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									  FUNERAL SONGS
                                                                         DANIEL MUDIE CUNNINGHAM

                 What song do you want played at your funeral? Daniel Mudie Cunningham has been asking that
             question of artists and artworkers throughout 2007. Over 150 people answered it in all manner of ways
          that ranged from the profound to the playful. Some of the songs selected deliberately tug at the heartstrings,
                while others make you want to drop everything and dance. The idea for Funeral Songs is based in
                personal experience. Weeks before the artist’s brother unexpectedly died in 2000, he’d mentioned
                    what song should be played at his funeral. Amid the grief, the song choice was forgotten.
                      Now recalled several years on, the song features in Cunningham’s curated readymade
                                             archive of music you can live or die to.

                                                                              MOP Projects
                                                                             13 – 17 DECEMBER 2007

                                                         Proud Mary           DANIEL MUDIE CUNNINGHAM                       Tina Turner
                                  Silver Springs (Demo Version)                      DREW BICKFORD                          Fleetwood Mac
                                                     That’s the Way                  GEORGE ADAMS                           Led Zepellin
              Last Night I Dreamed That Somebody Loved Me                               RON ADAMS                           The Smiths
                       Make Me Smile (Come Up and See Me)                          ELVIS RICHARDSON                         Steve Harley & Cockney Rebel
                                                                Glory                LIONEL BAWDEN                          Liz Phair
                                          Journey of the Sorcerer                      NAOMI OLIVER                         Joby Talbot
                                                  Drinking Woman                     SARI TM KIVINEN                        Will Oldham
                                       Were You A Witness [pt.3]                       NOLA FARMAN                          Diamanda Galás
                                                 I’ll Be Seeing You                 KURT SCHRANZER                          Sarah Vaughan
                                                              Gravity                   MEL CURTISS                         Bic Runga
                                                              Heroes                   JUDY ANNEAR                          David Bowie
                                                           Hallelujah                LAUREN BROWN                           Jeff Buckley
                                              Doctor Who Theme                      SARAH GOFFMAN                           Ron Grainer & Delia Derbyshire
             You’re The Best Thing That Ever Happened To Me                         TRACEY MOFFATT                          Gladys Knight & The Pips
                                                     Length of Love                      MIMI TONG                          Interpol
                                                  When Doves Cry                   KATTHY CAVALIERE                         Prince
                                                                  Fire                 TERRY HAYES                          Arthur Brown
                                                               Vogue                     TIM HILTON                         Madonna
                         Take Another Little Piece of My Heart                      MAGGIE MCCABE                           Janis Joplin
                                          Love Will Tear Us Apart                    LISA ANDERSON                          Joy Division
                             Sisters Are Doin’ It For Themselves                        JANE SMITH                          Eurythmics & Aretha Franklin
                                   Throw Your Arms Around Me                         DEBORAH KELLY                          Hunters and Collectors
                                                      The Ship Song                    MARK DE NYS                          Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds
                                                       Beautiful Day                  RUTH HASSALL                          U2
                                                    New Sensation                      MITCH CAIRNS                         INXS
                                                             Popcorn                   ADAM CULLEN                          Hot Butter
                                                Ain’t No Sunshine                      CASH BROWN                           Bill Withers
                                                                 Hurt           ANASTASIA ZARAVINOS                         Johnny Cash
                                                      Into the Night              ALAN CHOLODENKO                           Julee Cruise
                                              You Only Live Once                        ALISON GILL                         The Strokes
                                                        Blue Melody                  LEIGH CORRIGAN                         Tim Buckley
                             Soon This Space Will Be Too Small                         BEN DENHAM                           Lhasa De Sela
                                  Ding-Dong! The Witch Is Dead                       BIANCA BARLING                         Ella Fitzgerald
                                                         Little Room                     KATE SMITH                         The White Stripes
                                               Little Spanish Flea                     LIAM BENSON                          Herb Alpert & The Tijuana Bras
                                                       Pet Cemetary                   MICHAEL ROLFE                         The Ramones
                                                 Back in the USSR                    ILYA VOLYKHINE                         The Beatles
                                                     As Tears Go By                IRMINA VAN NIELE                         Marianne Faithfull
                                           Puff the Magic Dragon                        ALLAN GIDDY                         Peter, Paul & Mary
                                                 All Cats Are Grey               HARRIET NAPIER BIRKS                       The Cure
                      Tell Me More And More And Then Some                                JULIA PARK                         Nina Simone
                                                        The Big Ship                     JOHN DALY                          Brian Eno
                    Que Sera, Sera (Whatever Will Be, Will Be)                        CLARE MURPHY                          Doris Day
                                      Sunshine On My Shoulders                           BEN QUILTY                         John Denver
                                           Dark End of the Street                    DONNA MALONE                           Ry Cooder
                                                            Teardrop                   KALYI AMOTO                          Massive Attack
                                             Here Comes the Sun                         KRIS CARLON                         The Beatles
                                                    And When I Die                    KAY FAULKNER                          Blood, Sweat and Tears
                                                Pump Up the Jam                   THE MOTEL SISTERS                         Technotronic
                                                          White Flag                BIANCA ACIMOVIC                         Dido
                               When The Saints Go Marching In                              LIS RUIZ                         Mahalia Jackson
                                           Nothing Compares 2 U                      MELANIE MAHER                          Sinéad O’Connor
                                                               Failure                ARCHIE MOORE                          Swans
                                                                 Land                 CARLA CESCON                          Patti Smith
                                                         Perfect Day                     NUHA SAAD                          Lou Reed
                            Ruby Don’t Take Your Love to Town                         MARK SHORTER                          Kenny Rodgers
                                                 Heavenly Pop Hit                 ADRIENNE GRIERSON                         The Chills
                                                           River Man                     KEVIN FINN                         Nick Drake
                             And I Am Telling You I’m Not Going                         BEN ALFRED                          Jennifer Holiday
                                       Thank You For Hearing Me                     JEMIMA ISBESTER                         Sinéad O’Connor
                                                             Gett Off                BRIDIE CONNELL                         Prince
                                                      Various Times                   LUCY THURLEY                          The Fall
                                              Sorry, Wrong Show                      PETER MALONEY                          Stephin Merritt
                                         Monkey Gone to Heaven                         LUCIA ELLIOTT                        Pixies
                                                     Different Drum                       ANNE KAY                          Linda Ronstadt with The Stone Poneys
                                                     End of the Line           CHRISTOPHER HANRAHAN                         Traveling Wilburys
                                             California Dreaming                       DEBRA PORCH                          The Mamas & The Papas
                                                               Crying                     IAN WERE                          Roy Orbison feat k.d. lang
                                                        In this Heart                  TIM PLAISTED                         Sinéad O’Connor
                                               The Weeping Song                       ROBYN BACKEN                          Nick Cave
                                            Viorar vel til loftárása                 RICHARD WATTS                          Sigur Ros
                         The Homecoming Queen’s Got a Gun                                SODA_JERK                          Julie Brown
                                                       Ghostbusters                    THE ARTSWIPE                         Ray Parker Jr
                                                               Avalon                RICARDO FELIPE                         The Avaloners
                                             Whiter Shade of Pale                  LAUREL MCKENZIE                          Procol Harum
                                              Backwards Voyager                       LUIS MARTINEZ                         Dirty Three
                                              Are You Leaving Us                     ANDREA LEMON                           Andrea Rieniets
          When I Am Laid in Earth from Purcell’s Dido & Aeneas                         RUARK LEWIS                          Kirsten Flagstad
                                                    Plante un arbre                       SUE FELIX                         Richard Anthony
                                                  Sonny’s Burning                      RAAFAT ISHAK                         The Birthday Party
                                                             Float On                  TIM MAYBURY                          Modest Mouse
                                                              Heaven                   BRENDAN LEE                          Icehouse
                                                          Sand River               NANA OHNESORGE                           Beth Gibbons & Rustin Man
                                                 New Dawn Fades                          CASEY RICE                         Joy Division
                             Psalm 23: The Lord is My Shepherd                        JAMES DORAHY                          Huddersfield Choral Society & Wyn Morris
                       Carnival of the Animals: XIII. The Swan                         YENNY HUBER                          Barry Wordsworth & LSO
                                             Bohemian Rhapsody                      VINCENT WATSON                          Queen
                                               Twin Peaks Theme                            MS & MR                          Angelo Badalamenti
                                                       Oompa Radar                  RAYMOND HABER                           Goldfrapp
                                                             My Way                    DAVE PHILLIPS                        Frank Sinatra
         I Remember a Time When Once You Used to Love Me                             RUTH MCMILLAN                          Dirty Three
                                                   Die Another Day                GEORGE TILLIANAKIS                        Madonna
                                                   Hammond Song                    MATTHEW THOMAS                           The Roches
                                     I’ve Had the Time of My Life                   CAMILLE SERISIER                        Bill Medly and Jennifer Warnes
                                                        Hyber-ballad                   OWEN LEONG                           Bjork
                                                         Rock ‘N Roll               LIAM O’DONNELL                          Daft Punk
                                                           Undertow                    HELEN GRACE                          Leonard Cohen
                                                   It’s Oh So Quiet                     MINAXI MAY                          Bjork
                                                       Say Goodbye                  VAN SOWERWINE                           The Muppets
                                                     Sing Sing Sing                   ELIZABETH DAY                         Benny Goodman Big Band
                                         Pour Some Sugar on Me                      MICHELLE HANLIN                         Def Leppard
                                                Say a Little Prayer                   JOHN KIRKMAN                          Aretha Franklin
Don’t Worry Kyoko (Mummy’s looking for her hand in the snow)                        MICHAEL BUTLER                          Yoko Ono
                              Always with Me, Always with You                        PENNY BURNETT                          Joe Satriani
                                                Everything is Free                     CHERINE FAHD                         Gillian Welch
                                                I Wanna Be There                     TODD ROBINSON                          Model 500
                                                          Lovin’ You             JACQUELINE MILLNER                         Minnie Riperton
                                                        O Happy Day                 KIM CONNERTON                           Lauren Hill
                                                          Humor Me                     ANNA PETERS                          Pere Ubu
                                                     Heart and Soul                  DAMIAN DILLON                          Joy Division
                                                     Killed by Death                    MIKE RODDY                          Motorhead
      4th Movement Symphony #3 Text by Freidrich Nietzsche                          JOHN A DOUGLAS                          Gustav Mahler
                                                    3 Gymnopedies                 PRUDENCE MURPHY                           Eric Satie
                                                    Cheek to Cheek                 JULIANNE PEARCE                          Fred Astaire
                           I Just Wasn’t Made For These Times                        TODD MCMILLAN                          The Beach Boys
                                                   Motion Pictures                    CRAIG BENDER                          Neil Young
                         There is a Light That Never Goes Out                        MARITA FRASER                          The Smiths
                                                            The Rose               JESSICA OLIVIERI &                       Jessica Olivieri & Hayley Forward
                                                                                   HAYLEY FORWARD
                                                    True Colors                    MONIKA BEHRENS                           Cyndi Lauper
                                                    Perfect Day                     NOEL FRANKHAM                           Lou Reed
                                                            Liar                       DANIEL KOJTA                         Henry Rollins
                                                Sarlo Akrobata                       JELENA TELECKI                         Niko Kao Ja
                        Maraire: Kutambarara (“Spreading”)                             HELEN PYNOR                          Kronos Quartet
                                                      En Bateau                        JENNY GRIGG                          Debussy
                                      Never Going Back Again                      KENZEE PATTERSON                          Fleetwood Mac
                                                         Avalon                     RUSSELL STORER                          Roxy Music
                                                   Stayin’ Alive                  CLINTON GAROFINO                          The Bee Gees
                                                 This is My Life                      LUKE ROBERTS                          Shirley Bassey
                                                   Feelin’ Good                          ERNA LILJE                         Nina Simone
                                                  Into My Arms                      GERALDINE MILLS                         Nick Cave
                                                The Long Road                      MICHAEL KEIGHERY                         Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan & Eddie Vedder
                                                     Danny Boy                    MARGARET MAYHEW                           The Muppets
             Ladies and Gentlemen We are Floating In Space                            ANDREW FROST                          Spiritualized
                                     God’s Away on Business                            TEO TRELOAR                          Tom Waites
                                                           Fame                      ELIZABETH PULIE                        Irene Cara
                                                    These Days                          EMMA WHITE                          Nico
                                                      Hallelujah                          TOM POLO                          Jeff Buckley
                                            Adagio in G minor                      MICHAELA GLEAVE                          Albinoni
                                               Se Telefonando                         JOSEPH ALESSI                         Mina
                                                       Miserere                         ALICE AMSEL                         Ennio Morricone
                                             I Found a Reason                           ZANNY BEGG                          Cat Power
                                               More Than This                          DANIEL GREEN                         Bill Murray
                                                  Northern Sky                   SAMANTHA EDWARDS                           Nick Drake
                                                      Let Down                       SEAN RAFFERTY                          Radiohead
             Puccini: Madama Butterfly - Un Bel Di, Vedremo                      EUGENIA RASKOPOULOS                         Maria Callas
                                                         Candle                        NAOMI EVANS                          Sonic Youth
                                 Down in a Hole (Unplugged)                               JON WAH                           Alice in Chains
                                          Is That All There Is?                     ELIZABETH REIDY                         Peggy Lee
                                  Goodbye Yellow Brick Road                              TIM SILVER                         Elton John
                                            You Set the Scene                             GUS BOKE                          Love
                                         Kinders van die Wind                        RICARDO PEACH                          Laurika Rauch
                                      Depressing Karaoke Bar                           LISA ANDREW                          Lisa Andrew
The Shoes of the Fisherman’s Wife are Some Jive Ass Slippers                             KATIE DYER                         Charles Mingus
                             Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go                               SALLY BRAND                          Wham
                                                          4’ 33”                  ADAM COSTENOBLE                           John Cage
                                               I Am What I Am                         RACHEL SCOTT                          Shirley Bassey
                            Bloody Mother Fucking Asshole                          EMMA CRIMMINGS                           Martha Wainwright
                                                      Macarena                        MAT DE MOISER                         Los del Río
                        There is a Light That Never Goes Out                          MANYA GINORI                          The Smiths
                                            Calling All Angels                        SALLY GALOVIC                         Jane Siberry feat. k.d. lang
                                                       Porcelain                      TREVOR MUDIE                          Moby
                                             The Lord’s Prayer                          PHILIP WHITE                        Kamahl
                                             Heaven Can Wait                            BILL COOPER                         Meatloaf
                                                         Sailing                    PAULINE COOPER                          Rod Stewart
                                    The Rocky Road to Dublin                        WILLIAM COOPER                          The Dubliners
                                       The Pearl Fisher’s Duet                     WAL CUNNINGHAM                           Andre Bocelli & Bryn Terfel

                                                                         5 Daniel Mudie Cunningham, Porcelain, 1985/2007
                                                                         6 Daniel Mudie Cunningham, Proud Mary, 1984/2007

                             Thursday – Saturday 1 - 6pm
                               Sunday – Monday 1 - 5pm
                                          (02) 9699 3955
                                                                                                    The project was assisted by
                                 2/39 Abercrombie Street                                                                    a grant from the New South
                         Chippendale NSW 2008 Australia                                                                     Wales Government – Arts NSW,
                                                                                                                            through a program administered
                                                                                                    by the National Association for
                                                                                                                            the Visual Arts (NAVA).

                                                                                          DESIGN: JULdesign 2007

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