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									                           Catholic Health Care in Missouri
                                       A Commitment to Serve
Catholic health care is an important element of the health care delivery system that people in
Missouri rely on every day. Catholic hospitals and nursing facilities provide a range of services
to Missouri citizens, including inpatient and outpatient care, home health, skilled nursing,
hospice, low-income housing, and assisted living facilities.

Catholic Health Association facilities in Missouri comprise: 1

   13 acute care hospitals
   10 nursing facilities
   2 other Catholic-sponsored service organizations including hospice, home health, assisted
    living, and senior housing.

Our Mission to Care

Catholic health care systems have a long history of serving those in need and speaking for those
whose voices often go unheard. In the Catholic health ministry we are committed to providing
quality health care to all people in our communities and to using the resources we have to the
greatest community benefit.

Accordingly, we are committed to serving those who have the least access to health care services
and who are the most in need. Currently in this country there are approximately 47 million
uninsured. In Missouri alone there are 719,914 uninsured.2

Serving the Vulnerable Populations and Our Nation’s Seniors 3

Without Medicaid or Medicare, millions of low-income children, adults, the elderly, and the
disabled would not be able to afford health care.

Our hospitals in Missouri provided inpatient care to 64,547 Medicare beneficiaries and to 20,342
Medicaid beneficiaries in 2006. In 2006, Medicare accounted for approximately 45 percent of
those we served, while Medicaid accounted for 14 percent.

A Major Employer

Catholic health care provides a significant portion of the jobs in Missouri. Collectively, as many
as 20,941 citizens of Missouri are employed by our hospitals in the Catholic health ministry.

  Facilities that report to the Catholic Health Association of the United States including Catholic and other-than-
Catholic facilities which are owned and operated by Catholic health systems. See reverse for details.
  Source: March 2006 Current Population Survey US Census Bureau
  Source: 2006 American Hospital Association Annual Survey

February 2008
                  Catholic Health Association Facilities
Dubuis Hospital of St. Louis                     Chesterfield
Saint Joseph Medical Center                      Kansas City
St. Anthony's Medical Center                     St. Louis
St. John's Hospital                              Springfield
St. John's Hospital - Lebanon                    Lebanon
St. John's Hospital-Aurora                       Aurora
St. John's Hospital-Cassville                    Cassville
St. John's Mercy Hospital                        Washington
St. John's Mercy Medical Center                  St. Louis
St. John's Mercy Rehabilitation Hospital         Chesterfield
St. John's Regional Medical Center               Joplin
St. John's St. Francis Hospital                  Mountain View
St. Mary's Medical Center                        Blue Springs

Skilled Nursing Facilities
 Alexian Brothers Lansdowne Village              St. Louis
 Alexian Brothers Sherbrooke Village             St. Louis
 Carondelet Manor                                Kansas City
 Mary, Queen and Mother Center                   St. Louis
 Mother of Good Counsel Home                     St. Louis
 Nazareth Living Center                          St. Louis
 Price Memorial                                  Eureka
 St. John's Mercy Villa                          Springfield
 St. Joseph's Hill Infirmary                     Eureka
 St. Mary's Manor                                Blue Springs

February 2008
February 2008

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