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					For Tender
On behalf of Lease Plan Australia
Tender number TMTDR02. Tender closes Friday 26 February, 2010

Vehicle operated by Australian Customs & Border Protection Service, Christmas Island
For Tender
On behalf of Lease Plan Australia
Tender number TMTDR02. Tender closes Friday 26 February, 2010

                       Vehicle specifications:
                       Build date:                 2005( Complied 01/10/2005 )
                       Make:                       Toyota
                       Model:                      Landcruiser GXL
                       Body:                       4x4 Wagon
                       Registration number:        1CIO821
                       Kilometers:                 40,000 ( approx )
                       Colour:                     White
                       Engine:                     4.7 Litre V8 Petrol
                       Transmission:               Automatic
                       VIN / Chassis number:       JTEHT09J105511351
                       Engine number:              2UZ9148372
                       Registration:               The vehicle is being sold unregistered
                       Options:                    Dual Battery with Electronic Auto Switching,Electric Winch,
                                                   Air Conditioned, Anti Lock Brakes (ABS), Dual Airbags, Power
                                                   Steering, Steel Bull Bar, Cargo Barrier, Rubber Mat Set, 3500kg
                                                   Towpack & Window Tint

                       Viewing Enquiries
                       The vehicle is located at Christmas Island Police Station, Gaze Rd, Christmas Island and can
                       be viewed from there.
                       The vehicle is being offered for sale by public tender on the basis of AS IS, WHERE IS condition.
                       Delivery will be given as viewed on the Christmas Island
                       Prospective purchaser may obtain tender documents and the keys to inspect (but not drive)
                       the vehicle from : Myles Pickett, Australian Customs & Border Protection Service.
                       Phone: 08 9164 7228
                       The vehicle will only be available for inspection from Monday 8th to Friday 12th February
                       2010 between 8.30am and 4pm.
                       NB: No GST credits are available on the sale of this vehicle.

                       Tender Enquiries:
                       Allan Turner
                       National Business Development Manager
                       Fleet & Lease
                       Trucks & Machinery
                       Ph: 07 3868 9987
                       Mobile: 0407 494 388
                       Fax: 07 3868 9910
                       available for view on our website
For Tender
Terms & Conditions of Sale
1.    All tender responses must be in writing and display the correct tender     15. All Lots having been made available for inspection prior to auction,
      number.                                                                        are offered for sale “as is where is “ with all faults ( if any ). To the
2.    The Tender closes at 4.00pm ( Christmas Island time ) on Friday 26             full extent permitted by law and notwithstanding the contents of or
      February, 2010 Tenders must be lodged at ManheimFowles in the                  any description given in any catalogue, advertisement, or other
      following manner:                                                              material issued by the Agent in relation to a Lot, no express or implied
      Fax:                                           Mail                            condition, warranty or guarantee is made or given in relation to that
      Attention: Allan Turner                        Attention : Allan Turner        Lot as to its condition, quality, fitness for purpose, merchantability or
      ManheimFowles                                  ManheimFowles                   compliance with description. Without in any way limiting the
      Fax number : 07 3868 9910                      PO Box 1453                     foregoing, any description of a Lot described as including air bags
                                                     Eagle Farm QLD Aust 4009        or anti locking braking system ( ABS ) does not indicate any warranty
      Email:                                                                         or reassurance that such air bags or ABS are fitted, complete,
      To be sent to :                              functioning or fit for the purpose for which they were designed. To
      Emails must contain all information as nominated on the tender form            the full extent permitted by law, the Vendor and the Auctioneer will
      NB: Tenderers should note that neither the Seller or Agent will take           not be liable for any loss damage cost or expense suffered or incurred
      any responsibility for tenders which are lodged by fax or email and are        by a purchaser arising out of the sale and purchase of a lot. Subject
      not received due to electronic / technical difficulties.                       to all applicable laws, any liability of the Auctioneers shall be limited
3.    A fully refundable deposit (if unsuccessful), of $500 made by CASH,            to a refund or credit of the charge made for services provided by the
      BANK CHEQUE OR ELECTRONIC TRANSFER and payable to                              Auctioneers.
      ManheimFowles is required with the lodgement of all tenders. A tender      16. All vehicles are sold as unregistered unless otherwise stated by the
      which is lodged by either fax or email must have the required deposit in       Agent.
      cleared funds in the Agents nominated Bank account by the time the         17. Any deficiency in the goods sold shall not vitiate the sale, but neither
      tender closes.                                                                 the Vendors nor the Auctioneers shall be bound to deliver more than is
4.    Full payment must be received by the Agent in the form of CASH, BANK           in their possession.
      CHEQUE or ELECTRONIC TRANSFER within 5 working days of notification        18. Any duties, taxes or delivery charges are to be paid by the purchaser
      of success of tender (Bank cheques should be posted to):                       where and when applicable
      Attention Allan Turner.                                                    19. Unless other wise stated, delivery of goods will be from the location at
      ManheimFowles,                                                                 which they have been inspected
      PO Box 1453,                                                               20. Goods will be available for pick up by appointment only and following
      Eagle Farm, Qld 4009, Australia.                                               receipt of full payment. All goods must be cleared from the premises
5.    Terms are strictly CASH, BANK CHEQUE or some forms of ELECTRONIC               within 5 working days of receipt of full payment unless prior
      TRANSFER before delivery unless prior banking arrangements have                arrangements have been made with the Agents
      been made.                                                                 21. All Lots shall be at the buyers risk from the time they are notified that
6.    Ownership of the goods shall not pass to the buyer until the Agent has         they have been successful in the sale. Neither the Seller nor the Agent
      clear title to the full payment from the buyer.                                shall be accountable for any deficiency, damage or loss which may
7.    All payments being made direct to the bank must go to:                         arise thereafter
      National Australia Bank                                                    22. Neither the Seller nor the Agent shall be responsible for any damage
      Brisbane Capital Office                                                        to property ot injury to or death to persons incurred during the
      Branch Number : 084 004                                                        removal of Lots purchased.
      Fowles Auction Group Trust Account Pty Ltd                                 23. The Auctioneer does not warrant that any electrical or mechanical
      Account number: 478907592                                                      appliance, plant and/or equipment complies with the requirements of
8.    All offers, deposits and full payment to be made in $ A (Australian)           any Federal or State Workplace Health and Safety Acts and Regulations.
9.    All bid prices are GST exclusive as the sale is considered to be an            Where practical to do so and where the equipment may be used in
      offshore transaction. As a consequence, no GST credits will be                 a workplace as defined under any Workplace Health and Safety Act, the
      available to the purchaser                                                     Auctioneer has requested the Vendor to display a statement with the
10.   At the time of payment, the buyer will be required to pay a Buyers              various appliances, to indicate their present condition. The Vendor
      Administration Fee of 11% of the tendered price inclusive of GST and IN        has also been requested to supply certificates, operation manual, service
      ADDITION to the bid price of the goods                                         history etc. which may exist for the particular appliance. The purchasers
11.   The Seller or the Agent may refuse any bid and reserves the right to            shall be responsible to ensure that equipment complies with the
      withdraw any item from sale                                                     requirements of Workplace Health and Safety Acts and Regulations before
12.   Highest or any tenders are not necessarily accepted                            it is used in the workplace or for domestic use.
13.   Clear title to the ownership of the goods is warranted by the Seller and   24. Upon any purchaser failing to comply with any of the above conditions
      ManheimFowles following full payment for the goods by the buyer                any money deposited in part payment shall be absolutely forfeited and all
14.   Whilst the Seller and the Agent have taken every reasonable                    lots uncleared may be resold and the deficiency (if any) on such resale,
      precaution to ensure that the goods are accurately described,                  together with all cost and charges consequent upon such resale, shall be
      condition remarks and opinions are furnished on the strict                     made good by the defaulter at this sale.
      understanding that they serve as a guide only. Prospective buyers
      should satisfy themselves as to the accuracy of all information by their
      own inspection.
For Tender
Tender response TMTDR02
I /We (full name of persons or company):

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Telephone:                                                       Mobile:

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Drivers Licence #:

Price: $(Australian)

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I do hereby agree to the Terms & Conditions of Sale as listed above and offer the following amount as full payment for the goods.


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