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					          Cruel 2 B Kind
          a game of benevolent assassination – played IRL & via TXT MSG

What is C2BK?                                                                   When?
Cruel 2 B Kind is a game of benevolent assassination. It has been played in     11:30 am – 1:00 pm
50 cities in 10 countries and 4 continents. Now, this great game is coming to   Wed, 17 Feb 2010
O-week at USC.

At the beginning of the game, you are assigned three secret weapons. To
onlookers, they will seem like random acts of kindness. But to other players,
the seemingly benevolent gestures are deadly manoeuvres that will bring them    The game is played in the
to their knees.                                                                 grounds around the USC
                                                                                buildings as indicated on the

What can I win?
                                                                                map below.

Although the main aim of the game is to have fun and meet new people,
there are some fun prizes up for grabs.

What do I need to play?
 a team of 1 – 5 people. Yes, you can form a 1-person team. Once the
  game starts, you will form alliances with other teams.
 the game instructions on the reverse side of this sheet
 a mobile phone (one per team). You will need to send a small number of
  text messages to us during the game. We will also send you a small
  number of text messages during the game.
 some booty – every player must come with a piece of booty they are            NOTE: The game is not to be
  prepared to surrender if assassinated. (So, if your team starts with 3        played inside buildings.
  players, you should have 3 pieces of booty to surrender if killed.) Booty
  should not be valuable but it does represent you in the game, so choose

  something cool and interesting. Suggestions for cool booty: an interesting
  used book, a lipstick mark, foreign currency change, a post card with an
  original poem on the back, whatever.
 to be in the game space for the duration of the game (see diagram on          To meet new people and have
  the right).                                                                   fun.
 A camera or video camera – not required, but we would love to see any

  footage you take of the day.

How do I sign up?                                                               Need more info? Check out our
1.   To register, text your group’s name, your email address & your mobile
     number to 0403 731 414 before 10:30 am on 17 Feb 2010.
2.   Send us a check-in text message after you have arrived in the game
     space. Text us your team name between 11:00am and 11:25am on Wed
     17 Feb 2010. Teams who do not check in, will not earn survival points.
CRUEL 2 B Kind Game Instructions
Fold this page in half 3 times, with the text on the outside. After the first fold, 3, 4, 5 and 6 should be on one side, and 7, 1, the quick reference, and 2 on the other.
Keep folding until you have a perfect pocket-size cheat sheet for the game.
3. DEFEND                                                                               4. KILLED
If you spot another team coming for an attack, you can attack                           If you have been assassinated, tell your killers, “I surrender.” They
simultaneously. Be sure that all members of your team or alliance                       will ask you for your team name. Tell them. They will demand your
are performing the same attack! You can refuse to surrender to a                        booty. Give your booty (only give them your personal booty, hang on
team that is not convincingly synchronized.                                             to any you have taken from other players) to the player whose attack
                                                                                        impressed you most.
In the event of a simultaneous attack, use the value system
explained in the quick reference section to determine which attack                      Your team will no longer receive survival points each time another
wins. If you both use the same weapon, run in the opposite direction                    team is assassinated. However, you can still earn booty points by
and wait 30 seconds before attacking again.                                             joining forces with your new alliance
5. ALLIANCES                                                                            6. ENDGAME
A new alliance is formed after each successful assassination. Stay                      “How do I know when the game is over?”
together with your new alliance at all times. You cannot split up.
                                                                                        The puppet master will text you. When the game is over, at least one
You must stay together, like a benevolent mob. You must attack
                                                                                        member of your alliance will receive a text message or phone call.
together—all members of the group perform the act of kindness
                                                                                        Your entire alliance should report to the grassed area between D & I
                                                                                        blocks immediately for food, debrief & award presentations.
Targets keeping getting bigger! Other killed teams are being
                                                                                        The game ends when either of these two things happens:
reborn, too. As the game continues, you’ll be targeting ever-growing
alliances made up of multiple teams. Your target may grow to be 6,                      -Two final alliances descend upon each other for a climactic
8, 20 players or more…                                                                  bloodbath. The final group of successful assassins are the winners.
                                                                                        The final group of victims are the losers.
Remember to coordinate your attacks. A team can refuse to
surrender if your alliance’s attack is not convincingly synchronized!                   -Time runs out. There are no winners, but Top Assassins Honours
                                                                                        are still awarded. Even if you are not a part of the winning alliance,
                                                                                        you can earn Top Assassins awards by collecting lots of booty or
                                                                                        taking stealthy photos or video of your attacks.

7. PANIC                                                                                1. STEALTH
“OMG! I need live assistance!” Call your puppet master any time                         Show up at the game site alone, or with any teammates.
during the game for help with the rules, or if you need to moderate a
                                                                                        Choose any location that’s in game boundaries. Don’t arrive with
conflict with another team.
                                                                                        other teams, or you’ll blow your cover.
“Oh no. I need to QUIT the game.” Call to announce that you are
                                                                                        Check in when you arrive. As early as 30 minutes before and no
too cruel to keep playing.
                                                                                        later than 5 minutes before, the killing period begins, send an SMS
―OMG! My team is bored because we can’t find anyone else to kill!‖                      with your team name to your puppet master. Or you can call the
We suggest standing on a corner or running down the street yelling                      same number to check in live.
―Please be kind to us! Please!‖ Another team will spot you and kill
                                                                                        Look for other players. You don’t know who they are or what they
you, and then you will be less bored.
                                                                                        look like, so your targets could be ANYONE.
                                                                                        Stay with your team at all times. You cannot split up or attack other
                                                                                        teams independently.
                                                                                        Do not start assassinating until the 11:30 am sharp. Use your own
                                                                                        watch to determine when to start killing.
QUICK REFERENCE                                                                         2. ATTACK
Earn points by: assassinating other teams & collecting booty                            Approach carefully. They may attack you first if they see you
Your 3 weapons are indicated in the diagram below
                                                                                        Deploy your secret weapon. All teammates must perform the act of
                                                                                        kindness, simultaneously.
                1. Welcome to                 The first attack wins but in
                beautiful USC                 the event of a simultaneous               If you successfully attack, other players must surrender to you.
                                              attack:                                   First, demand their personal booty items. Then, earn points for
                                                                                        the kill. Ask for the team’s name. Text ―[team name]‖ killed [team

                                                  1 beats 2

                                                                                        name] to your puppet master or call the same number to report your
                                 a ts

                                                  2 beats 3                             kill live.
     3. Mistake
                               2. Offer to help 3 beats 1.
    someone for        beats
                               someone with
     a Celebrity

Puppet Master’s Phone Number: 0403 731 414
After the game, please share photos of the day with us via email or by tagging them online as cruel2bKindUSC.

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