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					                     Official Publication of the Marans Chicken Club-USA

                MARANS CLUCKER
 Volume 1, Issue 1                                                                          Summer 2008

Seeking APA Recognition
           ll over the world the Marans breed of

   A       chicken is recognized by national regulatory
           organizations. In Europe and Asia Marans
are famous and frequently ranks as one of the best
known and most popular breeds. They are shown at
poultry shows and do a great deal of winning. Many
European shows draw huge entries of Marans.

    Since the 1800s the French have raised this
wonderful breed. They have bred Marans for many
generations for both food and exhibition. They have
developed and perfected more than 10 colors or
varieties of Marans. The French nations’ love affair with this breed has spread all over the world and now people
from every part of the world love the Marans.

     The United States is one of the few countries in the world where the Marans breed is not a recognized breed by
its national regulatory bodies-the American Poultry Association (APA) and the American Bantam Association
(ABA). There is a formal process for gaining this long overdue recognition and the Marans Chicken Club-USA is
now formally launching the effort.

   Every Marans fancier in the USA is invited and encouraged to join in this effort
Marans History

  The Marans breed was developed in western France around the town of Marans. It quickly became a
prized breed due to its ability to lay very dark brown eggs, its meat value, friendly docile temperament and
ability to thrive in many types of terrain.

  The French developed Marans with feathered legs. Their popularity quickly spread to England and later
to every part of the world. The English developed a smooth legged Marans but more recently have been
breeding for the feathered leg type.

Some eight colors or varieties were developed by the French by the mid 1950s. Since that time they and
other countries around the world have been adding to the recognized colors. The breed continues to be one
of the favorite breeds world wide.

Founding Meet - Ohio National Nov 8 &9

  The founding meeting of the Marans Chicken Club–USA will be held
in conjunction with the Ohio National Show on November 8 and 9. All
Marans chicken fanciers that can attend are encouraged to do so. You
are encouraged to enter several Marans and help us get off to a good
start in accumulating numbers of entries for the APA totals. We want
the APA and the public to see our beautiful birds. There will be some
nice ribbons and prizes. We will be having an egg show as well so
bring along some eggs. Some of you may want to bring along some
eggs to sell as well.

  There will be a dinner and meeting planned for Saturday evening
November 15 near the show site. This will give many of you the opportunity to meet each other for the
first time. We look forward to seeing many of you there. (More show info in the next issue.) Dick
Dickerson, Show Chair
  The Marans Chicken Club - USA exists for the promotion and welfare of the Marans breed of chicken in
the USA. The club seeks to gain full breed recognition with the American Poultry Association (APA) and
the American Bantam Association (ABA). The goal is to gain recognition for each of the many colors or
varieties of Marans. In addition the club will promote the breeding of the Marans that produce the darkest
possible eggs and work to maintain a large and healthy bird. The club will seek to educate breeders,
exhibitors and the public about Marans.

 The club maintains a communication link on the internet under the name Marans Chicken Club. By
joining the club’s site you automatically become a member of the club. No dues are required at this time
but donations will be accepted to help defray the club expenses.

  Our club is experiencing a rapid growth. All lovers of the Marans breed are welcomed members. We
encourage you to join us and to recommend us to any interested Marans breeder. We need your support.

  Through a united effort our goals will be accomplished and our breed will finally gain it’s rightful
recognition in the USA poultry world. Together we anticipate a great step forward for our breed.

Club Officers                 Area Reps                      Mission Statement
                                                             The Marans Chicken Club-USA seeks to
President–Bev Davis           Chris Jensen
1-239-498-0696                                               promote the breeding and promoting of pure bred
                              Phyllis Eide                   marans chickens. It seeks full APA and ABA
V.P. Sue Sterling                                            recognition for the breed and its numerous
1-315-829-3842                Richard Revis
                                                             varieties. It seeks to educate its members and the
Sect. Sally Zacharias         Adam Derrickson                public about the wonders of the marans breed of
                              Lynnrae Troples                chicken. It seeks to breed marans chickens that
Editor-Show Chair                                            lay the darkest possible eggs and to promote the
Dick Dickerson                Dave Williams                  health and welfare of the breed.

                              Rip Stalvey

A Message From The President - Bev Davis
I would like to take this opportunity to welcome you all to the Marans Chicken
Club USA. There have been a few Marans clubs before this one and none got
very far in getting the breed accepted. Let’s make this the club the one to do
Although the club was only started in February, we already have more than 170 members
and the group has been fun and educational. Our web site is booming!

We are very lucky to have Dick on board to produce our newsletter and he has also
introduced us to the American Poultry Association, graciously paying for the club’s
membership. They have in turn invited him to their meeting in California later this year.
Thank you Dick!

So far we have had two egg shows. One was held in Ohio by Sally Zacharias and Dave
Williams and the other was held in New York by Sue Osio. Thank you Sally, Dave and Sue.
We also have an egg show planned for the Ohio National Show in November where we
plan to hold an important meeting. The egg shows are also important because they help to
promote the breed by introducing the public to the unique egg color.
                                                       Till next time,

                                                       Bev Davis
APA Requirements For Recognition
  The requirement for gaining recognition for each variety or color of Marans is the same. You do not
gain blanket recognition for the breed by gaining recognition for one color or variety. You gain
recognition one color/variety at a time.

  The following steps must be carried out: (1) At least five exhibitors must exhibit two or more specimens
of the same color in each class of cocks, hens, cockerels, and pullets for two consecutive years. These
must be officiated by a licensed APA judge. (2) Exhibitors must have an official (Show Secretary) at a
show to sign a Show Certificate confirming that the exhibitor did show and in what classes. These are
sent to our club president, Bev Davis. Copies will be made and forwarded to the APA. (3) The club will
furnish the APA with a breed history, standard and other breed information. (4) The club will send
appropriate information to the APA, copies of the show certificates, documents signed by at least five
exhibitors that they have raised the particular color or variety of Marans for at least five years and petition
the APA for a qualifying meet. (5) Hold a qualifying meet with at least 50 entries of the color or variety.
(6) The qualifying judge then recommends to the APA Board if he or she believes the breed had the
sufficient entries of good quality present for the meet. (7) The APA Board then votes on approval for that

 We are all going to have to pull together and cooperate. You can actually help show for others that
might not be able to actually go to the shows. Working together we can do this. We start now!
                                        Show Certificate
  Confirmation of Poultry Show Exhibition of the Marans/ ____________variety. This certificate,
duly signed, confirms that a minimum of 2 cocks, 2 hens, 2 cockerels, and 2 pullets in the above
breed and variety were exhibited and judged at the show indicated.

Show Name:__________________________________________

Show Date(s):__________________________

Breed:__________________________ Variety:_______________________________

Number of this breed and variety exhibited:

Cocks_______      Hens________       Cockerels________   Pullets_________

Name of officiating APA licensed judge who placed the above breed and variety:


Signed:___________________________________ Date:_________________
                Show Secretary

Please return form to: Marans Chicken Club–USA
                       %Bev Davis
                       19430 Burgundy Farm Road
                       Estero, Fl 33928
Upcoming Shows–We Need You
Sept. 13-14    Ill.Poultry Show-Caldonia, Ill. Secretary 815/765-2952
      6        W.Tx. Fair-Abeline, Tx. Secretary 325/893-5925
      27-29    Intern Poutlry Club- Pertage, Ws. Sec 608/727-2720
      20       Montana Poultry Fanciers-Great Falls, Montana Sec 406/323-1655
      26-28    Rocky Mt. Feather Fanciers-Denver Co. Sec 303/274-5017
      28       East NY State-Cobleskill, N.Y. Sec 607/693-3433
Oct. 4         P&P Club-Menomonia, Ws. Sec 715/723-2750
      5        Rochester Poultry-Mumford, N.Y. Sec 585/682-5247
      4-5      Central Coast Fancy Feathers-Paso Robles, Ca. Sec 805/466-7214
      4-5      Southern Ohio Poultry-Luceyville, Ohio-Sec Not Listed
      11       Green River Poultry-Brownsville, Ky. Sec.270/597-3866
      11-12    New Union Classic-New Union, Minn., Sec. Not Listed
      17-19    Uniontown Poultry-Uniontown, Pa Sec 724/439-5253
      16-24    Tx.State Fair-No Town listed Sec 409/429-5735
      18       Central In Poultry-Lebanon, In Sec. 317/281-9968
      25       Mn. State Poultry S.-Wacovia, Mn. Sec 952/442-4031
      25-26    APA National-Ventura Ca. Sec. ???/524-4046
      18-19    Yankee Fall Classic-Syracuse, N.Y. Sec. 315/492-1974
      18-19    Hoosier Poultry Breeders-Cornersville, Oh. Sec 765/825-0621
       25      Bluegrass Poultry-Frankfort, Ky. Sec Not Listed
       25-26   York Poultry-York, Pa. Sec 717/630-1289

                         (There are additional shows not listed. Please check other sources)

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