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									2009 Sunshine State Awards Finalists
Finalists in each category are listed in alphabetical order by organization.
First-, second-, and third-place rankings will be announced at the May 30 awards ceremony.

James Batten Award for Public Service
    Bradenton Herald; Donna Wright & Staff; Surviving the Squeeze
    The Miami Herald; Jack Dolan, Matthew Haggman & Rob Barry; Borrowers Betrayed
    The News-Press; Amy Bennett Williams; Tomato Pickers and Burger King

Deadline News Reporting - Large
    Scripps Treasure Coast Newspapers; Colleen Wixon; Autistic student voted out of kindergarten
    The Miami Herald; Diana Moskovitz; Holocaust Love Tale a Fabrication
    The News-Press; Rachel Myers, Denes Husty III, Pat Gillespie & Gabriella Souza; Death of
       Officer Andrew Widman

Deadline News Reporting - Small
    Bradenton Herald; Staff; Interstate meltdown: Inferno shuts down I-75
    Naples Daily News; Staff; Death of Police Officer Andrew Widman
    Naples Daily News; Staff; Deputies Shoot Man Nine Times

Deadline Business Reporting
    Daily Business Review; John Pacenti; Broken Rules, Broken Fortunes
    The News-Press; Mary Wozniak, Dick Hogan & Tim Engstrom; Chinese Drywall

Non-Deadline Business Reporting - Large
    Florida Times-Union; Matt Galnor; The Baron Who Went Bust
    The Daytona Beach News-Journal; Staff; Beyond the Bailout Series
    The Miami Herald; Elaine Walker; Safe to Eat?

Non-Deadline Business Reporting - Small
    Bradenton Herald; Brian Neill & Duane Marsteller; Foreclosed Dreams
    Orlando Business Journal; Bill Orben, Anjali Fluker, Chris Kauffman & Tiffany Beck; Graying
    South Florida Business Journal; Staff; South Florida's Wake-Up Call

Light Feature Reporting - Large
    The Associated Press; Kelli Kennedy; Pen Pal Love
    The Daytona Beach News-Journal; Jordan Kahn; Surfing's Lost Chapter
    The Tampa Tribune; Donna Koehn; Pup's devotion is good medicine

Light Feature Reporting - Small
    Charlotte Sun; Pamela Staik; Dear Santa
    Miami New Times; Gus Garcia-Roberts; Faux-Bama!
    Naples Daily News; Jonathan Foerster; Mark Salem is NOT a psychic

Serious Feature Reporting - Large
      The Florida Times-Union; Mark Woods; Football Changed His Life
      The Florida Times-Union; Bridget Murphy; Swinging for Redemption
      The News-Press; Francesca Donlan; Amazing Grace: A Dream Come True

Serious Feature Reporting - Small
     Miami New Times; Francisco Alvarado; Missing Peace
     Naples Daily News; Katy Bishop; Forgotten, Hidden, Neglected
     The Villages Daily Sun; Katie Tammen; Rapid Response

Gene Miller Award for Investigative Reporting - Large
    Sun Sentinel; Andy Reid & Megan O'Matz; Officials' Air Time Costs Taxpayers
    The Miami Herald; Jack Dolan, Matthew Haggman & Rob Barry; Borrowers Betrayed
    The Palm Beach Post; Michael LaForgia; Fatal Crashes, Close Calls

Gene Miller Award for Investigative Reporting - Small
    Bradenton Herald; Robert Napper, Natalie Alund & Duane Marsteller; Loophole exposed in
      predator law
    Miami New Times; Amy Guthrie; Drink Up
    The Villages Daily Sun; Matt Dixon, Meta Minton & David R. Corder; Pruitt Investigation

Election Reporting - Large
     Orlando Sentinel; Jim Stratton; Letters from Florida
     The Associated Press; Brendan Farrington & Laura Wides-Munoz; Minority Voters
     NO THIRD

Election Reporting - Small
     Miami New Times; Gus Garcia-Roberts; Redemption Run
     Naples Daily News; Ryan Mills; Collier Sheriff's Race
     The Ledger; Bill Rufty, Cary McMullen & Gary White; The Homestretch: Polk's Mood

Civil Law Reporting
     Daily Business Review; Billy Shields; Taken for a Ride?
     Miami New Times; Tim Elfrink; Black October
     National Law Journal; Julie Kay; Vetting Jurors Via MySpace

Criminal Law Reporting
    Orlando Sentinel; Henry Pierson Curtis; Gun law firing blanks
    Orlando Sentinel; Amy Edwards; Did hospital nurse prey on patients?
    Sun Sentinel; Staff; Danger at the mall

Medical/Health Care/Science Reporting
    Sun Sentinel; Bob LaMendola; How Competent is Your Doctor?
    The Daytona Beach News-Journal; Anne Geggis; Baby Justine
    The Miami Herald; Jay Weaver; Medicare Fraud

Consumer Reporting
    New Times Broward Palm Beach; Amy Guthrie; Drink Up
    Orlando Sentinel; Richard Burnett; Collection
    Scripps Treasure Coast Newspapers; Adam L. Neal; Fraudulent Charity

International Reporting
     Sun Sentinel; Mike Clary; Out of Cuba
     The Associated Press; Jennifer Kay & Jonathan Katz; Rotting Cargo
     The Miami Herald; Jacqueline Charles; Haiti Battered
State & Federal Political/Government Reporting
     Daily Business Review; Jordana Mishory; Selection Shuffle
     Orlando Sentinel; Robert Block & Mark K. Matthews; America's Troubled Space Program
     The Ledger; Dave Schultz; CSX Mystery Train

Local Political/Government Reporting - Large
    Orlando Sentinel; Mark Schlueb; Booting Cars in Downtown Orlando
    The Florida Times-Union; Mary Kelli Palka & Timothy J. Gibbons; Jacksonville Port Authority Vice
    The Miami Herald; Larry Lebowitz; Taken for a ride: how the transit tax went off track

Local Political/Government Reporting - Small
    South Florida Business Journal; Brian Bandell & Oscar Pedro Musibay; North Miami CRA

Education Reporting
    New Times Broward Palm Beach; Deirdra Funcheon; Simmer Down, Kids!
    Orlando Sentinel; Erika Hobbs; Can Evans High Be Saved?
    Scripps Treasure Coast Newspapers; Colleen Wixon; Teacher Lets Students Vote Out Classmate

Social Policy Reporting
    The Daytona Beach News-Journal; Deborah Circelli; Dignity Lost?
    The News-Press; Janine Zeitlin; Group Homes Are Often No Haven
    The News-Press; Melanie Payne; Black Burial Sites Trashed, Untended

Deadline Sports Reporting
    Naples Daily News/bonita Daily Times; Liam Dillon; Ave Maria U. Men's Basketball Coach
    Orlando Sentinel; Iliana Limon, Kyle Hightower & Lynn Hoppes; UCF Football Player's Death
    The Palm Beach Post; Charles Elmore; Marathoner Finishes on Bare Rims

Non-Deadline Sports Reporting - Large
    Orlando Sentinel; David Whitley; Reggie Williams
    The Florida Times-Union; Bridget Murphy; Swinging for Redemption
    The Miami Herald; Linda Robertson; A Racing Legend Relives Glory and Sorrow

Non-Deadline Sports Reporting - Small
    Miami New Times; Francisco Alvarado; No Fear
    New Times Broward Palm Beach; Amy Guthrie; Switch Hitter
    The Villages Daily Sun; Gary Corsair; Florida Baseball Beginnings

Spanish-Language Publication
    El Nuevo Herald; Staff
    El Sentinel - Broward; Staff
    La Palma; Staff

Trade/Special Interest Publication
    Florida Catholic of Miami; Ana Rodriguez-Soto, Ann Borowski Slade, Denise O'Toole Kelly &
       Christopher Gunty
    Welding Journal; Staff

Special Publication/Section
      Orlando Sentinel; Sports Staff; Football 2008
      Scripps Treasure Coast Newspapers; Staff; Football Annual
      The Palm Beach Post; Bruce Moore, Eliot Kleinberg & Staff; Storm 2008

     Scripps Treasure Coast Newspapers; Ken Ward
     The Daytona Beach News-Journal; David Wiggins
     The Florida Times-Union; Joe Adams

Editorial Cartooning
     Orlando Sentinel; Dana Summers
     Sun Sentinel; Chan Lowe
     The Daytona Beach News-Journal; Bruce Beattie

Religion Reporting
     Naples Daily News; Liam Dillon; Ave Maria Church Dedication Coverage
     The Associated Press; Travis Reed; Lakeland Revival
     The Ledger; Cary McMullen; Finding Christmas

Real Estate Reporting
    Daily Business Review; Polyana Da Costa; Condo Meltdown
    Orlando Sentinel; Mary Shanklin & Vicki McClure; Series
    The Tampa Tribune; Shannon Behnken; Foreclosure Crisis

Environmental Reporting
    New Times Broward Palm Beach; Deirdra Funcheon; Mud in Your Eye
    Orlando Sentinel; Dan Tracy & Mary Shanklin;
    The Daytona Beach News-Journal; Dinah Pulver; Got Water?

Arts Reporting
     Miami New Times; Carlos Suarez de Jesus; Basel Invasion!
     Naples Daily News; Katy Bishop; Adrift No More
     The News-Press; Mary Wozniak; Trash or Treasure: the Debate Rages

Food/Beverage Writing
    Creative Loafing; Brian Ries; Anywhere But Here
    MIAMI Modern Luxury; Jen Karetnick; The New Sushi?
    The Miami Herald; Evan S. Benn; Putting It On the Line

     Creative Loafing; Mark E. Leib; Speed Demons
     Creative Loafing; Brian Ries; Small Plates, Big Tastes
     Naples Daily News; Harriet Howard Heithaus; Musical Ride Exhausting, Invigorating

Humorous Column Writing/Commentary
    Miami New Times; Elyse Wanshel; A Pregnant Pause
    Naples Daily News; Brent Batten; Don't Let the Joke Be On You

Serious Column Writing/Commentary
     Charlotte Sun; John Hackworth
     The Florida Times-Union; Mark Woods
     The Miami Herald; Fred Grimm
Sports Commentary
    Orlando Sentinel; Mike Bianchi
    The Florida Times-Union; Gene Frenette
    The Gainesville Sun; Pat Dooley

Breaking News Photography - Large
    The Florida Times-Union; Bob Self; Woman Shot
    The Miami Herald; Patrick Farrell; A People in Despair: Haiti's Hurricane Season

Breaking News Photography - Small
    The Ledger; Rick Runion; I-4 Crash

Sports Action Photography
    Sun Sentinel; Robert Duyos; Up, Up and A Wade
    The Daytona Beach News-Journal; Peter Bauer; Chills, Spills at Daytona 200

Feature Photography
    Scripps Treasure Coast Newspapers; Alex Boerner; Community Wishbook
    Sun Sentinel; Carey Wagner; When this First Happened…
    Sun Sentinel; Carline Jean; Tender Moment

Feature Photography Series
    Sun Sentinel; Carey Wagner; She Made a Promise
    Sun Sentinel; Andrew Innerarity; Haiti Prison
    The Miami Herald; Carl Juste, Charles Trainor, Jr. & John Van Beekum; Illegal Immigration:
       Changing Course

Art/Photo Illustration
     Orlando Sentinel; Rich Pope
     Tampa Bay Business Journal; Abe Rios
     The News-Press; Stephen Hayford

Magazine Cover Design
    South Florida Business Journal; Jason D'Auria
    The Daytona Beach News-Journal; Octavio Diaz
    The Villages Daily Sun; Marianne Lobaugh & Rob Wilkerson

Magazine Spread Design
    South Florida Business Journal; Stacey Shervan
    The News-Press; Lyndi Daywalt-Feazel
    The Villages Daily Sun; Marianne Lobaugh & Rob Wilkerson

Front Page Design - Large
    Orlando Sentinel; Staff
    The Daytona Beach News-Journal; Scott Turick
    The Miami Herald; Staff
Front-Page Design - Small
    Bradenton Herald; Brent Conklin
    La Palma; Emily Mendez
    The Ledger; Laurie Lawrence, John Pitts & Steve Antley

Local Front Design
    Orlando Sentinel; Staff
    The Daytona Beach News-Journal; Ruth Oneufer
    The Miami Herald; Presentation Department

Business Front Design
    The Florida Times-Union; Staff
    The Ledger; Laurie Lawrence
    The Miami Herald; Paul Cheung, Zach Folzenlogen, Michael Babin & Chris Melchiondo

Sports Front Design
    Orlando Sentinel; Sports Staff
    The Miami Herald; Zach Folzenlogen, Ana Larrauri, Chris Melchiondo & Robert Cohn
    The News-Press; Robyn George

Feature Front Design - Large
    The Daytona Beach News-Journal; Laurie Sterbens
    The News-Press; Lyndi Daywalt-Feazel
    The Palm Beach Post; Jessica Jordan, Rebecca Vaughan & Jenna Lehtola

Feature Front Design - Small
    The Gainesville Sun; Jean Fleetwood
    The Ledger; John Pitts
    The Villages Daily Sun; Anthony Casto

Informational Graphics/Special Page Design
     Sun Sentinel; Cindy Jones-Hulfachor, Karsten Ivey, Len De Groot & Tim Frank; Amendments:
       Voice of the People
     The Florida Times-Union; Patrick Garvin& Denise Reagan; Escape from Death
     The Miami Herald; Paul Cheung & Samantha Riepe; Tracking Picks by Clicks

Graphic Design
    The Florida Times-Union; Denise M. Reagan

Headline Writing
    Florida Catholic; Denise O'Toole Kelly
    Orlando Sentinel; Liam Miller
    The Palm Beach Post; Mike Tighe

Deadline Reporting - Television
    WFOR-TV; Peter D'Oench, Yuzeith Osorio & Adrienne Roark; Kite Surfer
    WFTS-TV; ABC Action News Staff; I-4 Disaster
Feature Reporting - Television
    WINK News; Kyle Jordan; Daytripping: Gatorama
    WTSP-TV; Preston Rudie & Adam D. Vance; Scoreboard Keeper
    WTVJ-NBC6; Julia Yarbough; Black Divers

Investigative Reporting - Television
     WINK News; Matthew McConico, Chris Cifatte, Steve LaFranc & Brad Dotson; Guilty Until Proven
     WTSP-TV; Mike Deeson & Paul Thorson; Jed Pittman: Full Time Pay, Part Time Job
     WTSP-TV; Tammie Fields & Adam D. Vance; Sweetheart Swindler

Sports Reporting - Television
    Bay News 9; Laurie Davison & Jonathan Haas; High School MVP
    WTSP-TV; Grayson Kamm; Rays Find Success After Dropping the "Devil"
    WTSP-TV; Angela Jacobs & Adam D. Vance; Major League Tryout

Election Reporting - Television
     WESH-TV2 NBC; Greg Fox & Pete Delis; Truth Tests
     NO THIRD

Criminal Justice Reporting - Television
    WINK News; Matthew McConico, Chris Cifatte, Steve LaFranc & Brad Dotson; Guilty Until Proven
    WPLG-TV; Roger Lohse; Sex Offenders Under Bridges
    WTSP-TV; Mike Deeson & Adam Vance; Jail House Justice

Consumer Reporting - Television
    WFTS-TV; Kerry Kavanaugh & Frank Barrera; Taking Action for Your Money
    WFTS-TV; Jackie Callaway & Matt McGlashen; Taking Action for You
    WTSP-TV; Mitchell Wallace & Kathryn Bursch; Duckin' Around

International Reporting - Television

Political/Government Reporting - Television
     WINK News; Matthew McConico, Chris Cifatte, Steve LaFranc & Brad Dotson; Guilty Until Proven
     WTSP-TV; Mike Deeson & Tim Burquest; Bob Henriquez: It Pays to Know People in Power
     WTSP-TV; Mike Deeson & Paul Thorson; Jed Pittman: Full Time Pay, Part Time Job

Public Affairs Program - Television
    News 13; Scott Harris & Jennifer Cook; For the Record
    PRC Digital Media; Bill Retherford, Chris Linke & Ray Hays; Kiss of Life - The 40th Anniversary
    WINK News; Matthew McConico, Chris Cifatte, Steve LaFranc & Brad Dotson; Guilty Until Proven

Continuing Coverage - Radio
    Under the Sun; Ruth Morris, Kenny Malone, Dan Grech & Alicia Zuckerman; Penny Per Pound
    WUFT-FM; Donna Green-Townsend & Staff; UF Budget Woes
    WUSF 89.7 News; Bobbie O'Brien; The Learning Curve at Just Elementary

Feature Reporting - Radio
      Under the Sun Radio; Tristram Korten, Alicia Zuckerman, Dan Grech & Peter J. Maerz; An Old
       World Craftsman
      WLRN Radio; Adrienne Kennedy, Ed Bell & Charles Greenfield; Mana Zucca
      WUSF Radio; Bobbie O'Brien; Everything is Coming Up Rosa

Public Affairs Program - Radio
    WUFT-FM; Jon Levy; Water Wars
    WUSF Public Broadcasting; Joshua Stewart; Florida Matters: Brain Drain

Newscast - Radio
    WLRN - Miami Herald News; Phil Latzman, Michael Hibblen & Tandaleya Wilder; WLRN-Miami
      Herald News

News Web Site
    Creative Loafing; Staff;
    Orlando Sentinel; Staff;
    Scripps Treasure Coast Newspapers; Staff;

Original Reporting for Internet
     The Daytona Beach News-Journal; Staff; Tropical Storm Fay: The Storm That Wouldn't Leave
     NO THIRD

Blog - Affiliated
    Creative Loafing; Wayne Garcia; The Political Whore
    New Times Broward Palm Beach; Staff; The Juice Blog
    Sun Sentinel; Anthony Man, Scott Wyman, Brittany Wallman & Russell Small; Broward Politics

Blog - Unaffiliated

Multimedia Project
    Orlando Sentinel; Staff; Rising Seas
    The Florida Times-Union; Jon M. Fletcher, Bridget Murphy, Kelly Jordan & Joe Allen-Black;
       Hitching at the Crossroads
    The Tampa Tribune; Lindsay Peterson, Kathy Moore, Vidisha Priyanka & Andy Dorsett; Disaster
       on I-4

Web Design
   New Times Broward Palm Beach; Staff; The Juice Blog
   Orlando Business Journal; Staff; Orlando Business Journal
   The Daytona Beach News-Journal; Chrissy Clary;

College Journalist of the Year
     Greg Linch

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