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card consolidation credit debt online


									                                  UNITED STATES

                                  Updated Feb 13, 2008

For debt consolidation and credit counseling, any of the following resources can be used.
For credit problems with a legal component, use CLC for both the US and Canada.

Credit Card Consolidation:

       1) American Consumer Credit Counseling, Inc.
          130 Rumford Avenue, Suite 202
          Newton, MA 02466-1316

           866-464-5237 x506 – Simply give this phone number.

           Contact for contractual and complaint issues: Bob Currier

           Coverage Area: United States – all 50 states

           Criteria: a) At least $1,000 in unsecured debt
                     b) Credit Cards
                     c) All Other Unsecured Debt, except Cell Phone plans

           Fees:     No Sign Up Fee
                     $3 /month for each account/ $25 per month

           Credit & Budget Education: Online Smart Money School
                                          Includes report to Credit Bureau

       2) AAA Cook County Consolidation, Inc.
          736 North Lincoln Avenue, Suite 101
          Lincolnwood, IL 60646

           800-865-4357 – Give member this number and have them ask for Jim
                           Copetas. This will let AAA know that this is an ESI

           Contact for contractual and complaint issues: Jim Copetas

           Coverage Area: United States, 49 States, except New York
                           (2005 priority to get approved in New York)

           Criteria: a) At least $2,000
               b) Credit Cards only

   Fees:       $10 Set up Fee

   Credit & Budget Education: Credit is Credit When Due course via mail
                                  (Online by mid 2005)

3) American Debt Resources, Inc.- (They also provide Telephonic $$ Counseling
   209 Main Street, Suite #2
   Northport, NY 11768

   800-498-0766 x160 – Simply give this phone number

   Contact Person for contractual & complaint issues: Nicholas Campisi (x130)

   Coverage Area: Telephonic –All US and Canada
              This is a unique offering, will provide personal budget and debt
                counseling over the phone.

                 *   Credit Card Consolidation: 42 States
                         States NOT covered for Credit Card Consolidation
                            (Connecticut, Illinois, Kansas, Maryland, Michigan,
                               Mississippi, Virginia and Wisconsin)

   Criteria: All Unsecured Debt

   Fee:        $0 for Telephonic Counseling(no time limit)
               $ 0 Sign Up Fee
                       $ 5/month per account/ Max $45 per month

4) Credit Guard of America
   5301 North Federal Highway, Suite 230
   Boca Raton, FL 33487-4905

   800-500-6489 –Simply give member this phone number.

   Contact for contractual and complaint issues: Gary Rossman

   Coverage Area: United States, 49 States, except Michigan

   Criteria: a) At Least $2,000
             b) Credit Cards only
            Fees: No Sign Up Fee
                  $25-49 per month depending on number of cards

            Budget and Credit Education: Online

            Other Unique Features: a) Credit Coach: Personal & Telephonic
                           b) Identity Theft Monitor

        5) Consumer Credit Counseling Service
           National Foundation for Credit Counseling

            Coverage All 50 States: Agency Locater- 800-388-2227

            Regional Sites Approved by NYS Banking Department:
                  Amherst/Western New York : (716) 854-1710/ (800) 926-9685
                  Rochester                 : (585)-546-3440
                  Syracuse/Central New York : (315) 474-6026/ (800) 479-6026


        6) Capital Resolution Services, Inc.
           500 Pine Street, Suite 12
           Jamestown, NY 14701

            800-823-2469 – Simply give member this number, giving name of Tim
            Townes is optional.

            Contact for contractual and complaint issues: Tim Townes

            Coverage Area: United States- 50 states

            Criteria: Mortgage holders: Find refinancing for secured, unsecured debt, as
            well as credit cards. Telephonic Coaching focusing on needs of each case.

            Fee: No Sign Up Fee
                 10-15% of depending on type of credit restructure

            Credit Education: Online

                NOTE 2/08: Capital Resolution reports their ability to get refinancing for our
members has become restricted due to the credit crisis with ARM's and subprime mortgages.
Capital Resolution said they are still able to find refinancing for a minority of cases. However,
where they are successful more than 75% of the time, is when the member is behind and facing
foreclosure. Their lending sources will provide refinancing most of the time for members who are
this level of financial difficulty.
     7) Federal HUD has developed a national network of local Housing
     Counselors at 800-569-4287. These counselors have several
     programs to avoid foreclosure, plus refinancing with FHA.

     8) CLC
        4170 Dagan Blvd
        Granite Bay, CA 95746

        800-541-9701 – Simply give this number, remind to press #1, and provide
        authorization number.

        Contact for contractual and complaint issues: Curt Padilla, x3330 (ESI
        Account Manager)

        Coverage: United States & Canada

        Criteria: a) At least $2,500
                  b) Credit Cards only

        Fee: ES charged for each referral/Mbr sent to CCCS or selected vendors

        CLC Distinctives:

        Credit &Budget Education: Telephonic Coaching(30-60 minutes)
                                  Mailed Materials
                                  (Online courses in 2005)

        Other Telephonic Coaching: Taxes
                                   Retirement Financial Planning
                                   College Financial Planning

     9) Culbertson Financial Services- (Glenn O. Hawbaker & Stone Valley
        Construction Mbrs ONLY!)
        3075 Enterprise Drive, Suite 200
         State College, PA 16801

        814-231-4710 – Simply give member this phone number.

        Contact Person: R.Scott Culbertson, CFP, CEBS

        Coverage: Glenn O Hawbaker employees
            (***This is part of the Hawbaker contract, that Hawbaker
            employees get this at no additional charge as part of their EAP

          Stone Valley Construction employees

            (* Other State College, PA area employers may be added in the

Criteria: Personal Budget Counseling, Financial & Retirement planning,
           Credit Consolidation

Fee:    Glenn O Hawbaker employee - $0

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