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									                        Veterans of Foreign Wars Post 7765

                            RED HOOK
Post 7765 Newsletter for Men & Women Members and Their Families                                              March 2010

Post Officers                       Commander’s Report - March
   William C. Moore
                             On Sunday, March 14, 2010, from 4-7pm, the Red Hook VFW
                             will hold its annual St. Patrick’s Day Corned Beef Dinner. The
                                                                                                        VFW Taps
Sr. Vice Cmdr:               cost is $10 Seniors, $12 Adults, with 50-50, Music, for this ALL           In memory of our
   Rocco J Mancini           YOU CAN EAT EVENT. We hope to see you there.                               deceased member:
Jr. Vice Cmdr:                                                                                            Robert B. Coon
                             The VFW 200/20 Week Club dinner will be Saturday, April 10,
   Robert A. Frisenda
                             2010. If you have sent in your payment , returned your ticket if you
                             can’t attend or indicated you are paying at the door, thank you. If
   Jan F. Milles             you have taken no action as yet, please contact Richard Wambach
Chaplain:                                                                                           Mark your calendar…
                             845-758-3117 or email richardlw47@gmail.com by March 15 so we
   Rev. Allan R. Thayer      can properly plan for the event.                                       April 12, 2010 Elections
Advocate:                                                                                           Mens & Ladies—8PM
   Don Kimbark               Please remember we are accepting orders for memorial bricks. See
Surgeon:                     the web site for more details.                                         April 20, 2010 VFW Mens
   Frank J. Ackley           As always, the VFW is looking for help at Bingo and other Post         Aux—7:30PM
Adjutant:                    functions. Please call Bill at 845-758-8175 if you can help us—thank   Important Dates—MARCH
   Lou Molinari              you!
Ladies Auxiliary             The Red Hook VFW is at 100.61% in membership. If you have not
                                                                                                    March 2, 1965 Vietnam War
Officers                     paid your dues, kindly do so.                                          March 3, 1931 Star Spangled
President:                                                                                          Banner
                             We have new carpet at the bar—many thanks to Rocco Mancini, our
   Nora Kimbark              Senior Vice, for his hard work to remove and repair the kitchen, to
Sr. Vice President:                                                                                 March 6, 2010 BPOE Elk
                             Bill Beyer who placed new tile on the kitchen floor. Many long
   Harriet Bard              hours and hard
                                                                                                    Veteran Dinner 1PM—BOPE
Jr. Vice President:          work went into                                                         2022 Lodge
   Joyce McGhee              this project—                                                          March 14 Daylight Savings
Treasurer:                   thanks to all those                                                    begins—set clocks ahead &
   Emma Coon                 who helped:                                                            VFW 7765 St. Patrick’s
Chaplain:                    Debbie Dressel,                                                        Day Corned Beef Dinner 4-
   Ann Niederauer            Ben Moore, Skip                                                        7PM
Secretary:                   Wendover, Steve
   Emma Coon                 Hagadorn, Jonah                                                        March 19, 2003 Operation
Patriotic Instructor:        Murphy.                                                                Iraqi Freedom began
   Joyce Shaw                VFW Operation                                                          March 20—Spring begins
Men’s Auxiliary              Uplink provide
                                                                                                    Important Dates—APRIL
Officers                     over 2.4 million
President:                   calls—over 29                                                          April 1 April Fool’s Day
   Donald Triebel            million minutes
                             to help our heros                                                      April 2 Good Friday
Sr. Vice President:
                             stay connected by
   Kevin Watters                                                                                    April 4 Easter
                             calling 866-789-
Jr. Vice President:          6333.
   Richard Coon                                                                                     April 10, 2010 200/20 Week
Treasurer:                   The Red Hook VFW will fly all veteran service flags at the             Club Dinner with Hors
   Steve Hughes              monument—Army, Navy, Marine, Coast Guard, Air Force during             D’Oeuvres 6:30PM, Dinner
Chaplain:                    service birthdays.                                                     7:30PM—Open Bar
   Allan Thayer, Jr.         Sincerely, William C. Moore, Commander                                 April 15 Income Tax Day

         VISIT OUR WEB SITE: WWW.VFW7765.ORG—Post Phone: 758-6212
Post 7765 Newsletter for Men & Women Members and Their Families                                 March 2010

                                   Quartermaster—Jan F. Milles

The new dues year has started. If you have not paid your dues yet, please do so as soon as
possible. Our dues are still $25.00 per annum. You can mail your dues directly to National HQ or
pay at the Post. Of course mailing to the post will also work.
This could be a good time to consider becoming a Life Member. Over your lifetime you would proba-
bly save money by converting to life. As an example: a 25-year-old member would expect to live until age
75. At $25.00 a year he would pay he would pay $1,250.00 in yearly dues. (We know that the annual dues
will go up over the time frame of 50 years.)
If this same 25-year old member would convert to life membership it would only cost him $ 425.00 as a
onetime payment. This is a saving of $ 825.00 over his or her lifetime. There are also 12 and 24 month pay-
ment plans available from National HQ.
See the chart below for your particular age. The deal may even be better.

Attained Age on 12/31 Onetime payment       12 month               24 month

Through age 30        $   425.00            $   40.39              $   20.23
31-40                 $   410.00            $   39.02              $   19.58
41-50                 $   375.00            $   35.84              $   18.05
51-60                 $   335.00            $   32.20              $   16.32
61-70                 $   290.00            $   28.11              $   14.36
71-80                 $   225.00            $   22.20              $   11.53
81 and over           $   170.00            $   17.20              $   9.14

The initial payment upon application for life membership is $35.00. Thereafter, National HQ will send you a
monthly statement showing the amount due.
Check or credit card is accepted form of payment.
If you need help executing the initial paperwork to get your life membership rolling please call me at 845-
Please take care of this as soon as possible dues are past due as of December 31, 2009!

                                   “HUGS FROM HOME”
     Collected for our service people at Red Hook Town and Village Halls
Items are shipped the 15th of each month– all community donations are welcome. Stop in the town or
village for information. The following are REQUESTED ITEMS: Quality candy; Snacks—granola bars,
beef jerky, store bought cookies in small sized bags; toiletries (travel size); hand sanitizer; batteries;
current magazines or books; good ground coffee/tea, powdered drink mix (individual packets); air
freshners (no plug-ins); multi-vitamins; baby wipes small pocket packets (sand get in everything!); let-
ters from “HOME”; shower caps for the ladies; pens/pencils; note cards (blank inside) and other items
you would like to donate!

                          VISIT OUR WEB SITE: WWW.VFW7765.ORG

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