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As of October 2008
   Natural resources management (NRM) is about caring for our hills, plains and
   seas. It involves carefully managing our soils, water, native vegetation, marine
   and coastal environments in a sustainable way to ensure our ongoing social,
   economic and environmental wellbeing.

   At the cornerstone of our efforts to better manage the region’s assets, is the
   Regional NRM Plan. This plan has been developed to provide leadership,
   encourage community action and foster partnerships.

   In addition to articulating goals, the plan outlines the Board’s proposed
   investment over a three-year period and also provides strategic direction for all
   NRM partners who invest in the region. This includes the establishment of
   long-term goals, clearly defined outcomes and targets.

   To ensure the effective implementation of this important plan, the Board’s
   programs and services have been designed to ensure an integrated approach
   to natural resources management. Outlined in this document are the services
   and programs that will deliver the Board’s investment plan over the coming
   three years.

NRM Board budget – 2008/2009
   Each year the Board will review its operations and update its implementation
   program so that activities remain focussed on delivering short term management
   action targets, which contribute towards achieving longer term regional targets.
   To ensure effective delivery of natural resources management, a number of
   service areas and programs have been designed which integrate the themes in
   the Regional NRM Plan. These service areas and programs are described in this

                                      Monitoring, Evaluation and
                                      Reporting, $2,248,393 9%

                    Policy and Planning Services,
                           $2,105,554 9%

                   Communications and
                Consultation, $692,252, 3%
                                                                                                Land and Biodiversity Services,
                                                                                                      $10,695,059 43%

            Community Action, $2,898,038

                            Water Management Services,
                                 $4,436,536 18%                    Coast and Marine Services,
                                                                        $1,424,168 6%

   Figure 1: Distribution of the Board’s indicative budget across seven service areas in
   2008-09. Please note that the total quantum of the $24,500,000 budget is not fully

Land and Biodiversity Services                                                                   $10,695,059

Land Management Program
Project Name   Description            Locations     Outcomes                  Partnership         Contact person
               Provide technical      Rural areas   Deliver technical         Non commercial      Nicole Bennett
               advice, skills                       information on land       landholders and     Manager,
               training and                         and water                 producers and       Sustainable
               property                             management issues         industry groups     Agriculture &
               management                           to 3,000 property                             Training
               planning to rural                    managers across the                           Ph: 8391 7509
               landholders to                       region to achieve                             nicole.bennett@
               assist them better                   landscape scale                     
               manage their                         change in NRM.                      
               natural resources.                   Assist in the
                                                    development of 250
                                                    property plans.
               Implement NRM          Rural areas   Develop information       Primary             Nicole Bennett
               education and                        materials. Encourage      producers,          Manager,
industries     advisory services to                 and support agri-         agri-service        Sustainable
               primary producers.                   service providers to      providers,          Agriculture &
               Identify threats to                  enhance information       industry groups     Training
               primary production                   delivery to                                   Ph: 8391 7509
               in the region and                    landholders to                                nicole.bennett@
               survey producers to                  achieve landscape                   
               better understand                    scale change in NRM.                
               their knowledge
               Implement              Regional      Establish pest alert      Industry,           David Hughes
               strategies to enable                 networks and              businesses,         Special Projects
management     land managers to                     mapping databases.        nurseries, local    Officer
support        take an holistic and                 Produce work plans        and state           Ph: 8523 7700
               integrated                           for the eradication       government
               approach to the                      and destruction of key    agencies and
               management of                        species. Undertake        land managers
               pests on their                       public awareness
               properties.                          activities.

               Deliver a targeted     Rural areas   Assist landholders to     Landholders,        Northern
               program of on-                       actively manage           local               Service Area
advice and     ground works to                      2,500ha of native         government,         Michael Garrod
incentives     achieve landscape                    vegetation and            primary             Manager
               scale change in                      support the               producers,          Ph: 8523 7710
               NRM for the                          reconstruction of         Forestry SA, SA     michael.garrod@
               purpose of                           440ha of functional       Water and NRM       adelaide.nrm.
               reducing threats to                  ecosystems in priority    delivery groups.
               biodiversity, water                  areas. Encourage 20
               quality and                          new in perpetuity                             Fleurieu Service
               sustainable                          conservation                                  Area Martin
               production. Work                     covenants (including                          Weidenbach
               with landholders                     Heritage                                      Manager,
               and groups to                        Agreements).                                  Ph 8550 3400
               rehabilitate                         Support the                                   martin.weidenba
               watercourses to                      management 4,500ha                            ch@adelaide.
               improve water                        of native vegetation in             
               quality. Deliver an                  conservation areas.
               incentives program                                                                 Central Hills
               to encourage                                                                       Service Area
               greater landholder                                                                 John Wood
               involvement in                                                                     Manager
               NRM action.                                                                        Ph: 8389 6166

Land Management Program
 Project Name       Description             Locations      Outcomes                  Partnership        Contact person
                    Mapping of land         Rural areas    Map the extent and        PIRSA and          John Wood
                    degradation in rural                   severity of land          landholders        Central Hills
 management         areas. Develop a                       degradation and                              Service Area
 coordination       program of works                       develop programs to                          Manager
                    to address drought                     minimise the impacts.                        Ph: 8389 6166
                    and land                               Develop a program of                         john.wood@
                    degradation issues.                    options to respond to              
                    Implement               Metropolitan   Conduct three             Local              Phil Elson
 Animal and
                    strategies to control   areas          training forums per       government         Urban APC
 plant control in   the spread of pest                     annum. Produce                               Support/Complia
 metropolitan       plants and animals.                    guidelines and                               nce Officer
 areas              Develop project                        provide compliance                           Ph: 8550 3408
                    plans for the control                  support for                                  phil.elson@
                    of priority pests                      metropolitan councils.             
                    with local                                                                
                    Implement a             Regional       Undertake                 Landholders and    Martin
                    compliance                             inspections and           local government   Weidenbach
 coordination       program to tackle                      audits to ensure                             Fleurieu Service
                    non-compliance                         compliance with the                          Area Manager
                    with the NRM Act.                      NRM Act with a focus                         Ph: 8550 3400
                                                           on water affecting                           martin.weidenba
                                                           activities,                                  ch@adelaide.
                                                           declared animals and
                                                           plants and land

Strategic Biodiversity Initiatives
 Project Name       Description             Locations      Outcomes                  Partnership        Contact person
                    Identify the            Regional       Identification of         DEH, local         Andrew West
                    location, nature and                   spatially explicit        government,        Manager
 planning and       timing of activities                   priorities for            NRM community      Biodiversity
 investigations     required to                            biodiversity and focus    (including peak    Conservation
                    maintain the                           investment to meet        bodies, experts    Ph: 8273 9121
                    region’s biodiversity                  those priorities          and community      andrew.west@
                    and provide                            (linking with             groups)  
                    support to achieve                     landholder advice and              
                    this.                                  incentives).
                    Deliver targeted        Urban areas    Implement works on        DEH, local         Andrew West
                    biodiversity                           high priority sites for   government and     Manager
 biodiversity       conservation                           biodiversity              landholders        Biodiversity
                    activities within the                  conservation.                                Conservation
                    urban area.                                                                         Ph: 8273 9121
                    Deliver recovery        Regional       Meet targets and          Nature             Andrew West
                    programs for                           performance criteria      Conservation       Manager
 and delivery       nationally listed                      specified within          Society of SA,     Biodiversity
                    threatened species                     individual nationally-    Conservation       Conservation
                    and ecological                         adopted recovery          Council of SA,     Ph: 8273 9121
                    communities.                           plans.                    DEH, local         andrew.west@
                                                                                     Trees for Life
                                                                                     and landholders.

Coast and Marine Services                                                                           $1,424,168

Project Name      Description            Locations      Outcomes                Partnership         Contact person
                  Coastal planning       Coastal        Coastal action plans    DEH, local          Tony Flaherty
Coastal action
                  and on-ground          areas          and on-ground works.    government,         Acting Manager,
plans             works to manage                                               community           Coast and
                  and conserve                                                  groups and          Marine
                  priority coastal                                              coastal             Ph: 8273 9125
                  habitats.                                                     landholders         tony.flaherty@
                  Develop and            Estuaries      Estuary action plans    Local               Tony Flaherty
Coast and
                  facilitate             (initially     implemented for         government,         Acting Marine
estuary action    implementation of      Onkaparinga    major estuaries. Work   community           Planning and
plans             estuary plans for      Inman,         with partners to        groups, DEH,        NRM Liaison
                  key regional           Bungala        improve estuary         key agencies and    Officer
                  estuaries.             Hindmarsh,     health.                 coastal             Ph: 8273 9125
                                         and Light                              landholders         tony.flaherty@

Marine and Coast Planning and Management
Project Name      Description            Locations      Outcomes                Partnership         Contact person
                  Investigate and        Regional       Marine habitat          Fleurieu            Tony Flaherty
Seagrass and
                  undertake actions      marine, with   assessments.            Councils, DEH       Acting Manager,
reef recovery     to support seagrass    an initial     Coastal catchment       and SARDI           Coast and
                  and reef recovery.     focus on       on-ground works and                         Marine
                  Support work on        Yankalilla     stormwater                                  Ph: 8273 9125
                  seagrass and reef      and            management                                  tony.flaherty@
                  rehabilitation.        Encounter      initiatives                       
                                         Bays           implemented to                    
                                                        reduce sediment and
                                                        nutrients impacts to
                                                        reef and seagrass
                  Work                   Regional       Implement a             Other NRM           Tony Flaherty
Marine planning
                  collaboratively with   and cross      memorandum of           Boards, DEH,        Acting Manager,
and               other NRM Boards       regional       understanding for the   PIRSA, Marine       Coast and
collaboration     and partners to                       collaborative           Park and            Marine
                  develop a ‘whole of                   management of Gulf      Planning            Ph: 8273 9125
                  gulf’ approach to                     St Vincent. Integrate   Committees          tony.flaherty@
                  managing Gulf St                      coastal and                       
                  Vincent.                              catchment works to                
                                                        better protect and
                                                        manage the region’s
                                                        marine protected
                  Implement              Region wide    Protect migratory       DEH, Birds          Tony Flaherty
Marine and
                  threatened species                    shore birds by          Australia,          Acting Manager,
wildlife          recovery and threat                   supporting local        community and       Coast and
management        abatement plans to                    networks and action.    industry groups     Marine
                  reduce impacts on                                                                 Ph: 8273 9125
                  marine wildlife and                                                               tony.flaherty@
                  Support                Region wide    Increase community      Fishing industry,   Tony Flaherty
Marine pests
                  collaborative action                  and industry            community           Acting Manager,
                  to safeguard the                      awareness of marine     groups and          Coast and
                  region’s marine                       pests and improve       PIRSA               Marine
                  waters from marine                    practices to minimise                       Ph: 8273 9125
                  pest invasions.                       the risks of                                tony.flaherty@
                                                        introduction and                  

Community and Industry Involvement
Project Name      Description            Locations     Outcomes                Partnership         Contact person
                  Engage and             Region wide   Improved protection     Marine industries   Tony Flaherty
                  collaborate with                     of fisheries habitat    and community       Acting Manager,
sustainable       marine industries to                 and sustainable         groups              Coast and
marine            promote the                          practices.                                  Marine
industries        sustainable                                                                      Ph: 8273 9125
                  management of the                                                                tony.flaherty@
                  Build community        Region wide   Support community       Community           Tony Flaherty
                  skills, knowledge                    awareness and           groups such as      Acting Manager,
support and       and capacity to                      marine monitoring       Coastcare and       Coast and
awareness         manage coast,                        programs, facilitate    Reefwatch, local    Marine
                  estuarine and                        forums and              government,         Ph: 8273 9125
                  marine                               workshops and assist    aboriginal          tony.flaherty@
                  environments.                        indigenous groups       groups, NRM
                                                       with coastal            workers   
                                                       Improve awareness
                                                       and planning for
                                                       coastal and marine
                                                       climate change risk.

Water Management Services                                                                          $4,436,536

Alternative Water Supplies
Project Name      Description            Locations     Outcomes                Partnership         Contact person
                  Investigate            Region wide   Within the next three   Local               Steven Gatti
Planning for
                  opportunities for                    years, map              government,         Technical
storm and         stormwater and                       opportunities for       Stormwater          Manager
waste water re-   treated waste water                  storm and waste         Management          Ph: 8273 9129
use               re-use. Commence                     water reuse and pilot   Authority, SA       steven.gatti@
                  the development of                   a market based offset   Water and Office
                  a market-based                       and credit scheme.      for Water 
                  offset and tradable                                          Security
                  credit mechanism
                  for stormwater in
                  the region.

Urban Water Management
Project Name      Description            Locations     Outcomes                Partnership         Contact person
                  Facilitate, fund,      Region wide   Identify and            Local               Steven Gatti
                  develop and                          commence work on        government and      Technical
re-use            construct                            three projects over     land owners         Manager
                  stormwater                           the next three years.                       Ph: 8273 9129
                  harvesting projects.                                                             steven.gatti@
                  Identify and assist    Region wide   Develop and             Industry and        Steven Gatti
Waste water
                  in developing                        implement waste         local government    Technical
reuse             opportunities for                    water reuse schemes.                        Manager
                  waste water reuse                                                                Ph: 8273 9129
                  at industry and                                                                  steven.gatti@
                  local government                                                       

Urban Water Management
Project Name      Description             Locations     Outcomes               Partnership       Contact person
                  Provide support,        Urban areas   Finalise plan          Local             Sam Phillips
                  including the                         guidelines and         government        Water Projects
master plans      enhancement of                        develop stormwater                       Engineer
                  appropriate                           master plans for 20%                     Ph: 8273 9114
                  guidelines, to assist                 of the urban area.                       sam.phillips@
                  Councils develop                                                     
                  and implement                                                        
                  management plans.
                  In partnership with     Urban areas   Effective stormwater   Local and state   Alan Ockenden
                  local government,                     master plans           government        Director
management        develop stormwater                    developed for 20% of                     Operations and
                  master plans for                      the urban area.                          Projects
                  urban areas of the                                                             Ph: 8273 9117
                  region. Facilitate                                                             alan.ockenden@
                  an increased in                                                      
                  awareness of flood                                                   
                  risk and implement
                  flood mitigations
                  Support the             Urban areas   Develop one            Local             Sam Phillips
Water sensitive
                  construction of                       demonstration site.    government and    Water Projects
urban design      demonstration sites                                          developers        Engineer
                  and promote water                                                              Ph: 8273 9114
                  sensitive urban                                                                sam.phillips@
                  design to                                                            
                  agencies and the

Water Quality Improvement
Project Name      Description             Locations     Outcomes               Partnership       Contact person
                  Undertake strategic     Urban areas   Complete Stage Two     Local             Sam Phillips
                  projects to improve                   of Breakout Creek, a   government        Water Projects
watercourses      water quality and                     sedimentation basin                      Engineer
                  aquatic biodiversity                  for Christie Creek,                      Ph: 8273 9114
                  in urban                              and on-ground works                      sam.phillips@
                  watercourses as                       in Field River and             
                  identified in the                     other watercourses.            
                  NRM plan.                             Assistance may be
                                                        provided for urban
                                                        creek restoration
                                                        within the region.

Water Quality Improvement
                 Investigate options    Torrens       Continue efforts to      City of Adelaide    Alan Ockenden
                 to secure              Lake          improve management                           Director
Torrens          environmental                        practices at the lake                        Operations and
Taskforce        flows. Consider                      including carp                               Projects
recommend-       options for treating                 management,                                  Ph: 8273 9117
ations           Torrens Lake                         destratification,                            alan.ockenden@
                 water.                               monitoring and                     
                                                      aquatic plant                      
                 Implement              Christie      Improve the              City of             Steven Gatti
                 stormwater             Creek sub-    biodiversity value and   Onkaparinga and     Technical
Christie Creek   management             catchment     water quality in the     landholders         Manager
Task Force       measures including                   Christie Creek                               Ph: 8273 9129
Recommend-       water sensitive                      subcatchment.                                Email:
ations           urban design.                                                                     steven.gatti@
                 bushcare and                                                            
                 revegetation at
                 priority terrestrial
                 and riparian sites.
                 watercourse bed
                 and bank erosion
                 Identify and           Northern      Decommission 120         DWLBC, bore         Steven Gatti
                 decommission           Adelaide      bores.                   owners within the   Technical
quality          corroded and           Plains,                                NAP, Barossa        Manager
protected        leaking                Barossa and                            and McLaren         Ph: 8273 9129
through the      groundwater bores.     McLaren                                Vale                steven.gatti@
backfilling of                          Vale                                             
leaky wells                             prescribed                                       
                 Develop and            Region wide   Develop a water          EPA, Watershed      Steven Gatti
Water quality
                 implement water                      quality improvement      Protection Office   Technical
improvement      quality                              plan for the Mount                           Manager
plans            improvement plans                    Lofty Ranges                                 Ph: 8273 9129
                 for the region’s                     watershed, Adelaide                          steven.gatti@
                 terrestrial, coastal                 Coastal waters and                 
                 and marine areas                     either McLaren Vale                
                 to improve surface                   or Northern Adelaide
                 and groundwater                      Plains areas.
                 Undertake actions      Urban areas   Desilt Patawalonga       Local               Sam Phillips
                 to improve the                       Weir 1, Sturt Flood      government          Water Projects
quality          management of                        Control Dam and                              Engineer
management       stormwater quality                   Watson Avenue.                               Ph: 8273 9114
                 including working                    Maintain strategic                           sam.phillips@
                 with councils to up-                 gross pollutant traps.             
                 grade and maintain                   Deliver an education               
                 gross pollutant                      program for local
                 traps.                               government on the
                                                      EPA’s stormwater
                                                      code of practice.
                                                      Develop and promote
                                                      strategies for
                                                      improved street

Water Quality Improvement
               Work with local         Central and   Replace or remediate      Local              Steven Gatti
Waste water
               government to           northern      failing septic tanks.     government and     Technical
management     identify leaking        Adelaide                                landholders        Manager
systems        septic tanks and        hills                                                      Ph: 8273 9129
               implement                                                                          steven.gatti@
               incentive measures                                                       
               to repair or replace                                                     

Community Action                                                                                  $2,898,038

NRM Communities
Project Name   Description             Locations     Outcomes                  Partnership        Contact person
               Increased               Urban areas   Increase volunteering     Local              John Gawen
               community action                      in the NRM sector,        government and     Manager NRM
group action   and volunteering in                   greater satisfaction of   community          Communities
               NRM by supporting                     volunteers,               groups             Ph: 8273 9142
               community groups                                                                   john.gawen@
               such as Catchment                                                        
               Care, Our Patch,                                                         
               Waterwatch and
               Friends Groups.
               Through the             Urban areas   Complete two pilots in    City of Marion     John Gawen
               Sustainability                        the Adelaide              and City of        Manager NRM
change         Street program,                       metropolitan area.        Adelaide           Communities
               increase the                          Reduction of waste                           Ph: 8273 9142
               motivation, skills                    water use household                          john.gawen@
               and values of urban                   waste and energy                   
               residents to make                     use.                               
               sustainable choices
               in their homes and
               Develop and             Region wide   Increased skills and      Community          John Gawen
               implement a                           capacity of volunteers    groups, local      Manager NRM
support        volunteer policy to                   to deliver NRM            government,        Communities
               better support                        outcomes.                 Natural Resource   Ph: 8273 9142
               volunteer activities.                                           Centres, NRM       john.gawen@
               Partner with                                                    Council and
               Natural Resource                                                Volunteering SA
               Centres to
               encourage greater
               participation in

NRM Communities
               Engage with             Region wide   Development of a          Four Nations       John Gawen
               aboriginal                            formal mechanism for      NRM                Manager NRM
communities    communities to                        NRM proponents to         Governance         Communities
               recognise and learn                   engage with the Four      Group              Ph 8273 9142
               from their                            Nations group.                               john.gawen@
               knowledge of                          Support aboriginal                 
               caring for country.                   nations in their                   
                                                     participation in NRM
                                                     planning and action.

NRM Education
Project Name    Description          Locations     Outcomes                   Partnership        Contact person
NRM Education   Deliver the          Region wide   Engage 340 schools         Schools, parent    Hugh Kneebone
                Australian                         in NRM education           groups and         NRM Education
                Sustainable                        activities - 40 of these   school             Manager
                Schools Initiative                 will be sharing their      communities.       Ph: 8273 9133
                with a focus on                    experiences and skills     Local              hugh.kneebone
                education for                      locally via a cluster      government,        @adelaide.nrm.
                sustainability,                    program. Deliver           KESAB, DEH,
                behaviour change,                  education programs         DECS, Australian
                youth voice and                    such as Waterwatch         Government,
                community                          and Weed Warriors.         education
                partnerships.                                                 partners such as
                                                                              the Adelaide Zoo
                                                                              and the SA

Communications and Consultation                                                                    $692,252

Project Name    Description          Location      Outcomes                   Partnership        Contact
                                     s                                        opportunities      person
                Foster increased     Region        Increase the               Communities,       Janet Inman
                community            wide          community’s                local              Communication
awareness and   awareness and                      understanding of           government         Manager
communication   engagement in                      NRM issues.                and the media      Ph: 8273 9108
                positive NRM                       Increase                                      janet.inman@
                action.                            predisposition to                             adelaide.nrm.s
                                                   behaviours to
                                                   protect natural
                Develop              Region        Deliver effective          Local              Janet Inman
                effective            wide          and meaningful             government,        Communication
and             mechanisms for                     consultation               community          Manager
engagement      engaging the                       processes.                 groups,            Ph: 8273 9108
                community and                                                 industry           janet.inman@
                stakeholders in                                               associations,      adelaide.nrm.s
                NRM planning                                                  peak bodies
                and decision                                                  and
                making.                                                       landholders

Policy and Planning Services                                                                          $2,105,554

NRM Planning Support
Project Name        Description            Locations     Outcomes                  Partnership        Contact person
                    Assess water           Region wide   Implement the plan’s      Landholders,       Ewa (Eva)
Water affecting
                    affecting activity                   policy framework,         local government   Ciechorska
activities -        permit applications                  compliance with           and state          Permits &
permits and         and native                           permit conditions and     agencies           Compliance
referrals           vegetation                           general permitting of                        Officer
                    clearance referrals                  water affecting                              Ph: 8273 9103
                    to ensure that                       activity applications.                       ewa.ciechorska
                    proposed actions                                                                  @adelaide.nrm.
                    will not degrade the                                                    
                    local environment.
                    Assist local           Region wide   Deliver efficient best    Local              Ewa (Eva)
Water affecting
                    government and                       practice of water         government and     Ciechorska
activities - best   authorities to                       affecting permit          other agencies     Permits &
practice            comply with best                     provisions.                                  Compliance
operating           practice operating                                                                Officer
procedures          procedures in order                                                               Ph: 8273 9103
                    to be excluded from                                                               ewa.ciechorska
                    water affecting                                                                   @adelaide.nrm.
                    activity referrals.                                                     
                    Work with local and    Region wide   Increased NRM             Local and state    Gayle Grieger
Policy and
                    state government                     outcomes in local         government         Senior NRM
legislation         to include NRM                       government planning                          Policy Officer
                    objectives in                        and development                              Ph: 8523 7704
                    council develop                      strategies. Organised                        gayle.greiger@
                    plans and other                      and coherent                       
                    relevant policies                    responses to policies              
                    and strategies.                      and strategies.
                    Provide support        Region wide   Provide local advice      Communities and    Matthew Bonnett
NRM Board and
                    and professional                     and connection with       local government   Manager NRM
NRM Group           development to                       local communities.                           Groups
support             representatives of                                                                Ph: 8273 9131
                    the Board and                                                                     matthew.bonnett
                    NRM Groups                                                                        @adelaide.nrm.s

Water Allocation Planning
Project Name        Description            Locations     Outcomes                  Partnership        Contact person
                    Develop,               Region wide   Complete water            Local              Marion Santich
Water allocation
                    implement and                        allocation planning for   government,        Senior Policy
planning            review water                         the Western Mount         irrigators,        Officer
                    allocation plans for                 Lofty Ranges, Central     landholders and    Ph: 8273 9127
                    prescribed water                     Adelaide and              industry groups    marion.santich@
                    resources within                     Northern Adelaide                  
                    the region.                          Plains prescribed                  
                                                         resource areas.

Research and Development
Project Name     Description           Locations     Outcomes                 Partnership        Contact person
                 Increase the          Region wide   Develop a biodiversity   Local and state    Stephen Smith
Research and
                 knowledge and                       model and pilot threat   government,        Director, Policy
development      awareness of the                    mitigation projects.     education          and Planning
                 impact of climate                                            institutions and   Ph: 8273 9132
                 change on the                                                industry groups.   stephen.smith@
                 region’s natural                                                      

Monitoring, Evaluation and Reporting                                                             $2,248,393

Project Name     Description           Locations     Outcomes                 Partnership        Contact person
                 Develop monitoring    Region wide   Improved knowledge       Local and state    Keith Smith
Monitoring NRM
                 programs to better                  of the state of          government,        Project Manager
indicators       report on the                       region’s natural         non-government     Monitoring &
                 condition of                        resources through the    organisations.     Evaluation
                 resources such as                   implementation of a                         Ph: 8273 9115
                 land, water, marine                 monitoring and                              keith.smith@
                 and biodiversity.                   evaluation framework.             
                 Improve the           Region wide   Development of an        Local and state    Keith Smith
                 collection, use,                    effective data           government         Project Manager
management       dissemination and                   warehouse and NRM                           Monitoring &
                 standardisation of                  reporting framework                         Evaluation
                 NRM data.                           for the region.                             Ph: 8273 9115
                 Develop and                         Implement a user-        State              Keith Smith
NRM Plan
                 implement a                         friendly NRM plan        government,        Project Manager
progress         reporting                           report card.             local government   Monitoring &
reporting        framework to report                                          and the            Evaluation
                 on the NRM Plan                                              community          Ph: 8273 9115
                 and its progress.                                                               keith.smith@

NRM Board Members
The Adelaide and Mount Lofty Ranges Natural
Resources Management Board consists of nine
Board members who have been selected for
their knowledge, experience and commitment to
effectively managing natural resources in this
large and diverse region.

    Yvonne Sneddon – (Presiding member)
    Business administration and sustainability
    Anita Aspinall - Community affairs at the
    regional level and water resources
    Penny Paton - Conservation and biodiversity management and water resources
    Ken Bradley - Soil conservation and land management.
    John Jeffs - Primary production and pest animal and plant control.
    Debra Just - Local government administration, urban and regional planning, water
    resources management and natural and social science.
    Rosney Snell - Business management and Aboriginal interest in land and water and
    Aboriginal heritage.
    Dr Sandra Taylor - Soil conservation and land management, conservation and biodiversity
    management and natural and social science.
    Dr Tim Moore - Coast, estuarine and marine management.

In addition to the Board Members listed above, individuals representing the Australian
government, State government agencies and local government also sit on the Adelaide and
Mount Lofty Ranges NRM Board. While these Members do not have voting rights, they do
contribute to the work of the Board. These representatives include:

    Peter O'Neill - Department of Water, Land and Biodiversity Conservation
    Laurence Haegi - Department of Environment and Heritage
    Andrew Grear - Department of Planning and Local Government
    Rob Thomas - SARDI
    Andrew Solomon - Manager Water Quality, EPA
    Vacant Position - Representing Local Government
    John Williams - SA Water
    Ros Waldron - Department Agriculture Fisheries and Forestry (Aust Govt)

NRM Groups

Three NRM groups have been established within the region to advise the Board and work
with local communities and stakeholders to implement the Board's Plan. All environmental
issues, including improved land management and sustainable agricultural practices are high
on their agendas. To achieve success in obtaining NRM outcomes, groups work closely with
community groups, landholders, industry, peak bodies and other stakeholders. Groups hold
public meetings and other events throughout the year, which members of the public are most
welcome to attend. For more information about the groups and their events call the Board on
8273 9100 or visit our website

Northern NRM Group
    Rosemary Barritt (Chair)
    Helen Bourne
    Janet Dunning
    Syd Kyloh
    Anne Picard
    Wesley Seeliger
    Marcus Strudwicke

Central Hills NRM Group
    Anita Aspinall (Chair)
    Sybille Hafliger
    Mary-Ann Kakoschke
    Trevor Ranford
    Greg Sarre
    Barrie Spencer
    Barry Windle

Fleurieu NRM Group
    John Crompton (Chair)
    Kenneth Bradley
    Lynn Chamberlain
    Simon Lewis
    Deane Michelmore
    Lorraine Rosenberg
    Amy Williams


Board Offices
Eastwood office
205 Greenhill Road, Eastwood SA 5063
Tel: 8273 9100

Northern Service Area
8 Adelaide Road, Gawler South SA 5118
Tel: 8523 7700

Central Hills Service Area
1 Adelaide Lobethal Road, Lobethal SA 5241
Tel: 8389 6166

Fleurieu Service Area
5 Aldinga Road, Willunga SA 5172
Tel: 8550 3400


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