; Divine Mercy Shrine opens
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Divine Mercy Shrine opens


Divine Mercy Shrine opens

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									                   APRIL 2007

Divine Mercy Shrine opens
“Nothing is more important for                     It is not surprising then that the largest          CDF support of this project was
man than Divine Mercy.”                            concentration of Poles in Australia,                modest due to the huge outpouring
                                                   who have been drawn to the south                    of donations, sponsorship and
With these words the late Pope John                eastern suburbs of Melbourne resolved               fundraising efforts from Polish
Paul II gave powerful testimony to                 to extend devotions to the Divine                   communities throughout Australia
God’s mercy, a theme which became                  Mercy with the establishment of Polish              and overseas. The Fund congratulates
a hallmark of his papacy.                          Catholic Centre in Keysborough in                   the Polish community on their
                                                   1998. But their proudest moment was                 achievement.
As bishop of Krakow, Poland he                     undoubtedly the completion of the first
initiated the cause of beatification of             Divine Mercy Shrine in Australia in 2006,
Sister Faustyna Kowalska, the humble               built as a magnificent gesture of the
Polish nun to whom Jesus entrusted                 God’s Providence and recognition of the
the message of Divine Mercy in 1931.               blessing of their new homes in Australia.
On the occasion of Sister Faustyna’s
canonisation in 2000, Pope John Paul               The shrine seats 450 for Mass and
II declared that Divine Mercy Sunday               includes rooms for meetings and
would be celebrated on the Sunday                  religious education as well as a
after Easter throughout the Church.                cafeteria.

The first Divine Mercy Shrine in Australia, located in Greens Road, Keysborough.                    Archbishop Denis Hart (centre) consecrated the
                                                                                                   Divine Mercy shrine in 2006. Fr Kazimierz Bojda,
                                                                                                   SChr (at right).

                                           Building Our Catholic Community
        CDF office: 96 Wellington Pde, East Melbourne VIC 3002    Postal Address: Catholic Development Fund, PO Box 174, East Melbourne VIC 8002
                      Telephone: 03 9411 4200 Country Caller: 1800 134 135 Fax: 03 9419 0076 Email: invest@cdf.melb.catholic.org.au

When will the
building stop?
Selecting a building project at Mount Saint Joseph Girls
College, Altona to feature in CDF Update is not easy.
There are so many projects from which to choose! In
fact building and renovating works have hardly stopped
in recent times as this 40 year old college has been
modernised and extended.

MSJ is proud of their Josephite heritage and the newly
constructed multi-purpose hall, named the Mary MacKillop
Centre is the showpiece of the campus. Rita Sullivan,
Business Manager and alumnus enthused, “Having
this great centre at our college means that full school
assemblies can be accommodated. The generous space                Above: A striking feature of the Administration Building
in an all-weather facility has allowed the Physical Education     extensions is the memorial stained glass window dedicated to
                                                                  the late Robert Morton, long serving and much loved teacher
curriculum to be expanded. The students have so many
                                                                  and school photographer.
choices for sport and fitness now. The MSJ Boot Camp is
very popular!”

While the student body has grown by 250 students                  We wondered, without actually asking the question,
over the past five years, the college has responded with           “When will the building stop?” Rita smiled, possibly
other building projects. These included extending and             thinking “never” and offered that the next project will be a
refurbishing the Administration Building, redeveloping            Performing Arts Centre. She was given the assurance that
existing classrooms for senior students, adding new               CDF will be there to help.
computer laboratories and constructing multi-functional
space for visual arts.

    At MSJ a wide range of learning takes     The Mary MacKillop Centre, pictured          Recent redevelopment of senior
       place. A paraplegic rugby player          (at rear) is in constant use by all      classrooms included new furniture,
  inspired students to engage in a spirited        departments of the College.               audio/visual equipment and a
    game of wheelchair basketball in the        Students eagerly look forward to                29 station computer lab.
      Mary MacKillop Centre and raised              future musical productions
         their awareness of the needs                and drama performances.
              of disabled persons.
                                                                                              The best feature of the new school is
                                                                             having all the teachers and students under one roof.

To Renovate or To Rebuild?
(That is the Question)
When Father Chris Toms, Parish Priest, and Mr Gunnar            Building works at St Charles Borromeo School are
Rasmussen, Principal, set out on a routine maintenance          complete now. The new learning environment is first
inspection of the parish school, they reached a bold            class and classrooms are alive with enthusiastic students.
decision. The portable classrooms at St Charles Borromeo,       Teachers appreciate the convenience and privacy of a
Templestowe were old and tired. “We concluded that              boardroom as well as a staff room. Corridors are generous
while 23-year old facilities could be renovated, we would       with ample space for banners and children’s art. The
still have an old school. So we decided to design and build     yearly maintenance inspection has become a positive
a new school! We had the advantages of a parcel of land to      experience!
sell and finance from the CDF.” Mr Rasmussen said.

         It is a proud duty to raise        The large gathering area is ideal for        Classrooms are bright and spacious.
   the Australian flag each morning over       Mass and full school assemblies.             Students love their new school!
   the new St Charles Borromeo School,       Fr Chris Toms addresses students.
                                                  Left: The library was built to commemorate the golden jubilee of the foundation of Tarrawarra
                                                  Abbey in 1954.
                                                  Above-left: Located within the monastic enclosure, the library is only used by the monks making
                                                  security features used in public libraries unnecessary. This allowed a certain freedom with the
                                                  design which has many angles and interesting nooks and crannies.
                                                  Above-right: Abbott Dom David Tomlins, OCSO (at right) expressed his thanks to the CDF for “a
                                                  loan willingly made and gratefully accepted.”

The Library Built from the Inside Out
Anyone who has ever tried to juggle bookshelf space to                                          The Cistercians’ collection covers all fields of learning but
make room for new tomes will appreciate the challenge                                           primarily relates to monasticism, scripture and theology.
the Cistercian monks at Tarrawarra Abbey, Yarra Glen                                            The oldest book is a two-volume set of the writings of
faced as they set out to design new library space for                                           Saint Bernard of Clairvaux dating from 1552. Libraries are
30,000 volumes collected over 50 years. According to                                            considered essential to living a monastic ideal as evidenced
librarian, Fr. Michael Casey, OCSO, “First we decided what                                      in the Cistercian constitution, “In sacred reading God’s
our collection would require and what the community                                             word is heard and pondered, it is a source of prayer and
desired to make it efficient and pleasurable and then built                                      contemplation.”
the library from the inside out! Our library is crammed full
of mysteries to be discovered.”

CDF Welcomes Guy Beale to the
Management Team
Guy Beale has recently joined the Catholic Development Fund as the Business
Development Manager. Guy was educated at St Kevin’s College and holds a
Bachelor of Economics and a Graduate Diploma in Applied Finance & Investment.
Prior to joining CDF, Guy spent 20 years working in Financial Markets for a number
of domestic & international banks. He is married and has two young children.
Guy said, “It was pleasing to note that in an environment of higher interest rates
in 2006 the Fund not only increased investment rates but was successful in holding
lending rates for Church clients. CDF continues to meet the borrowing needs of
our Catholic community at the most advantageous rates of interest.”

The Archdiocese of Melbourne – Catholic Development Fund (CDF) is designed for investors who wish to promote the charitable purposes of the Catholic Archdiocese of Melbourne. We
welcome your investment with CDF rather than with a profit oriented commercial organisation as a conscious commitment by you to support the Charitable, Religious and Educational works of
the Catholic Church. CDF is not subject to the provision of the Corporation Act 2001 nor has it been examined or approved by the Australian Securities and Investments Commission. Neither
CDF nor the Trustees of the Roman Catholic Trusts Corporation for the Archdiocese of Melbourne is prudentially supervised by the Australian Prudential Regulation Authority. Contributions to
CDF do not obtain the benefit of the Depositor Protection Provision of the Banking Act 1959. The Catholic Archdiocese of Melbourne has indemnified the CDF against any liability arising out of
a claim by investors in the CDF through CDPF Limited, which is a company established by the Australian Catholic Bishops Conference. In essence, this means that your deposit, investment and
any interest payable is guaranteed by the Catholic Archdiocese of Melbourne.
                                                                                                                                                                                                APR 07

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