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					From the Boundary
October 2009

Pre-season training
First and foremost Council would like to thank clubs for the understanding and professional
approach to the pre-season training restrictions applied for both the summer and winter clubs
in 2009. Many clubs managed well and even sought alternate venues or styles of training …
well done!

Despite the early rain fall there is a strong chance that this upcoming summer could be the
driest on record. With this continuing heat, water restrictions and the condition of grounds
being such a high priority the City of Boroondara, as per last year, is not permitting any pre-
season training prior to Christmas 2009. This restriction endeavours to prevent excessive
wear on playing surfaces and provide us with the best chance to maintain playing surfaces for
both summer and winter seasons.

Please ensure that your committee is aware of all relevant information and applications for
pre-season training in the New Year are completed shortly after request from the Sports
Liaison Officer.

Winter 2010
With a wet and wild start to the cricket season it’s only fitting that it’s time for the winter clubs
to apply for grounds for 2010. Access the 2010 Winter Seasonal Tenancy Guide here. Please
read the guide carefully to ensure you and your committee members aware of all
responsibilities as tenants of Council.

A new finance system has been implemented at Council to more effectively manage security
deposits. The new system will invoice you directly for the bond payment. Deposits will be
requested closer to the commencement of the winter season, please do not attach any
payments to your tenancy application.

Applications for winter 2010 must be returned by 1 December 2009. Please forward to
Council via one of the following methods:

Clare Graham
Sports Liaison Officer
City of Boroondara, Parks & Gardens
Private Bag 1
Camberwell VIC 3124

Fax: 9278 4596      (Att: Clare Graham)

Clubs at grounds with Advisory Committees are asked to forward your applications to the
nominated contact as set down in Attachment 1 of the Seasonal Tenancy Guide by 1
December 2009.

Warm season grass conversions 2009-10
Summer 2009-10 sees 11 grounds converted to warm season grass, these grounds being:

Reserve                           Type of conversion
Hartwell West                     Line planted with couch
Highfield Park south              Line planted with couch
Burke Road South                  Line planted with couch
Stradbroke South                  Line planted with couch
Watson Park                       Line planted with couch
Frog Hollow                       Line planted with couch
Myrtle West                       Encourage development of existing warm season grass
Leigh Park                        Encourage development of existing warm season grass
Macleay 2                         Line planted with couch
Anderson Park (east and west)     Line planted with Kikuyu

Initial steps to commence the program started in August at all the line planted grounds with
the existing winter grass killed. Line planting then occurred in the first week of September
providing four weeks to develop prior to the start of the cricket season.

Council understands that any works to grounds that limits accessibility is an inconvenience to
clubs and we appreciate everyone’s patience. Council’s vision is for the long term
sustainability of the sportsgrounds for continued use for future generations.

This year’s grounds are showing signs of grass growth in the lines and we look forward to
watching the development over the next few months of summer. The line planting program is
a two year process and it is anticipated that grounds will have approximately 70% coverage
by the conclusion of the summer.

There are a number of grounds that are now at the end of their two year program. It is well
worth your club having a look at Victoria Park, Gordon Barnard Reserve and Camberwell
Sportsground – this will provide you with an idea of what is being achieved after two years.
Nine grounds were converted in summer 2008-09 and please take the time to inspect these
facilities also. Hays Paddock South, Dorothy Laver West and Eric Raven Reserves are
definitely worth a visit.
Pavilion inspections and handover
I would like to congratulate all clubs for a super turnout this September at handovers; I was
not stood up once!!

There was a marked improvement in all clubs efforts with regards to cleaning and key
collection and I hope that this will be the beginning of setting high standards for all tenants for
the future. Well done!! Please refer to the Seasonal Tenancy Guide to gain a clear
understanding of your club’s responsibilities.

I would also like to congratulate those winter clubs at shared facilities who put in a great team
effort this year. Please note that Council can arrange for professional cleaning if necessary
and this cost can be shared between all tenants for the season regardless of their hours of
usage, however it would be a cheaper endeavour to arrange cleaning internally and share the

Community, casual and unauthorised use of sportsgrounds
As all of you are aware Boroondara is very proud of its parks, sportsgrounds and formal
gardens. These areas are a welcome place of relaxation and recreation for a wide variety of
the community. In an attempt to protect grounds for formalised play by tenant clubs, Parks
and Gardens is currently limiting the casual use of sportsgrounds for organised sporting

Council continues to experience issues with unauthorised groups utilising Boroondara’s
grounds and with the assistance of our Local Laws Department and Park Ranger we are
succeeding in the fight to move these large groups to other reserves that are not utilised by
tenant clubs. Please contact Parks and Gardens if you are concerned about any unauthorised
competition at sportsgrounds within Boroondara.

Bins and rubbish
With the pressure to be greener and more aware of recycling initiatives, rubbish and bins
continue to be an ongoing issue for all clubs. Please take the time to read your responsibilities
in Section 10 of the Seasonal Tenancy Guide. Investigating alternate methods of disposal, for
example skip hire may be a positive approach your club could take towards excess rubbish.
The club would be required to seek permission from Council. A formal consultation with
residents will occur prior to approval being granted.

Wheelie bins provided by Council should be placed out for collection as per residential
collection days. A schedule of collection days can be found via this link to Waste and
recycling pages on this website.

All tenant clubs are expected to work collaboratively at their grounds to ensure the reserves
and pavilions are left neat and tidy for all to enjoy. Could you please remind all players and
spectators that the smaller park litter bins are for the public park users only and club rubbish
should be placed in large wheelie bins provided or taken off-site by club members?
Fees notices
All cricket clubs are now settled and the season is fully underway. Notification of ground
allocations has been received by all tenants and invoices for all summer tenants for the 2009-
10 season will be forwarded shortly.

Update to Seasonal Tenancy Guide

Clubs are requested to review section 7 of the Seasonal Tenancy Guide as there has been an
update to guidelines regarding signs on Council land. This update details clubs’
responsibilities with regards to sponsorship and club signage on grounds and pavilions.

Signage trial

Parks and Gardens in conjunction with Local Laws is currently trialing signage at Victoria Park
in Kew, to educate dog owners of their responsibilities when there is organised activity on a
sportsground, such as training or match play. The signs detail that dogs are not permitted on
the sportsground during those times. If the trial is successful consideration will be given to roll
out the signs at various sites across the municipality.

Weather/rainfall facts and figures

Did you know that you can log onto the internet and keep updated on the current weather
conditions in Melbourne? Visit You can also find out more about our
water storage levels and the city’s water usage at

It is suggested that Australia may expect more frequent extreme weather conditions
associated with climate change. The Cancer Council advises now that there are five
messages regarding sun protection – Slip, Slop, Slap, Seek shade and Slide on some
sunglasses. Clubs are encouraged to educate not only the participants, but also club
volunteers and the spectators at the facility. Further information and suggestions on heat
policies and guidelines can be found at and .

Club culture and liquor
The Australian Drug Foundation has a program called “Good Sports” that encourages clubs to
promote positive approaches to liquor and liquor consumption. A large number of Boroondara
clubs are already accredited in the program and feedback has been positive. Council
encourages all clubs within Boroondara to become a part of this program – further information
can be found at .

Please read the article from the The Sunday Age that highlights areas of community concern
regarding alcohol consumption at grassroots level – well worth a read!
If your club has a liquor licence or is seeking one for the future, information can be found on
the Victorian Consumer Affairs website Council now has the
opportunity to place conditions on liquor licenses, for example: a wet and dry area in a
pavilion. This is an area that Parks and Gardens will be exploring with the Statutory Planning
Department as conditions such as these will allow Council to play a role in ensuring safe and
responsible behaviour within all Council managed facilities.

Each new edition of From the Boundary will now include a snippet from
another area of Council highlighting new initiatives they are implementing
or simply information on what they do. The aim of this section is to keep
you informed of all aspects relating your park use.

Boroondara tree report – Senior Arborist (Stewart Campbell)

The City of Boroondara manages approximately 125,000 trees over a large area and within
many varied landscape contexts. In 2009, 4,000 new street and park trees were planted.

Council undertakes a scheduled inspection program of all trees growing on Council managed
land. This proactive program identifies and mitigates future tree related incidents rather than
a reactive system that attends to incidents as they occur.

While it is not possible to avoid all risk associated with trees, Council managed facilities and
properties that contain trees are allocated into risk zones based upon the occupancy levels of
the area surrounding the trees by members of the community.

Based on these zones, Council’s tree maintenance programs include:

          •   an annual inspection of trees within a childcare facility or in the vicinity of a park
              playground, building or picnic area
          •   a two-year inspection cycle of street trees, trees within a Council facility, public
              car park and high-use parks
          •   a three-year inspection of trees located in open park areas where public
              visitation is less frequent.

Trees within the vicinity of a sportsground are inspected every two years while trees within the
vicinity of a pavilion are inspected annually.

The scheduled inspection of Council managed trees enables the prioritisation of works and
ensures that the rich diversity and maturity of trees that the City of Boroondara is renowned
for are maintained and enhanced for inheritance by future generations.

See you next time – From the Boundary!

Clare Graham
Sports Liaison Officer

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