Grain and Harvest

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					                                    GRAIN & HARVEST

Exhibitor Name                                  Site No Site Location

ABB Grain                                         310   South Hummocks Road
Adelaide Belt & Hose                              269   Kadina Road
Agco Australia Ltd                                551   Alford Road
Agridry                                           432   Cunliffe West Road
Agland (Site Sharer)                              635   Moonta West Road
Alford Hydraulics Pty Ltd                         540   Alford Road
Allied Grain Systems                              707   Pine Forest Road
Ashmore Engineering Pty Ltd                       272   Clinton Road
Australian Fumigation P/L                         205   Wintanerta Road
Australian Grain Accumulation                     625   Moonta Road
Balco Australia Pty Ltd                           223   Wintanerta Road
CBH Grain                                         111   Mackley Road
Centre State Exports                              611   Arthurton Road
Customvac Australia Pty Ltd                       443   Cunliffe Road
Dunstan Farmers Engineering                       268   Clinton Road
Elder Toepfer Grain                                1    Larwood Pavilion C, Mackley Road
Excel Agriculture                                 561   Alford West Road
Finch Engineering Pty Ltd                         219   Wintanerta Road
G & J East                                        553   Alford West Road
Glencore Grain Pty Ltd                            632   Moonta Road
Graincorp Operations Limited                      208   Wintanerta Road
Grant Sheds                                       227   Wintanerta Road
Hill River Hay                                     6    Larwood Pavilion C, Mackley Road
Knuckeys Winchelsea P/L                           816   Maitland Road
MacDon Australia Pty Ltd                          349   Boors Plains Road
Macey R K                                         169   Broughton Road
Mach Ag Solutions                                 615   Arthurton Road
Machinery & Equipment Brokers                      33   Arthurton East Road
Neils Parts                                       463   Cunliffe West Road
Pacific Seeds Pty Ltd                             339   Boors Plains Road
Pioneer Hi-Bred Aust                              512   Bute Road
Primary Industries & Resources SA                 609   Arthurton Road
Primary Sales Australia                           702   Pine Forest Road
Pumpa Engineering Pty Ltd                          32   Arthurton East Road
Rural Directions Pty Ltd                          327   South Hummocks Road
Rural Liquid Fertilisers Pty Ltd                  445   Cunliffe Road
Seed & Forage Bags P/L                            317   South Hummocks Road
Seed & Forage Bags P/L                            308   South Hummocks Road
Sharmans                                          293   Clinton Road
Ultrasafe Products P/L                            313   South Hummocks Road
Vennings                                          617   Moonta Road

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