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                                    Competition Rules and Regulations
                                                            15 March 2010

1      DELTACOMPETITIO N 2010                                        2
2      SCHEDULE                                                      2
3      RULES                                                         2
3.1    Registration                                                  2
3.2    Submission of contest entries                                 3
3.3    Jury                                                          3
3.4    Criteria for the appraisal                                    3
3.5    Appraisal                                                     3
3.6    Publication and presentation                                  4
3.7    Copyright                                                     4
3.8    Prizes                                                        4
3.9    Jury report                                                   4
3.10   Contention                                                    4
4      CONTACT                                                       5


Half of the world's population lives in densely populated city regions in delta areas. These
delta cities are among the most dynamic areas. They show fast urban and economic growth
and undergo continuous transformation and development to facilitate space for living,
working and recreation to meet the ever-increasing needs of the population. But delta cities
are also among the most fragile areas. Delta cities face severe environmental degradation
and are highly vulnerable to the impacts of climate change. Rising sea levels, increased river
discharge, extreme weather conditions, salination of groundwater and subsidence constitute
significant and increasing threats to the delta cities and the people living in them. The
devastating impact of hurricanes demonstrate the vulnerability of a delta city. Other delta
cities suffer almost every year.

The increased pressure on delta cities has also led policy makers and experts to rethink their
development strategies. Countries all over the world are looking into ways to adapt to climate
change. The Netherlands, for example, is embarking on a long-term delta program for
climate change adaptation of the Dutch Delta. All over the world, people are seeking
practical, innovative, sustainable solutions to adapt to the impacts of climate change and
facilitate sustainable development of delta cities.

Royal Haskoning, the Delta Alliance, and the City of Rotterdam invite students from all over
the world to enter the third edition of the DeltaCompetition and develop practical, innovative,
sustainable solutions to the threats facing delta cities. We are looking for new, inspiring and
daring ideas and practical solutions from a wide combination of disciplines that integrate
urban development and flood risk reduction, freshwater provision and energy production,
housing and sustainable infrastructure development, (water) transport and rainwater
catchment, and / or smart tools to improve urban development policy, implementation and
enforcement and water governance in delta cities. So… what idea do you have, big or
small, that could help delta cities respond to their climate change challenges within a
complex urban environment?

From all the ideas and solutions submitted to the DeltaCompetition, a jury will select the best
three and award them with a prize of USD 3,000 each. Furthermore, we will invite the three
winning teams to present their ideas to an international audience of decision-makers and
experts during the Deltas in Times of Climate Change Symposium, to be held in Rotterdam,
the Netherlands, from 28th September to 1st October 2010.

Submission period                                 15th March to 15th June 2010
Candidates informed of results                    15th August 2010
Award Ceremony (Deltas in Times of Climate        28th September to 1st October 2010
Change Symposium)


3.1 Registration
The following conditions apply:
        o All competitors must be currently enrolled in, or have graduated in the period of
        15th June 2008 – 15th June 2010, from a Bachelors, Masters or PhD programme.
        o Competitors can take part individually or in teams of up to four members. Teams
        can consist of people of any post-secondary level of education. Multi-disciplinary
        teams are encouraged.
        o Employees of Royal Haskoning, the Delta Alliance, and the City of Rotterdam, and
        others involved in the organisation of the Delta Competition, along with members of
        their family or household, are excluded from participating in this competition.

3.2 Submission of contest entries
o Entries must consist of two components:
     1. A poster presenting an overview of the entry concept;
                 a. Poster should convey the essence of the entry at a glance;
                 b. Selected posters will be printed by the competition organisers in A1 size
                     (594 x 841 mm) – posters can be created in PowerPoint, Photoshop,
                     other software, or by hand, provided they are submitted in .pdf format
                     and the final product conforms to the specified poster dimensions with
                     adequate resolution;
                 c. Text on posters must be in English;
     2. A five to ten page paper providing a rationale and detailed description of the entry;
                 a. Papers are to be composed in Arial 11, with line spacing of 1.1
                 b. Supporting graphs, maps, tables, photographs and other illustrations to
                     the paper may not exceed five pages (in addition to the 5 – 10 pages of
                     written material);
                 c. Papers must have a sound scientific basis and discuss their subject
                     matter in depth;
                 d. Statements in the paper have to be underpinned by literature, research,
                     and/or calculations. Competitors must refer to and list sources by using
                     footnotes, literature references, appendices with calculations, etc;
                 e. Papers must be in English.

Papers and posters must be submitted by 15th June 2010 in PDF format via the website of
Brainrack on

3.3 Jury
Entries will be appraised by an independent panel of experts from across fields, which may
include (but are not limited to): engineering, environmental science, policy and governance,
geography, hydrology, geomorphology, meteorology and climate studies.

3.4 Criteria for the appraisal
Entries will be appraised by the jury, who will pay particular attention to:
        o Sound scientific fact and reasoning (in-depth);
        o Relevance to a problem that delta cities face with climate change;
        o Original/innovative elements and ideas;
        o Presentation/communication of concepts and ideas.


3.5 Appraisal
        o Entries will initially be validated (checked for compliance against the conditions).
        Entries that do not meet the conditions in this document will be excluded from
        appraisal by the jury.
        o Teams or individuals who are involved will be notified of their exclusion if conditions
        are not met. Resubmission in this event is prohibited.
        o Results will be published on the website and all
        competitors will be notified by e-mail.

3.6 Publication and presentation
        o The best entries as identified by the jury will be published on the website as well as in a book to be published by Royal Haskoning,
        Delta Alliance, and the City of Rotterdam.
        o Participants will be required to approve the possible editing of their entries for
        publication in a book.
        o The authors of the winning entries will be invited to present their work at the
        awards ceremony at the Rotterdam Deltas in Times of Climate Change Conference
        to be held between 28th September and 1st October 2010.
        o Competitors and members of the jury and organising committee are prohibited from
        giving information in any form about the results of the competition to anybody outside
        of the competition before the awards ceremony has taken place.

3.7 Copyright
        o The authors whose entries are included in the book that will be published by Royal
        Haskoning, Delta Alliance, and the City of Rotterdam, will retain their intellectual
        rights and copyright.
        o Royal Haskoning, Delta Alliance, and the City of Rotterdam retain the right to
        include the entries in a book and to promote them on their website, with credit given
        to the authors. Additional use of the entries will require consent from the authors.
        o If and when the winning ideas are being promoted or presented post-competition
        the winners are asked to refer to the DeltaCompetition 2010 in their presentations.

3.8 Prizes
        o The top three entries as nominated by the jury will each be awarded a prize of USD
        3,000 and an all-expenses-paid trip to Rotterdam to take part in the Deltas in Times
        of Climate Change Symposium from 28th September to 1st October 2010 and present
        their work.
        o The best entries will be compiled in a book that will be published in the autumn of
        2010. Each of the authors concerned will receive one copy of the book.

3.9 Jury report
The jury report will be available after the conference. This report will contain information
about the criteria used and their weight, the procedure followed and the results.

3.10 Contention
The results of the jury are binding for everybody involved in this competition. There will be no
discussion about the results.


For all questions relating to the competition, your contact persons are Stefan Nijwening of
Royal Haskoning and Katherine Trajan of Delta Alliance. Please do not contact any other

All information about the DeltaCompetition 2010 can be found at

Entries are to be submitted via the website

DeltaCompetition 2010 is organised by:

Royal Haskoning

Delta Alliance

The City of Rotterdam

Stefan Nijwening and Katherine Trajan can be contacted as follows:

Stefan Nijwening                                Katherine Trajan        
T +31 (0)24-3284587                             T +31 (0)3174 82713
Royal Haskoning                                 Delta Alliance
P.O Box 151                                     P.O Box 47
6500 AD Nijmegen                                6700 AA Wageningen
The Netherlands                                 The Netherlands