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									                            BUILDING NETWORKS
                                                                  NEWSLETTER AUTUMN 2006

                                               >>>                Partnership to help
                                                                  skipper’s ticket implementation
                                                                  The Department’s launch of the Recreational
                                                                  Skipper’s Ticket in February highlighted the
                                                                  important role the private sector will play in the
                                                                  successful implementation of the initiative.
                                                                  Described as the most significant marine safety initiative ever introduced in WA, the key
                                                                  to its success is a network of authorised providers from Kununurra to Albany endorsed to
                                                                  train and assess people wanting to gain their Ticket.

                                                                  Acting Manager of Safety Education Ali Coates, responsible for the design, development
                                                                  and implementation of the Recreational Skipper’s Ticket, said a focus had been the
                                                                  involvement and support of the private sector.

                                                                  “The marine education sector in WA has an excellent reputation and the Department
                                                                  recognised there would be significant benefits in utilising this resource in the
                                                                  implementation,” Ali said.

                                                                  “Consultation with the industry leaders resulted in the Department forging formal partnerships
                                                                  with service providers to deliver the Recreational Skipper’s Ticket to the community.

                                                                  The Department has now entered in to a memorandum of understanding with several
Marine Education Officer, Rod Martin, with Minister MacTiernan,   authorised providers who have met strict criteria to be endorsed and will be subject to
demonstrates a typical boating manoeuvre at the RST launch        audit under the terms of the agreement.

                                                                  Ali said development of the initiative had also relied on the skill and expertise of specially
                                                                  established groups representing key parts of the recreational boating industry in WA.

                                                                  “The commitment and determination of group members has helped us deliver a system
                                                                  that is both customer focused and supported by the industry,” Ali said.

                                                                  “The importance of the role played by these groups was acknowledged by the Minister
                                                                  for Planning and Infrastructure Alannah MacTiernan at the official launch.”

                                                                  Over the next two years tens of thousands of recreational skippers will be required to
                                                                  obtain their Recreational Skipper’s Ticket before taking a vessel out on the water.

                                                                  People wanting to find out more can visit: www.dpi.wa.gov.au/imarine or
                                                                  contact 9216 8966.
  >>>                From the                                                              Department takes a
                     Director General                                                      bow as Kennedy Bay
                     Welcome to the autumn                                                 takes off
                     edition of Building Networks,                                         The benefits of having a single
                     the quarterly newsletter produced                                     State Government agency
                     by the Department for Planning                                        coordinating the provision of
                     and Infrastructure.                                                   land and planning for major
                     This month I’m pleased to be able to tell you about several key       new communities has been
                     Department initiatives that will improve the lives of many
                     Western Australians.
                                                                                           reinforced with the recent
Director General –
      Greg Martin
                                                                                           long-awaited progress of the
                     First, the launch of the landmark Recreational Skipper’s Ticket,
                     a marine safety program to improve safety on our waters.
                                                                                           $400 million Kennedy Bay
                                                                                           development south of Perth.
                     In addition our staff have been instrumental in the modernising
                     of the state’s planning legislation, ensuring it meets the needs of   The start of work on the new oceanside residential,
                     today’s Western Australians and those of generations to come.         tourism and recreational development followed a
                                                                                           decade of inactivity in relation to the project.
                     The new legislation is underpinned by sustainability principles
                     and provides a modernised and streamlined approach.                   The Department’s Manager of Land Asset
                                                                                           Management Services Wayne Winchester, who acts as
                     Having the opportunity to be involved in projects that will           the Minister’s representative on the Port Kennedy
                     transform the face of their community is one of the reasons           Management Board, said the start of work at Kennedy
                     many people say they enjoy working at the Department.                 Bay demonstrated the success of initiatives within the
                     The facelift of the Geraldton foreshore is one such project in        Department to streamline processes to assist the
                     which the Department is playing a leading role.                       progress of land development projects.

                     Our staff on the ground in the Mid-West continue to be                “When the Ministry for Planning, Transport and parts
                     instrumental in the progress of this important initiative and         of the former Department of Land Information were
                     provide a vital local link for our Perth-based transport, planning    combined to form the new Department for Planning
                     and environmental specialists.                                        and Infrastructure its vision was to simply Create
                                                                                           Communities,” Mr Winchester said.
                     Finally, our now famous Bikeweek – which now stretches over
                     ten days - once again encouraged thousands of cyclists, young         “Mirvac Fini’s Kennedy Bay is a perfect example of
                     and old, to take to their favourite cycle trails in the name of       this and demonstrates what can be achieved when
                     fitness, fresh air and fun.                                           Government agencies work in a coordinated way with
                                                                                           the private sector to deliver high quality land
                     There are many more stories in addition to those I’ve highlighted,    developments in sought after locations.”
                     all of which are excellent examples of how the Department is
                     building networks across all kinds of stakeholder and community       Mr Winchester said good communication between his

                     groups to deliver on what the Government expects of us.               officers and those within the Policy division’s Urban
                                                                                           Innovations team had significantly assisted in
                     I hope you find it an interesting and informative read.               progressing the project.
                                                                 BUILDING NETWORKS

“Although our roles are very different, working within the one agency      plan requiring State Parliament approval of a Deed of Variation to the
we are able to adopt a more coordinated approach and at the end of         original Port Kennedy Agreement Act 1992 which was achieved in
the day we are united in our goal to ‘create communities’,                 November 2004.
Mr Winchester said.
                                                                           Ms Pitts said the Department had made a huge contribution to
                                                                           advancing the project to its current status.
Kennedy Bay – the project
                                                                           “The work of LAMS and Urban Innovations provide technical and
Officiating at a recent ground turning ceremony to mark the
                                                                           administrative support to the Port Kennedy Management Board and
recommencement of works at Kennedy Bay, Planning and Infrastructure
                                                                           advice to the Minister for Planning and Infrastructure,” Ms Pitts said.
Minister Alannah MacTiernan said after a long period of inactivity the
project was finally back on track, and congratulated the Department for    “Playing this role the Department has been able to ensure the interests
its efforts in achieving the significant milestone.                        of the State are protected and difficulties in progressing the
                                                                           development have been overcome.”
The Kennedy Bay development emerged from the ashes of the
Port Kennedy project, which stalled following the demise of project        The first work at Kennedy Bay will see an upgrade at Long Beach Estate
developer Port Kennedy Resorts Pty Ltd (PKR) in 2001.                      and is the first of many projects to be undertaken by the developer over
                                                                           the next ten years.
A comprehensive restructure of the project led by the Department’s
Development Projects Coordinator, Glen Finn, resulted in the               For more information about the development people can log on to
termination of PKR’s project development rights, the appointment of        www.mirvacfini.com.au
Western Australia Beach and Golf Resort Pty Ltd (WABGR) as the new
project developer and Mirvac Fini as project manager, a complete
review of the outdated project Development Plan, and formal
endorsement of the revised plan by Parliament in December 2004.

The new development, which is accommodated on more than
300 hectares of Crown land, is more responsive to the environment
and more accessible to the boarder community than the five star
tourist resort model it replaced.

“The relaunch marks a new start for an old project, and will be a great
asset for the region,” Glen said.

Current Project Manager Nanette Pitts who only recently took over
from Glen Finn said the first developer stalled the project for a number
of years and it has only been since the Western Australian Beach and
Golf Resort Pty Ltd (WAGBR) was given development rights in 2002
that there has been steady progress towards the commencement of
work on site.

“The Department’s role as a partner in the development was to
coordinate the delivery of an integrated tourism development at
Port Kennedy as set out in the Port Kennedy Agreement Act 1992 and
achieve the best outcome for the State,” Ms Pitts said.                    Kennedy Bay

“A huge step towards achieving this goal was when Mirvac Fini, as
WAGBR’s project manager, won support for a new project development
   >>>                Australasian recognition                                                Bikeweek turns 21
                      for Licensing team                                                      Bikeweek this year celebrated its
                      A Department initiative to help                                         21st birthday with ten days of
                      cut vehicle theft in Western Australia                                  cycling events and promotions
                      has been recognised by a major                                          throughout Western Australia.
                      industry association.                                                   Organised by the Department’s Cycling Unit,
                                                                                              this year’s program was the largest ever. It kicked
                      The Licensing Business Unit’s Approved Inspection                       off with the ever-popular Bike To Work Breakfast
                      Station/Defect Notice team’s work in maintaining the integrity          held in Supreme Court Gardens, where more than
Peter Mathieson and                                                                           2500 participants enjoyed a free nutritious breakfast,
                      of the database was awarded a certificate of merit by the
     Jamie Campbell
                      Australasian branch of the International Association of Auto            prize draws, displays and activities.
                      Theft Investigators, at a ceremony in Wellington, New Zealand.
                                                                                              On Cycle To School Day, 12,500 students took part,
                      The awards recognise organisations and individuals who have             a record number for the event, and the Main Roads
                      made outstanding contributions to the area of vehicle theft             Lifecycle saw more than 2000 cyclists take to the road
                      prevention and investigation.                                           from Albany to Perth, travelling for two weeks through
                                                                                              some of the state’s most picturesque countryside.
                      The Department’s A/Manager Vehicle Operations, Peter Mathieson
                      said the Welshpool team’s work involved liaising closely with all       Other highlights included more than 6000 cyclists
                      Approved Inspection Stations (AIS) across regional Western Australia.   pedalling along the specially closed Mitchell Freeway
                                                                                              in the Coles Freeway Bike Hike. Also thousands of
                      “We provide ‘real time’ audits of every vehicle presented for an        Western Australians throughout the state enjoyed
                      inspection,” Peter said.                                                community rides of various types and sizes.

                      “The authorised examiner fills out the relevant paperwork then          Manager Cycling Ken Suttie said Bikeweek gave
                      faxes it straight to us.                                                Western Australians a wonderful opportunity to

                      “Thanks to improved communication systems like TRELIS and
                      NEVDIS we are able to see instantly if the vehicle has ever been
                      listed as stolen, written off, damaged or had restrictions
                      imposed in WA or another police jurisdiction.

                      “We provide service and support on the spot for regional and
                      remote inspection stations which means they are no longer
                      a ‘soft target’ for criminals hoping to get away with licensing a
                      stolen vehicle.”

                      Peter said the system was the only one of its kind in Australia
                      and had contributed to a significant reduction in the numbers of
                      stolen vehicles being presented for inspection in regional WA.

                      “Our AIS network team inspects around 3-3,500 vehicles every
                      month,” Peter said.

                      “Since 2003 we have seen the numbers of stolen vehicles
                      presented for inspection drop by around half.”
                                                                        BUILDING NETWORKS

discover the world-class cycling facilities that have
been built around their state.                                          New planning legislation
“The rapidly expanding Perth Bike Network – an
                                                                        For the first time, Western Australia’s planning
interconnected web of shared paths and on-road
cycling facilities, is now the envy of other Australian                 legislation will be underpinned by sustainability
capital cities,” Ken said.                                              principles following the introduction of a new Act.
“During Bikeweek, the latest addition to our Network
                                                                        The Planning and Development Act 2005 comes into effect in April this year and will
– a new shared path through the glorious Swan
                                                                        consolidate all existing planning legislation into one simplified and modernised set of laws.
Valley, taking in wineries and other tourist attractions
– was opened by Minister MacTiernan.                                    It will update the current planning legislation, which has its origins in the 1920s,
                                                                        so that it better reflects the priorities and lifestyles of today’s Western Australians.
“A well patronised route from Beckenham to Gosnells
was also highlighted in our special ride for Members                    It will also reduce the complexity of the legislation and make it more accessible to the

of Parliament and Local Government Mayors.”                             general public.

Ken also pointed out that a new section of path along                   Urban Development Coordinator, Ray Stokes, has led this initiative since 1997 with
the Maylands foreshore should be completed in a                         support more recently from Senior Policy and Legal officer Paul Hayes.
couple of months.
                                                                        Ray said sustainability was a key component of the new Act.
“When you combine our great riding facilities with a
fairly flat terrain and good climate, it is little wonder               “The idea is that all planning decisions should be made with sustainability at the centre,”
that we have one of the highest proportion of cycle                     Ray said.
trips per head of population in the nation,” Ken said.
                                                                        “In addition, the improved simplicity and transparency is likely to result in better and
Reports and photographs from the various Bikeweek                       faster decision-making, and fewer problems for developers and administrators alike.”
2006 events can be viewed at the Department’s
website at www.dpi.wa.gov.au/cycling                                    To ensure a smooth transition, Statutory Planning has put together an Implementation
                                                                        Program Team that includes representatives from the Statutory Planning division, the
Bike To Work Breakfast participants enjoy their well earned breakfast   Statutory Planning Internal Review and Improvements Taskforce, the Planning
                                                                        Commission secretariat, the Information and Communications unit and Records.

                                                                        “We are preparing transitional and supporting regulations and consulting widely with
                                                                        developers, business and state and federal government agencies to be ready by 9 April,
                                                                        2006,” Ray said.

                                                                        “We are also reviewing the Department’s and the Western Australian Planning
                                                                        Commission’s practices, procedures, delegation and administrative arrangements.

                                                                        “Importantly, we are talking to colleagues across the Department to make sure
                                                                        everyone understands how the planning process will change both internally and for
                                                                        our customers.”

                                                                        In addition to praising the Implementation Program Team, Ray singled out Lee Harvey at
                                                                        the Parliamentary Counsel’s Office for her major contribution in drafting and developing
                                                                        the legislation, and Sue Woolhouse at the Minister’s office.

                                                                        For more information, refer to Planning Bulletin No.76 which is available on the
                                                                        Western Australian Planning Commission website at www.wapc.wa.gov.au
    >>>                  Department ready for oil spill response
                                                                                         “Local personnel had an opportunity to work alongside
                                                                                         members of the National Response Team for the duration of
                                                                                         the three day exercise and test their skills in the use of heavy
                                                                                         duty equipment which is stored in key locations throughout
                                                                                         Australia for a prompt response to any large scale incident
                                                                                         off the Australian coastline,” Ms Curran said.

                                                                                         “The experience gained by the Department was invaluable
                                                                                         and will significantly assist in the response toa real life
                                                                                         emergency situation.”

                                                                                         A key part of the exercise was the deployment of helicopters
                                                                                         to simulate the spraying of dispersant.

                                                                                         Ms Curran said as the State agency responsible for marine
                                                                                         oil pollution response, the Department invested significant
                                                                                         resources in training and equipment.

                                                                                         “The chance to host a national training exercise
                                                                                         complemented the Department’s work in this area and also
                                                                                         served to educate the wider community about the
                                                                                         importance of having a highly skilled group of people at
                                                                                         hand to deal with an oil spill emergency,” Ms Curran said.

                                                                                         The National Response Team consists of personnel from
                                                                                         around Australia who are specially trained in oil spill response.
   National Response
    Team participants
                         The Department’s readiness to                                   Ms Curran said in addition to supporting the National
 take action to clean    respond to a large scale oil spill off                          Response Team, the State had its own oil spill response
    up a simulated oil                                                                   group, the State Response Team.
spill at Kwinana Port.   the Western Australian coast has
                                                                                         The Department provides specialist oil spill training for public
                         been boosted by a national training
                                                                                         and private sector workers who may be called on to assist in
                         exercise at Kwinana.                                            the event of a spill in their locality.

                         The training exercise, coordinated by the Australian Maritime   “Since 2004 the Department has trained 300 people in basic
                         Safety Authority (AMSA), involved the deployment of             oil spill response techniques as part of an ongoing campaign
                         helicopters and state-of–the-art large-scale oil response       to have an adequate network of skilled people throughout
                         equipment in response to a simulated ship sourced spill at      WA to support the work of the State Response Team,”
                         the Kwinana Port.                                               Ms Curran said.

                         The Department’s Coordinator of Environmental Protection        “The Department also focussed many of its activities
                         Sarah Curran said personnel from the National Response          on educating the wider community in relation to the
                         Team, including officers from the Department and Fremantle      importance of preventing and reporting oil pollution in
                         Ports participated in the exercise.                             the marine environment.”
                                                                      BUILDING NETWORKS

Changing the face
of Geraldton
The Department is one of the main                                              Steve Beyer, Mike Allen, Chris O’Neill, Ray Stokes,
                                                                               Patrick Smit, Ashley Wilson & Andrew Montgomery
players involved in giving one of
Western Australia’s historic ports                                        Planning policies get new look
a $23 million facelift.
The Geraldton Foreshore and CBD Revitalisation Project is a
                                                                          The Policy Group held a celebration recently
joint City of Geraldton and State Government initiative aimed at          to mark key milestones in five new policies
creating a world-class tourism and community foreshore facility.
                                                                          that will help to inform planning decisions
The Department is providing key expertise to the Foreshore                across the state.
Project in the form of integrated land and transport planning, land
subdivisions, coastal protection, coastal facilities and marine safety.   The State Planning Policies – previously known as Statements of Planning
                                                                          Policy – cover several key community issues and will be used by the
The Department’s Mid-West team is the local ‘eyes, ears and               Western Australian Planning Commission to help make decisions affecting the
brains’ on the project, providing important points of contact             people across Western Australia.
locally and ensuring the right Department experts get involved.
                                                                          Three policies have been completed. The first State Planning Policy is a high
Mid-West Regional Services Manager, Tony McCann said the                  level policy covering future planning for urban growth and settlement.
project was now at an exciting stage.                                     The others dealing with hazards and disasters and planning in the vicinity of
                                                                          Jandakot Airport are more detailed policies on specific issues. Two draft policies
“Coastal protection works are now completed, detailed design              will go out for public comment and cover the review of the ‘R’ codes and the
work is out for community consultation and work is shortly to             Perth planning blueprint, Network City.
commence on a pathway partly funded by the Department’s
own Country Pathways Grant Scheme,” Tony said.                            According to Executive Director Statutory Planning, Mike Allen, the policies
                                                                          set important guidelines and principles for local governments and the Western
“It’s a great example of how the Department and our portfolio             Australian Planning Commission to use in making local planning decisions.
partners are working closely with local governments to
                                                                          “The policies set overarching principles to reflect current attitudes and values
transform Geraldton into a world-class beachfront, community
                                                                          and to put sustainability at the heart of the planning system,” Mike said.
and tourist facility.
                                                                          “They build on the principles that govern the new Planning and Development
“It’s a privilege to be involved in a project that will transform
                                                                          Act that came into effect April 9, thus further modernising how planning is
the face of Geraldton for future generations.”
                                                                          conducted in this state.”

An artist’s impression of the Geraldton foreshore.                        Director Urban Development Coordination, Ray Stokes, who worked extensively
Picture courtesy of City of Geraldton                                     on the initiatives, said the new policies were central to the Commission’s role in
                                                                          promoting sustainable land use and development.

                                                                          “Once adopted, the policies will guide decision-making by state and local
                                                                          governments and the State Administrative Tribunal,” Ray said.

                                                                          “They are also a key reference for the private sector.”

                                                                          Joining the team for morning tea were Director General Greg Martin, Western
                                                                          Australian Planning Commission Chair, Jeremy Dawkins, Acting Deputy Director
                                                                          General Policy, Athol Jamieson and the Minister’s Chief of Staff, Rob Giles.
Call Centre sets new standard in customer service
Staff at the Licensing Customer Contact                                     “We had a 100 per cent pass rate, which is terrific, and is
                                                                            indicative of the enthusiasm and commitment of all those staff
Centre have set a new standard of                                           members involved.”
achievement in customer service for                                         The course was run by Phone Forward Pty Ltd, specialists in
the Department.                                                             customer service training within the telecommunications industry.

                                                                            Consultants graduated with either Certificate III or Certificate IV in
Forty consultants at the centre recently graduated with a nationally
                                                                            Telecommunications – Customer Contact.
recognised qualification in telecommunications, with a special emphasis
on customer service.                                                        Contact Centre Coordinator, Tania Chancellor said the course had
                                                                            been hard work but everyone agreed it had been well worth it.
The team, including ten senior consultants, received their qualification
at a special graduation ceremony in February.                               Rob said he believed the impact of the training had been
Acting General Manager of Licensing, Rob Leicester commended the
                                                                            “It’s been a huge boost to staff morale,” he said.
staff for their efforts on completing the 12-month course.

                                                                            “There is no doubt that staff members are working more closely as
“It was an intensive training course covering a range of issues including
                                                                            a team and working more effectively.
occupational health and safety policies and procedures, resolving complex
customer complaints, managing workplace relationships and implementing      “All this is having a positive effect on the level of service provided
continuous improvement in a Contact Centre,” Rob said.                      to customers.”

   Tony Carriero with the Call Centre graduates
                                                                   BUILDING NETWORKS

Getting back to BASIX                                              “Perth has experienced dramatic reductions in rainfall and
                                                                   streamflow over the past 60 years and it is predicted that
                                                                   the city could be 20% drier by 2030 and up to 60 per cent
The Department for Planning and                                    drier by 2070.

Infrastructure is playing a key role in                            “As a society we also pay substantial and increasing amounts to
the State Government’s push                                        ensure the power network and distribution grid provides
                                                                   adequate power supply to meet peak power demand,
towards more environmentally                                       particularly over summer when air-conditioner use is significant.
responsive housing in a bid to reduce
                                                                   “Using WA BASIX each new residential building design
energy and water consumption.                                      would be assessed against specific energy and water
                                                                   reduction targets in relation to landscape, stormwater,
About 50 Department personnel recently attended a seminar
                                                                   water consumption, thermal comfort and energy.”
held by the Department’s Sustainability Unit to showcase the
WA Building Sustainability Index (WA BASIX).                       Russell added that WA BASIX would not be a prescriptive
                                                                   tool, but a flexible one that offered a range of choices.
WA BASIX is a web-based tool, which can calculate energy and
water based performance of a building based on information         “It will include choices such as landscaping that requires less
about its size, location, design features and fixtures.            water, window glazing, insulation and passive solar design,”
                                                                   he said.
WA BASIX is a modified version of the Building Sustainability
Index (BASIX) that was developed in New South Wales.               “The use of fixtures such as gas or solar hot water systems,
                                                                   rainwater tanks for use in toilets and laundries, and water-
It is currently being examined to determine its suitability and
                                                                   saving showerheads and taps would also be encouraged.
adaptability to Western Australian conditions and circumstances.

                                                                   “Using WA BASIX the architect, designer, builder or home
As part of that process the Sustainability team is holding a
                                                                   owner could work through the program during the design
series of seminars aimed at consulting widely with the Western
                                                                   process to ensure a simple and prompt evaluation.”
Australian housing, building and land development industry.

The team’s Communications and Marketing Manager,                   Director, Conservation Council of WA, Chris Tallentire said

Russell Greig said it was envisaged that WA BASIX would            WA BASIX was a great step forward.

apply to every new house, villa, townhouse and unit
                                                                   “Around 320,000 new homes are expected to be built by
throughout the State.
                                                                   2020 – even modest energy savings through smart design              Bryce Bunny
                                                                   will save 4,080,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide,” Chris said.          discusses how WA
“The aim is to reduce the environmental impact of these
                                                                                                                                       BASIX will change
homes, and so make them more comfortable and cheaper                                                                                   housing designs in
                                                                   It is proposed to initially trial WA BASIX in the
to run,” Russell said.                                                                                                                 the future
                                                                   metropolitan area.
                               BUILDING NETWORKS

                                                              Helping our children to a greener future
                                           >>>                The Department has played a key role in an initiative
                                                              that encourages school children to cut car use to
                                                              and from school and instead choose walking,
                                                              cycling, public transport or carpooling.
                                                              The first Millennium Kids Sustainability Roadshow for 2006, run jointly by the
                                                              Department, Millennium Kids, the Premier’s Physical Activity Task Force and the City of
                                                              South Perth, was officially opened in March by Minister Alannah MacTiernan.

                                                              Attending a Sustainability Roadshow is the first step in the TravelSmart to School program.
                                                              At the Roadshow, student leaders from each school learn about sustainability and develop
                                                              their own Ten Point Plan to increase the number of walking, cycling, public transport and
                                                              car pool trips to and from their school.

                                                              The Department’s Manager of the Travel Behaviour Strategies Unit, Gary John said TravelSmart
                                                              to School was very successful in promoting environmentally friendly forms of transport to

                                                              “TravelSmart to School is a fun and engaging program that gets the whole school
                                                              community involved in cutting the amount of traffic around schools at pick-up and
                                                              drop-off time,” Gary said.

                                                              “The program kicks off with the two-day Roadshow which introduces them to the ideas
                                                              about sustainability and choosing environmentally friendly transport.
Albert Facey House             441 Murray Street, Perth,
469 Wellington Street          PO Box C102
                                                              “It is supported by professional development for teachers, web-based surveys and
Perth Western Australia 6000   Perth Western Australia 6839
Telephone +61 8 9264 7777      Telephone +61 8 9216 8000      resource kits.”
Facsimile +61 8 9264 7566      Facsimile +61 8 9216 8001
TTY 9264 7535                  TTY 9321 5777                  Gary said TravelSmart to School would be expanded to 60 schools thanks to a $50,000
                                                              grant from the Premier’s Physical Activity Task Force.

                                                              “It is a successful government and community partnership and we hope to build on the
Printed on 100% recycled paper made entirely from             2005 results, which saw 27 schools achieve a 25 per cent average reduction in car trips
post consumer waste.
                                                              and a saving of 1918 kg of greenhouse gas over a one-week period.”

                                                              There will be four Millennium Kids Roadshows in greater metropolitan Perth this year.

                                                              For more information about TravelSmart to School visit the Department’s website at

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