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									     Create Your Own Business Opportunities
                            By Elinor Stutz

    Do you approach business conventions with an open mind?

Have you ever noticed some businesspeople view a particular
business expo as having been “wonderful” while others thought “it
wasn’t worth their time?” Do you ever wonder how there can be such
two opposing points of view and, more importantly, how you can put
yourself in the first category the next time around?

Let’s first consider the people who thought the expo was a
waste of time and money. Most likely, they walked down the
vendor aisles thinking, “That’s not for me, not for me, not for me…”
It’s a very easy habit to get oneself into.

The other habit of these negative attendees is they stick closely to
their friend and do not attempt to meet other businesspeople. Once
the negativity sets in, it would be impossible for them to attract others
to their service, meet people in the media, take advantage of an
interview or connect with speakers to find out how in the future they
may become the next businessperson to speak.

Your attitude and approach to any business function are of
utmost importance. First, like the little engine that could, you have
to say to yourself, “I think I can.” Next, you need to say, “I know I
can.” From this point onward, creative thinking on how to approach
the business functions will catapult you to a new level. Let’s take a
look at how this is possible with a business convention.

Do You:
   Pinpoint the vendors who are your exact target audience and
     visit them first?
   Proceed to visit all the rest of the vendors
   Connect with the speakers to hear their backgrounds
   Trade information with attendees at breaks or when standing in
     line next to them
   Take advantage of unexpected opportunities such as an
     impromptu interview
   Talk to the organizer of the show to determine if you might be a
     speaker the next time around
   Look for media to market your business
Let me give you examples of how I achieved these elements. I
was a vendor at a business expo. The booth cost money and the hotel
cost much more money. I sold only one book. From a P&L viewpoint,
it was a disaster. However, I attended breakout sessions to learn new
ideas. Most importantly, I scheduled an hour of the organizer’s time
after the event to explore ideas of how we may work together in the
future. In the process, she mentored me for 1 ½ hours -her time was
worth far more than the original costs.

At the second expo, I presented my business on many levels – sales
training for businesses; sales curriculum for learning based companies
to add to their repertoire; my book for purchase;
my book to place in stores of vendors; articles for
vendors of magazines; and I grabbed the opportunity to interview on By creatively approaching the expo, I created many more
opportunities for “selling my services.”

By using your “I can do it” attitude and willingness to meet others
at all levels, you will exponentially increase how you do business and
with whom you conduct business. The more creative you can become
in presenting your service, the wider your network will become. You
will find:
     Others become attracted to you
     Requests will come forth to talk to you
     Referrals will come your way

I learned a new approach at the last business expo I attended. The
speaker was saying that women must learn to state factually their
awards and reasons for presenting themselves as experts in their field.
Many of us were taught by our parents to not brag. But as teenagers
will say, “get over it!”

That day, I began to tell others, “I was a top-producing and awarding-
winning salesperson over my 13 year corporate sales career, and I
now train others on the secrets of my success.”

The above statement is completely true. It apparently did not sound
like bragging to others. Instead, my listeners asked if they could call
me. They followed up with set appointments and also provided
referrals into high level companies that I would otherwise not have
In closing, I challenge you to attend your next business function with
an “I can attitude”, and an open and creative mind. If you do, you,
too, will derive far better benefits than you have to date. I want you
to return to your office saying to yourself, “I knew I could!”

Elinor Stutz
“I hoist your sales!”
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