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Entrees Toasted ciabatta with garlic and herb butter $ 6.50


Entrees Toasted ciabatta with garlic and herb butter $ 6.50 ...

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									   Executive Chef Michael Bell and his team are pleased to present this current menu.
Michael sources most of his produce locally, some of it being organic and non GM foods.
                                     Bon appetite!


Toasted ciabatta with garlic and herb butter                                  $ 6.50

Bruschetta: char grilled ciabatta served with a tomato, Spanish onion
and basil salsa, drizzled with a balsamic reduction                           $ 9.50

Prawns from the Myall Lakes in garlic and chilli served on a bed of
coconut infused jasmine rice                                                  $ 15.00

Yarra Valley goat’s cheese tarte tatin topped with caramelised
red onion jam and mixed leaves                                                $ 13.50

Mild chicken satay skewers served with spaghetti, vegetables
and jasmine rice                                                              $ 13.50

Caesar Salad                                   Entrée $ 8.50     Main $ 14.00
Fresh lettuce tossed with crispy bacon, croutons and parmesan cheese
dressed with a home style caesar sauce

Chicken Caesar Salad                              Entrée    $10.50      Main $ 16.50

A mezze plate of pan fried tuna with Cajun spices, marinated lamb
in rosemary oil, grilled chorizo and olive and sun dried tomato tapenade
served with warm Turkish bread fingers                                   $ 16.50
….for two people                                                         $ 22.50

Pizza Menu
Gourmet Pizzas                               8 inch    $ 16.50     12 inch $ 20.50

Neapolitan           - Cheese, tomato and oregano
Myall Tropical       - Ham, pineapple and cheese
Vegetarian           - Sun dried tomato, capsicum, mushroom, onion and olives
Supreme              - Capsicum, mushrooms, onion, ham, pepperoni and olives

Bulahdelah beef fillet served on a roasted field mushroom filled with
crushed sweet potato, baby spinach, green beans and glazed with
a wild bush tomato jus                                                  $ 29.50

Tender King Henry’s pork cutlet served on a bed of cal canon mash
and glazed with an aged balsamic reduction                              $ 24.50

New Zealand lamb rump served on a bed of roasted new potatoes,
sautéed French beans and topped with fried leek, rosemary jus
and a salsa verdi                                                       $ 25.00

Crispy skinned salmon fillet on fondant potato with cucumber
and pickled ginger salad, drizzled with a citrus and saffron
butter sauce                                                            $ 23.50

Moreton Bay Bugs grilled with Bloody Mary vodka butter
served on a bed of lemongrass and coriander rice                        $ 23.50

Double roasted chicken breast with Asian style risotto,
wilted greens and glazed with a Thai nam jim dressing                   $ 21.50

Broccoli, brie and red currant tart topped with asparagus and
peppered baby rocket leaves drizzled with tomato coulis                 $ 23.50

Beer Battered Flathead & Chips                                          $ 17.50
Served with a fresh garden salad and tartar sauce

Seafood Basket & Chips                                                  $ 18.00
Served with a fresh garden salad and tartar sauce

Fettuccini Carbonara                                                    $ 17.50

Fettuccini Napolitano with Olives                                       $ 17.50

Hokkien noodle stir fry with choice of chicken or beef                  $ 17.50

Thai Chicken curry with jasmine rice                                    $ 17.50

Steamed vegetables with herbed butter                                      $ 6.50

Mixed baby green leaf salad with a white balsamic dressing                 $ 6.50

Traditional Caesar salad topped with toasted ciabatta                      $ 6.50

Sautéed new potatoes with rosemary and olive oil                           $ 6.50

Desserts                                                                  $ 9.50

Kahlua mocha mousse cup served on a chocolate saucer and
topped with vanilla cream

Citrus tart served with a strawberry mint salsa and King Island cream

Warm chocolate Boston mud cake served with café vanilla gelato

Caramel brulee cheesecake served with a vanilla bean double cream

Rosewater pannacotta served with a lemon and lime coulis

Dessert wine

Great Lakes Wine Estate Water Lily - 375ml                           $ 33.00
                                                             glass   $ 7.00
De Bortolli Noble One botrytis Semillon - 375ml                      $ 49.00
Penfolds reserve bin botrytis Riesling - 375ml                       $ 47.00
Liqueur coffees                                                           $ 9.00

Espresso coffee with your favourite liqueur or spirit topped with whipped cream
Roman - Galliano                             Roman - Sambuca
Mexican - Kahlua                             Calypso -Tia Maria
Greek - Ouzo                                 Highland - Scotch Whisky
Irish - Tullamore Dew                        Marnissimo - Grand Marnier
Napoleon - Brandy                            Aussie - Bundaberg Rum

Cognac & Brandy
Courvoisier VSOP                                                          $ 9.00
Chateau Napoleon                                                          $ 5.50
Chatelle VSOP                                                             $ 7.00

Espresso coffees                                     Cup - $ 3.50 Mug - $ 4.00
Short black - small or half cup of espresso coffee concentrate
Macchiato - short black topped with a dab of foaming milk
Cappuccino- short black with hot milk and foam sprinkled with chocolate
Café latte - hot milk topped with, coffee poured into the milk
Mocha - coffee with chocolate concentrated added, topped with frothy milk
Long black - short black topped with hot water
Flat or long white - short black with hot milk
Vienna - short black with hot water and cream sprinkled with cinnamon

Tea                                                    pot for one $ 3.50
  English Breakfast                           Peppermint
  Earl Grey                                   Orange Pekoe
  Green Tea                                   Lemon Scented

Baileys Muscat                                                            $   6.50
Baileys Tokay                                                             $   6.50
Rosetto port                                                              $   4.50
Great Lakes Wine Estate port                                              $   4.00
Penfolds club                                                             $   4.50
Clocktower port                                                           $   4.50
Directors special port                                                    $   4.50
Seppelt Para liqueur port                                                 $   5.00
Hanwood port                                                              $   5.50
Galway pipe port                                                          $   7.50
Penfolds grandfather port                                                 $15.00

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