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									Double Reward points on Balance Transfer- Terms & Conditions

   1.    The customer is eligible for “double reward points on balance transfer amount”
         (“Offer”) only if the customer expresses interest for the Offer
   2.    Double reward point will be awarded only after the completion of the interest free
         period provided the customer has not foreclosed the Balance Transfer request and the
         Barclaycardholders account continues to be in good standing and the minimum
         payment due continues to reach us before the payment due date.
   3.    The Offer is available for select Barclaycardholders.
   4.    The final approval for the Balance Transfer is subject to the performance on your
         Barclaycard at the time the request is received and is at the sole discretion of Barclays
         Bank PLC.
   5.    This facility is available only to Primary Card (Not available to add-on cards) and to
         Barclaycard customers holding valid Barclaycards.
   6.    Balance transfer requests can be made only for amounts equal to or more than
         Rs.1,000. The maximum Balance Transfer that can be availed is up to 90% of Available
         Credit Limit.
   7.    Customers will be eligible to book up to 3 active Balance Transfer Requests on their
         Credit Cards, subject to each of them being more than Rs.1000 and sufficient Credit
         Limit being available. After One Balance transfer has been paid off, a fresh balance
         request can take its place.
   8.    Barclaycard will send the Demand Draft (DD) favouring the other Credit Card (other
         than Barclaycards) for the Approved Transfer Amount to your Mailing Address which
         you can deposit with your other Credit Card to make payment against the amount so
         requested for transfer to Barclaycard and you shall continue to be responsible for
         making any other payments which are due against you in favour of other Credit Card.
         Alternatively the payment may also be done through a Visa Money Transfer which will
         be directly Credited to the other Bank Credit Card within 3 working days.
   9.    Barclays Bank PLC and / or the Barclaycard will not be held liable for Service Charges or
         Late Payment Charges debited to your other Credit Card for any reason whatsoever
   10.   The first billing (Minimum Due % of total transferred amount) against the transferred
         amount will be billed to you in the next statement you receive. The customer would
         have set the Minimum Due Percentage of the Barclaycard at the time of Credit Card
   11.   A one-time transaction fee will be charged for Offer. This will be billed in the monthly
         Card statement. At present the fee applicable on Balance Transfer – 2% or Rs.500/-
         (whichever is higher)
   12.   Interest Rate will be 0% per month on the balance for a period of 3 months. After the
         period of 3 months, the regular annualized Interest Rate which is communicated to the
         customer in the Schedule of Charges. The Bank reserves the right to change the rate of
         interest and bank will communicate such new applicable rate in accordance with the
         RBI Guidelines. The payment made by the customer is first allocated to the Interest and
         Fees Outstanding, then to the Balance Transfer Amount and then to the Retail Purchase
         Transactions, e.g. If the customer does a Balance Transfer of Rs.20,000 and on the
         same day makes a purchase of Rs.10,000 then the outstanding would be Rs.30,000 and
         Minimum Amount Due would be Rs.1500 (assuming Min Due Parameter set to 5%). If
         the customer were to pay Rs.11,000 on payment date, then the entire Rs.11,000 would
         be taken towards the Balance Transfer. The customer still gets charged Interest on the
         Purchase of Rs.10,000 at normal interest rates.
   13.   Barclaycard reserves the right to ask for any additional documents from you. The
         preapproved Loan amount may vary based on aggregate debt burden and total
         exposure on all existing Barclays Bank PLC and / or Barclaycard relationships
   14.   Barclaycard reserves the right to cancel or revoke the pre-approved Balance Transfer at
         anytime, at its discretion before the actual disbursement of the Loan, in the event any
      material fact concerning your income, employment or ability to repay, or any other
      relevant aspect of your proposal for the Balance Transfer is found to be false,
      suppressed or misrepresented in any form
15.   Interest rates communicated at the time of booking will be applicable. Barclaycard
      reserves the right to modify this interest rate in accordance with the guidelines issued
      by RBI from time to time
16.   Barclays Bank PLC and / or Barclaycard reserves the right to revise the prepayment
      charges at its discretion after giving the customer due notice
17.   Nothing contained in the Offer will be construed as an obligation on Barclays Bank PLC
      to continue the Offer after the Offer termination date
18.   Barclays Bank PLC reserves the right at anytime, without previous notice, to add, alter,
      modify, change or vary all or any of these terms and conditions or to replace wholly or
      in part this scheme by another Offer, whether similar to the Offer or not, or to withdraw
      it altogether
19.   Barclays Bank PLC shall not be responsible for, or liable to any actions, claims,
      demands, losses, damages, costs, charges or expenses, which a customer may suffer,
      sustain or incur by this Offer
20.   All disputes, if any, arising out of or in connection with or as a result of the Offer or
      otherwise relating hereto shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the competent
      Courts/Tribunals in Mumbai only, irrespective of whether Courts/Tribunals in other
      areas have concurrent or similar jurisdiction.
21.   Bank and / or its Service Providers will record the communications with the Customer
      for its record purposes.
22.   If you applied for closure of the Barclaycard and / or Bank decided, for any reason
      whatsoever, close the card before all the installments get repaid, the Loan outstanding
      as on such date will get debited to the Card Account as one consolidated amount and
      you shall be permitted to close the Card or bank decided to recall the facility or close
      the card, in such situations you shall be required to make payment of all due amount(s)
      in the next billing cycle.
23.   The Bank reserves the right to change the rate of interest and bank will communicate
      such new applicable rate in accordance with the RBI Guidelines.
24.   Under the Balance Transfer offer the Credit Limit on your Barclaycard will be blocked
      for the amount, which has been transferred. The Credit Limit will be released as and
      when the amount is billed and paid for in subsequent months.
25.   This Barclaycardpoint scheme shall remain in force till such time till it is otherwise
      terminated by Barclaycard.
26.   Double Barclaycard Rewards Points shall, at present, accrue on the balance transferred
      for select customers. Balance transfers done prior to launch date will accrue normal
      Reward Points: Applicable double Barclaycard points will accrue at the following rate.
            1. Barclaycard Gold : 4 BarclaycardPoints for every Rs.100 (rounded downwards
                to the nearest whole number)
            2. Barclays Premier League Barclaycard : 4 BarclaycardPoints for every Rs.100
                (rounded downwards to the nearest whole number)
            3. Smart Budget Barclaycard: 2 BarclaycardPoints for every Rs.100 (rounded
                downwards to the nearest whole number)
27.   Barclaycard Rewards Points shall not accrue on charges that are subsequently reversed.
28.   Barclaycard Points have no expiry date. Barclaycard may introduce an expiry period for
      BarclaycardPoints without giving any notice. Double Barclaycard reward point is
      however applicable on the Balance transferred.
29.   The BarclaycardPoints are redeemable for purchase of specific goods and vouchers as
      may, from time to time, be intimated by Barclaycard.
30.   On redemption, the BarclaycardPoints so redeemed would be automatically deleted
      from the accumulated Barclaycard Rewards Points in the Barclaycard Cardmember's
31. No accumulation or redemption of BarclaycardPoints will be permissible if, on relevant
    date, the Card has been withdrawn or cancelled or is liable to be cancelled or if the
    account of the Barclaycard Cardmember is a delinquent account or if there is any
    breach of any clause of the Terms and Conditions applicable on the card. The
    BarclaycardPoints will lapse on the date of closure / cancellation of the Barclaycard
32. Goods would be delivered within six to eight weeks of receipt of the order on a "best-
    effort" basis. However, Barclaycard will not be held liable for any delay beyond this time
33. Barclaycard reserves the right to substitute or withdraw any product or Gift voucher on
    account of non-availability of the product or Gift voucher.
34. Redemption orders cannot be cancelled or varied once they have been made.
    Redemptions can be executed only after the customer has accumulated 500 or more
    Reward Points. The minimum balance of points for redemption may be changed by
    Barclaycard without giving any notice.
35. Barclaycards's computation of Barclaycard Rewards Points shall be final, conclusive and
    binding on a Barclaycard Cardmember and will not be liable to be disputed or
    questioned, except in case of manifest error.
36. A Barclaycard Cardmember cannot transfer any BarclaycardPoints to another person or
    combine the BarclaycardPoints of his / her other Credit Cards except for Additional
    Cards issued and linked with the primary card.
37. Barclaycard accepts no liability in respect of any income or other tax liability of
    Barclaycard Members arising from the redemption of Barclaycard Rewards Points.
38. This scheme is entirely voluntary and it is understood that all charges are voluntarily
    incurred by a Barclaycard Cardmember in the normal course of Card usage. Further,
    nothing contained herein will prejudice or affect the Terms and Conditions of the
    Barclaycard. The terms of this scheme shall be in addition to and not in derogation of
    the terms of the Card.
39. All goods / Services under the BarclaycardPoints Program are subject to availability of
    the goods and supplier restrictions, at the time of redemption.
40. Cardholder understands that Barclaycard will not be responsible for any defect in the
    goods or deficiency of the services so delivered / rendered against redemption of the
    reward points.
41. Any query / dispute as regards delivery of defective or deficient goods / Services must
    be addressed in writing to the manufacturers/suppliers and sent to Barclaycard within
    5 working days of the date of receipt of the goods to enable Barclaycard to forward the
    same for resolution to the manufacturers/suppliers concerned. Any claims made after
    5 days shall not be entertained and the Barclaycard Cardmember shall be deemed to be
    satisfied with the goods.
42. Barclaycard expressly reserves the right at any time and without previous notice to
    Barclaycard Cardmembers, to add/or alter, modify, change or vary all or any one of
    these terms and conditions or to replace wholly or in part this program by another
    program, or withdraw it altogether and Barclaycard shall make such updated Terms
    and conditions available at The Cardholder hereby undertakes that
    it shall keep him/her self updated about the then applicable Terms and conditions
    before every usage of the card.
43. Barclaycard gives no warranty (whether expressed or implied) whatsoever with respect
    to Rewards goods acquired under the BarclaycardPoints Program, either directly
    through the Barclaycard Rewards Program or through other partner loyalty programs.
    In particular, Barclaycard gives no warranty with respect to the quality of goods
    acquired or their suitability for any purpose.
44. All disputes, if any, arising out of or in connection with or as a result of this Barclaycard
    Rewards Program or otherwise relating hereto shall be subject to the exclusive
    jurisdiction of the courts/tribunals in Mumbai.

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