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									                                                Container Repair Management
                                                            intermodal solution
                                  Integrated workflow solution saves time, eliminates redundancies and
                                  improves profitability.
                       by EBE

Business Process Software for                   anaging the abundance of       change of status box on to the estimate. A
the Transportation Industry
                                                paperwork associated with      cover sheet is then created by SHIPS. The
                                                servicing repairs of           documents are then either faxed or emailed
                                containers including sending estimates,        to the customer, depending on
                                waiting on approvals, tracking status and      the customer preferences that are stored in
                                billing completed repairs is an extremely      the customer master file.
                                costly and labor intensive process. With                The transaction is time and date
                                EBE’s SHIPS Container Repair document          stamped and suspended until the repair
                                management solution, container repair          order is returned. Based on defined
                                companies can now automate these tasks         timeframes, SHIPS will query suspended
                                to achieve improved efficiencies, reduced       estimates awaiting approval and alert
                                labor costs and increased customer             appropriate personnel of outstanding
                                satisfaction.                                  transactions.

                                Generating and tracking estimates has          Approved estimates flow through SHIPS
                                never been so easy.                            automatically.
                                Traditionally, once the inspection of a        When the estimate is returned, it is audited
                                container is complete, an estimate is          and then sent to the repair shop via fax,
                                manually created and sent to the customer      email or internet. Based on the repair
                                for approval. Once sent, there are no          facility’s infrastructure, the estimate may be
                                systems in place to track the status of that   sent as a workflow item allowing the repair
                                estimate. With SHIPS, the estimate is          facility to complete, suspend, or change the
                                generated from the container repair            estimate. All transmitted documents are time
                                company’s current container management         and date stamped so reports on repair
                                software and sent to the SHIPS document        times may be tracked and escalated based
                                management workflow. SHIPS then prints          on business rules.
                                a bar code of the repair number and a

                                                                                                (Continued on back.)
                         by EBE                                           Container Repair Management
                                                                                      intermodal solution
                                                 Estimate Created in
                                                  Repair Company
                                                Container Management                                      1. Container Management Software generates Repair
                                                                                                             estimate and passes through SHIPS Workflow where
                             Master             Repair
                                                                                                             document is time and date stamped.
                                                                                                          2. SHIPS sends estimate to customer.
                                                                                                          3. Customer returns approved estimate.
           Billing                                                                                        4. SHIPS tracks and routes estimate to repair facility.
           Dept.         6                                              Repair        4   Repair
                               Repair              Container Repair     Order             Facility        5. Repair facility completes repair and returns repair order.
                                                      PROCESS                5
                                                     MANAGER                                              6. SHIPS gathers and validates all supporting documents
                                                                                                             and sends to billing or exception queue for processing
                                                                                                          7. Billing Dept. generates invoice and sends it along with all
                                   Invoice &          2         3
                                   Repair                                                                    supporting documentation to customer.
                                                       Intermodal                                         8. Master files are then updated to Repair Company
                                                                                                            Container Management System.
         SHIPS container repair document management workflow automates, tracks and
         manages all of your paperwork and moves it through your system quickly.

Faster billing cycle improves cash flow.                                          For the routine orders, SHIPS         monitors all workflow queues and
          As the repair is completed, the                           validates the repair estimate and                  generates reports of all activity. Your
documents are then faxed, scanned or                                matches it to the invoice for                      personnel are alerted to only those
entered via the internet back into SHIPS.                           processing.SHIPS rendition printing                documents that are outside specified
SHIPS then reads and verifies the bar                                capability merges the invoice with the             thresholds. All other estimates and
coded documents and forwards the                                    supporting documents and then sends it             repair orders are processed automati-
completed repair documents to the                                   to the customer for payment via fax,               cally. Your personnel now only needs to
appropriate billing queue based on                                  email, Immediate Document Exchange                 manage the 20% which are flagged as
pre-determined business rules.If SHIPS                              or postal service.                                 exceptions as opposed to 100% of the
recognizes a check in the “Exceptions                               Real time monitoring and comprehen-                workload- freeing up their time to do
Box”, the repair order is placed in an                              sive reporting capabilities provides               more productive tasks.
                                                                    visibility, accountability and improved
exceptions queue for review prior to the                            productivity.                                              Find out how you can streamline your
billing process. Once the exception has                                          With SHIPS container manage-           estimate and repair process, bill quicker and
                                                                                                                        improve your bottom line!
been processed it is then sent back to                              ment workflow applications, there is no
                                                                                                                        Call us at 1-800-447-0612 or visit us at
SHIPS for validation and forwarded on                               need to review every document and         
to the billing queue.                                               transaction in process. It continually

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