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Friendship Bingo

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									                        Friendship Bingo

Someone who          Someone who likes       Someone who is the      Someone who has
barracks for the     eating broccoli.        same star sign as me.   the same type of pet
same football team                                                   as me.
as me.

Someone whose        Someone who likes       Someone who lives       Someone who has
favourite sport is   noodles.                in the same street as   been on holiday t
the same as mine                             me.        the same     place as me.

Someone who can      Someone whose           Someone who has         Someone who can
knit.                favourite book is the   been to the Museum      play chess.
                     same as mine.           in the last month.

 Someone who has     Someone who was         Someone who travels     Someone who plays
the same number of   born in the same        to school the same      a musical instrument.
family members as    month as me.            way as I do.

                           Australian Children's Television Foundation
                           Friends Forever - Lesson 2 - Worksheet 3

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