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					                        newsMarch - May 2007

Our Network is your Bonus

    Network Bonus Miles
                      The THAI network covers 5 continents and reaches over 70 destinations
                      with one of the world’s largest hubs at Bangkok’s new international airport.

                      Flying the THAI network is not only smooth as silk but is more rewarding
                      with Network Bonus Miles when you touch Bangkok on inbound travel and
                      continue on to your final THAI destination, and on your return journey home
                      once again touching Bangkok.

                      As usual you earn miles according to the class of service flown and provided
                      you touch Bangkok, which means connect for onward travel within 5 days of
                      your arrival, Network Bonus Miles are earned for all sectors.

                                Class of Service        Regular Miles Earned   Network Bonus Miles
                          Royal First Class                     150%            35% MORE MILES
                          Royal Silk Class                      125%            25% MORE MILES
                          Premium Economy Class                 110%            20% MORE MILES
                          Economy Class                         100%            10% MORE MILES

                      For example, flying these sample routes would earn the following miles:

                      Royal First Class:           London-Bangkok-Sydney-Bangkok-London
                                                   31,839 miles + 11,144 Network Bonus Miles
                      Royal Silk Class             New York-Bangkok-Jakarta-Bangkok-New York
                                                   30,285 miles + 7,571 Network Bonus Miles
                      Economy Class                Melbourne-Bangkok-Athens-Bangkok-Melbourne
                                                   18,972 miles + 1,898 Network Bonus Miles

Network Bonus Miles can be earned for travel from April 15 – October 15, 2007
and to be eligible you must reside outside of Thailand and register at

Registration begins on March 12, 2007 and if you register before the April 15
start date you’ll qualify for bonus miles for the entire 6 month promotion period.

If you register during the promotion period you’ll be eligible for Network
Bonus Miles for qualifying flights after your registration date.

There is no limit to the number of Network Bonus Miles you can earn, so
make 2007 your most rewarding year by choosing to fly smooth as silk across
the THAI network, via Bangkok.

* Network Bonus Miles are earned provided there is an international flight connection or stopover
in Bangkok within 5 days of arrival on both inbound and outbound travel. One sector only beyond
Bangkok qualifies the entire itinerary for Network Bonus Miles. Additional sectors beyond Bangkok
are not eligible for Network Bonus Miles. Online registration is required and is limited to members
residing outside of Thailand. THAI operated flights only are eligible with paid fares in booking class
codes: F/A/P/C/D/J/U/Y/B/M. Bonus Miles are earned according to the class of service flown are
credited during the first week of each month, for qualifying activities flown in the preceding month.
Should a journey start at the end of the month and finish in the first part of the following month,
bonus mile credit may be spread over a 2 month period. Complete terms and conditions are available

    International Awards Online
                       International Award Travel on THAI is going online in early April.

                       In this first phase, departure must be from Bangkok when booking online.
                       However, this online service, when departing from most THAI destinations
                       worldwide, will be available soon.

                       Log on to using your PIN code and follow the
                       booking prompts.

                       Once round-trip travel has been confirmed, and please note that stopovers
                       are not allowed for Award Travel booked online, payment for taxes and sur-
                       charges must be made by credit card and Award Travel is then e-ticketed.

                       At flight check-in, the same credit card used for payment of taxes must be
                       presented. If you are redeeming for an Award Nominee, enter their credit
                       card details if possible, as again the same credit card used for payment
                       must be presented at check-in.

                       Award Travel from Bangkok to major THAI destinations is only a few clicks away.*

                       * Additional terms and conditions are available at

Mileage Purchase Changes
                                                       Mileage Purchase allows you to top-up your account if you don’t have
                                                       enough miles for an Award for yourself, or one of your Award Nominees.
                                                       Beginning July 1, 2007 the increments, cost of miles and currency of payment
                                                       for Mileage Purchase will change.
                                                       While the cost of miles will increase, miles will be available in more cost
                                                       effective increments of 1,000 miles.
                                                       30,000 miles remains the maximum of miles for top-up per Award.
                                                       Payment for miles can be made in 2 currencies, Thai Baht in Thailand and
                                                       USD anywhere else. Charges in USD will be converted to local currency as
                                                       per exchange rates on the day of purchase.

    Miles       Thai Baht       $ USD          Miles          Thai Baht       $ USD           Miles        Thai Baht       $ USD
    1,000         1,140          30.00        11,000           12,540         330.00         21,000         23,940         630.00
    2,000         2,280          60.00        12,000           13,680         360.00         22,000         25,080         660.00
    3,000         3,420          90.00        13,000           14,820         390.00         23,000         26,220         690.00
    4,000         4,560         120.00        14,000           15,960         420.00         24,000         27,360         720.00
    5,000         5,700         150.00        15,000           17,100         450.00         25,000         28,500         750.00
    6,000         6,840         180.00        16,000           18,240         480.00         26,000         29,640         780.00
    7,000         7,980         210.00        17,000           19,380         510.00         27,000         30,780         810.00
    8,000         9,120         240.00        18,000           20,520         540.00         28,000         31,920         840.00
    9,000        10,260         270.00        19,000           21,660         570.00         29,000         33,060         870.00
   10,000        11,400         300.00        20,000           22,800         600.00         30,000         34,200         900.00

As in the past, visit you local THAI city ticketing office where payment can be made in cash or by credit card and miles are
then credited to your account.

    Star Alliance News
                         Star Alliance airlines serve 841 destinations around the world and wherever
                         you are is an invaluable information source.

                         When searching which airline flies to your destination, you’ll also find a 4
                         day weather forecast and tips on accommodation, dining and entertainment
                         at any destination. You can also check the status of any Star Alliance flight
                         in real time from departure to arrival.

                         Baggage tracing lets you see where your luggage is, and how long until
                         delivery, after you have reported the loss to the Star Alliance airline on which
                         you traveled.

                         For globetrotters, calculate your round the world fare, or other promotional fares
                         and even find out if you need a visa or if there are specific health regulations
                         at any of your destinations.

                         Star Alliance Upgrade Awards
                         When traveling in Business Class or First Class and departing from any
                         airport in the United Kingdom or France, additional taxes are imposed on all
                         passengers, including if you are traveling on a Star Alliance Upgrade Award.

                         Taxes may differ according to cabin class, and are collected at flight check-in.

                         Important Notice: With the departure of VARIG as a Star Alliance member,
                         accrual and redemption of miles, and elite benefits during travel with VARIG
                         are no longer possible.

A New Card Partner In Thailand
                   Introducing our newest financial partner, Bangkok Bank, Thailand’s largest
                   bank and a leading card issuer.

                   If you reside in Thailand, the Bangkok Bank Platinum Leader Card can give
                   you a wide range of benefits, and you can convert points to miles, two reward
                   points for one Royal Orchid Plus mile.

                   The benefits of the card are many, while traveling or at home. Pay for airline
                   tickets with this new partner card and enjoy overseas health and medical in-
                   surance, as well as travel accident insurance up to $500,000 for cardholders
                   and their families. A worldwide concierge is also at your service, for airline,
                   hotel, restaurant bookings and more.

                   At home enjoy a free 90 day purchase protection plan, the longest protection
                   period available, home assistance services from cleaning to renovations,
                   round the clock nationwide road assistance, and discounts and privileges
                   with leading hotels, hospitals and retailers in Thailand.

                   Until March 31, earn triple rewards points for all your spending around the
                   world and from April 1, 2007 onwards earn double reward points with every
                   Baht 25 of spending.

                   Apply for Bangkok Bank Platinum Leader Card and see how quickly your
                   Royal Orchid Plus account balance can grow with point to mile conversions.
                   For more information please call 1333 or 66 (0) 2645 5555.

    Donations and Redemptions
                      Here are donation or redemption options, if you have 2006 expired miles that must
                      be redeemed before June 30, 2007, or if you just want to support a worthy cause.

                      Both can be done instantly online at simply log on
                      using your PIN code and go to Donations or to Request an Award.

                      Mileage donations will fly the Thai team of 53 athletes with intellectual disabilities
                      to the October 2007 Special Olympics World Summer Games in Shanghai,
                      the first time these games will be held in Asia.

                      To celebrate His Majesty the King’s 80th Birthday on December 5, 2007,
                      a Miles for Merit donation will help provide air travel with THAI for 80 Buddhist
                      monks on a pilgrimage to the Four Holy Sites of Buddhism in India. THAI is
                      proud to have made an initial contribution of 800,000 miles and invites you
                      to donate to honor a beloved monarch in Miles for Merit.

                      Mileage donations of 500 miles or more can be made for both causes, for the
                      Special Olympics until September 30, and for merit making until November 30, 2007.

                      For avid readers in Thailand, choose from 10 magazines that match your lifestyle.
                      • Anywhere • Honeymoon and Travel • Kinnaree • Gourmet and Cuisine
                      • Health and Cuisine • Baan Lae Suan • Room • National Geographic
                      • Reader’s Digest (Thai and English editions)

                      You must have a mailing address in Thailand and redeem by June 30, 2007.
                      Subscriptions are for 12 months starting at just 6,000 miles.
                      Redeem instantly at

Program and Travel Updates
                  Expired Miles
                  Don’t forget that expired miles from 2006 must be redeemed by June 30,
                  2007 or are deleted from accounts.
                  If you fail to redeem expired miles by June 30 for whatever reason, you can
                  request a 2 month extension, until August 31, 2007, at a cost of US $ 0.01
                  or Baht 0.38 per mile, beginning with a minimum of 10,000 miles.
                  Determine the number of expired miles you need to extend, pay at any THAI
                  city ticketing office, then redeem and issue your preferred Award by August
                  31, 2007.

                  Hotel Award Stays
                  A number of new Starwood Hotels and Resorts are now welcoming Award
                  Stays throughout Asia Pacific.
                  Beginning May 1, 2007 a number of Shangri-La Hotels and Resorts will no
                  longer accept Award Stays.
                  Up to date information is available at at Redeeming Awards.

                  Gold Status Evaluations
                  Beginning June 1, 2007, travel in V/W classes will no longer be included
                  in evaluations to attain or retain Gold Status when flying 40 international
                  sectors on THAI within 1 calendar year. All other Economy Class booking
                  classes will remain in this evaluation for Royal Orchid Plus Gold.

    Singapore Bonus Miles
    If you reside in Thailand and purchase a Royal Silk Class ticket between
    Bangkok and Singapore, earn 50% more miles, or 1,662 miles per sector,
    for travel between March 1 and May 31, 2007.

    Service Fee Changes
    The following service fee changes will be effective July 1, 2007.
    International Award Ticket Re-credit       Baht 3,800       US $ 100.00
    Domestic Award Ticket Re-routing           Baht 1,140       US $ 30.00

    Online Domestic Awards
    Awards within Thailand booked online at remain at
    reduced mileage until June 30, 2007. After this date you can still enjoy the
    convenience of online booking, but domestic Awards booked online or with
    THAI reservations will require the same mileage.
    Economy Class: 15,000 miles                 Royal Silk Class: 20,000 miles

A Free Day with Budget                                                                     Celebrate
and Double Miles                                                                           the New Burasari
At any Budget rental location in Thailand,                                                 The Burasari Resort at Phuket’s Patong
rent an Intermediate or larger car for                                                     Beach is now featuring beautiful new
four consecutive days or more and get                                                      and modern rooms in the recently
the 4th day free of time and kilometre                                                     completed “Chandra” Wing, they are
charges.                                                                                   centered around a stunning new pool
                                                                                           and surrounded by tropical gardens
The offer is valid with Budget’s                                                           with lush plants and soothing waterfalls.          Chandra Wing at Burasari
Super Saver Rate from March 1 – May 31, 2007 and also earns
DOUBLE MILES.                                                                              Stay with us in a Grand Premier Pool View Room for three nights
                                                                                           at Thai Baht 14,000 for two: This exceptional value includes:
Book online at or call Budget in Thailand                                 • Daily International Breakfast
on +66 (0) 2203 0250 and quote the offer code BCD F008729                                  • Set dinner for 2 at Celebrity Chef Keith Floyd’s Brasserie
                                                                                           • 10% discount on wine with the Floyd Signature Set Dinner
                                                                                           • 60 minute Burasari body massage for 2
                                                                                           • 500 Royal Orchid Plus Miles
                                                                                           Book online at or call in Bangkok, Thailand
                                                                                           at 66 (0) 2 678-0101

Conditions: Free day excludes time and Km charges only, taxes and other charges
may apply. Offer cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer, promotion, coupon,
tour or wholesale rates. Valid for rentals within Thailand only. One way rentals are not
allowed with this offer. Vehicles subject to availability. Minimum 4-day consecutive       Conditions: Offer valid April 1- October 31, 2007. Cannot be used with any other
rental is required. Offer applies to Intermediate (ICAR) or larger car groups.             promotions. Black-out dates may apply.

 Earn Double & Triple Miles                                                         Great Deals
 with Dusit                                                                         with Hertz
 Dusit Hotels and Resorts in Thailand,                                              Rent Hertz from March 1 – May 31
 Myanmar, the Philippines and UAE,                                                  2007 and enjoy the following offers
 and D2 and Royal Princess Hotels                                                   in addition to the 10% discount off
 and Resorts throughout Thailand are                                                Affordable Rates and Royal Orchid
 offering DOUBLE MILES on every                                                     Plus miles that you receive for every
 eligible stay of 2 consecutive nights                                              qualifying rental.
 and TRIPLE MILES on every eligible                  Dusit Resort, Hua Hin
 stay of 3 consecutive nights or more,                                                Rental in USA/      Rental in Europe*     Rental in Australia/   Rental in Thailand
                                                                                          Canada                                  New Zealland
 from March 1 – May 31, 2007.
                                                                                     US/CA$20 off              EUR 20 off         One FREE Day           One FREE Day
                                                                                     for Compact and       for Compact and
 For reservations contact Dusit at:                                                  larger car            larger car            for all car groups     for all car groups

 E-mail:                                                              PC#960536             PC#963970             PC#961446             PC#960923
 Tel.:     66 (0) 2636 3333                                                         * Europe includes Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands,
                                                                                    Spain, Switzerland and UK.

                                                                                    How to enjoy the offer:
                                                                                    • Make your reservation at least 48 hours prior to departure for
                                                                                      rentals in Thailand, and 24 hours for other worldwide locations.
                                                                                    • Quote CDP# that corresponds with your membership status:
                                                                                      1094759 (Member), 1094760 (Silver) or 1094761 (Gold)
                                                                                      and the relevant PC# when making reservations.
                                                                                    • Present your Royal Orchid Plus membership card at the rental counter.
                                                                                    Book online at or call Hertz Reservation Centre:
                                                                                    Rentals outside Thailand       (66) 2-634 1804
                                                                                    Rentals in Thailand            (66) 2-266 4666
 Conditions: Only one room per member per stay will be awarded the bonus miles.
 Offer cannot be used in conjunction with other promotions. Advance reservations    Condition: Offers valid on Affordable Rates at participating locations. Offers are
 are required and subject to availability. Royal Orchid Plus membership card must   subject to a minimum 7 days rental. No other discounts or offers can be used
 be presented at the time of check-in.                                              concurrently. Blackout dates and standard Hertz terms & conditions apply.

Experience The Barai at Hyatt Regency                                                                 Enticing Bangkok with
Hua Hin and Earn Triple Miles                                                                         Double Miles
Earn TRIPLE MILES when experiencing                                                                   Discover enticing Bangkok and double
The Barai, a new residential spa on the                                                               your Royal Orchid Plus Miles with
beach of Hyatt Regency Hua Hin in                                                                     amazing rates when staying on the
Thailand, with the following package                                                                  Chao Phraya River or downtown
at Baht 18,000 per night between
                                                                                                      Bangkok from March 1-May 31, 2007.
March 15 and June 30, 2007:
• One night accommodation in The                                                                      Stays at the Royal Orchid Sheraton
                                         The Barai, Hyatt Regency Hua Hin                                                                                 Royal Orchid Sheraton Hotel, Bangkok
  Barai Suite                                                                                         with sweeping river views starts from
• Choice of either a 60-minute aromatherapy, or a traditional                                         US $145++ for a Deluxe Room.
  Thai massage each day for two people (in-suite treatment or in
  a Spa Room)
• Healthy breakfast at McFarland House, or in the comfort of                                          For reservations with the Royal Orchid Sheraton;
  your suite                                                                                          E-mail:
• All-day hot and cold herbal tea, and evening cocktails at                                           Tel: 66 (0) 2236 3535 Fax: 66 (0) 2266 9211
  McFarland House
• Herbal steam bath prepared in your private steam room in a                                          Stays at Plaza Athenee Bangkok, A Royal Méridien Hotel,
  Barai Suite by your Suite Butler                                                                    in the midst of Bangkok’s business district starts from
• Daily fresh tropical fruit and flowers                                                               US $150++ for a Deluxe Room.
• 1,500 miles per suite per stay
For reservations, please visit or call your nearest                                  For reservations with Plaza Athenee Bangkok;
Hyatt Worldwide Reservation Centre, and ask for offer code TA642                                      E-mail:
Hong Kong                                  +852 2956 1234                                             Tel: 66 (0) 2650 8800 Fax: 66 (0) 2650 8500-1
Singapore                                  +65 6735 1234
Thailand                                   +66 02 254 1234
Conditions: Must ask for offer code TA642 at the time of reservation. Offer is subject to availa-     Conditions: Rates are subject to 10% service charge and 7% Government Tax. Subject
bility and valid for up to two guests per suite. Black out periods on Thai public holidays and long   to availability. Minimum 2-night stay and advance reservations are required. Royal
weekends. Rate is subject to 17.7% tax and service charge. Bonus miles are awarded to only            Orchid Plus Member Card must be presented upon check-in. Please quote ROMAR
one member per room per stay. Cannot be used in conjunction with any other promotion.                 when making reservations.

 Book Online for More Miles                                                            Double Miles with
 with Shangri-La                                                                       Sofitel Worldwide
 Between 1 March and 31 May 2007,                                                      Earn DOUBLE Miles when you stay
 earn double miles for staying in a                                                    at selected Sofitel hotels in major
 Horizon Club or Traders Club room on                                                  destinations including Bangkok,
 Select Rate booked on-line at                                                         Shanghai, Seoul, Bali, Hanoi, Stays in a Horizon                                                Melbourne, Los Angeles and New York
 Club or Traders Club room includes                                                    starting from March 1 to May 31, 2007.
 complimentary breakfast, non-alcoholic Horizon Club Lounge, Bangkok                                                                           Sofitel Queenstown
 beverages, early evening cocktail daily
 at Club lounge, access and use of club facilities including                           Reservations must be made through Accor Reservation Center in:
 private meeting room use, one-suit pressing, concierge service,
 club floor check-in and check-out.                                                     Thailand                02 264 5777
                                                                                       Hong Kong               800 93 8768 toll free
 Or, if you are in Bangkok between 1 April and 31 July, you can                        Singapore               800 6161 367 toll free
 earn triple miles on qualifying rates either by booking your stays                    Other countries         ++612 8584 8666
 at the Krungthep Wing of the Shangri-La hotel on-line at www.                         or visit and stay for a minimum of three consecutive
 nights. You can still earn double miles if you stay for a minimum
 of two consecutive nights on qualifying rates by calling toll-free in:

 Thailand                        1 800 06 0020
 Singapore                       001 800 8388 8388
 Malaysia                        1300 88 7388

 Conditions: Offers are subject to availability and advance reservation is required.
 Cannot be used in conjunction with other promotions. Qualifying rates refer to        Conditions: Qualifying rates for Double Miles are Best Unrestricted rate and Best
 Corporate Rates, Select Rate and Value Rate.                                          Available rates with breakfast. Offer can not be combined with other promotional offers.

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