                8 March          Riverina Cricket Trials (Boys)-Deniliquin
competing swimmers should stay in their designated area
and support the Hay team. Red shirts should be worn.            10th March       AFL District Trials-Deniliquin
Children should bring their own recess, lunch and a water       12 March         District Tennis Trials-Deniliquin
bottle. Lunch may be ordered and a canteen will operate.
Lunch will be provided for all officials.
            Hay Happenings is available by email by request to the front office and also on the website–
                             Add it to your favourites today!

 Coming Events                                                          THE ROWDY DELI CHOICES

 26th February                District Swimming Carnival
                                                                                Week 5
 26th February                No Greenslip Reward
 2nd March                    African Theme Mufti Day
 3rd March                    Student Leadership Day –              6 Chicken Nuggets $2.50
 10th March                   Parent Information Evening                     Smile– It’s free
                              Accelerated Literacy
 10th March                   P&C Meeting – AGM –
                              7pm                                                        P&C
 12th March                   Gemma Sisia – School of St
                              Judes -7pm                                                 AGM
                                                                                  Thursday 11th March
       FREE SCHOOL DENTAL CLINIC                                                7pm             Staffroom
      FORTNIGHTLY AT COMMUNITY                                                       All welcome
                HEALTH                                             If you would like more information on the P&C
                                                                      Federation Handbook or the constitution–
     PH: 1800 450 046 for an appointment
                                                                    please contact Serena Wall or call at the front
                                                                   Positions vacant are: President, Vice President
      P & C Merchandise                                             (x2), Secretary, Treasurer, Fete Coordinator,
                                                                           Catering Officer and Social Club.
       Lunch boxes $15.00

         Chair bags are currently out of stock
                                                                      University of NSW –
                        Until April/May
                                                                       International Competitions
                                                                      Please complete the entry form and return
  2010 General Service Contribution                                   it to the yellow box in the front office by
                           $25.00                                     31st March 2010.

Please find enclosed payment for:                                     Name:_________________________________
Student name_______________________Class_______

                                                                      Please tick
Student name_______________________Class_______
                                                                             Computer Skills               $6.00
                                                                             Science                       $6.00
Student name_______________________Class_______
                                                                             Spelling                      $8.00
Student name_______________________Class_______                              Writing                       $14.00
                                                                             English                       $6.00
  These funds assist with the supply of exercise books and other             Mathematics                   $6.00
             learning materials provided to students.

  Payments to the yellow box in the front office– thank you
                                                                      Total Enclosed                  $___________

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