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					Prospecting with
                                                                                                    lead is timely. Very little time has elapsed
                                                                                                    from the initial contact to your having the
                                                                                                    information in your hands for follow-up.

Telemarketed Leads                                                                                  These are truly hot leads.
                                                                                                       The key to a successful follow-up is im-
                                                                                                    mediate contact and continuity. Your in-
                  Contributed by                 contacted prospect. This frees the agent to        troduction should go like this:
                  Charles J. Schiedler           focus on other responsibilities and pursuits          “Mr./Ms. Prospect, I am Bob Agent with the
                                                 related to the insurance sales and servicing       Hometown Group and I am calling to confirm
                                                 profession.                                        the information taken by our representative
                                                    With this freedom, you can focus more           yesterday. I have all the details on the plans
                                                 attention on getting in front of prospects.        you have an interest in and would like to deliver
                                                 Part of this is spending more time gaining         them to you this afternoon. I will stop by at
                                                 effective methods of presentation through          2:00 p.m. Please make a list of any questions
                                                 personal study, seminars and interaction           you might have for me and have available any
                                                 with fellow professionals. Increased produc-       documents you would like reviewed. If you will
  ➤ How Are They Generated?                      tivity will be the end result of making the        not be available at 2:00 p.m., I will make time
  ➤ To Cold Call or Buy Leads                    best use of your time. Every agent should          for you tomorrow at 11:20 a.m. I have a general
                                                 do a personal assessment of how to make            idea of where your neighborhood is, do I turn
  ➤ Making the First Call                        the most efficient use of time. Take a look        right or left when I get to your street?”
                                                 at which stage of the marketing process are           Whatever form of lead you use, the key is
                                                 you most effective. And, on what areas do          always a rapid follow-up and appointment
Demand for qualified leads in the insurance      you prefer to concentrate.                         commitment. Your goal is to get in front
industry is steadily increasing. In conjunc-        For insurance agents that choose not to         of this prospect and close the sale. Make
tion with this trend, agents are constantly      cold call themselves, there is a strong reli-      every lead count by recalling the effort that
pursuing quality lead generation sources.        ance on the telemarketer to provide quality        has gone into developing that lead. To make
The questions become: where are the best         leads. Telemarketers that are professionals        every lead the most productive it can be,
leads generated and why should agents            in their field develop effective leads. It takes   use the referral opportunity in the middle
purchase leads rather than cold call? One        a particular person to telemarket, one that        of your presentation. If you are unable to
source of leads is as old as the telephone       enjoys talking with people on the phone            close the prospect, you will at least have
and as modern as the twenty-first century        and does not take rejection personally. Sub-       generated two or three additional leads,
— the telemarketed lead.                         stantial training is required to establish a       leveraged your time and reduced the cost
   Lead generation by means of telemar-          proficient telemarketer. They must learn           basis of your prospecting efforts.
keting is a significant point-of-origin for      how to successfully develop the art of dis-
potential clients in today’s marketplace.        course leading to a warm, receptive pros-
   The primary reason agents use leads is                                                           Charles “Chuck” Schiedler is co-owner of T.J.
                                                 pect. These are individuals that have made         Telemarketing with his wife, Debi. Their company
to relieve them of the cold calling ordeal.      a career decision based on a unique talent.
Many agents dread cold calling since it is                                                          has been providing life and health insurance
                                                 They are specialists in this field. Their pro-     leads, developed by telemarketing, to the industry
laborious to them. Others like to avoid cold     duction is the initial step toward a suc-
calling, as it tends to result in a negative                                                        for more than four years. You can contact them
                                                 cessful insurance sales close.                     at 826 North “A” Street, Springfield, OR 97477;
attitude. This is a result of the inevitable        Leads can also be developed over the
consistent rejection related to cold calling.                                                       toll free at (888) 802-6998; or visit the Web site:
                                                 Internet, mail or other media. While these
   It is essential for the agent to maintain a   systems may be effective in generating sub-
positive sales attitude. Negative distractions   stantial lists of names, they lack two pri-
have been known to result in poor perfor-        mary qualities. There is no initial personal
mance for days or weeks. Other agents feel       quality that confirms the validity of the in-
that time is better spent in front of pro-       formation supplied and that sets the tone
spective clients. Regardless of the reason, a    for a personal contact. Also, a telemarketed
telemarketed lead represents a personally